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Super Bowl Chat & Bernanke's Last Days

Jan 27, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jill Schlesinger CBS news senior business analyst -- hosted chill on money Saturdays on WBM. Is with us on the WB and -- hey how's your -- going to it's just dandy you know and growing very excited here in the New York area over well game's going to be played over the -- here -- -- now are you kind of privately hoping. That this game will be rescheduled in some way. Now this specialist that get reschedule I'm privately hoping that it is ice cold and they have to keep it right there in Giants Stadium but that said I don't think it's gonna happen. Because I think that you know you have to really learn from your painful mistakes and if you're choosing suitable location. And it's -- ice cold area in the middle of the winter where you could actually have a great game under horrible conditions. You should be really that that terrible choice and it's too bad that they actually at the development weather map that looks like things -- be -- definitely. In which another Super Bowl we've come to know and as sort of an upscale. Events haven't we enemy we should be going to a a warmer -- and even little warmer climate it it should be in the dome stadium. Yeah I know it's it's sort of silly now I I would be very interesting you know it always talks about -- -- -- brought to the area when you have a big game. But I also wonder how many did they spend how much they spent on security look at that you know at the end of the day. Is it really worth -- I'm sure that everyone will say yes but and government -- can really go into the local economy after you factor in the cost taxpayers you now. You're are you going by any chance. -- -- -- I'm leaving town I'm leaving town early on Saturday morning I'm coming back right in the middle of the games and nobody will actually find me the -- it's going to be insane. All just think you are traveling to New York this week he should know that the entire Times Square area is done like literally locked down there is no way to turn. Is no way to get Iran if you're going to be traveling here please take public transportation just -- -- -- you'll never get around any other way. You know because is is a business and financial and are doing better after one and I question. The Fed. Under Ben Bernanke one more policy meeting under mr. Bernanke. Yeah and -- he's done as of Wednesday. You know it's interesting I think a lot of people are gonna expect to see a lot of scorecard had Bernanke -- and that critics are gonna say. The policies they pursued have really helped to Foster -- very strange kind of market where assets of bubbling up but the real economy's not doing strong enough yet. And the people who are real fans are gonna say it -- he presided over seven year period very tough. He help take us out of the worst parts of the financial crisis helped the recovery. That that you know that the book will be written in the next few years we'll see how these policies are going to be on -- by Janet -- and her that. But that they -- right now we can say that he did about the best he could do he was slow to recognize the depth of the crisis but once he did he really did take action quickly. OK the stock market you know boy the end of last week was Iraq plan what do you see happening this week are very interesting so this is our partially combination worries about slowdown in growth in China emerging markets melting down weaknesses and US got US companies. In their earnings. We three F percent loss from the Dallas at two point 6% and the S&P 500. Selling in the emerging markets continuing this morning but -- are basically not moving too much so as a result I can tell you that need be this emerging markets that he'd go one on it should be more involved the issues so. Buckle up it's going to be bumpy OK Joseph thanks for joining us daycare that's just -- -- CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money.