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1-24 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jan 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No I didn't. That's our top right after -- is Viagra it is -- he joked -- Who was. Always a good time -- -- and -- -- a little -- a bit and he's going to be I keep that in. Those those little plastic pill thing million dollars for my apartment where you guys actually that wasn't you -- -- That. It was Colin fly there from Frankenstein. And the sound version that became the the classic. And now we're going to be looking at the movie I Frankenstein today which -- and your -- suggest. It is not going to become a class all you'll look into that you know. Have you noticed I know you know you're shows more about the overall news and earned it and -- think it's it's been kind of too cold out to an awful lot. You name and it's just I mean not only here in buffalo but my god. You look at like the midwest Chicago and places like categories -- generated attention here's what I'm thinking what do you think when I was a kid. Growing up we had certain rooms and in the household that really didn't have proper heating so during the colder months. We would close them -- job and I always love him and opened up that permanent. I think the country needs to do that I think we need to close off certain states. And just have already moved on to Florida -- Arkansas are also in taxes are road out of Florida -- want to -- the United States I mean I would think -- that -- in one place I'm willing to take that chance. I'm willing to relocate to Florida. Just stood just to see if this experiment would work by the way you can read some of above reviews on FaceBook was in the movies online any time the reason we do that is so we can here -- though that's right and we do the FaceBook. On FaceBook opened up a lot of cartoons -- that that I dropped IE I am cartoon they do a lot of cartooning. I don't back conclusion yes I don't spend a lot of time with my cartoons on the radio markets while -- and I can't see them I know it's it's peculiar people just aren't willing to go there. But I often will talk about things that we don't talk about on the show I have and actually this week on a binge watch. You're duty binge while yeah absolutely. All right talk about that I gotta say. I'm not. Big fans hold binge watching thing even on -- all the great. I'll tell it this way and a VHS first came out and I had a VHS player on -- Friday I would go to the local. A place which was on Sheridan you know warmth about it that I would near dobbs. And I would rent like twelve of them which were -- their -- And I would I would watch him all weekend -- have twelve movies and watch one after another after an. I mean that was the big change that happened with video when when I was. Growing up a movie fan my whole idea of catching a movie. It was an actual thing you have to work I would scoured the TV listings now every weekend -- like now it's my gosh they're showing notorious. With the Kerry -- -- government. -- -- when -- -- I've never seen I don't stay up till 2 in the morning on Wednesday to watch it on channel five out of Toronto. Remember channel seven after their 11 o'clock news used to run a movie and Irv Weinstein used to do something that most people don't know. Winner Weinstein would introduce the movie that was coming up. He always put a friend's name on our or a neighbor's name in the cast he'll say. I'm notorious our -- Bergman Cary Grant and Angel would ship. That he wasn't in the week. -- just nervous such a big movie fan Ervin and Ervin used to talk to movies I'll talk movies with me all the time he would. He would've done a great third addition to this particular -- to my naughty movies giants of broadcasting thing. I've -- just announced that they're going to do Herbert and come. And that's sensible center -- down pass economy will tell you about it let's say big box office knows four day holiday edition yes Lotta people that all play. Monday show a lot of them went out to the movies and most of them want to see a long. With ice cube and Kevin -- 48. Million dollars from Friday through Monday that is the biggest opening weekend ever for January. The biggest Martin Luther King holiday weekend opening. This was Kevin Hart's first lead role in a major studio release. And let me tell you. Kevin -- price. Just went. Way. -- if you -- remember we were 48 million. The audience also this impressive it's an action comedy. But the audience was 57 for sale -- -- which is surprising that also. It is something else that bodes very well for him as far as though audiences coming out and make some more of -- date to. A gay person and other news as we were all from last week were married for this film. But -- score -- the people who went and sought. They can't -- of -- to people who thought like I got a lot so that's gonna continue to be a big hit. And I would expect to see Kevin Hart and ice -- team up again and movie and not too distant future. At number two a lone survivor 26 million dollars it is now it's 77 million in just ten days of wide release very strong