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NYS Assy. Ray Walter & NYS Sen. George Maziarz

Jan 26, 2014|

on Gov. Cuomo's budget proposal

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It's hard line a news radio 930 WB and this is de -- We are talking today about governor Cuomo's budget of all the way you have some questions we've got a couple of people can maybe answer them for you. Assemblyman -- Walter is here a little bit later will be joined by state senator George -- 8030930s. The number and thanks for stopping by a great speaker Dave thanks for having me. Let me ask you about some of the things that that were discussed in the last segment Tim Kremer. With the state school boards association. Says that basically. Warning for or a bit of a wallet pieces -- -- He says when it comes to the voting in May at the school budgets. They're all going to be hurting and hurting even more next year. When the -- property tax freeze comes and where do you stand is there wiggle room there is -- something the legislature can do to help these districts out or the other argument which which team didn't raise I see is. Well either way it's taxpayers' money bottom line less spending could be good for the taxpayer and where are you or is there middle ground even. Well here's the thing I -- the governor proposed a three point 8% increase in education spending. But that is such a misleading number because the reality is that very little of that is gonna go directly to the school districts. And most of it's going to go to new programs. What we need to do is focus on. -- Romario reestablishing the cuts that were made back in 2011. You hear a lot about this gap elimination adjustment. That's something and that -- is that three point 8% increase in spending. Was going to do -- elimination adjustment and increasing the -- that's going directly to schools we wouldn't be having this conversation. And the fact one of the proposals that we've made is to take -- a three year approach. Get rid of that cap elimination. And directly fund the schools of the way they should have been and restore some of the loss programs from tooth. But at what cost because we are talking dollars -- dollars regardless of the revenue here comes from all of us -- short but the gamble what we're talking that is I don't think you have to increase. The amount of money that you spending on education it's a matter of where you direct that and if we direct that money that we are already spending. To the GA. Adjustment. And then that's where and that's where we can make real gains into restoring programs that were lost in 2011. Do you think that just restoring that gap funding is enough for that we need to change the methodology here. Figure out a new system for assessing how much money goes to schools. Well certainly that the formula if I mean you need a Ph.D.s just to figure out the palace of funding formula works. It's extremely confusing there's got to be a better way to do it. Certainly funding from the from the state. Is a much better way to do it then funding from our tax base because are our property taxes are sky -- some of the highest in the country. In upstate New York. The Heisman country compared to the value of property in downstate -- countries compared to a income so they mean it is it is a real problem property tax what do you think. About the governor's property tax proposal some have said it's a gimmick and and kinda subsidizes the higher property tax. On the other hand it does provide some early. They it's it is very gimmicky you in upstate New York it's gonna have minimal effect. And any of our partners and our averaged a houses around here 10050000. Dollars. You know you're gonna see maybe a 25 dollar fifty dollar benefit. In your property tax in your tax credit from property taxes for that it's really going to affect downstate where. I'm real estate values -- you know houses that are going for half a million dollar. So no known net benefit here no significant benefit here no significant benefit in the seniors to -- that I see it. How does that work explain what's being proposed and and why it doesn't necessarily touch us in the ways that it touches -- island. Well you know I did there's the devil is always in the details and I we don't have the full details on that the proposal yet but. And generally my understanding is you're you're going to get a credit back based on the percentage. Of your income that goes towards property taxes. Well as of that as a measure of the value of your home. Well if -- if your home's value was only a hundred or 150000. Dollars the amount of credit that you're going to get back in your income taxes is going to be much lower. Then downstate where they're half a million dollar homes for -- on a regular residential. Middle class house. 8030930s. Or number if you'd like to join us via phone lines open assemblyman ray Walter is here. Republican from helped me Amherst Clarence. Underside of the border between the pads the entire town of members including the village will instill in the Erie county and then I have the town -- Pendleton in the Niagara county -- other aspects of the governor's budget that talk about the buffalo billion fully funded. But you can -- of the -- governor puts. But I think that's 600 million dollars in the budget this year towards the -- billion. We're running on a track where we were not spending a billion as quickly as foods and and state was allocating funds to it. A vote we've sped that up at this point with the with the riverbend project with the genome center. There's significant investments that are going on and not and that what that -- getting geared up in this budget can we say it is actually a billion for