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1-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You read about it. So it -- You think you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous. But that phone call for. Tees up so that's the -- -- That if he formed in pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak to do about it but he is. This keeper and their anger but lost to. And I wore us down -- the -- with great. India but hold to attempt -- more than just broad. And the law. And upload it. I'd like you you have blown. My friends. You only do. There -- under his radio thirty WB the end. And folks I guess I'll throw some upsides my life in a nutshell these past fifty years. There's a building in Langley Virginia mrs. Hartley yet top secret national security stuff. -- building in Langley Virginia headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency. And there is certain description. In that building. And it is a passage from the and it says. And ye shall know the truth. And the truth. Will make you free. And the first time I saw those words in the Bible. They've met a great deal to. Because. The truth. Has been. The. Point upon which this theory of my life has been directed. Since my age of reason. Now unlike a lot of people including a lot of radio talk show hosts. I've been blown off course. I've we just steering. I've had that vote and fly it -- angles. No never but I've had to steer. And I've had to deal with them following cities. I've had to deal with running into some heavy cities. And I've had to deal with too broad side wins. Both starboard and port. But I've always tried. Even with my human shortcomings. To find that point of truth. National make us free. And be free. And keep my engines going at full speed ahead. And not. To allow people. The power. The put me off course. Or to bring bitterness into my heart or my soul. And if you're into listener to this program I -- welcome you to the show. I know that -- -- downstate. Newspapers that at some articles about me. If you wanna call them articles. And one of the greatest tributes I've received over the past couple weeks. Back several of the greatest tributes are received have been from those of you who've taken the time and trouble to write to me and you've said to be Tom. I turned to you on the Internet. Because I expected to hear some madman. And what you have said. Has been so inspiring. On so many different fronts. Your obvious love for everybody. Except those who would destroy. Our Brothers. Who would poison. Our Brothers or our constitution. Is palpable even through the radio. So the best words are received from people have been for people who tuned in expecting to find the most insane. Eight hole ever before a microphone. And you've listened. To the truth. Is I see the truth. And I have resonated within your mind and within your heart and within your soul. And I have been deeply honored by that. And there have been the haters. I've gotten -- available. Can't be helping comes with the territory. I don't whine about it. Men don't whine about stuff like that. Ladies and gentlemen. I like to say this one today especially lately. The confidence you have and made. Your belief in my veracity. Which has been an established fact for well over thirty years in this business which is a dog eat dog business. And -- which I have never lost or been fired from a single job. Speak for themselves. I have never been fired from radio job ever. Ever that the only job I can remember I ever. Lost not a Bible will. Was out of the assistant sexton or janitor at state park followed news episcopal church unfreeze and -- in the out of -- -- because it was a budget cutting move. My two dollars and 35 cents an hour apparently was breaking the bank. And that's what I went to work at the recording studio. But. I have never been fired in my life. -- players up and Elster. And again it's not about me but folks -- a lot of new listeners. And I am deeply blasts. By the creator. For the love that I am feeling and the love that is out there. And I don't take that for granted with those have you been with me for the long ball. But there's some people who don't know others are worked at a radio station called -- all -- in saint Louis Missouri for two years. And at one point it was HC BS old and operated radio station. They went through a 10% across the board budget cut. In the 1990 the 192. -- And I lost my full time job at the radio station bots. And here's the but. I had so impressed. The very hard to impress Robert highlands. A legend in this business. Bet he actually found me a job which I'm almost embarrassed to say it was basically a no show job. At a local college at which he had influence. And the long and the short of it is our we just had a baby our first. Mr. island make sure because he knew the kind of man I am my character my work ethic. He make sure or that I was taken care. Because he knew that I always went the extra mile. For him and for CBS and -- works. Anybody who knows Robert -- Now he's long -- Met anybody who had any experience with that men notes he did not do things like that. It was utterly out of character. But we developed such a very weird bunt. Because mr. Highlander was a man who fundamentally deep down was a man who was after the truth. He was a very very devout Catholic. He started every day going to mass at the church across from where the radio station was located at one memorial