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1-24 Tom Bauerle Show 4

Jan 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- so. You think you -- Iraq seventeen. The path of the righteous it's with that own all sides by the -- -- this opens the cue. Boom. It is T Wimbledon pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak to -- about it but he hit it. This keeper and there aren't there but lost to. And I wore us down -- the U with great. And India holds to attempt to end this month. -- The law. And upload. But -- happened to. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. Like you you have little. That is correct yeah I don't know why. Jews -- news. That we're about to help. It now when a male and a show for change that they don't happen. Now what do listeners now I do have independent confirmation of this I was going to try. -- talk with neighbors of the people from thirty years ago whose fourth cousins once removed. May have had a brief encounter with somebody involved in this story but I'm told that there is a house fire. Where structure fire in Holland right now on route sixty in mean girls would be an island guys. On our route sixteen. Gentleman named Jeff tells me that it is across from high school. So just as I finish -- doing my soliloquy in honor of the fire service I get this email if that fire is still active. Would you let me know. Start I'm thirty is a recall star 930. Those review in Holland New York a place. Where I've spent many a fine ideal moment in my life. So if that house fire is still -- structure -- All I know is well house fires with the email says but I don't believe everything I read. So if you're in Holland and -- on -- -- -- or maybe your member of the a fire department here let me know what the status it is OK so I can sense and good energy way. At least some warm fought your way is probably freeze your hands off right about now. There start at thirty is free otherwise the phone number is 8030930. Start I'm thirty and 180616. WB eat and effective when you were a member of a volunteer firefighter. In any department are professional firefighter guys because I love you you know that. If -- you had to fight a fire in the cold snap. I would love to know this special concerns and considerations. Of firefighting. In this kind of weather. Make sure they -- on the year -- just it didn't wanna wanna -- it still burning. Do -- -- to occupied house to over everybody's okay. No we don't know. Walk anybody know as I'd like that out here in Holland did reach out because Oprah everybody's house I hope all the animals out of the house and I'd really like to know what is going. And those of you who may or may not be in Holland. I I'm not in the fire service and I don't think I could pass the physical to be in the fire service. Not but I am not strong as a -- -- I'm strong like board but there are certain physical situations were probably would prohibit me from being in the fire department. Tom plots. I would really be good firefighter because I don't like working Michael. What's it like try to battle buyers in whether electors. If I can't imagine. By the way don't call it militia wanna go on the year objectors were a lot of calls it the largest payers fighter structure collect. That does me no good exit blocked calls for other people who wanna actually talk to me on the year as it's a talk show it's not just call in Chicago. I'm trying to be putts here and just outlook legislator yeah. Laying it on the line and if you are in the fire service. What is it like trying to put out a fighter when it's minus twelve with the wind -- I can imagine but there might be things I might even. With which you have to deal when you're dealing with a fire in this weather. Now I think back to the 1970s. When every firefighter in every department be paid or volunteer. At the seventies porn statues. And I can think of the foot long icicles which formed on said port statues. There are photographs -- Those -- -- fighting fires in those days. Your icicles dangling from your upper lip. Clinging to your must -- If you have photos of -- house fire in Holland. Send them to newsroom at WB. Newsroom at WB Ian dot com newsroom at WB and not -- I'm presuming we have a lot of firefighters in the -- audience if we don't. Then I consider me out of clue and out of touch with those are believed listen to the program. Now one of the hot button topics all the phone -- to get on the year by the way 803 all right 38030930. Start at thirty himself ball. 180616. WB Ian is freedom of choice want now what are the hot button topics. That is just take it off today. And we spoke with the people intimately involved with this in -- I don't know we have access to that interview on tape. Whether it's in the system yet or not. -- believe it and lots of folks sometimes some of what we do. Actually gets lost in the system we actually do have technical glitches here at work just like you have work where we think we record something we didn't really recorded. Happens to everybody. It's happened before it'll happen again just you know. But. We've been talking about. Those of you who have left town. And -- fought on vacation -- But yeah I thought that everything was covered on the homefront. You're responsible. Adult. Now the people with whom we spoke earlier. Stephen -- And his lovely wife Kristin sight of Bart. -- went away with