buffalo war. Is -- money that would have been coming anyway to some degree so to some degree it is money that would have been coming anyway and there's other degrees not actual cash it's tax credits and things like that so. You know I'm never gonna looking gift horse in the mouth of the governor wants to invest in Western New York. I will certainly stand behind him and make sure that week give them the money that we so desperately need here. All right and also includes money for new genome studies institute affiliated with -- -- down on the medical campus obviously money like -- -- -- money -- good thing yeah and that's you know that's really state of the -- -- the future of medicine they called personalized medicine where we can. You know -- And create therapies that will. Based on your genes. What exactly you're going to need to cure your pursuit particular. Disease and with the wealth of knowledge that we have here. Certainly of Roswell park this is a natural -- similarly what does -- do two or four Roswell. Let's go well in -- has a huge bank of of information that they've been able to collect over the years from our patients in the research that they've done. And so so the money that's going to be partnering would you -- and project downstate at Sloan Kettering. They're going to be able to take that data. Analyze it and really develop this type of personalized medicine to -- and more broadly does the budget her Roswell or help no actually I've spoke to folks at Roswell the budget. Maintain their funding there's no proposed cuts essar. Was a couple years ago so lower -- -- on a -- -- with Roswell park which is -- individual Western New York what does it do to war or transit funding couple but about the Niagara frontier transit authority will always had an ongoing issue within -- -- funding the formula that the the way that the state calculates how. Of state regional transportation authorities Oden and get to the state funding does not treat Roswell fairly were one of the only. Transit authorities that have. Operate both it's a subway. And above on ground transportation system buses in an airport. And the formula doesn't take that into consideration and we really get short changed and -- that -- TA has come out with a study that shows in order to go forward in order to continue. To get the federal funding necessary. And to do some of the projects that they're looking at. We need to increase the amount of stated that we -- it be enough to -- that's assemblyman ray Walter let's bring in senator George. Crazier is on the line now George I think I'm going to say good point rate Voyager I what are you see in the budget that you like what you see in the budget that you don't. I like the emphasis on the governor on tax cuts I mean -- property tax cuts in particular. You know now I would that agreed it it's somewhat gimmickry I think you know we could just. Do away with some of the thank -- cost the local government some -- mandates -- local government. -- to be much better way. And sending out rebate -- but at least he you know this is the start of the process and not legislature to -- its opportunity to weigh in. Think what race earlier about as -- locally -- the NCA is a high priority of all of ours. Because it is not being funded in in -- fairway which we're -- -- you know. Necessarily war you know just more dollars just didn't do the same Formula One minute to do for everybody out. On a school district -- I met yesterday with every. School superintendent and represented at the board of education that we wanted to destruction -- Orleans counting and again what race it generally about the about for the gap elimination adjustment is really it will help them not necessarily you know more money for four a pre K. Or for technology but just eliminate debt now. I do have to say it and don't mean this about race in some retaliation his senate Republican conference but the senate. Last year passed legislation which would eliminate. The I -- elimination -- in speakers over yet taken up over their -- on that -- his colleagues. Under the leadership of prime Covert trying to get in on the agenda. All right let's bring a couple phone calls they go 30930. State senator George -- ours is here also state assemblyman -- Walter and if you have some questions about the budget we've been talking a lot about education will get to. Specifics about common core coming up after the top of the hour. But let's bring in whatever the callers have them kick it off with Andy in silver creek thanks for waiting. Good morning gentlemen our great good and you know basically you know we have a lot of things out -- attacks are too high in my area under an open. You know the senators to school boards just strategic everybody realizes how serious. Taxes are my way in should top current -- -- and we have many think houses where people are just lead candidates is taxes we hear and we are to a breaking point now. Where any tax increase and anything. We can't sustain it and it is this as we asked breaking ball and somehow we have to get relief because now you've got vacant homes going to stick right now and you -- places your whole -- -- look like herbal. In its people will be getting grim picture. No matter what happens what is done it is people realized the seriousness of well what's happening I mean this is it's unsustainable where it is well all right let George let's start with you what do you say. Yeah I I I I agree with with the caller an and that's why I started off by saying I'm I'm very happy to see that the emphasis is on the property taxes. You know that has not always been the case I can actually she that we tried. WG go to star program I think it worked for a few years I don't think it works anymore I think we're now we're we're back. We emphasizing the property tax didn't get the governor is called that it would be very carefully here -- consolidation services delivering a minute more. Economically efficient manner certainly something that that we can definitely take a look at with all the latest government that we end. All right let's -- back on hold right we'll pick it up on the other side with you. Assemblyman -- Walter is here that was state senator George Mae's shares were talking about the state budget just unveiled this week. A proposed this week by Governor Cuomo excellence is work its way. Through the legislature we'll take market calls after this to its hardline on news radio 930 W media. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen this morning this is Dave Tebow. Assemblyman -- Walter's here in studio on the line we've got state senator George Mays here as we're talking. At least for this segment mainly about the new York state budget proposed this week by Governor Cuomo. And what it means a lot of questions so far about education a lot of things we've been talking about. Is exactly what it means in terms of property tax relief and rate before the break and you had a point needed to get in there. Sure you regarding property tax in the end the of the burden that's put on homeowners and businesses in Western New York. You know a lot of the governor talked a lot about consolidation in the number of governments that are driving -- the property tax and that's certainly an issue but the biggest issue and he ignores this is the unfunded mandates coming from the seed in -- York. That's was really driving your property taxes and that's something that we need to to address and so until we can really -- whittled down on those unfunded mandates. And you know our our municipalities and school districts are going to be in this -- year after year. 8030930s. And I believe got a couple calls on hold. If we don't get you now to stay with us through the news will pick up on the other side but let's get right to it -- in Rochester high. -- Sheldon good morning look here's my concern he had governor wants to give his -- election year tax breaks but he wants to borrow. 2.3 billion dollars to bring brought standing computers to the classroom. If that is so was such a worthy goal. While we pay -- -- this expected surplus instead of borrowing yet. I have a fourteen year old daughter how much more debt are we gonna pile on these kids in our grandkids. Is bonding the way to do it guys what you say we'll start with you -- You know the -- is is if there's a long term. -- project that is going to you know benefit people for. 2030 years to come findings that the way to do it but what we're talking about some of these technology issues. I pads and and things like that what's the real life of -- of an iPad or you know any kind of a tablet. A few years but -- arguing George come on and with me can't you argue that that is school infrastructure so to speak it's longer term equipment now. I don't think so David a didn't agree -- all right which re not -- I app yesterday as I said I met with every superintendent. Board of education members in Niagara and Orleans and they would not enthusiastic about this at all. They'd they would much rather see. And given some flexibility in Alec it's but the money for programs that they've had to eliminate. I would rather see it go directly into some property tax reduction. That type of areas. You know I just. You know it's gonna look at what voters voters gonna have this thing in this but. In I don't think it's it says it took a very good way to go the other the other issue is. Is it is at an education. Is that the pre K I mean there are some district in Western New York that don't have full day kindergarten right -- the going to be mandated am hopeful they pre K program. You'll give them the money and let them do to prohibit that he is needed in their particular district. I don't think that the bond issue has really gotten a lot of press you say it's gonna go to the voters that's something we'll see here in November coming up. -- -- it it's it's is on is included here in the budgets -- all right. Let's see if we can I'm gonna take a ridiculous people can squeeze one more in before the top of the very. -- in buffalo thanks for joining us -- I you know it's seems to me that -- almost made education and -- cost the enemy of -- people who eat the economy. Toward the taxpayer but at the same time -- -- get a Medicaid reform commission which is also funded partly by property taxes. In my income taxes. And he has done nothing about real Medicaid reform it which we are still the highest price. Our Medicaid. Program in the country and I hear nobody addressing this issue and it's like you buried it in new jobs one at. Pretend it doesn't exist. The guy in his first state of the state it was definitely a centerpiece I remember that. A quick thirty seconds before the news what you say wrecked -- in New York Statesman's for a Medicaid then Texas and Florida combined without. And you know nearly the population so. And it's certainly had an issue we have to would address it and nine intakes take that burden we've limited the burden our local taxes. Stuff property taxpayers but the state needs to take over that -- completely. But I knew that one of the things the governor -- when he was giving out his budget numbers is that obamacare will send more money from the federal government to the state. For Medicaid but there's is still an ultimate cost on New York State taxpayers are trying to put it all after the break if you're on hold stay right there. Assemblyman -- Walter is here state senator George Mason -- this is Davie -- it's hard line and more calls after this on news radio 930 WB yen. Time to talk politics it's hard on news radio nine. And what week it is -- politics it's a week where governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed his budget for the coming year. It includes that property tax change I don't wanna caught completely relief program is that some criticism that says. It's a little gimmicky but there's a property tax relief program in there. There's also aid to education that increases he says about 3%. There are others the New York State school boards association says it's nonetheless austerity that will hurt and hit all the school districts. -- we're taking your calls and some of your comments this morning -- three on 930s the number. On the line from up in new thing we've got George -- -- New York State senator. In studio to take your calls assembly member Walter 2803. On 930 if there's stuff that you'd like to say about state spending we'd love to hear it. And now let's kick it off with John in Rochester now -- They gave me you're hearing a chat page and what an idea got a question and we nurses in the funds are some of the old city funds going to be used stuff war. Other other what you -- that's -- -- we wouldn't it got the CD on. We have repaired roads and bridges through this state what you're. And because this scene he finds what we're gonna have to pay us spend less from our state budget in order to get from federal government so up. It's part of this is trek. The maker what you're -- process look a little broader this year. I think in some of the numbers I heard from the governor he sort of set that on the shelf as a separate category so when he says we're increasing or decreasing certain amount it wasn't counting sandy. But that the intricacies of what you're asking I can't answer may be Georgia -- can help you out. I I believe that good -- is correct -- and -- and the attitude yet. You know I don't think and -- couldn't -- attitude that I downstate colleagues would allow any aid the spread out. Beyond their Westchester county and I would tend to doubt bit. I'm angry and politically it's the kind of thing that no one can oppose I'm sure. Now right all right let's bring in Bob go ahead do -- on the air high. Good morning. I just heard the news report about the domestic migration figures to the point and the point thirteen. There's an article cover story. I'm Megan and her amazing return them and -- Republicans and we talked about in this article and I script about the number of people who -- your statement the number of people offensive tackle. Every year it called about this for years. And to the show and I'd like to know with the representatives. Are doing about this and whether they're concerned about it. Because you're gonna reach a point where this would be the -- there isn't because the rich you can move out -- -- means -- -- -- -- to be -- with a poor sect the old. And who do pay your. Who can take food all the services in the in this state you're losing population every single year and I don't see any thing. Being done to stem the -- I need an answer. I I think is a great question. And Edward -- trying next week to do an entire program out of based on some of those numbers that were worked up. By -- empire center for public policy they have basically said is designed to stand it that New York State is certainly. Top of the heap or bottom depending if you look at it more people leaving New York State than anywhere else break. I I agree a 100% immunity that's. It's it's it's the biggest problem that we face here in Western New York. We cannot and you know ever save the west New York economy must restart growing the number of people who who are here and the only way to do that. Is by having a dynamic economy. And the only way that I -- to do that is to lower the taxes lower the income tax lower the property tax and and create an atmosphere that's going to -- businesses in and not force them out the way that we've done for the last forty years. None of those things are bad things but I don't know if that I've ever and maybe this is the -- point I don't know if I've ever heard a legislator really say. Migrations the issue we have to concentrate on it from ABC indeed the conversation does always seem to shift to jobs and taxes. Dick could could could I waited here absolutely George yeah PPI first like a cut off if -- -- -- -- about -- -- like your back control related and you gave so and we'll talk to them anyways I didn't hear that the -- this whole -- but you know. Absolutely I think seven -- correct we've got to do is grow the -- we've seen dead. In Albany. With the Albany nanotech center right -- to wait there I mean -- changing dynamics of Albany and and I -- looking at the class is being apple. And you know I think the riverbend project in which comes to energy research and development in the United States of America he's just -- accustomed becoming energy independence. I know. When I was growing up you know the long gas lines. You know under the Carter years and that you know we we -- so dependent upon foreign resources you know that changing -- For a lot of different reasons. But I think you know in the area of research and development what we have. Do -- talked earlier about that did the genome project it would be universe of possible Roswell park right you know we have to do is really invested note things. That's gonna get younger people here that any younger people staying here educating here. You know buying homes here and everything. That's true idiot jobs in the -- you know when you look at. That poverty. Migration of populations. You know that is what's gonna change all of those things is