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1-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after five. Have a news radio -- -- WB -- it is. A and wanna tell you that if you see any traffic issues causing major mayhem. Which one of them is all our WB and traffic command. At adultery 0321. That says adultery 0321. Talking about majors. I mean like if you're driving belts doctor -- Williams Bill Anders at cars on -- -- there. Well try it broke -- open. -- on him is not affecting traffic but if you're on the two. DC. About a zillion cars that are all over the place zigzag in puzzled and cause a problem. Obviously we want to know about any Mongolian cluster -- dance that's taking place on major arteries. That's the case right here that's the standard by which about early program operates. If it is a Mongolian cluster dance. You need to weather excuse me it was -- unit to let us know at 80. I apologize again and so it's like ever argue against family his friends and times which can be dangerous. So I just gonna belts it is moved on serie Yang. 803 Condit -- last 80303218030321. Via phone number. Now. I wanna go to guy who now. As you know I journalism. Being hazardous to your body and a journalist and radio talk your -- Previously argues are sourced their start -- this story based on interviews I did with neighbors a fourth cousins five times removed. Who used to babysit for people who used to know the eight cousins eight times removed of people involved in this recent story. But now we actually got people who have been intimately involved in a similar story. Joining us on WB. And that this is Steve a lot of picture I've got your name pronounced correctly bin -- Writes Steve Bender and Steve Bender basically must feel like he buried abused and taken advantage of man right now. Tell us about you and your wife and your family and the dream vacation. You took. Tell us about the vacation tell us about the arrangements you made prior to departing. And tell us what you encountered upon your return and please remember. No F bombs however -- that you might could be. Well I'll try -- all are on. Occasion. Something it week. -- -- -- in her are my wife and daughter but I'll take it should get there. She Ali you know internship job. In a while -- eagle might never have another. So we we took. We act we hit it -- And we went to encrypt that. -- -- When we -- We walked into -- which would. Or -- So your urgent that it pretty accurate but it and interject something there -- -- really well. I had a couple that -- I that you recovery. But also. On the regular I don't know what you normally like that your your. -- was pretty accurate. And or is it. Is equally out -- Joke not to offered their support and -- -- -- -- the right market particularly. That in mind the Catholic school. -- -- you know. Their student body and their parents. And we understand that it goes. It -- -- -- doesn't like why. It was very letter speaking at the back -- those who have an institution to. Conduct in standard in. Morals that we practiced mindful. In particular. Why are out completely. Actually -- the forward thinking about it later. I think all it like which was on the integrated more action to deal on a personal. -- emotional level. I can't again. To a man. The level of violation. You must feel because. -- my whole I've also live through situations were my home. Has been. Shall we say unsecure. And has been visited by uninvited guests and do you have a situation where you actually have. Property damage not only property damage. But bodily fluids and a feeling of absolute disrespect. In the most basic human functions imaginable. And pretty good enough that got it. I'll let you out. Basically I've been burglarized port 21 Helio opened agent and and violation. On attitude that it everything. I it will that was -- every war and how it was like apple and gone through. On undoubtedly a shirt you owe money and whatnot is little else was eight on besides money and -- and jewelry. I'll let. -- -- -- out anyway. You live on Florence evident. All right now I have a question for you before -- plunge ahead into the interview and I hope you'll forgive my use of the phrase plunge ahead given via excrement poll. Greetings you received upon your return. This weekend. -- you'd need any help just with carrying stuff outside. And moving. Yeah. Yeah. -- I was gonna volunteered. -- hours. Scrubbing days -- self. And ultimately. At at an industrial -- nuclear only doing in the current job. In order to get rid of the owners of opponent in Europe. I'm but it is on the everything he's getting traction or ought -- been bought. I appreciate you offer I'll let these virtual tour or from for your shirt or whatever else. We certainly appreciate. The offer. I would never ask my audience to do something that I myself would not do so I would be totally willing to come over with industrial strength gloves on and and bring my own posse of hourly people but it that's not that's very that's not necessary. I'm sure your not so happy you're back but an accident let's go back. For a second that I really cool because rented in Cuba a generation or reiteration. Little worried -- which are pretty and we're pretty tired of talking about. But more important here is its lessons that are or an end and back -- aren't getting out apparently it. -- -- Which seems to be an awful lot of -- coat from. Good responsible Saturday. Who haven't gotten messages along the way on the net -- to how to conduct myself in the charitable and treat responsibility they take on. And I think. And and clearly in my view on the parents are all too because it didn't get the net is the -- didn't believe. However what they -- Well and you know what sometimes there is news group think that