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NYS School Bds Assoc. Exec Dir. Tim Kremer

Jan 26, 2014|

on the Cuomo budget proposals

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WVU and good morning this is -- -- we are talking about Governor Cuomo for most of the next hour and a half here. A specifically this segment about his budget and what it means for education. Let's bring in Tim Kremer now he is the executive director of the New York State's school boards association Tim thanks for joining this morning. I read your statement that you put out right after the budget speech and basically you call it austere. But at the same time during his speech -- heard what Governor Cuomo said I wanna play -- a little bit of that and then get your reaction for -- to my mind. Use saying austere and him saying an increase don't necessarily. Match here's what he said he thought. Arnold our -- the annual education spending indexed to the rate of growth of personal income. That's the index that we set last year. If you apply the education index to this year but it's a 3% increase. In education. Upon that index. That's 611. Million dollars. We propose on top of the 3%. By eight point 6%. That is double the rate of inflation. All right what do you say to him because I know you're your take on it is not exactly that. Well what he's doing. -- -- Is combining -- Two years spending. 3% is closer to reality -- this year coming up. He has project game in the future what the state aid would be as a as a indexed to personal income growth. Next -- here. It makes it appear. Yeah. This is closed a much larger increase than it really has. Fact. He's not addressing what we believe to be fundamental problems. With the way in which schools are funded in this state. Or foundation formula that was agreed upon back in 2007. Has been abandoned. And it is never ever return to that formula which is where we need. If you were there what would it mean how much of a difference would that make. There'll be well you there but do calculations I think I could change. Common core has brought in new. Calculations as to what. That caught star for public education but we've never done since 2000 and probably six. We not done it costing out study to figure out what it would actually cost to deliver. Public education -- certain particularly now with the new deliverables system that new technology. And new expectations. And there was no talk about doing anything of that nature -- at a commission. That we thought was going to do work of that nature and they never did they absolutely. I don't mean to be critical here but I if if there was that kind of study of what the true cost of education is who would conducted because of the school superintendents and school boards. Naturally I picture them saying yeah we need more money from the state yet and we we'd rather not go to tax. And it probably need to be an independent group when it was done the last time there was a group all the campaign for fiscal equity debt higher there who. The global professionals who do just around the country to do it cost you don't study and at that time then governor Pataki. That is bizarre. Commission and they conducted this study you've been different. Independent researchers and together those studies were brought before the court. And frankly courts and carpet right down the middle and -- here's what we believed to be cost -- -- Education. And -- -- kind of resources that are need to be put forward and how the should be distributed it was going to be an additional seven. Billion dollars in additional state aid over four -- -- time that it got extended out and then it got dropped. And no money -- not been regained a lot of time in fact in this budget that the governor is proposing. You have. 70% of the school districts -- states in -- state aid and they got in 2009. In fact in Erie county -- list. But who runs. This CD Grimes. Three districts only three districts in Erie county are getting more -- eight now in this upcoming budget proposal barely get in 2009. Only one school you get an expert on eating or seagate and got 2000. And that is independent of his universal pre K idea. OK so operating. All right. Now if that's the case of their only a handful of districts getting more can we then extrapolate out to may when it comes budget voting time. Well they're the real raw out what you app is it if -- -- say I'm only gonna come into the state aid at a level that is. Tied to -- come world -- you're the local level. Make up the difference. That would -- one -- but what we have of course property tax cap. And most districts would have stayed at or below the cap anyway I suspect they -- moving in that direction because the recession to begin. See our governor is doubling now on the he is saying. -- this year I am expecting that not only if you stay at or below the property tax cap on the report. Because of their property tax reasons. Meaning that. If you do try to exceed the property tax cap that was for your school district. And the people within your school district the citizens to your school districts are not going to get rewarded. Repeated. -- that increase if you do stay at or below the tax Levy increase -- what happens in your school district I won't repay. That increase. Through. State there's a state income -- approach. They'll get any -- on the increase on their property taxes that in your number one. We kind of like the -- probably -- entities have seen all these but these local property tax increase in all the local -- School district because there won't be increased to taxpayers. You're actually you know you're going to be asked to creature to say one point 52%. And do so that we stay at a below the cap in -- is -- and your contact. So no problem. You're number true he says all the Q school district skeptical public why. As to how you're going to have some structural cost containment in place including consolidations. That are going to worse. Caught containment. Saving at least 1% in your number two. 2% -- 33%. A year before. And it Netscape what he's forcing us to do not always stay at or below the cap. But we're also going after significantly reduce our containment at a time. When we're being being forced to. Let state aid and significantly increased costs. -- comic or initiatives and others sort of education reforms. And so -- in your book that last part means cutting programs. I think well I mean what you're looking that is real squeeze on revenues. -- Significantly increasing cost. There isn't much room wiggle room here at all we're going to be able to do is probably cut program certainly people. Do you picture. Any of this changing this is obviously the governor's proposed budget that works its way through the legislature. Your organization and partisan lobbying group I'm sure you're in touch with those guys. Is there enough. To use your phrase again wiggle room that the legislature. Can give you more of what you want do you see change there. I think so they all have. Responded with an and it believe this governor and they actually. Presented a budget with that expectation. There's a couple places this year where there are money they have not even -- allocate. So there is a place where it legislature is inflated economy and an increase spending. -- and allocate those funds or in the budget -- that would run allocated so that the -- specify. Where those funds would go that would be helpful to their constituents. So I think there's some. Expectations. That the legislature will respond by providing them additional resources. And that's. Well and yet we still have to start dealing with a fundamental way in which we make sure we have in place. The resources needed that are adequate to provide the sound is education loses its constitutional right of every student. And that those monies are distributed. You know the patient and equitable ways state why we do not have that system in place right now. And that second year wallop you spoke of that's something you don't think you can push the legislature enough -- to really get rid of I would imagine. Well there's going to be interesting I mean he has provide your -- -- the the free exactly and -- yeah. That this idea that tax cap was something that. We can all got our head around school board realized that this was something that was. I'm very popular with the voters and of course we are high -- state. And we were comedy. Literally 28 school districts last year that sought to pierce the captain -- been assigned to them. And my dorm or how many of them passed the yen but it was less than all that are passed. So it's a period you were trying to go beyond text app because -- because 60% supermajority -- -- that. -- -- -- When you start serious and I am going to or she just stay at or below. They're really in our mind it takes away from local control this is this is. Totally disrespect being sold at the local level who are looking at what their program needs are. Look at there there there -- resource opera. Allegations and trying to determine how it against me. You're gonna say I am gonna put huge pressure on you. To stay at or below the because your local electorates -- that appeared awarded otherwise. OK got it. Second that he's Serb move into the second third or your -- and I am going to force you to cut spending. All right -- we are out of time. Where we're out of time I relate to the news but there's been a good segment glad you could join us thanks. I'm I'm certain issue we cannot pick up on as as the weeks and months unfold here especially as we get closer to budget voting in the school districts in many.