is is a decent job and I just wanna -- the caller. And I think what are the areas was less dependent on government in and and -- and there is such a simple. One days simple example that -- -- -- guy. Are supporting -- for the past it and -- it twice already had a governor does have in the budget and it really gonna depend upon the the the assembly. Majority -- to keep it in their. And it to restrict the use of these EDT part I can't take the number of emails I get -- charade just to. People go into supermarket she'll be able bodied people use these EBT carriage. To limit the use these EDT cards away from which is -- should be used you know. Adult entertainment centers casinos stuff like that you know -- that is something -- could save us hundreds of millions of dollars a year in Europe there is real simple. That is the low hanging fruit that is something we have to insist. How can it save money if if the car has X amount of dollars on it. And I'm spending it for a nutritious meal or I'm spending for cigarettes and gambling the cars still has that amount on it. That does restricting where it's used and -- saving money I. I missed any part is absolutely absolutely does that -- You know because right now. A lot of a lot of it is going to people who we should be going to. And I think I think you know once we we start peeling off these layers. Of abuse you're gonna find a lot morbid it's gonna save a lot of money so you're saying not only -- the other the issue should be goal should be used if you're accessing. You're you're benefit allowance in it in in in casino at 3 o'clock in the morning that it not corporate intended use. That's. You're saying not just the places it's use though you wanna change some of the eligibility requirements yes OK fair enough. 8030930s. The number of let's bring in Mike from -- while you've been waiting a while Mike you have a topic that I know we were going to get to here with assemblyman Walter. The assembly this week. Proposed. At least the Republicans in the assembly. A series of changes to common core I know Mike that's not something you want chat about come on man. -- -- good morning everyone -- I want to first thank senator majors for standing up where there's day to commissioner came in the common core. I would encourage new York and question me or to revisit the common -- standardized tests. I'm not against assessments -- evaluations. But there's money awful lot of it is going to England and peers in that. On the teachers' unions has voted no confidence or change it again the common core. I think that would -- a tremendous amount of money we agree education actual America and put the power back in the parents and teachers know what else. Jeremy Garrett thanks again that this fight is not over. All right fair enough Mike. A some -- chime on in here what is being proposed. By the Republicans in the assembly regarding common -- twelve of the last year members of the -- someone minority conference education committee traveled around the state. Eleven different locations around the state took testimony from parents teachers administrators members of the community. On the issues that they've been having with common core its implementation. Bottom and and we've what we've heard was this has been a failed policy by the state Education Department. Are from top to bottom it's doesn't treat teachers fairly doesn't treat. Students fairly and -- really we really need to overhaul the entire system and this this week we were. Released report. With the a couple of plans. Including the apple -- achieving pupil prepared us in launching excellence. Which lists a number of different areas of concern. In ways that we can an address that. And move our education system forward what is being proposed what's in that plan sure well first of all we need to move I would need to slow down the implementation. Of the common core and see if it really fits at all and maybe this is something we need to just not be a part of but isn't the federal. Mandate more -- -- not we lose funding we can do this well -- -- no not with Concord what we've seen a lot of these issues are being all combined together there's a race to the top of the funding right. There's a PPR which is teacher valuation which is part erase the top. There's common core which is a curriculum and that was developed two. Raise the standards across the the country and in others no one is against -- stances I think we can all agree. On that but the issue is how do we how do we do it and so -- we need to evaluate this the system we need to evaluate the assessments in the curriculum. Funding equity GA that we talked about before making sure well we eliminate that and GA. Teacher preparedness investing in our teachers to make sure that they have the tools to teach the students of the 20% tree. Actually giving the teachers and administrators were on the ground working with children involved in the process. Unfortunately a lot of this has been developed by bureaucrats in Albany and ivory tower thinkers who think this is. You know great program but aren't on the ground implementing it. Also restricting the use of student data. We had our students -- data is being shipped off to. National companies who are gonna do who knows what -- that and we've seen with target. The security breaches in personal. And data and what that can do so we need to give your parents the option and the knowledge to know what's going to happen with their students data. And then we also and in need to revamp the way that the state Education Department works. And create some accountability really this education commissioner as they think George will test to during the hearings of the -- And the and the him on the border