the other daughter. Had a nice vacation and they believed that everything was under control they had seven cats. They are official members of the crazy cat people started club. I say that with great affection as a cat lover myself. But they've got seven cats and one dog. They hired a friend a trusted friend of the daughter. Two out cats and dogs it. Because I don't know about you. I don't like putting my animals in -- I never have. Only when I lived in Saint Louis or Florida that I do. Because to me I always thought if I were pat and suddenly here I am a camel hump they can. Do all of especially when they're older -- it started as kittens maybe it's easier but you know I never liked to do -- but. Long story sure they thought they the situation under control they come back home to their beautiful place on Florence avenue and guess what. Their whole. -- well. There sacred space their home is turn into a giant with trains. -- total tree in his right to really have to go into details. It is were people perform the most basic and crude is bodily functions. Now. Can you imagine. Having a stressful triple. You know that feeling it when traveling. I can't wait to get hole. I can't wait to walk in the door I wanna see the animals I want -- a laundry. I wanna settle out and why don't watch the sabres lose again you know that feeling. Now can you imagine opening the door. And well smells like the litter boxes have to be clean time. And then you realize. That's not can he. That's. Pain. And then to make matters worse. As you walk around the house. And you're saying yourself. As your olfactory senses are in utter disbelief shock -- in rebellion. You realize that human beings. Have used York Lawrence. And is. Who -- stations. Can you imagine the sense of violation. Can you even begin. To put yourself in their shoes. I can only to us -- to some extent. The violation. These people went through a bear all the whole. They're living space. We're at bay have raised. Their family and their pants. Was -- Complaint. And a total. And to make matters worse. Some of the miscreants and I don't even think I wanna watch the videos that people are sending me. I'm just not in to do do as a turn -- sorry. I know it might defy my German ancestry but it just doesn't do -- forming. Com. There is. A video. Which allegedly show is one of the un authorized people in their home. Yeah urinating on a mattress. Uttering words to the effect of this is for you. What did these people ever do to that young man. That he felt it necessary to offer urinary retribution. To them. You know a lot of people have done a lot of vial things to me in my life just as I'm sure they've done in your life. Because we all have bio things done it was a comes with being human being. Never in my life. Have I ever thought it would be a great idea of going to -- up through models or actresses. Never. I've never thought that. And it's certainly wouldn't go -- and me. To do that to somebody who's hole I was in in -- -- authorized way at a freaking house part. I don't. Get it. We're gonna pick this up on the other side of traffic. 8030930. What should happen to the teenagers involved. What's the answer year. What you want to see happen I've got my thoughts. However paddled a baby I think it makes cents. 8030930. Starbucks 93180616. WB -- also if you're in the fire service. -- even begin to fight a fire when it's in the will minuses. In buffalo right now. And Western New York. In Holland will be even colder because it's in the experts. Let's find out about traffic and a man who does tiptoe through the tulips in Holland but only when no one's looking -- Alan Harris. -- I can change out of my drive home shall I tried. Not recommended that I can certainly try always have and I'm sorry I was born and raised here actually know how to drive in the snow. All right as far as whether -- -- we have area. -- winters. You have to go through all this stuff again. A lot of swell it's going to be -- and cold outside I'll wait until 630 April gory details and by the time everything is said and done. You can expect three to six inches. Right now it is fifteen degrees however. Which of what you still fifteen and and the wind -- or we call it definitely hear the real feel is minus twelve. On WB yeah. Now -- we gotta update from Holland New York. Thank you a huge role in Holland is beginning to think -- lost all of my Holland listeners. Joseph Holland Europe WB and the winds are well. And he -- some edit it backfired on -- in Rutland middle school looks like fire -- Traffic bullet through rates that are pretty decent. It's thirty miles an out neither is O'Donnell that you decline all that. As far as the structure itself. And I'm gonna presume -- not a fiery adjuster insurance adjuster or member of the fire department does it appear as though these structure was significantly. Damaged. Now it looks budget doesn't look like it. Again it's electoral through their so maybe it's a minor fire the little liquidity amateur -- -- -- And how about water in the road I know that houses there are either really close to the road or really set back from the road. Andy is there any pounding of any water from hydrants or any other wars two hours. Dude you're my -- rescued are all Ito let it -- He watered -- rolled all the all good. -- I'm going to be like your girlfriend though expert dinner later on. In while you're