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1-24 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You -- the battle group. It's. -- You think -- courted Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous honest with that -- all sides by the tees up so it's -- -- -- That if he were in pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak to -- about it but he used it. This keeper and there -- there but lost to. And I wore us down upon the he would rate. That. Hold to attempt to that end -- -- -- The law look. It up on. But -- happened to. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. -- like you you have blown. I'd give let -- so Baylor nerd auction will never forget news radio 930 WB EN yeah. Director who I talk too much lessons. I also listened to much. I can be cold -- -- and like -- it's not going to hurt people's free elections. You think what you want about me I'm not change its. Not like I like meetings and my kids like thousands like friends like me. -- on the realignment news what she is what you get. It's Tom -- How do you like to let off steam once in awhile so I got the journal actually I got -- to them my right ear and my left here to fire away -- lines. Don't know it's local -- yeah. It's on now let him. The news radio 930 now. Movie references WVE and that's who wouldn't it smells like there's a happy little thing does OK okay. All. All I'm gonna go back eighth ever again back to -- -- Any political campaign republic. Yeah. Our rates and sometimes reminiscing. About the good old days win you know the media actually an -- Away or so. You know I I'd -- my journalistic dude Joseph due diligence. I talked to friends. Of neighbors of third cousins of associates of plans neighbors fourth -- About house parties. Call out parties can get -- and it up freak in the current. I've heard secondhand. Because I talked with the content of the neighbors of the third cousin's former neighbors from thirty years ago -- -- eight feet. It wants remote. I talked with them. About house parties in Western New York that have gone south and go on self in a big a -- And what are the topics I want to lighten things up to. If that's okay. But -- -- ready to quite lighten things up yet. Because. It cannot think of -- well I can think a lot worse things -- like. Being institutionalized. I can think of a lot worse it's. Band coming home from vacation only to find your entire Holmes smelling like pee and poop. And it's not even yours and it wasn't even thought. So that's the German sentiment coming Germans are discussed a lot of people leave me anyway I consider that -- the German guard anyway. I'm wondering how many have you. How many have you come back to Holmes following your dream vacation. Annual found. York premise these. Absolutely. Destroyed. Now I believe that every sitcom in America since roughly 1975. Has had at least one episode where this very thing happened. I'm pretty sure I can prove that but I don't know if that in fact is they document the bull provable fact that a court of law. There are many things that can be proven in court of law and will be eventually. But. I mean it was always a lot of court cases going on in life. But. I can think of and I'm not gonna name this person a very prominent western new Yorker. And I'm not gonna give this person's occupation. But if this individual is listening he or she knows of what I speak. A very prominent western New Yorkers. Went on vacation. With his wife. And while he was on vacation. His ball on decided to hold -- part. Now this individual happens to live on the right side of the track. Let's just say Clarence. This individual came home. Two what looked like the after party from Debbie does Dallas. This individual -- hole and two. I don't I put this delicately. If you hold a black light up to what this individual had to witness in his hole and you might well have -- and vomiting. Not only did people -- or. Can -- presently. A bit honestly. And sexually. On the bedroom. Okay. Not only that. But. I have to I have to ask. But there were facts. There was a particular watch. That was near and dear to this person. And it was stolen by one of the party goers. To the. Through the condolences to the soiree. That's a different word for party soiree. You know that's kind of gets back to -- that you trust in your life. Now some of you may have hired cancers to watch the house when you're on. Some of you may have hired dog walkers. Some of you may have simply said your kids hey you're eighteen you're nineteen years old. We're gonna go and we're gonna have grown up vacation because we spent eighteen years changing diapers and it's time for us to just you know reconnect with each other as -- loving married couple. And your kids say I'll worry about it and good time. And you come home. And you come home to something that looked like a cross between the Wilford privileged digested system and Bob Crane sex life. -- brother proud of that line thank you very much thank you thank you. -- I cannot even begin. To imagine and I know that the story is true. Because I talked to the fourth cousins of the neighbors from thirty years ago. Of the fifth cousins once removed of individuals to whom this actually happened recently. Who hired a pet sitter and this actually happened. And it was a local. Story. Now according to my sources the fifth cousins up fourth removed of the neighbors from thirty years ago. Who wants your contacts with the eighth cousin twice removed of the people involved in this story. It's a true story. And they confronted the owners of the hole. According to my sources and my diligence in journalism. The parents of the person who was to babysit or post sick for the animal. All they offered was ninety dollars. In damages. 