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Waking Up to Slick Roads

Jan 27, 2014|

Thruway Authority's Tom Pericak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Driving this morning is not a picnic that's for sure let's check on conditions on the New York State -- The Western New York division director Tom -- -- is on the WBM live line on good morning like ownership rules are throwing in the morning. Good morning -- of good news is that things are starting back to normal directly hamburger now Argo and of Delhi had. White out conditions -- still covered. I don't count exit I 190 go to -- sitting back there are a Belichick dispel outburst has not -- judiciary at least. Until we are getting back into better shape as -- rush order. He had a pretty good accidents debit Doug black things -- on -- -- -- -- -- William street this morning to canyon. -- be treated -- he was it would not graphic. Like oh it's a -- -- Pennsylvania we you know their various -- -- -- it's not treated and one -- -- it. You mentioned it. You mentioned you -- -- white out conditions on the Hamburg area on your drive in Guatemala took between Hamburg -- the Pennsylvania State line that wide open area down there. And at this point there are layers where you -- your porter's school I went like. I start to smoke pot shops that seem to be moving through the area we're on the calendar that. So dependent on where you are. You might still some white -- conditions so again -- not a road like you are return to barricade in areas like to recommend people he -- seek. It goes like years. Tom this guy caught a lot of people by surprise this morning and it just weren't expecting this when you guys. Well we're expecting one industry with some wind but I think it's seems like there's not already it was more than that. And a couple with a high -- Just couldn't keep it up off the road to the -- only respect on. Liked you know it's not treated and we at present all light and -- -- -- at this point in the road start need to act so normal. Okay good news and let's hope the worst is over for non Tom thank you for joining us. Thank you Tom -- check Western New York division director for the and we are state thruway authority.