treating a look at other men. Our and it takes a lot of magic called dude basically have a sense of humor. All right parents are apparently all is well in Holland New York thank you for the update I appreciate it very much. Now the miscreants who did this to the hole I'm Florence avenue in buffalo eleven just offer some suggestions first of all. -- -- The young people who desecrated. And that's up perfect word desecrated. The whole Stephen -- -- -- -- Their daughter and their animals. Our students. At some of our -- and local schools and I say that without a Trace of sarcasm in my -- These -- schools with excellent reputations. Excellent reputations. For example. City honors school. Which is one of the finest schools not only in New York State but in all of the country. Know -- academy. I don't think I've ever met anybody from Arden who was less than brilliant. Saint Joseph's collegiate institute. And over the years that school has put out tremendous. Student to go on to great things. And give -- its high school. Which speaks for itself. Now there is some thing the school's good route to exert a little muscle. They could do it prevents. Students who can be shown beyond a shadow of any doubt. To have taken part in the desecration. For graduating. Until such point. As they make full restitution. To the family whose property they damaged. Now I don't know what state education law would apply. And whether or not that's legally permissible. But if at all possible that's evident worthy of exploration. Are other things as well. Eight -- at Niagara county and we wanna talk about buyers in cold weather and so why but I've got to take a break I have been missing breaks right left and center today so Jim don't go anywhere in fact Sherman. Thank you get the -- number Casey decides to abandon. They don't like being abandoned it makes me feel bad under his radio 930 WB the end. You have to. Just -- official song that I bled. -- home before I go on vacation. Unfortunately. The official song will be layered by a local family upon. Returning from vacation would be probably something's got a logical written by John velvety. Students from some of the area's finest high schools. Captured on tape. -- filing desecrating. Urinating and deprecating. In the hole. Into which they were allowed unauthorized. By a family. Hired. A young lady. Two house cats. At a bill. I'm gonna get back to what I think should happen. To the children involved with the young people involved but I go to. County who Jim as the county fire coordinator. I guess he sets all the fires Jim thanks for joining us on WBM thanks I think we spoke -- before that we announcer. Perhaps we have what makes clear that I have retired. I'm not working there in what my successors. In his job to find out. Well that's why they put FR on former would be I missed in your introduction. You know I have always wondered about. The it's the special hazards as well there's this special human considerations. In fighting the fire when you're talking about. Fifteen degrees with wind chills well below zero that you have put us at the pictures here. I think I candidate and it all starts from water while water is the preferred medium by which. We extinguish structure fires our fire and at the -- And although 32 degrees we don't know order freezes and colder it is. Quicker water will freeze to the point where. You can -- -- my -- you can't short supply line and out without risking their reasoning and boasting a lot and urged -- and apple are bursting OL. Rendering appalled by the fire trucks and proper note. But isn't that why rookies exist. That's the tentative and Heidi I don't open. You keep moving your future water flowing and the big thing as a lot of people don't understand this is just as important. Rotate people out people -- -- cold weather editors are whether you need to stay hydrated. You need to be aware of their footing is not going to be aired you have mail letters that reason why -- That need to be. Treated before they can even be removed in Quebec and apparatus. Sorted it's just complicates their -- more than you can imagine it's colder. And windier than it guests. More difficult it is for firefighters incident commanders and anybody involved and fire -- do his job well. To their credit and our credit continues to perform under what are the conditions. Mother nature Childress. Amen brother Hijab just -- at the look up on Google because I'd rather focus on a conversation as the former Niagara county fire coordinator. What what's your last name. -- But Josh mate who would you like to spell that please. Like richter. -- OKO. Backstage. The habit of German perhaps. Will polish Jews come close to German in terms of its residency. The -- equity between Russia and Poland is there. Just say and now. Let -- little geography lesson for the uninformed -- -- obviously an educated man I can tell when you said by which immediately you went up several notches on my letter. Com so -- water being the preferred medium by which fires are extinguished and as you pointed -- the colder it is the faster it freezes. Let's just talk about the human factor of fighting fires in this weather and I've been encouraging people Jim. Not to like their fireplace for the first time in fifteen years tonight or this weekend. Not to use space Petersburg is I don't trust those damn things as far as I can throw I don't