regions. Operate unaccountable. One of our proposals as to allow the governor to appoint a commissioner of education confirmed by the senate. And really create some accountability in the state Education Department on the senate side when you say that George. You know I I -- having. Ration at this meeting. A day hearing commissioners this is the sort of got my higher problem that he should that he has consulted with experts in Washington. Education experts in Washington and all over the country. Who who think that this this distract the common core is the right way to go it's a good thing for the students in and and they -- The student the teachers and parents. And I think you know -- -- an expert in Washington DC and I don't know Los Angeles were regal but they should you know every day. Legislative like myself I'm sure -- some of them are talking to classroom teachers are talking to members of the PTA. Parents. School administrators. To -- to school and -- by the way I sometimes. -- usual adversaries -- -- these super -- schools don't don't have a very good relationship sometimes would there. With their local teachers bargaining unit or something like -- parent may have some issues with the school district this is one way I'm fighting you know all of these. Sometimes adversarial relationships are all on the same page. You know ray might solve the other members lessening of allegations sponsored a forum topic -- -- 2700. People -- Now I've been in office a few years longer -- break out again ever seen any hearing that part of -- hearings spot to be hearing. Town hall meeting anything when you get potentially -- this is a hot button issue this has been done wrong and commissioner you know I see you sometimes wonder. If you're conditioned but really. Test out of eagle is a territorial and they -- mean much. I think. Push back in the commission is getting from some great resource is you know he seems to be you know kind of getting back up and they know we're going forward. If he was picked by the governor wouldn't it politicize education. I don't I don't -- I think so I mean -- you can actually confirmed by the senate. I mean right now stick by the speaker of the assembly shall -- does that politicize. All right and is that a proposal that that great UC going anyway. Well I mean you are Republican in the assembly and -- wrongly but but that's minority party in in a body that is primarily. Democrat Mosher will chose to help -- system is in the first place at the voice of reason. If I could counterbalance humans says -- for if I hit what you read in. A -- up. Guys -- gonna take a break we'll be back on the other side if you're on hold stay right there we have enough time to squeeze in a couple more callers before we're done here. Assemblyman -- Walter's here. State senator George -- yours is here we're talking about -- the state budgets spending and a lot about education as well a couple more calls on common core. Anything else haven't you -- around the corner it's hard line on news radio 930 WB -- WBE and 9:30 AM is buffalo as waves. It's hard line hot news radio 930 WP and the state -- Assemblyman ray Walter is here senator George -- -- is here. We're talking about spending state budget and education we have enough time to squeeze in the calls that are already on hold. Let's take one more before the bottom of the hour and that will pick up on the other side of the news -- you've been holding -- while thanks for calling in again high. Stick my -- -- continue to drag me not. Number comment court get rid of what -- wrong. What they had what is wrong with that standard to apply. In your region diploma stating that about panic attack what he would. The school. Did not I gonna tighten up the wars. I hit a politicians talk about and productivity and creating -- we you know like the job of creating -- -- China. Historic terabyte of meat in America that's got everything including cutting particularly the (%expletive) here. You know what more can make things here. But that's the problem point 36%. Are under federal project. Do you know I don't want -- and a -- eight. You've got to hit that practical approach that I do not been completely different. I act -- a typical thing happened -- would have gotten the courage to do what's right in this country that about America first please. I think happily and know that you're kind of. All right Detroit go though -- Ted talked me for a quick second. You're talking to state legislators and a lot of what I think you just raised as more of a federal issue how is it relevant to these two guys. All right -- -- have to worry about your State's budget -- The end and the other thing that you poor -- acting Geithner had he have on your mind is. Not in any -- or -- that -- project. I inherited a gold -- -- -- -- -- -- that they didn't get rock when he was governor. New York City million different people. You guys don't seem to be over. What you try to do the right thing probably in -- calmness city. Principle I'm here and participate. Even especially Western Europe and the respect that. Formed in the book and project. And that's what. I'm Scott couldn't pull up next city over the entire state all right look. All right let's see what we get here. Go ahead rate up on what -- certainly in the in the New York City dominated assembly you know we see that and every day how New York City. Can dominate the policies in New York State but I mean I you know give it to the test testament to senator -- errors in the work that. He and his colleagues in the senate to every day to make sure that. Upstate does have a voice and that we can. And get some good things done for for western new York and upstate New York. Sometimes he can I just