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Grammy Recap

Jan 27, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live -- Los Angeles -- ST -- -- with ramp on the grammys last night Steve good morning thank you for joining us. -- you -- thank you for being so patient those who went through our school closings has been a rough morning around here boy. Daft Punk random access memory is when the Grammy for album of the year and Daft Punk and Carol Williams on the song. Get lucky wins the Grammy for -- Okay boy you gotta go figure you know Frank Sinatra were alive today and said his guys running all these awards you -- by himself a helmet. Well they do come across as a very strange looking group buy him whatever -- said they -- Erica. Character from a bad science fiction movie they Wear helmets it's part of their persona that bit of the mysterious persona. There -- electronic music -- Probably many of your listeners have not heard of them probably may have heard of their songs obviously feel like he was a very popular songs last year and they are now the big Grammy winners they win. Four grammys they also have a part of the fifth Grammy has been engineered. Engineer when trouble producing their album but they went two of the Big Three record and album of the year. There relax a lack performances last night including this one from lord I admit she needed time. -- -- -- Me and what's the story behind her. She's a young phenom this year is -- seventeen years old I try to figure it out I believe she world that song when she was fifteen years old they've been. Song of the year. She is just state phenomenal young new Zealander who I think if -- obviously has a great start. Reminds me in some ways if you're old enough to remember you remember -- -- bush -- -- who never made it huge in the US that was a bit eccentric. Very young wrote songs when she was very young and became very very popular throughout the world she went to -- including one of the major awards. Song of the year boils. And -- think women have missed my watch in the ground is that you sort of picked up constant. Like to think that the whole Beatles. Tribute was was quite moving and they had. -- in Ringo but two surviving Beatles performing together for the first time since 2010. And the widows of the two other Beatles. George Harrison and John -- were in the audience. Cheering applauding them it was quite moving when they did performing you have heard the symmetry every one together all of -- family being represented. Anywhere weddings at the grammys still. Yes knack for more and that Lewis who won four grammys including best new artist Mac Morin Brian Lewis they performed their song fame love which is sort of become. I -- -- -- too many and during their performance 33 couples were married. Inside staples and her Queen Latifah appreciating and these were all sorts of couples. Same sex couples heterosexual couples. Inter racial couples. Of all different colors and that they they they gonna want to make a statement that there are strong represent what they called same love that people who love each other should be allowed to -- no matter what. For the sexual barriers that racial barriers are. Steve good to talk to do thanks for the update. My pleasure take care CBS's Steve thought and a live from Los Angeles.

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