care what the manufacturers cents. Did you talk about the human factor in terms of fingers. And hallways because even. If you were not wet. Even if you have top flight ski gloves were militants on your fingers without water. You've only got about a five to ten minute shelf life before your fingers start to go kind of -- Yeah you're gloves and a -- in the modern clothes are a lot better protecting our fingers. Bomb the boots which have been boots boots are boots and your in your -- are very cold. Especially it was still experts who know. First it was you'll oh. It's gonna Nicole. Ricardo questioned why you're actually started where social the first or maybe. And and you're doing remote in your concentration Mexicans -- good start to four -- And and then it just makes it so much more difficult to perform the manual tasks at all. Well -- you mention hypothermia and any scuba diver or any of the underwater demo guys who go -- through extensive scuba training a tiger that water will suck your body heat out at a rate far beyond what here will be. Yeah and that that's why -- -- so it was wet towels during the summer start even if you start to swat insider turn -- call. There's that layer of moisture and that -- more -- conducting regular about it. Now some people are gonna say Tom. These guys are fighting fires fires are hot doesn't that help. They're not always happen where we're working. And it's our objective to make fired no longer -- fire and return the property back to -- owners who can't. So in terms of as you talked about the special equipment considerations. When fighting fires. Do you guys and I believe in Niagara -- Cody you've got some paid fire departments I believe and T is paid and the balls is paid in my left anybody out. -- -- paid firefighters. Here. Thank you and I would have forgotten your -- had you not mention. Are their special. Years. If an apparatus that can be used in the winter that are designed for weaker firefighting when we like it's. I think it's how we use your equipment rather than the equipment itself are -- I told my girlfriends that for years they never bought it. -- -- -- -- -- I think it's more in effect of keeping your people warm keep Ingraham workable keeping. Hydrated keeping them. You know -- exports of -- for awhile and when they start to diminish their effectiveness through radical group withdrew it and I think that's the key to at all. Okay. I think one of the more vital questions that I need to ask you about. Rights corners. Black and white fire trucks -- -- -- they change them now. Although they abandon -- and dark green. The contract is really tempered. I've always kind of wondered about that when I was a young man driving up to lock for stopping advised popcorn before hitting -- -- -- before hitting a Lake Ontario. So. In terms of the extra strength that is required. With the hoses. Which begin to freeze. As you were trying to manipulate them. How much more exertion must use use. In the winter as opposed to. This summer. It's easily twice as much because of the water's not freezing inside the -- You've got snow and you've got out of water that's going out on the outside who opposed that makes it inflexible. And makes it that much more difficult to drag through the snow. And and dragged places where you don't have good footing so you can easily -- -- demand pardons and court your energy to did you -- Every at least in the summertime for as hot as hell as it is in those you know in the -- turn out here. At least you can take off when your out of harm's way in at least a lava swept the dissipate and get cooled off and you can roll in you you can put hoses back in the orderly fashion in which they must be replaced. In the wintertime. Again this might seem like a really stupid question but this kind of stuff is interesting to me and optimize audience. And and got to hope I hope you guys don't have to use it this weekend and I know that you were beat former Niagara county fire. Up fire coordinator. But how exactly is it that you can put big year the hoses in particular back in the fashion in which it needs to be placed. When you've got basically. Ice in those hoses without destroying thousands of dollars worth of equipment. So shut the water up and you're done with that particular -- screening is critical and you may not be able put effective service onsite. In May have to be taken back to warm place like TPW fire station off. Before -- can actually put it back on the apparatus. And the state and the latter's there's been fires that we've been at or you can actually did take the letters -- In place sort of let that take them back to the first excellent spot before. On a flat net. Now that's that's pretty remarkable now all. I beg your pardon. -- they would vote has gone back kind of flat bed to get sought out Quebec and yet. Do you suppose now. Say that human and a UNC dignity go ahead. Not again Americans on. Well -- Kodak sell. I want some words of advice from a guy who is dealt with buyers during his professional career who is now the former Niagara county fire coordinator. Now I told people -- if you're not familiar with fireplaces. -- -- haven't used jurors in like fifteen years don't start now. Is part of space heaters I've got no use for those things I think -- all menaces the human safety. Would you please offer from your professional. You really know what you're