drive in saint Louis Missouri. Mr. highland. In -- saw. A younger version of himself seeking the truth no matter what the truth watts. I believe I may be the only person in his entire. Sixty year career in broadcasting. For whom he ever did that. I've never forgotten that. I have never taken that for granted. And if you think your day goes by -- I do not send a positive thought or prayer. To his way into his soul. You're badly mistaken. So you're just joining us as a new listener. I just want you to know. Mike guiding. Principle in life. In my professional life. Has been. Pursuing. The truth. My guiding principle in my personal life has been pursuing. The truth. Frankly my personal life is the world war two and a lot more difficult. Demise it professional. Because they happen a big hot chicks. And I'm rather than business. And I don't make any apology -- part of being grown up is accepting who you war. And that's who I -- and I don't make any bowling team I don't make any bones about it at this point in my life. Word but. Thank you for its ownership. And thank you for those nice note you're sending me your comments. Realty and analyze. Tom we expected some kind of raving lunatic. And what we found was a man. Who is not only intelligent. But almost. Brilliant to the point of genius. Who is practically minded. And who clearly loves humanity. Thank you for getting. Thank you thank you thank you for giving. My long term listeners that bond that I have with those people. You don't develop that if your phone. I'm just deeply indebted all the now. Because journalism these days involves talking to the neighbors of third cousins once removed. People who use the -- Four the uncle of the fifth cousins once removed of people who at house parties in the same neighborhood -- folks on the front page of certain newspapers. I'm doing a show about. You going away and coming back to a hole that was destroyed. By teenage mutant ninja. -- -- -- 803 don't let thirtieth phone number of them were start I'm 3180616. WBM. Reminder we of winter storm warning going into effect and we are here with you all weekend long. If I needed on the weekend Tim Winger knows how to reach me. I know Ottawa Nortel Winger but -- He'll get all the things that -- later and I'll be here for you need if necessary if not. I'll be at home. Bidding at the moment. Well let's get back to the calls on WBE and by the way you see any traffic nightmares -- I'm not talking about. You know like here maybe white bands it's a league by a suburban street are really causing traffic issues I'm talking about stuff. We're you've got issues. Traffic is backed it up. You wanna definitely caller traffic command at eight. 0303218030321. Allen loves it when you help with traffic and so your fellow listeners. Because we help each other and appear too liberal or conservative or some of liberty. Or a son of hard -- lesbians -- doesn't matter. And I like lesbians or let's go to some more calls shall we here's canned in Akron on WB -- can talk to me what happened your parents' house -- -- -- Hear your stories that you're. Memories back when I was in school. Back in. I believe it was nice -- One night we -- school. There -- One. Great yeah actually I was junior -- one -- -- That we decided myself and my sister that we got a little bit of public -- wanna wait for late night party that's -- an indication so it was a late night party. Story short. And we important couple you and of course you know there was -- matters -- by work was all we need it. Next thing we know people puke in my parents house. Correction. On their pool on easel replacement. At the time -- -- dealer all that was stolen. And -- want in my parents pulled their copper project -- -- lose all their bad. So this. Eight and I don't know when he -- card -- Asia earlier. I think our -- the original story here. People Paula appear -- certain but the hitters and was actually in right there. Should shoot the clean up the match. As well as they also are why and they and so no this is that. Or six people I -- and buy it that was at a party so there are only trying to get on the and on each and every which they think there were approximately eighteen. I don't trust numbers in the in the Buffalo News like if -- for example they were called the house party thirteen times I wouldn't believe that. -- right. And you know as for the listeners still. Just so -- hope this wasn't just like some. Let's say for instance lower income property that this happened to this -- a well established. Neighborhood. All these students were apparently from well known schools. And like saint debt they should all be responsible absolutely 100% because even edit the -- but my parents house I wrote down every name and number every individual. And I know that I actually visually -- causing problems and I like parts -- losing the respect. So they I mean absolutely I do believe the only parents are responsible. And as well as the parents of every individual that was -- house. Who can be shown to have either done any damage or. Did not attempt to stop any damage from being done. You know that the great question but that's what we -- law enforcement agency to -- So forgive me laughing. By -- and here they got it down the I mean. Girl or irresponsible -- -- and her former church well. And ours -- -- this young lady and like no real damage to the story. There are responsible for this but I also believe that the people. Are -- They share