second weekend. At number three. -- all those folks that were saying when are they finally gonna put out a decent squirrel movie. But not jobs open to route 25 million dollars. Very very bad reviews. But it was the first new animated flick that opens and thank -- yeah. Tony wanted to ask you Roy is that suitable for his son nick who is -- what six now -- six years old after -- -- It's a little slap sticky violent button no more than mussina and Tom and Jerry cartoon then you'll probably be a little bored by it Tony but it's probably gonna. And I join -- -- At number four. Jack Ryan's shadow recruit seventeen million dollars. Opening in fourth place that is not an encouraging beginning. For a franchise reboot it had a lackluster. B rating in audience polls. And with that sixty million dollar budget. It's gonna need to perform very well overseas and on video for them to consider another Jack Ryan movies with Chris pine. And a number five -- And I tell you the weather channel's been doing a great job promoting this movie. I sixteen million dollars for frozen it is now at 337. Million in the US. Worldwide. It is racked up 763. Million for -- are frozen in an enormous hit for the folks at Disney who is now thinking. We need Pixar. The no cheers computer and -- we can do them on our own and -- and actually could be still frozen yeah okay test thermal Ekuban. Bullock's car law played in the monster in 1930 one's classic Frankenstein. What. Actor was a rich and police needed to play doctor Frankenstein's creation was -- 81. Cheney. Beat Peter -- or see old policy or -- -- Up from Ohio you're leaving him out I do leave him out occasionally it's not all I don't mean after he would've applied for the job. Oddly uprising movie pass for joining Gibson that are valid through April 30 when he fourteen point 85 dollars in dividends in -- -- pizza pub and grill. No expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules apply let's go to the break and we'll be back activist yes I just I am sorry. I don't like this whether. I don't like. This is going to be happening and I. I think you should stop reporting that I think I did we until you are cups on just pretend it isn't. It's gonna be nice pretending it's not gonna I mean it's a good time and money to stay inside and watch move does the biggest thing we can we can Hillary I'd totally do. To us that particular question was -- car off when the monster in -- and Owens classic brackets I want actor was originally slated to play. Doctor Frankenstein's. Creation -- -- policy. But. We're doing wine and it later and all -- he did a screen test -- this -- -- monster footage of him. As the monster and I guess the monster look much elected column type thing waxy skin almost. -- -- he was every unhappy about it concede he had the tricky thing -- He originally played Dracula. In the in Hungary. And he was pretty much the Brad -- Hungary. They were a library I hate this guys -- Dracula and he's really he's alive he's really sexy he and things -- is hot guy. He comes to American plays Dracula first on stage and then in the film. And -- He always had tremendous hit with that but he still thought and people just seeing him as the evil monster guy would also think hey. This guy is pretty hot and sexy is going to be like and -- Rudolph Valentino which wasn't the case here in America so when he was offered the monster under all that make -- he was. He. Well I'll tell you you have a close connection to this Frankenstein movies simply through your wife. Isn't her name cinema peg. Growth. All right leg and then. -- humor never stopped there we spend all week. Working on comedy Bennett's job and like my. This. I. I think it's done this is. Put together by Stuart -- And one by the writer of the underworld. Films on the World Series of movies and he decided he wanted to make a Frankenstein movie. That would be similar to the underworld films as possible. This is based on a graphic novel. It's a modern. Take on the Frankenstein. Story here. Adam Aaron -- Plays the monster in who's named Adam they give me name as one he's named Adam. People know him best for playing Harvey dent in the Dark Knight to -- -- amazing and he's really talented actor. And this was going to be that big budget movie this was going to be his friend out of jobs. Yes yes 65 million dollars spent on the budget. Lions gate. You know just put a lot of money behind it put it together finish the movie and they've been sitting on it for over a year. Deciding what that had to do with this flicked. Mom know early critic screenings for -- -- a handful of reviews and all of them banned from people who thought that. Midnight show last night. It has very much the look of the underworld movies a lot of computer animation. The monster in this film is about 200 years world. It takes place in present day but they're still saying. He was created bad greater the late eighteen hundreds there only now. The monster is walking around in in nightclubs. Well -- not opt out with a shirt wide open. These starters bloody still these Wear and on the right on a hair gel any kind of a trendy hipster kind of guy here. And