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1-24 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back could be GW -- about second chances. Especially since Bieber has been in the news yes Justin Bieber is on his slow like fourteenth or fifteenth second chance. And we were like to know your opinion on second chances. I believe -- -- it's nice if you're willing to give them an under certain circumstances they -- work but I think basically it's a suckers bet. Because unless the circumstances change the mindset changes it's the same thing gonna happen all over again that's why we have people stop for DW -- for eight times. That's why we have a DW lies stop for five times. That's why we have people who were doing something bad before and got a second chance continue to do something bad that's why I like go more. It's like stricter interpretation of the sentencing guidelines. When somebody as a repeat offender because they've been given chances and they don't take them. -- 803 -- Montreal won another 6169236. And star 930 do you believe in second chances and also who would like to say good bye to. Is sick okay I'm saying for all from progressive insurance absolutely Tony had somebody wanna say goodbye to. Like to say goodbye to some hope several but the gecko. Geico gecko wouldn't can go from guys go out there Geico gecko you're like let's say get get you know crossed the highway. That's debt about about all sides these on the phone we're going to go to phone now and talk to a pat in Akron. Pat her on WB. I bet you believe in second chances. Not for too many people it seems like there. Second and third of the islanders. Absolutely inaccurate just didn't beaver. -- death -- -- governor Ted let a lot of money headed for a train wreck. -- on long brown. But both schools do that make good decisions every single time and I hired superintendent. And that has been going and for years and years. Good point the school board shouldn't get a second chance I guy like that. They shouldn't and also would definitely -- effect. Another big disappointment disgusting. Politicians. Well yeah I think those Eagles on the Weiner Spitzer category now out of -- And so you and I are on the same boat if somebody deserves one give it to calm but very sell a very seldom are you going to be rewarded with -- a better person. Right because look how many times and receive these drivers can. Convicted known how many times they've been stopped and nothing ever happened religious. Repeatedly clout to do it again. That's exactly right and it's a pretty pathetic I'm what do you Bret thank you very much. It's a year or should we find out level who we don't also would like say good -- to I'd like to say goodbye to. The homeless guy on the Vonage commercials would call I'll. And that is so pathetic. As though it's an awful campaign just awful why you why they would take the homeless man and and a -- only supposed to be a homeless Matty looks. Dirty uncapped. Ringgold. And Andy's going through life like you know trying to single by yeah I just wish you go away I don't know why Vonage thinks that some is gonna see that commercial angle. -- one should sign up with bondage that looks like a really good plan -- -- have anybody like to say goodbye to I do. It's in from the world of baseball Alex Rodriguez oh yeah it is it's getting so bad that he's getting suspended. The arbitration process there was. You know collectively -- to -- his union said that he deserves to be suspended for the full year. He now -- suing the union suing baseball I'm commenting that it's going to be a new chapter in his life that can come out and they wanna -- -- they do what they can't noted legally can't. And whatever people at the meeting that didn't say what was said well you can hit him when he's the flight. I. -- out more you know you've heard of a hit -- while that's why they don't have money but yeah when you show your own union. You know you're not going to be -- winning the and most personable law guy on the team awards. That's -- so Iran so it arrived the gecko. The homeless guy from Vonage and full. We wish they'd say good bye to all of them. Let's go to Jerry and hammer seventy tribunal while Jerry when he got. Look at it didn't think it was it was a while back. My father was driving. In that somewhere -- ticket out of line that would have the talent. That really matter but he has gone wrong. As an advertisement with the bridge it was brought up the data and a -- this is just outside citizens these steps into the police in Japanese that. What -- that was set over on the court and I concede is outside in the bridge came in front of the the prime -- outside because they'll able to go it's so he gets home. But he looked at himself he -- that I would exceeded even -- -- obviously goes wrong. And it's like my mother is that how did you possibly misses outside that you create is something. He does not sure he expected to take my mother drives to the same spot. Again that same thing happens closer to stop but I think. It's I don't know it's been good. That these is that an alleged. What -- competitive open. Yeah. That's great -- -- That I should I'm sure it can go a third time that you're going to remarks while. I'll never do that again because as kids. Whenever we get caught doing anything we always begged for another chance but we ever in our minds. New we we never thought we -- gonna change our ways we just hope to get another chance do the same thing again. That in many ways we see there all the time where are people really disappoint you with the second chance. Would be the people get married a second time to the same person. They ought to have their head examined I'm -- really truly because they're they're willing to say all the reasons we got divorced don't exist anymore. Beware -- better people were more mature we're grown up our circumstances have changed. Because very seldom. And this is anecdotal of course and its service to back up. But very cell phones