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Whiteouts and Slick Conditions

Jan 27, 2014|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Straight to the National Weather Service buffalo where for weather station and meteorologist Dave Thomas good morning day of Marty boy a lot of morning -- four tell us about it. We have. Actions -- coming through Western New York right now and with very strong wind and onto boats treating some near white -- conditions across Western New York. It seems to like it's four of the you know. Most of the region to it doesn't look like anybody's getting a break right now how long this is the last. The good news is that we're have. Halfway through is that since you're already in this book going to be tapering not fair but not quite toward the far less than 9 AM towards the eastern areas. Just about everyone in Western New York right now is getting this this versed. Tract development communicating between mentioned in a strange as this so during the morning hours and and a bit tough to measure there with a win long -- all around. I was surprised to see the temperature at about thirty degrees overnight. But looks like we're in for big drop today. And we reached their degrees here about 3 o'clock this morning I thought going downhill from here. And have gotten very cold temperatures just software last. And the winds what about the Wednesday. -- can be very -- up through the morning hours and into the afternoon hours as well. How big a plunge in temperatures Korean four. Go in for temperatures ninety go. -- those are just about everywhere across Western New York. OK give us a rundown now we advisories and warnings that are in effect. We do have winter weather advisory in effect until 9 o'clock this morning for these snow and blowing snow. An important night we do have that windchill warning in effect for. All Western New York from three and 11 AM for a when children. Well -- between countries who have there'll. Why it's so tomorrow morning's going to be probably the -- SEC knowledge or maybe. I could see it. Dave what about the drive home mom for work in schools have to know little of what might that be like. Going to be much better than this morning should be dry outside and just the quality in. Maybe the -- of sunshine. One more quick question before we let you go -- Much debate down there on the National Weather Service also about the weather for the Super Bowl next Sunday. There are protestors were looking at it and there's still coming and for that we can but it might just pull out of the country in time would you might know for sure. And drug culture out by mid week we should have over a better idea for the weather for the typical. Good talking with Judith thank you -- meteorologist Dave Thomas the National Weather Service.