he. Apparently. All you think it's vaccinated. But he's from the late 18100. Children. Everybody else in the -- Is from modern. America. The other people. Who are from modern times all speak in him and he managed fashion as if it's an old Frankenstein film now. Adam frank -- monster he just talks like a regular guy from her -- she -- why in the world. He wouldn't talk like at all everybody else -- -- -- that who knows who knows but apparently there there is a bad guy. Who wants to get -- of the monster to use him. To figure out how to re -- Dead demons. He wants to set up kind of -- Ford assembly plant. Where I he can take all these dead evil demons and bring them back to life there's a lot of call. Well that's what to be successful in business right and I know you did discover a need marketing opportunity mart jumped on that I take care of the Internet and fair that's right. Who is the big thing that Frankenstein. Has to fight against what is the big problem has. Gargoyles. Gargoyles yeah yes I don't know holding up the building stone gargoyles up on buildings apparently in this film. They keep coming to life and flying down to earth. And attacking people and doing evil things. Somebody -- tell we -- of lots of about dozens of them. Hundreds of lives and our goal of all of these scenes with Frankenstein on the ground looking up and battle laying. All these really poorly animated. Gargoyles. Flying from the tops of buildings and swooping down to attack him. Dialogue wise. It's it's of course brilliant. Here's an exchange. Between the monster. And the woman who thinks man I would love to. Get -- piece that -- flash. He said mr. Awad voyage. So. I'm a monster. To achieve puts her hand on his arm and says only if you act like one. Story though and employers YO line somebody gets to say the line which I. Legally. Somebody has to say and every frank imovie somebody stands up and says Frankenstein monster big story all right. Now I don't know the village with torture. Torture is in this and the original different sides say a fire bad these. At all. The very first one he does Bruntlett grounds that I want to in the first movie they didn't even let it be known that Boris Karloff played the monster. In the critics. They had you know the listing of doctor Frankenstein Colin Clive and all remains on people and then in the area and they had a monster played by. Questioner tomorrow are out of slight strain in the event goes from seven and no question that's right that's right it was it was a big question there so I don't know if the villagers ever going after -- in this movie turns Frankenstein with a good -- late march -- march and cards and against track and all that good but a -- deal to live sketches where they have messages brought you my friend I'm Tarzan and -- That's like that which is well and might well take a tiger might be a good weekend to -- -- -- your beloved to a movie ends and Obama is going to be telling us what else is opening today on his right tonight thirty WB. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news pre just use WBBM. Dot com. -- ratio -- obstacles enemy said -- big movies of extreme Bob told you about five Frankenstein next. The invisible woman. But make you think oh it's another universal monster move around I like the invisible man or things like that -- I don't know. This is. -- Lou retton. Period Oscar bait type I found your merchant ivory type -- here. This is. And I know this is a genre that people keep asking when Hannity and make this finally. This is that Charles Dickens sex scandal movie you've been waiting you're asking for inheritance yes apparently Charles dickens'. When he was about 45 years old. And he was married. Had ten kids was his biggest celebrity as you could be in England at the time was best Karrie welcome yes it was the best of times and he met and fell in love with -- -- eighteen year old girl who was playing. Small role in appliances that was being mounted. The -- -- You know. And awards -- own blog as well now is as bad word was out of my mouth I. I remembered -- my cohost was. And what a tremendous this day I had met you back commuted -- time. I'm gonna rise about you are I'm minimal -- third opening the show they're capable -- David didn't. Happen I am not gonna play your game don't I don't keep all this was a play he was putting up. Now. He falter there's girl. And. She kind of falls for him currencies. Charles Dickens he's big stars and all the charm he's got really hideous goatee long goatee is you -- kinda like that. He. Eventually. Left his wife and ten children. To be with this woman which doesn't look in the paper well or -- are all lol. A 150 years later when Woody Allen heard about it he thought OK -- -- -- Dickens to not lie. There was daughter. On the broad. He even. To ray Fiennes plays Charles dickens' and that's and he also directed it is the second film -- directed. He did. -- -- Corey Ellis. I'm I can't -- -- and it's -- all the something like that about ten years ago again disease well a little bit little bad it was very nice there if you didn't do big business and this is his second directorial. And on her and