takes over among teenagers and you might actually have. Have some great parents Semitool family parents and for whatever reason these teenagers get together hormones take over bad judgment takes over in if there's one thing more contagious and chicken pox or herpes it's bad judgment among teenagers. But. I. -- -- -- -- It's. And where is looking. At. We're seeing injured. People. That we could score. In. Online. News. On. We don't mention that name and quite frankly that that the name of that paper is about as welcome in my show as the in formal name for excrement. Will simply call the paper. -- -- well to me that equals F bomb in my mind because my mind as you know we handled them disturbed. OK so all. -- Which you which you know be so kind -- and the the video links. To the -- I don't even know that I wanna see them because frankly. If there are videos of young people urinating deprecating. Or engaged in sexual acts in your home. Anybody who took those videos may be prosecuted. For child pornography and anybody in possession of those may very well be prosecutable for child pornography. Well thankfully -- not what can say in the big you know. I'm not guilty of child was that the child pornography where it didn't. It is a 11. Video. And destruction being done to property. And in particular one she is urinating on a bit. Have you how many again just I -- you said it before but it just to refresh my mind because of astonished that it what happened -- How many people were in your. All. We don't know for sure we we like to -- 46. I think. Like -- but they are our -- on a tool that usual number of it being you know. Or go. -- Well and I don't don't don't let her know that. You know. I hope you'll forgive my -- lack of a moral compass but I can remember in the old days if you had a house party because somebody's parents away were away. Which you really wanted with a few girlfriends in the bedroom. You'd think about the -- analogue and their bedroom floor. Well this is it to people didn't. The better player available. I don't even. I don't even -- the words. -- about a minute -- -- -- even better your wife in the background you know I can tell by the way you work class acts you are great people. I can I just can't imagine I'm sure you keep a very fastidious home and I can't imagine what it's like to come home. To basically. Calcutta so don't -- -- -- -- -- Is it under you know you are out adding that it is we think and very hard to. All okay. Typical game at all it -- but and all our. Although there and it's it's -- on them. -- and cleaners in a year five hours. Sport guys in she. We would like -- I think it will all over the paper it. Epic I know the company used to whole -- -- If if you word mr. Bender because your story needs to get out and I love the Aqua and committee. And that magnanimous way in which you're dealing with -- you're not calling for a pound of flesh. You're calling for reasonable. Accountability. And recompense so don't go anywhere you -- examples are of class and dignity in the face. Coming home to a home. That was trashed almost beyond my descriptive powers to properly articulate open tried harder probably don't go anywhere all right now let's get back to Stephen let. What an extra get the name absolutely or even bigger and Stephen and his lovely wife. Christen. Oh boy -- of. I did not hear what you just said. So yeah. Yeah. Why aren't. You are. What's -- concert between France. What a sellable between friends okay now. Okay here's what I think should now I'm sure wouldn't you guys were teenagers. There thing did you did you like to take back but nothing as severe as theirs. Christian first of all I would like to tell you. What do you want out of all of this what would make you whole what would make you feel -- that you were properly recompense and BE. That the children were properly punished and see that -- lesson was actually learned that they can carry forward the become better people. -- question may I went. I would like I hope mother they -- senator I want it should be made -- But. Yeah McCain a lot of things number line item that light. Should be premiere. For a lot of things that we cannot re play. And we have there are those who stated that we should never had money in pocket. Our interactive tour. OK I would tell those people to perform it physically impossible act. Thank you I don't I don't let it get it. Out. I would like you're being compensated. For that financial. Gamble. And we and Kurt and we may call or met that I would like every hair or CAA. Is that how would will be covered by the homeowner. I -- -- term foreign policy. I had not seen -- apology from that cat sitter and her family. Or anybody else who -- in -- here. And lastly I would look -- that yet that are. You asked to perform some kind of community -- I really don't know what. But some kind of punishment. That would. -- -- -- bad you have got to immediately find. As well. And the -- you mean they're great I really can't go for more than a month. That would expand out if you earned money back. That would be great I do not want to wait five years for if they are back at life. I pay -- yeah but I would like hurt. -- well armed -- an average and he had an educational outlet. But it doesn't sound like mom you know what it doesn't sound like mom is gonna be real cooperative and they basically she's already told you guys to get -- -- -- -- ninety dollars back for the cat sitting she didn't do I mean that's hardly setting an example. Well -- -- at Portland -- check for. Yeah. They -- he's still figuring out how we are hoping that they come there that -- and recognize. That they are responsible and accountable and you there right -- We did not want -- K okay and public side and until we got to a point