that work I did little bit into the political waters here for somebody like that -- who piers Morgan. Oh yeah yeah -- like to see him go away never come back again yeah I I I agree with you will take him out of the mix. Also why don't we do the Weiner Spitzer thing. And and and in this day we'd like see them going I saw Anthony Weiner interview two days ago why. It was on national TV why why would anybody want in -- real he's he's out of office he has no power. Nobody cares about him anymore. He's not a you know he's not a decision maker why -- even talk to Wiener because he's volatile in the opening the ball real young you know exactly I think the press does that every once -- while. -- with a sharp stick hoping that you go ballistic. But I'm saying that for those that don't know who asked for a second chance there are times. -- and it's a perfect storm and a set of circumstances. Comes upon you and you react out of character that people deserve a second chance usually. But the ones that just keep enjoyment and doing -- heard from I've heard him as the same old same all they don't deserve it and they and they're gonna let you down every single time it's. It's a chumps but it's a -- why is it with especially with actors some actors we are willing to give a second chance to some we are not. A lot of people wanted to give Charlie Sheen a second chance but tiger -- but if Mel Gibson tried to come back he would get a second chance. Guy and a Richards. Michael Richards -- Michael Richards have grown Kramer from Seinfeld he's done I mean put a fork enemies done. Because he had he had a tirade on a comedy stage. It's the kind of thing or somebody might set you up but it's also the kind of thing that. People didn't expect that you harbored those thoughts. Because comedy is not very far away from reality comedies usually grounded in reality it's an exaggerated view of reality. But when people joke about stuff oftentimes. It has a serious. Initial thought process and gets in the comedy. And I gave it will be back right activists just and neighbors and the nose then these screwed up again. And -- -- -- as he left. The court records show was very tough -- 2500. Dollars bail. I wonder where -- came up with that kind of money so there again he's not gonna learn anything -- -- -- that's basically -- it is. He's on he's on spiral like we've seen many many times before but he keeps getting another chance on the chance -- chance or asking about second chances. Not only a Bieber knowledge Justin Bieber about Dennis -- -- should he have gotten a second chance. You know maybe maybe that was a one time thing. Now it's just popped into his head and -- hair got extra time I didn't bring a reader's digest what may I got nothing else ago this might be -- what does that. Today. Well. And it's on -- -- I think I'll say to everyone why not it's the perfect Christmas gift honest. Well well let it at a. So you'd think that it gave divers back a second chance that you wouldn't do that again. Thanks though. Because -- -- -- caught doing anything the first time. So you usually do it many ties it or get caught going upper doesn't change is exactly robbery -- moments ago leopard spots. But they never changes or via tiger that's been talk to -- -- There. Is no second chance -- there come on -- stared at me a break. And does so I'm thinking second chances. Occasionally. Should be given under very extreme circumstances were. But things are not going to be in alignment like they were before so maybe it's worth taking a chance but usually soccer that's what is -- again and we are as Americans we are probably more likely to forget he celebrity actor musician of people are now politician exactly one of -- late night comedians I don't know which one it was said this and it was really funny. He's talking about Justin Ernie says of the book report says that Justin Bieber is five foot nine and weighs a 142. Pounds. In present. Parlance that means just right. Imagine this month in jail. I mean think about it or -- bodyguards aren't there he's got his little pop -- haircut. And as I I shrill voice and think about Micah. Yikes he hit notes that no Pavarotti couldn't it and boy -- look at party exactly just that if you're listening I have one suggestion if you do go to jail. Liquid soap. Are what we have row FaceBook please miss this remark he says Justin Bieber is -- -- list of celebrities -- need to go away so as Miley Cyrus and if you. Paid paid attention to any eating at a news the last couple years you'll know why my voice is that's that's and so that's definitely high up on the -- loyalists. It's almost pathetic with Miley Cyrus because she's trying so hard to be sexy. And she's not now let me just tell you -- smiling sexy women don't have a white coated home. And if they do they keep it in their mouth. And they don't display it on national television it's not sexy it looks like somebody should uses Zamboni machine and run over. In on talking about so as I said yesterday she is trying to. She's trying to increase or desirability. He's trying to find some masculinity. And it's it's it's pretty sad pretty said both of them maybe it has something to do with the fact that day. Amid a lot of money at a very early age in the album born and a into this kind while he wasn't but she was into this kind of lifestyle. You would have to wonder. For all of the glory in the fame in the money if you really want your kid to follow in this kind of puts that yeah out there be money. But that there be a big price to -- -- forward to a news talk to a lot of former child actors. And actresses who said you know we we had no childhood yet they have money but they didn't grow up like normal. Another one please Chris this is from data she says Miley Cyrus is disgusting -- to go LC does is just degrade herself to get attention. But the problem is she is a huge fan base that think she's amazing yeah and she Bryce you went from hi Hannah Montana. You know just all American