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Might the Super Bowl Date Be Moved?

Jan 27, 2014|

WCBS Reporter Peter Haskell

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WCBS reporter Peter Haskell is joining us on the WB and live line to talk about contingency plans for the Super Bowl Peter good morning. You know all this talk of possibly having a move the game's start time on game day. Is this adding to the excitement of the Super Bowl is this exactly what they want. Yeah I think it's really good point I can think he'd get a lot of. She preached Super Bowl hype every year it is just adds another element to a we're talking about a lot of people talking about it. You would think unit at the end of -- happy when he heard anybody talking about Super Bowl and this is really -- added new wrinkle. Well Peter if the Super Bowl is delay and moved ahead with that cause like the extreme. Nightmare headache for the hotel industry restaurant reservations airline reservations and who knows what else. Are there is no question about it I mean you mentioned number of things that are problematic and think about. It's game is moved to Monday -- apple you've got all the people trying to get to a problem work. You know it's suburb of New York City just right outside the link -- a whole lot of people go by there every -- Going to work -- from work. Ted -- and you got airline reservations people can't get out. Well because it wanted to stay an extra day hotels wanted to double booking it does create certain about a headache. But clearly the NFL. Is not what about that but another football game everybody else where all of our other. What is the forecast right now for the super ball. You know -- -- can't right now there's not shout now there might be a couple of straight court at which a little bit it's now. I don't think there's anything significant that's been looked at and it could see that bitter cold that we had and what happens we. Will move out I Sunday's vote doesn't seem as -- white. I think it's going to be terrible but keep in mind we have put it now last week and it wasn't clear we were getting that kind of accumulation of the big four. Are you guys and we are actually having more fun with us and expressing any real concerns or worries. You know it's arcade -- region heritage areas certain people who clearly are enjoying this diplomat have a football festival -- the -- of. Times we're running well -- -- start later this week. Are there are people in Jersey -- the game is actually being played for a little bit of an advocate so much attention is go to New York City. That the football itself. It'd been out of the crowd heard and then later he got hurt itself the distinct lack respect -- -- -- Do you think there's a certain element that's just hoping for terrible conditions. For the games so that they don't schedule another one in a cold weather city. Well I think the NFL clearly I think about that -- -- the that the -- is running draw it can in season in a worst case scenario is going to be a major headache. But the flip side of that is if there is this snowstorm for the team. The interest and attention will be greater than it normally would be and he and you know -- -- he added on a regular Super Bowl came. And that really is part of what the -- I was looking what you -- extra attention and interest. And it could turn out to be you know one of the more memorable -- how many people remember. Certain bad weather -- you'd be colder now where all the -- -- It's a good point except the last cold weather Super Bowl game involve the Buffalo Bills. AM. It Peter -- for joining us will look for your reports this week we appreciate it. -- and Peter Haskell from WCBS radio in New York City.