the responsibility as well that's my personal belief. Well are also look. Let me say this. I'm not outlook I don't know these kids were white black rich -- it doesn't matter to me because justice must be blind but. They are teenagers they are not beyond redemption. Here's the thing however. In order to gain redemption and forgiveness there must be contrition. There must be an acceptance of responsibility. And there must be compensation. And then forgiveness can begin as they understand the error of their ways. Because you did stupidest things when you were a teenager I did never to that extent. But members of my family have and I paid because it was the right thing did. Absolutely -- phenomenal graduate this note to. I wanna say you'll mr. -- leap for being the most humble compassionate and on the street you almost. I have ever met area at the pleasure to listen to from the -- my heart say you very much for your show. I had. I'm honored that people like you who listened to me. And part of a big part of what I do serve and I remember having arguments with certain people about the news top. Why do you even tell people you go to this swingers joint on vacation and my answer was always. Why would I want somebody to have something over me with which they think they could blackmail me I wanna be honest with my listeners. So thank you for accepting the fact that I live an alternative lifestyle. It and it and it when I mean is when I go there I just -- other hang out I turned down like a lot believe. I'd rather be honest with you -- NB a Foley and somebody that I'm not. That's -- you are so what their respect by your listeners time because of who you are not because Bob. -- you know any. What people might say that you're you're honest you're the most one of the most honest people I've ever heard in my entire life and I thank you for that. Well I I thank you very much and I appreciate that -- more than you know. And by the way I've made a commitment to back before -- -- horns and became insane. Two. Speak with a a veterans group. In buffalo. And I'm gonna start getting upset -- guys and I'm real sorry. One of the nicest emails that have gotten has been from that veterans group. And they still want me to speak to them. And working out today. And I'm honored. That true heroes. Would be interested in anything I have to say. So thank you very much to vet veterans group all have more when we solidify a date. It is so touching to me especially now it's so touching to me it's so easy. It's so easy to be somebody's child. When things are wonderful. But sometimes the minute. You're smeared. People just wanna run for -- enough these guys you know why. American soldiers don't run. And they don't leave their comrades behind to believes. And I'm honored to do that speech and I can't wait. Were under winter storm war. Tom Parker will have much more. Okay. Our liberty and -- thirty WBE. DN. A great debate here on a Friday. Hey you know that's it's. Do you know the other significance of this date Joseph Bieber do you and other significance of this -- John Sherman. This is the first five -- week I've worked a long time that we play them a standing ovation for the first. Week. Oh. Well okay. Never mind. I'll. Get a five day work week yet. But I told you. -- an avid fan all week. Ladies and gentlemen you have. No idea. And how could you be if you can't look at the my mind. But suffice it to say Martin Luther King Day this year. Held a significance. In an impact for me. That it had never held before. In my appreciation of that man. And the obstacles he was able to go through all five foot six of him. I love how the left loves to mock. My 58. Stature. And yet Martin Luther King -- by -- six. Martin Luther King as a personal hero. Of mind. And I think certain people might have been surprised when they were in my home recently. When they saw a very cherished family photograph by him. Because after all conservative Terrence and conservatives we don't like black people I don't know -- you know that I don't like black people and no conservative likes black people or has any respect for black people were at an end and we don't think that black people have played any role in our country's history or defense ever right. I think some people might have been surprised. Here's my dining room table badly in need of being re framed. Is a photograph. Of my great grandfather doctor frank Bruce. With a black man. Who was going off to fight. In World War I. For the United States. And I'll take why that photograph has significance for me. And by the way I don't say crap to coddle the black people. Were Asians or anybody else because folks. I have a little secret for -- Black people know when whites are coddling them and saying things they don't really believe. Believe me just trust me. That photograph being so much to. Not all lead does it remind me. I'm a daily basis. Of the fact that our government was more than willing. To spill the blood or have spilled the blood of black men. In wars this country has fought supposedly. The wars for democracy the war's end all wars. But that our government. Was willing to send black men with white men and every other elementary is. Off to war. And that upon their return. Treat those same black men. Who had died and -- -- in the trenches of it. In the -- then. And elsewhere. Treated those men like second class citizens. So that photograph which was seen by a few people recently in my dining