where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And eighteen did you want it should go away. And nobody. Out it'll just go away the -- good I'm great I'm. -- will well. That was fine. Comic -- to see who that that one and other. And eight and down and it will be hill and it trying to take the approach that maybe we don't do any and it'll go -- It could I ask you guys to hold on because there's so much you wanna get into including redemption. That I think you need to talk about can we do that after the break. Are you guys have to go and clean up repeat. You know what I'll let you guys ago. I want to thank you very much and I wish you nothing but the best and I'll try to offer my. Meaningless opinion after the break and I hope you'll be listening in a place -- -- up you can call back and let me know -- And it pattern at the white -- And and fourteen -- call. I know I know where you're going and I'll probably see either. In involves music involves music doesn't. I'll see you. I think on site you may get pulled in I know exactly where they're going to be. It is are coming up on 529 at -- Joseph -- shaking his head because he's seen my intuition it worked before and he knows that I have a gift W media. All right anyway. Yes it just dress for the weather if you have a dog. Make sure that dialogue is inside if you look at major cat is inside. Even -- outside cat who lives in my garage. I've shown mercy upon number. She lives in my basement right now because it's just too darn cold -- Back to the calls and I'll revisit the issue of the people who came home from vacation to find their whole turned into a -- it literally and figuratively metaphorically. And literally. Here's yesterday in a log. I love yesterday's dad who is no longer Weathers and he was a he was a big time judge State Supreme Court right. It absurd. Federal judge clearly -- well he was a federal such but when young yesterday got into scrapes with the law for vandalizing somebody's home. Did the federal judge his dad try to pull in favors and say you know he's my son. Mr. town justice and I'd appreciate little professional courtesy. What he was. I don't want my son to learn the lesson that he can get away with anything because of me. User. I want him to be punished as anybody else would be you know something -- your father can can you just tell me. About what a great man your dad was for that decision. My -- like dead certainly didn't. Like. To do favoritism. Ready. You know use our core marine. -- Pete he grew up in a life. They've acted -- down to -- And what I learned. Was. Number Warren. Being church -- In college. Weighing 340 towns. I would not bring you more than a big -- I really -- more bigger. We're all all. Shall permit there aren't. Applaud them. -- never. Really. Yeah that that's interesting okay. Do you think that you are -- and I do not judge please understand I'll tell you all about my human shortcomings. Do you think that you are alcoholics. Certainly I was. Okay well that's fair enough and congratulations for recognizing it at such a tender age. You know -- Our -- Here's the try to Paris things are. Being -- sarcastic. You know I had a brother what were we were there. And around. Are there. A very bad chip -- -- shall. Everybody got something wrong won't get me wrong I was ready distressed. And -- already are -- My father went -- -- for -- before it runs. And Mitch took the case. Before you damaged a vehicle. Right. And he knew it was going to report. -- And what he did right doing. What -- media. For -- true. Because you point it seemed a you know I did. We record. I was able to go armed state jobs. Which are. Retired. Oh. Yeah. It was one of the most powerful world -- Few weeks ago like -- which you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's all done -- all week. I wish you venture arrangement stuck around and I'll. -- I feel like I'm boring shall perish from my -- Blind because. You can actually see. Half. You know what -- today it's calls like this that again -- the excuse me I can be an emotional guy. And most of the emotions that I express on the show or not expressed over myself there expressed over other people and if they get something out of my programs. That to me is the biggest hi I can possibly get out of life outside -- Jamaica. -- -- insurer one thing which you please please our. The six month that I listen to the show. -- -- I prefer you while. You. Were sure -- -- He turn remind me of my -- You'd never ask a question that you don't really know the church. -- very -- like the caller should be war. Yeah and I try to live by the strange thing. Speakers didn't pay as being cold. I try to go on in life in argued tried out slumping one day out of the week. -- or whatever. I do well here was this little lady she probably six years old. And what you -- Parker there. Ran out of here. Our children that are -- cart. Running. Like you're are driver repair station we get. In gear here in the air. I get out reported regular -- it. She drives aren't through this species. I felt really good. Because I don't know how long shoot here there. Are arguing. Back to look how -- all right. What brought. It. The fact that you looked out for somebody who needed your help. You know what. You're dead. Is a great man for teacher knew that and I'm very touched by what you had to say in a vital what you go now I'm probably gonna start crime and and they'll probably send me off the African hospital. So thank thank thank you very much. Yeah. You have no idea what. That meant to me what did you said. And I told you before a bit of a very intuitive person and sometimes it's curse. And don't for a minute think that I don't feel loved you send my way every day as I do.

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