98 dollars according to the victims of various. Now. I'm of two. Schools of thought honors. Number one. If you can't trust somebody recommended by your own kid as trustworthy. -- -- trust anymore to keep your house. -- thought that for a minute. About that. It -- know Europe is immune from it's it's happening in my family. Not you know not telling tales out of school but let's just say the one of the kids in the late teenage years was known to throw a few -- days of his or her own. At some property in the southern tier owned by a certain member of the family. And it was uncovered and revealed in certain privileges were revoked for time. Kids do stupid things. -- -- ever had any friends so whatever had to worry about having parties. See these days is a grown up I have to pay people to be around me. It's a large expense in my budget but I have to pay people to be around. Let me ask your question. Who should pay port. If you go away. Because you love your husband you love your wife and it's just been so darn long since you've got a chance to connectors to two of -- Just a dual view without worried about your son -- your daughter. Debt -- -- kept kept up to add that up. With their thumbs on the cell phone. By the way you'll be happy and know that I have been responsible parent lately. I have instructed my children when we go to lunch if the cell phone comes out and I see their fingers moving on it. This cell phone will be placed -- uncomfortable spot in there and test the lines. I will tolerated -- -- April watched. If -- it'll launch. And you're busy and your cell phone with your friends are you buying your lunch. Because I didn't pay for you'd -- I paid because I wanted to see you talked you get an update on your life. And my children are honored that. They've gotten back -- in other ways but they've honored that. Had a little fun here with my offspring if I can't joke about my kids about whom -- -- joke other than myself which I enjoy doing with great self pepper or you'll. -- -- Here's the -- According to the fourth cousins once removed of the neighbors from thirty years ago because that is the new standard of journalism that it would eager to. These people who went away. Trusted friend of their daughter how's that and watch the care. Debt for and beat trade the family and edit all house party. But we're not talking about a house party like. Hey let's have ten people over will have some Beers maybe a couple of people get sick everybody goes home everybody's okay. We're talking about a bunch -- self. A bunch of narcissistic. Irresponsible. -- looking -- sexually active little key putts. Who not all totally. Not only. Did all of the aforementioned but also thought it would be great fun to destroy other people's personal property. Their friends' friends' personal property. And I don't mean to be gratuitously gross about this but let's just say this much. We're talking about deprecating. On the floor. Our -- story from The Sopranos. About about policy. And -- when he did his first burglary. Police thought it was a bearer. Of remember that line but people deprecating on the floor. People urinating on -- People destroying personal property. I think that the people who did this. Ought to be held responsible. For the damages they cause. Now ultimately I'm sure the insurance companies -- got to check. But to me. The ultimate. Pay wars of the bills ought to bay the people who did the damage. What would you. Just a question. What would you do. If you came home from a trip. And -- trusted our friend of your care to watch the animals. And you came home to a scene of utter destruction. I know what I do but if I say it out loud at this point I'll probably be arrested. So I can't say it out -- You know three all -- thirty is -- number. I wonder -- how many people this is happened. In my listening audience. Because let's face it. A lot of people around my age who listen -- show. Who had taken a vacation. And you thought it was time to get away. And you couple that this. That's outrageous. And I know it's outrageous because I spoke with the fourth cousin twice removed of thirty years ago neighbors. Who once baby -- the third cousin of the individuals involved so this is a true story. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030 my third. Start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN anarchy but I'm also going to be watching the weather today. Hopefully you're gonna get home safe and sound with a minimum of -- in the house and I also have some really like mailing it in topics that I am ready to whip out at any time. If I decide it's time to just some fun but if you can't trust people you trust to watcher home. When you go way. That is a pretty helpless feeling. Basically what he's supposed to do live like a prisoner -- hole. I could tell you about that some time. Let's go to foray -- -- Wanda. WB a Franco thanks for holding your WB and closer. Yes sir. Count on speech but I I cannot believe. That they OK expenditure per dollar I mean. Allegedly. Well I again I I I I am not getting this from any paper I talked with third cousins once removed fourth cousins who knew the people thirty years ago. I didn't be talking about the same story of course but I know there's a story out there about a family that was only reimbursed for the cost of the cats -- Right by. The date change for each person that would separate party. Should be -- at all for different collision that occurred in house. It ought to OPEC that appearance their proxy kicked up front of the media that would -- killer army. I think we're at our house parties where I would directory but I sure attacked. Never did what they did at this house party. And outside -- eclectic and once something like. All -- -- me. I would act -- I worked there -- and how to pay. What happened there going to be associated with some pretty deep deep -- technically -- and the -- their parents. What were to look -- -- ball kicked our kids. And this is where teenagers store -- at any age you've got to be kidding. Well no they should be held financially responsible for what they -- -- -- -- -- -- story from. And I hope this isn't breaking any confidences but let's just remember my family once did something stupid and broke a school Europe. Doesn't -- it. My family we paid. A lot because we had -- it was the right thing that do. We didn't blame anybody else we -- just want somebody screwed up will make good for. Because that's honorable people do. Or you know let our society -- is very nobody held responsible for their actions. There's always. Argued she is reason why that person did what they -- and it altered at all we checked the box. 10 o'clock 10 o'clock but there's there's those -- via the L army are actors. Don't follow that. -- people go on vacation and come back to their. But the anger -- it. Anger come from -- because -- -- up and you know what it takes a special kind of sociopath like anger to urinate on somebody's -- at that defecated on somebody's. On somebody's floor whatever -- the good old days it was bought your girlfriend on the parents that. -- I mean all we would have done I mean if -- ever have a girlfriend and stuff but anyway I am glad you called and if you got links to those videos. I would like it send them to me I don't know if I'm going to be able put them up on the corporate FaceBook page. Because if -- in any way shape or form could be considered pornographic. I won't do because I. Value my career too much and frankly in some cases they might actually be considered child porn. And or appealing to Germans which is something I don't want a magical thank you very much. All right folks. I talked to the fifth cousins neighbors once removed from people like new thirty years ago to get this story. 803 on 930 on WBM. Parents go away come home. And the pet sitters friends destroyed. Their domicile. And I think these people ought to pay every. He he. You. Things. You know like -- -- Call screener he is -- little longer song. Like a joke ever. If you look doesn't. But if that had been Right Said Fred he'd have been -- double over there group. Who I consider race that perhaps. Jews. Are the call or talk about something that I just hit this. And believe me through things through please -- me bomb. Those things is nuclear war the other parties. Sorry and abuse that report this week it's from Austin Powers have been an Austin Powers care when life -- eleven Mike Myers usually makes better. Anyway it. What I was gonna say here is people go out now I guess what their daughter. Because I got this -- fourth. Because this is modern journalism. I talked to neighbors of neighbors of fifth cousins twice removed from thirty years ago. And here's -- I understand the story. Family goes out of town on a vacation. And daughter's friend says up at least at the net at how how's that for the cats. Family comes back the house is basically. How -- put as yet. It's like a rich stadium men's room after a Beatles loss. Except the rich stadium -- through after appeals loss smells better and is in better condition. -- -- The parents of the house senator who hosted the -- authorized parties. They offered to reimburse. The return family the nice -- dollars they paid the host senator. I -- -- up that if on the family. That was on vacation I looked into whether I can take the parents of the kid who -- set the court to recover damages. Maybe your insurance company -- handle that I don't know. But thousands of dollars of damages holes in walls bedding that is no longer fit to sleep gone. Okay. The feces. Are on the floor. Now. Look at myself. Maybe I'm just not with the times baby. But. If you're gonna have a -- ball teenage party. At what point did point on somebody's floor become something that was a sexual Terna. To anybody but Germans. Curiously. That would be suspect want anybody with a German -- I was at that party I would be suspect one. Let's go to Joseph on WB yeah I -- I count ally and they are great -- about Bob Crane so thank you. Throughout might start about eight years ago was ordered to a party where they have little application. This double the