waited for -- -- absolutely yeah that's about -- got sometimes. You know. There's not a lot of publicity about some of the victory that we do have against the city ray Watson I championed a legislation called Western Europe power proceeds which basically. Keep that the the revenue that's generated and Niagara power project which I think by the ways is devote to our economic Renaissance here in Western New -- the Niagara power project. Here in Western Europe to be spent within a thirty mile radius of the entire power project and it has already helped a lot of. Manufacturers like it's engine manufacturer in north I don't want to diversified manufacturing in Laporte I could go down a whole list you don't have thirty seconds. That legislation was tough to get through because a lot of money previously would go about the New York City but because of hard work of people like -- Walter. And and myself and our colleagues you know we we want that the tree it was a great -- for -- All right we'll pick up more on the other side stay with us state senator George -- -- assemblyman -- Walter if you're on hold stay right there we will get you before we let these guys go. And at the back end of the program we're gonna talk a little bit. About those remarks that Governor Cuomo made they are still percolating about a week and a half later. Is New York State a place where there just is no place for extreme conservatives we'll touch on that before the program's done to. And give he'll look right on the corner at what's to come on Meet the Press at twelve noon. All of that ahead it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this is -- -- We're talking about state spending we're talking about education we've touched on common -- just a little bit. Energy issues thrown in there as well all of it in light of governor Cuomo's budget proposals. Assemblyman -- Walter is here senator George -- -- here. -- FM squeeze and a couple quick calls we can and let's go to stand in Rochester thanks for waiting as long as you have. Good morning. I'm not -- center with a -- caller. I'd be very skeptical when it comes to politics a proposal promises you mention it. They cubicle what they want and they show -- the fixed. Let me give you an example. Back a while back here Pakistan the builders association proposed that. Legislation they wanted to be able to two cutting always be disability and it would account for labor and so particular old -- got. The house price it out by 101000 dollars. Now you -- -- -- -- -- -- got it to a nudist stuck at 101000 dollars in her pocket there's no way to control it how can we control lawlessness -- Who wants to -- a first rate. You know -- I'd like OK yeah I think here in and I got one more -- but -- -- -- -- how local what do we know usually they come up front would what they -- actually here. There's a -- -- behind some on Monday that tired and regret. Not good but they won't bring it don't just always take 101000 dollars at a price -- house but they're not telling you yeah fit into this but the money -- pocket. Well I mean if that if that were the case and that would. Com be going on in in in other states and we're competing we're competing against the North Carolina Florida Texas -- of the world. And and they have lower taxes lower regularly lower regulation. And that's where we're losing our population to sell. You know did the fact of the matter is. And that does is the savings are -- occurring in those other states and that's what people are moving there George step on and c'mon. Well I just you know it is -- -- I I think in that sort of broke up a little bit but. And -- when you when it comes to regulatory reform clearly we need New York. To get more business to get more jobs now I I I think that there always is. The you know fear if you will that the -- Collison is gonna happen. You know that a business may mean change regulation. Maybe put some people in danger of being injured it not being. He'll compensated for it and then you know the profit they make it can go into their pockets there's no there's there's there's nothing wrong with making a profit you know when -- business in New York. But I can get the job that ray and I added balancing those interest to make sure. And injured workers are taking care of but you know -- in the bottom line is that this is just. You know that and I just in base to make a profit their business to. To hire people you know get -- it can't be employees without employers. George you've been and an office a little longer than -- I think back you mentioned regulatory reform in the first thing that popped into my head. Was governor Pataki had a office of regulatory reform does that still exists is that an issue you hear much about in Albany anymore. If it doesn't exist -- the degree in economic governor -- but. There is an agency within the within the executive branch. That does deal with its -- pro reform believe me I think legislators like myself in and -- Are in touch with him all the time when it comes to DEC regulations or the SLA. You know trying to help out small position our district. -- the DOT. All right let's squeeze in one more call here Kathy and Kevin Moore thanks for waiting it's your turn. I -- a great but all the good question. -- they'll go in the grocery store. And the people are inevitably be featured in the -- a huge groceries Terkel who doesn't. In -- after the leftist that the into the currency as well actually. Bill a lot of and that at a thousand in 2000 dollars more in the future apparent this month and they were out spending at all but I question is. It's the bank put extra money in my account they would take it back the next month. What have you people done in order to credit system