he does not work to. Make. The character of Charles Dickens particularly EU sympathetic. He he. Tries to look at this various simply and directly. Dickens apparently. Even ended his marriage. Through a letter that was published in the London times real life. I -- they trail today even Dr. Phil would say. That's a little cult -- and Antonio utterly out she there's this woman remained is secret mistress for the last five years in his life. And nobody nobody knew. About it to them being together separate people closest insider circle. And they even vote any of the letters and things like that that it shared. They burnt all evidence of their relationship. So there really wasn't anything around it wasn't until. About a fifteen years ago hours ago that. And there was even. There have been rumors about a mistress but they found out enough proof and there was a book written in 1990. Which gathered information from third party. Sources -- like that and put people together about the affair. It's. It's a film that is somewhat sad. As far as the way it approaches it too I mean apparently the two of them felt very strongly for each other. But. Ray Fiennes is not interested in. In show saying look how happy they were. Her and his like with so much better there this is for the most part of -- rose said look at the romance so it's about this topic. And they take it depressing approach to it as well loving memory and have motels and Bob I mean -- other story. That's sure they did not have is that come what may and -- couple -- here probably is well that's right that's right. In the felt they were hoping for big Oscar attention this is a film that has looked at me Oscar written all over. It only got one nomination though for costume design of us -- yeah now not been about. For people who par. Huge fans of Charles Dickens of which I know. A lot of people -- you -- -- Dickens little Jimmy Dickens. -- -- he's good a lot of people maximum yes only option. -- people go to Christmas Carol and like well it's all about knows what I was expecting something more websites they may have a bird of paradise wire knows. And for a gold -- that the disappointing thing about gimme shelter -- -- who is James Earl Jones is in this oil Adam you know Vanessa Hudgens Rosario Dawson Brendan Frazier. -- -- gonna say right off the bat before I knew anything about this movie I hated it. Why because I don't like. Well that's a movie. Takes an already established -- there. End utilize it for a different film. I -- I first ran into this which is the first time would be the Bruce Willis family comedy -- it. Okay yeah well actually England had a great movie called the classic movie called the cared so that whenever I saw listings for all the kids coming up is that the Charlie -- its members Willis one that's immigrant. A couple of years ago the movie the kids are all right -- yeah -- Very respected family comedy drama. Well there was a documentary which in my opinion is the best rock documentary of all time call the kids are all right so every time -- see what -- later. Last Waltz of the best. Documentary. -- -- -- now Martin Scorsese. And everybody band. Bob Dylan. Amman Bob. I hear is still well who qualify that okay. The -- right is our rock documentary. The last Waltz is a concert feel well I think there resident OK I think there's an error right now gimme shelter. 1970. That was a Rolling Stones concert film and documentary. Sell now when I see this listed in a gimme shelter. Is -- The Rolling Stones classic or is it piece of -- starring Vanessa hotjobs. Right now we're gonna talk about the piece of crap start around this place pretty much like. And. After school special. Vanessa Hudgens. Of course the squeaky clean star from High School Musical. For the Disney Channel since then she's been working very hard to argue reproduce the image movies like spring breakers and soccer punch. She plays a pregnant teen who runs away from bird Johncke mother -- slot of a mother played by Rosario Dawson. And goes off to meet her suburban dad who she's never met. And starts. Trying to decide what she wants to do about the pregnancy. And she's getting pressure from one side to get an abortion and then she gets involved -- A Catholic shelter who urge your towards a different direction. The film. -- at times like it is almost a faith based production but not. Quite it doesn't go that far. It tries to be as gritty as possible but being PG thirteen. It doesn't get angry. I will take a break we'll be back Lamar the movie show cinema bother me sandy beach. Where in the movie show cinema by ourselves enemies and -- big movies hitting the big screen did you tell us enough about their gimme shelter I think OK let's go to. Digital film conversion a lot of theaters are facing this. Yeah this is push has finally come to shove as far as theaters switching over to the digital format. Previously. They'd been working off of 35. Millimeter which are in and I don't want those reels in my office are -- here bearish. And when you really Ochoa on. Maybe a little OK a little bit -- but it cost. A minimum. Of 15100 dollars just up limped one of the not to mention what it cost to ship -- out -- and ship it back. To a theater. And a digital copy which is sent on a small hard drive. That cost about a 150 dollars law to make it and chip it's the savings are in when you've got a big movie that's going out to some 3004000. Monitor the enormous. Enormous savings. And the problem is you've got to a lot of the smaller independent. Theaters. The ones who really. Aren't aren't dealing with. Big bucks they don't have multi screen say you know there may be one screen and are pretty much a mom and pop opera operation. To switch over to a digital projector the cost is about 75000. Dollars. And there are 40000 movie screens across the country. 