room table. That's why it has such significance for me. And. Again. I mentioned that not the hobble black people I mean really. That's so transparent. Let's put it this way. If I ever start to coddle black people and talked down to black people or say things I don't really mean because I think it's politically correct. My black friends will personally kicked me right in the knots. If they'll see right through. Thereby there might truth detectors. All right we're talking about people go away -- a vacation trusting -- folks to watch their houses. And then they get home at my house is latched. Others -- story in the area. Well I don't even need any paper to tell it is because I did my due research by talking to neighbors our friends of fourth cousins eight times removed. Who told me this story there for a running with it. Here is. In Ontario on WBBM. Tam you're on the radio talk to me -- -- reference. Good productive first unless -- first -- caller thank you. So I got quite the story for you when I was in grade eleven I grew up in midtown Toronto. Middle class neighborhood and I went to a big guys school you doubt it so. And their kids from all of the city. And it's Guerrero. So in fact I have first -- experience because there and I knew the girl she lived only viewers away from. She. Her parents were friends with this other Stanley they're going away on vacation. She was allowed. Cap it and she and not -- many friends I guess whatever may be. Decided to tell a few people they told a few more people and by that time I arrived at 1130. Years so. The housing authority trash there loves. Spray paint on the walls people had -- in this fine China and silverware. BA had cut open coaches. See where we went upstairs and the master bedroom the bed frame you know four or post. Can't keep that frame it it just broken just. 00. I appreciate your use of a certain phrase. Blanks and giggles however this is America. And we are governed by the FCC. And at the FC CE people don't have in its use. And they don't know what it is and they believe that any reference to anything extra Torre could be construed as obscene and -- I apologize -- cut you'll. It is 445 news radio 930 WB and it is hourly. We're under a winter storm warning. Don't panic where buffalo audience we can -- congress but make sure -- top off your gas to make sure -- guts works in your little reservoir. Make sure you've got gloves in the car I. -- But I put it in the car this kind of weather because Justin case. Also keep flashlight in my car but I can plug in to the adapter in the car because this kind of cold weather eats batteries. Like Linda Lovelace a they don't thrill -- thirtieth before number under Israel -- thirty WB Ian certainly have developed a taste for tents. Are hard for fiftieth news radio 930 WB and it is. Is about hourly review on Friday. And there is a story about a family that went away on a dream vacation. And -- higher at eight daughter's friend -- trusted friend of the family actually. -- The friend that so called. Decides to have a house party. And these teenage mutant. Trash the house. And I don't mean trash. I've read trash. I'm talking -- look at it it looked like the after party from a German chancellor movie okay that's how bad ones. I think I can say that on the year it was obscene and disgusting. How would you like to come home and -- other people's open your home. On the floor. How would you like to find your mattresses soaked with somebody else's your ride. That is allegedly what happens. The young people involved and or their parents must be held financially. And criminally responsible. Like I think we ought to hang them know. They're young people they can be redeemed but before redemption must come an apology. Must come a recognizance. Our responsibility for financial damage. And must come contrition. That's sounds down right Catholic of me. Even though I'm not god bless you Catholics that if -- -- every time I can now let's go to SJ -- WBE NSJ you're on. -- Well I can tell you. I was a world -- smaller for your college away. Sure you and I want to go party. A fight broke out. -- -- that are like all the -- I I didn't realize it you know we're current currently in the ground. Like three word broke a -- -- before it came out. You know we went there I got arrested my father was a judge. Parent you know spring break. -- right there and you know a -- -- part of the Georgia Eric in maybe 215 days in jail. Just get this straight. Your father was a sitting judge met for a bad presume it was a talent justices opposed to a supreme court judge. Is a federal judge. Duke. Yet he now this takes balls on your father's part. He talked to the local -- judge and said that I don't want my son to get a pass. It. You know what I ordinarily wouldn't do this would this be the name we would know. Only if you feel -- -- keep that -- you know he passed away in 93. There -- the honorable Robert -- Spell the last name. M a YES. You know what you're dead. Was a great man. Just based on that story alone but I keep you on hold till after the break. Because I wanna hear about the lessons you learn from that which quite frankly. Are not only reality based but metaphorical. And there's something very important to me. Reflect a code of honor of your father. That I wanna explore workers I'd like to adapt some of those in -- my own code okay. So don't go anywhere while 455. At WB yet.

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