debt or application. GA. Garage door combination who wanted to body. Sell myself Arafat's security over to the house. But so others -- 3600 dollars in damage. Why are you don't know the eight years ago. So dot com down the police station that there is by the leadership forward. They want their audit led away -- -- it myself and prepare 12100 dollars which was this year. I'd cut the check -- -- -- it take it over to the people's house he hit all I fit into -- pick it back. He worked little local pizzeria that they can about fifty bucks a week. And then they would be got -- check it went into my bank account is closed it off and fall. And what was the upshot -- -- upshot I mean what lesson did he learn and did he become a shall we say a responsible member of society or did he end up working for the local paper. -- What do it was whatever at least fairly yet we got paycheck he did not like. And he went out and graduate school join the military. And foreign -- and now he's gainfully employed. And I will bet you that when you guys talk about it to this day that may have been one of those transcendent. Seminal moments of his life that I talked about taking place in my own. Yes -- I don't want the piece of paper that and we would he would get it checked I would do that and went to -- -- how much money he gave me that week. Towards a 12100 dollars. The other to debate ever cough up their share of what they all the family to whom the damage was done. Yes the spot all without -- we got together we -- talked about it we ought to check right away. While an -- responsible thing to do. You know that that rarely happens anymore because I don't. Well the parents or Tuesday of the children who destroyed his hold all the family was taking its dream vacation. But. I'm sure that there were some awfully good excuses. -- -- yell. And IA. And I hope the kids now look. I don't think the kids who did the damage -- beyond redemption there kittens. But in order to achieve redemption first of all there must be some sense of contrition and responsibility for what they did. So it's sort it got the police station reading group report. He was shaking in his. -- -- Well obviously -- you did the right thing. You you raised -- on amusement for years in the military. And we do think him for his service were and I thank you for being sent to responsible bad. It is my pleasure alright folks. I'm not -- -- name names. But. There was -- a house party. And I heard there's like four pins because this is however decided to do journalism from now -- There's a house party in buffalo. And a whole bunch of damage was done. A whole bunch of damage was done by the friends of cats that are. Thousands of dollars in damage. And frankly the house maybe aren't in the habitable. I don't know how familiar you are with Europe. -- a little bit. Did anybody it was a humorous at all anybody probably not -- But it kind of stakes. All right. And how familiar you are with number two but it's not exactly pleasant promote people. All over the house. And it is nauseating. To. What these kids did -- got to be held accountable for. 8030930. Star and a 3180616. WB. All right let's go through out. What's up used to respect all right let's go back to the calls. Here is. -- forest bill on WB ideal. A lot of Toronto. I have. Rob forward the alcoholic for smoking mayor of Toronto running New York State. Then he wannabe dictator. And the vindictive mentally ill governor Andrew Cuomo running New York State he's a hate -- at least rocket or a human being. Well and I got its he's great for at least two great lines of week ahead. At the turn. Actually notebook party that went kind of retreated vendor to put him and yeah open. A book -- like. Gavin there. A three day Bender. I don't you know I don't have that stamina not even a vacation meant I got to sleep what's up. They they found out great book because there was a picture of through. Young people you know their opinion recognized. Well. I was gonna say it's of the at a fingerprints and other prints but I think that's best left unsaid. I'd also get much damage but I know they could put effort kids to school in the beer cans. Yeah well and okay when they were urinating over the balcony how many of the guys said all right this water sure is big. There's been somebody -- through. All right are you -- now. All right thank you buddy. So are careful with extra -- references because the FCC. You can you can basically say on national TV this is our after the city if terrorist bomb killed and that's okay because you speak from the heart. But if you make some innocent PP remark on the radio talk show host you have just corrupted the morals of America. Because President Obama and Michelle do not peace nor did the bushes ever. It is not coming up on 356. By the way when this gig is done and I am so due to stand up. What do we do a lot of things but I'm never leaving Erica. I'll be broadcasting from different locations but I leave America are accurate that these action news radio 930 WB yen its hourly love and life. Live at large and working with the best free and people have ever worked with Joseph Bieber master control and John Sherman -- call screener and my neighbor. And possibly my future lover on WB --

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