mistakes that we made in these people get all the extra money. All right great jump on and that's news to me I mean certainly mountain and so we have to look at. George. I I indicated that it that it it's fraudulent I don't understand he's expected to put it fraudulent we have and in every counting me in in in New York. Welfare Medicaid fraud -- did did the regulations are way too loose in the senate we passed numerous things to limit the. Availability you know what people moving into New York State. To lower the benefits when I just mentioned earlier today was to limit the use ability to -- cards as EDT -- You know I would say there was a specific example -- -- was was. Overpaid. You know they're they're they're definitely hear about it. Sure we have a little -- -- time left here and there's two things I still wanted to touch on one later this week is the State of the Union Address coming down from Washington. I can imagine that a lot of the things that happened in Albany are to some degree predicated on. The policies of DC. Is there anything that either one of you want to see in the state of the union speech. That is specifically. A factor. In Albany in what you guys would deal with the -- with the race. Well I mean I think the in the overall policies of this president have been. Generally negative towards a small businesses certainly -- obamacare. Situation driving up the -- to small businesses. You know there was so. There's been a lot of people signing up four. Obamacare but you know how many of those people. Were signing up just because they lost their insurance due to the program and and then. A number of people that and upon Medicaid anyway so their their needs to be in that needs to be dressed in and we need to take a hard look at then that's gonna raise costs for businesses in New York State. Same question George. I would just follow up what one of our earlier caller said about trying to incentivized and get more manufacturing back unionized -- America. But it you know you can do it cheaper over China but I can tell you it is not of the quality. That the American worker can manufacture things. We we need you know the transportation costs you know to go offshore. Are much higher. You know I can we got -- she rebirth to manufacturing your back United States I would love to see. The president concentrate on something like that because it's these it's the tend to be the older northeastern states. -- a gonna benefit -- manufacturing. All right coming up twelve new by the way and Meet the Press they will delve into the state this union speech comes up on Tuesday. A preview in about fifteen minutes senator Rand Paul Republican from Kentucky will be there and assistant senate majority leader Dick Durbin Democrat from Michigan. All of them about fifteen minutes away on Meet the Press again looking at the state of the union coming up this coming Tuesday. Before we go guys there's one other thing I wanted to touch on that and I think I know you you both Republicans therefore I think I know what's gonna stay here. But governor Cuomo's remarks the idea. -- that extreme conservatism. Has no place that was the actual quote he had in a radio interview on Friday have about a week ago has no place in New York State. Now he backtracked a little bit the statements that came after the fact said. Listen what I was trying to say. Is that if you look at this isn't in the Republican Party if you look at the make -- of the electorate of New York State I think both you guys would have to agree. It's a more liberal it is a more democratic state therefore he was trying to make the case. That that kind of policy has no place in the electorate because of the make air India and the current debate because of the makeup of the electorate. What's the other side. Well I mean I -- the governors try to explain these remarks and and certainly some people in the media have tried to explain the forum as well. His words right there and it's getting -- his words speak for themselves I mean that. You know of the of the comments he made were unbecoming of any elected official. For him to say that any group of people that believe. You know a certain things that he labels is extreme. Don't have a place in the diverse state like New York. Just flat out wrong and he is absolutely wrong if you look at the different areas of New York State and who they are represented by. Would fall under his definition of extreme test because there's a majority of people disagree with conservatives that doesn't service from -- Exactly and it. Georgia -- I would I would -- -- rate comments. And the governor's remarks were very -- you know he talked about that extreme conservative and he gave you three examples. Same sex marriage abortion and gun rights. You know he was seems. Talk about me I voted. You know in the extreme conservative position and -- those issues and will continue to do that. And I wish you know the one silver lining was detected I think he I think -- personally he he knew he made a mistake and immediately. Started to back off from the -- it has no place in the in the public discourse of New York. You know it's. Far as I'm concerned every one of any political viewpoint is is welcome here whether I agree or disagree with him. Our fair enough coming up after the break we'll hear those remarks we'll hear what the bishop of buffalo the Roman Catholic bishop Richard Malone had to say about it. We'll hear from the chair of the Erie county Conservative Party what he had to say about it. We gonna rehash all those remarks coming up next guys thanks for joining us this is great thank you did that -- Henry Walter and senator George majors. More to come it's hard like a news radio 930 WB he had.