talking about instead of pulling out your -- Advice to the buy -- audience which will trance and county boundaries and frankly state boundaries about what to do and what not to do in this weather so that we don't have to caller firefighters to come out and freeze their collective body parts. I would say you're listening audience. Make sure that what you own. Is working and working within its normal parameters. If you had a sort of ensure your filters are clean -- -- -- -- it operates after only because. They're going to be -- faster as he gets colder than trying to keep her out the temperature. -- -- wood stoves. And fireplaces. I would recommend that you really got started up -- work and by now. How much you wanna create some music -- and inspected and clean it before you started off. Don't do it. I -- review stationers. Especially. Here's what type they. Are not designed to malls or not these current views and houses because these well on the backside which we Elmo is a killer. Are so. If you get it running insurance aren't properly it's. Think you have a problem more than make sure you call it all -- technician. The article -- order equipment has given a problem or whatever quote you think you might have a problem and com. And that's about -- dissecting -- And of course my audience knows that I deal exclusively with our friends at John -- heating and cooling and 8946400. Brawl furnace and air conditioning needs had been longtime sponsors the show on I don't mind -- splitting them. You know -- like to do if it's okay Jim. I'd like to put you on hold I'd like to authorize. John Sherman to give you my cellphone number my private cellphone number. And if you feel comfortable sending me your private cell phone number you will be in my database for future reference I promise I won't be pain in the ass but it's nice to have people other than the -- to her on whom I can call when -- questions about buyers. Oh no doubt it and by the way I've -- -- and mr. look shall. -- -- -- I most certainly will and sometimes. You you know Tom you know the -- her right. Captain of the -- the fire -- yeah -- dear friend of mine and -- Easter is a man as you are put on hold you're gonna get my private cell phone number just send me a quick text with your names like an edge of my contacts and then you do the same -- All right Jim thanks very much and there are ladies and gentlemen is a man who cares. I mean he's the four. Niagara county fire coordinator. And he cared enough about public safety to call in with that information. And that. The kind of stuff that that folks you just don't get that in a lot of different places around this country. Now coming up on WB yen. The topic that is generated so much interest today as involved. Teenagers. From some of the finest local high schools desecrating. A hole. While a family went on vacation because. -- house sitter who just supposed to lead the cap to make sure the cat and dog Roque decided to have a house party. At which at least fifty people showed up. Many of which many of whom acted worse than animals you know let's say worse than animals cats will use a litter box. These. Young people. Used the floor. Which -- fine. Nauseating. And very ill tempered. In other song never gets old to me. In yes it does. It's 653 it is ready in my thirty WBE and the hourly by the way joke ever as as always done a probable -- master control. And of course we welcome aboard call screener John Sherman who in addition to doing great job whose call screener. Also has the added advantage of being able to act is my chauffeur in the event of any car issues and likewise. Also have the advantage or disadvantage of being able acted as -- driver should his car ever decide to take. -- Florence avenue on hip now it is 653. At -- John you have to admit my mind's pretty funny right. -- Who passed all right so anyway. Let me just offer some thoughts. The destruction at the hole on Florence them. And how it ought to be handled. First of all. The parents of the children who did this cannot deny video. They can't -- Secondly. I don't think they can legitimately denied. Multiple eyewitness accounts of those who did the most damage or those who decided and he. It would be lots of fun to urinate and -- and somebody's property. Now. I don't know anything about these young people. Except I was a teenager wants to and I well I ever did anything quite bad debt. The first thing these teenagers need to do is accept the fact that they caused damage. The second thing they need to do is to apologize profusely. The third thing they need to do is to recompense financially. The family. They damaged so egregiously. The fourth thing they need to do. Is to. Take full responsibility. For everything they did and their parents. They also did -- Accept responsibility. They need to be -- And apologetic. And hopefully moving forward use this as a learning experience. Nobody thought. Nobody -- But maybe. This will be moment in their lives. Were they stop being dumb teenagers. And began accepting the responsibilities. That come with being a grown. I will certainly try to -- positive energy their way that they see the error of their ways and -- in the corrective measures that are new. Thanks to you let listeners. -- have a good weekend. I'll leave you two words. Always very important. No yourself.

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