6400. Of those still don't have digital projectors have to make that that switch. I know while Paramount. Was one of the first year. That with the wolf of Wall Street. Did not send out -- 35 millimeter prints if you're gonna play wolf of Wall Street which has been a pretty big hit. It only. Was gonna happen if you had digital. And one. One local theater that shows films but on a much smaller scale than say year your large change is. The Riviera theatre. On one of my -- -- it plays out there in north tunnel Wanda. And they're actually. Putting out two putting on a -- and get some support from the people who enjoyed movies there over the years. They're trying to raise enough money to be able to get one of those if you go to their website. Riviera theatre dot org. There a place where where you can donate an and help them out. I suppose they go to digital they also used to show classic films. Would they keep their original projection equipment to so that they still capable of showing off. I would think they would hold onto that the question might be though. The studios that they're renting the films from because that's still is going to be to -- you're gonna be renting the movie. Whether both studios will even be willing to go through the cost of shipping out an existing. 35 millimeter print. They may just wanna go away sending out the smaller hard drive version of that. What do you do that. With all of those thousands upon thousands catalog enormous. 35 millimeter bullet because there are also -- mean it. They're not getting becoming better shape you know probably only stayed and get older. And this sort of thing so I would imagine not gonna be a period of time when the physical movies themselves or generate seven programme. That's that's what they're they're looking to do that's I don't go to their website fell. Show you some of the stuff they do do a lot of national a lot of old films they do the three stooges film festivals -- during the -- -- there are two of them. Are okay no imminent release shall fight truly recommend this I think if they're great from blue jasmine were Cape -- -- Alec Baldwin yeah this was the latest film from Woody Allen and for all those people. Who for years were wondering what and is Woody Allen finally gonna do something with Andrew Dice Clay yeah. This was the movie and he's injured during one of the biggest shocker is is that standardized clay. His terrific in the film guys aren't really really good at it. -- wonderful. Wonderful. Drama slash comedy which actually -- a bit more on the drama than the comedy. From -- Woody Allen. Based. I would say somewhat loosely. On cat on hot tin roof in many ways as more than tip of the hat to Tennessee Williams classic. Great performance by -- that -- that she's nominated for best actor. Four this film I would not be surprised at all to see her when she's definitely one of the front runners. And Sally Hawkins who plays for sisters for best supporting actress. Wonderful for -- players are also recommend captain Phillips with Tom Hanks yeah we're seeing. It is the Oscar nomination season and if you did not catch these films in the theaters you're getting your shot to catch him on video now as well. Tom Hanks who many people thought would be nominated for best actor stars in this. Mark Todd oddity as head of the Somalian pirates and he was nominated and you can see him in this film the movie is also opt. Four best picture. And done there is also. Terrific documentary. That that comes with the called capturing capture capturing captain Phillips try to say that three times fast. This is a behind the scenes look at the film's production. And not how the real events. Compared to what was actually shown on the film. And you also get done commentary with director Paul Greengrass who is a director many people admire greatly. I'm not among those people I'm not a fan. B index -- I want to say about it disappeared reporter get to the theater in the world yup this film. Written directed and starring. Lake Bell. And it is about to the daughter of famous movie trailer voice over artist and it looks at her life in. In respect to how she's trying to move forward in her personal life as well as professional anything I would compare to. Albert Brooks is modern romance data like bellies that our rider and and should talk like it's ambulances and the warm weather of course. Wraps up -- see you Monday at 9 o'clock stay warm over the weekend it is between companies.