holds some two. -- Madonna wannabe. The Madonna has already done that act okay Madonna's too old to do better now. And Miley is not sexy enough to do that every once in awhile summit comes up and those that exact act. Whether it was Mae West along time ago where you'd get a lot less than was considered the same kind of main. 222 what we have today Christina Aguilera basically tried to go that same route in -- guys eggs she has a voice at least I'm ass but Miley Cyrus. When I saw that performance it was just -- And nervous. Did you cringe because it wasn't sensual all it was like a little girl try to be a big girl. And she's not a big. And she's not desirable sexually. She's trying to be. And it's. -- -- peace and can't she argued on her rest skills along as a performer without getting into that. Because I can't Andy's anybody watching you're going all man this is I hope I. Some people like to be shocking the wannabe yields so different so how there are you know well we see that all the time. People who don't think that they can do on their own may have to shock deal. They have to make you think their energy. All really seriously. It's like religious people real religious people. Don't -- -- religious images are real shocking people just are. And you don't have to make it up you don't have to you don't have put on the side you -- to be somebody you're not and other grizzlies. This one comes from a -- he says that -- deserve second chance as we've all made mistakes in our lives part of the problem though second chances in this society. The justice system often gives out way too many well that's exactly right I mean one would think that. If you or a kind human being you would understand the frailty of Obama are human beings that every once in awhile. Is they do something that's out of character. But there's usually a reason for. Sometimes the reasons legitimate and sometimes it is but if you if you can get rid of the circumstances. That led to that. Then that helps you burn a second chance if the circumstances don't change. Then there's no sense giving a second chance because you annoyed that they're going to disappoint they're gonna go right activists same old same all these guys have heard that. People who have done this all things being given a second chance in the name of well we care and and and and we think that given a second chance. He or she will lead a better life and most of the time you're disappointed because we'll be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WB yen and call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine very spiritual free line is 1806169236. Imagine what did you governor of sandy -- a lot of people talking about Justin Bieber in the stuff he has done over is a very short though lifespan so far. And in this city USA today Olivia barker column she says the beavers breakdown. Is the same story we've seen over and over those words of Jamison -- CEO of Newport academy of treatment senator for teens dealing with substance abuse. And mental health issues. The child star gets access to power and substances. That can get anything he or she wants the star thinks there above the law we see this would affluent kids on a daily basis kids who think they live by their own rules and he'd definitely feels that. -- what you're talking about. The fact that he had to give up his pet monkey in Germany. That he urinated in -- janitors bucket hurling eggs at the neighbors of front door. When the police when it with a warrant to check his house they found all kinds of drugs and and drug paraphernalia and there. But they couldn't arrest demonic because the warrant was for. Of the information on the -- of a house. This is not his first go around with NASCAR's. When he was in California. His neighbors complain time and time again that he was putting everybody at risk by raising his Ferrari opened on the residential neighborhood and now in Florida. Racing his Lamborghini against his friends Ferrari. He rented both cars despite the fact his license had elapsed he was drunk despite the fact idiot every 21 enough. In Florida who drank. And all kind of chances this -- had. And it's it's not gonna and well I can tell you that right now -- asking about second chances should -- should he get another second chance. What about other people were regarding second chances. Especially. Dennis -- should he have gotten a second chance a lot Anthony Weiner. Eliot Spitzer. -- bottom line is that they're gonna go back to doing what they were doing the first time when they got the second chance and it'll be just another disappointment. Were also asking who should go away we're tired of about flow from the progressive insurance about the homeless guy from the Vonage. Commercial Anthony winner should go away Miley Cyrus should go -- -- again Kosher go away Alex Rodriguez should go away. So there's lots of people like that they should go away. Our FaceBook postings -- by -- we've got several of those Chris Erica and I have a and other FaceBook posting this one. Comes from -- she says Kim Kardashian and her entire intelligence family should disappear out of people that -- -- get on television to begin. That's got a report card session down there now Tony you came up one famous doctor. Yes course RT doctors horizontally second chances should he have a second chance the bottom line is. It depends on on what they're asking for a second chance for. If it was a 2001 shot because those the perfect storm of circumstances. I came down on their head and that's the way they reacted and they reacted the wrong way. Then maybe. But if nothing changes. There's no reason to give a second chance and by and large I would say that if if you're gonna draw a charge UB. You'd say away on the plus side would be disappointment rather than satisfaction. Really. I believe that people do not change their attitudes. Unless they're forced to unless they have to some people see the -- -- OK you know what is an idiot. -- -- blow -- how could I have been thinking like that I was immature things like that and OK maybe got a shot with them but those who want a second chance just them more time. They're gonna come back into the same thing again or maybe even worse are in another round I'm thinking how about somebody. Who was rarely red hot you saw her everywhere name was all over the place in the you hardly hear about her at all Lindsay alone. -- on their again. He started as a child actress. And have money and fame early. And then time after time after time how many times has yet been hit things -- their car before page of people realized that. She doesn't deserve another chance and and the judges for summaries and I think because judges are human beings they get star struck to. Specially in California. Where -- in that is suddenly they have a celebrity defendant in front of them I think they cut all little slack that may be the rest of us wouldn't yet. And Bob Bieber I mean c'mon. Expired license -- like this expired license drunk as a skunk under the legal drinking age. Drug use admitted drug use. Endangering the the welfare of the neighborhood by racing car. He got a 2500 dollar deal. That was it but it's a joke that's lunch. As -- for him. Now what happens. At the if there's a full trial. Or hearing or something don't happen Obey probation and community service. We're just -- stand up before you know twenty or fifty squealing young girls saying I really learned my lesson. I'll never raised my Lamborghini in Florida again you know -- line. Oftentimes the Justice Department just slap some onerous. I've got a sports one that I'll throw -- -- for arguing summit and all I know not -- -- a second chance and in what he did wasn't necessarily criminal. It was bad in and sports person's eyes and and I'm bringing this up because we just lost our defensive coordinator. -- for the bills in this Gregg Williams you remember bounty gate does he deserve a second trusted coaching. Because he wanted people to take others out of the game. Yeah that's right down India. How about Ogg if you want this is a classic second chance erratic. Lance Armstrong. Yeah I'll close up and down he's not doping he's not doping he's not -- he starts his charitable foundation people love them man he is wonderful. He keeps winning all these towards the France and and whatever. If found out why later after denying denying denying denying denying he admits. And that's the way ago holes that's the way -- goes they lie through their teeth. And then they admitted. Now there is a difference between guys like Lance Armstrong who was so it was hopelessly. Trying to achieve the rules -- purposely trying to Iowa. I get away with something absolutely illegal. And people who might have some mental challenges. And I don't understand the severity of it well maybe they get a second chance because they didn't really understand. But they can't have it both ways on if if indeed they purposely misled. That's one thing if they really believed what they was saying and it was wrong that's that that that's a different thing. So yeah I mean it's going to be a case by case thing there is no blanket. Answer for this as big a blanket Michael Jackson how many times that Michael Jackson. Get a pass. I mean come on. Whether it was those celebrities though like Elvis Presley having his own doctor writing all -- script form. How do you think Elvis died yeah that's -- died because he had that says he was a star and they can ever giving them chance after chance after project how about this for the public's -- Paula -- Which she does she or chance exactly. That's an interest in one Paula Deen. That is a very interesting one because of -- sometimes. And I'm not standing up for because I don't know that much about I don't care much about being honest with you sometimes your upbringing dictates. Whether somebody might misinterpret. Something you say or do. As an adult now whether that's the case with her I really don't know. And as I as I recall are her empire just crumbled I don't know if the restaurant is still open but it just crumble. Some people do deserve a second chance because maybe they misspoke maybe they. Maybe. They just didn't understand. The attitude of how their speech would be accepted by other people. And then the other side of the coin as they've managed to keep a secret all these years majorities -- well. Which is the case in a lot of them will be back after this. Tony -- sports show on WGR Saturday morning nobody there at all SI well will be talking girls' hockey this week follow neither road neither win nor snow nor gloom of Saturday morning who would keep your from your point around. We have any girls hockey teams and. I may have -- coaches. In effect Greg Hopkins you remember his wife. Used to work with our summary back in the day -- and he coaches the wings they'll team and they do a good job of getting us up to speed is -- it was hard on the part of many schools that have a female market and it's it's getting what they're doing is you'll have -- several schools that combined teams like Europe Korean wing politics here. I'm Catholic schools have won combined teen called monsignor -- I believe the -- wings will schools are under largest Williams though so they they've combined team but it's growing in -- and it's really becoming popular and agreed outlet for the girls. I loved it when there was a big time female goalie because I allowed her name man Mo Mo Mo whatever was -- -- -- real MR I mean I it was just you can make it up and nobody would know if -- pronouncing it right and envision. She was good looking through -- Yes you small publishing -- she had a couple was a couple of starts in the NHL's. Appearances very attractive young young woman takes a lot of guts to be your goalie to him telling him that he had they have some really really good young ladies in western new York and learn all about -- -- that'll be good on -- -- on WG are now second chances. Yeah you wanna be magnanimous. You wanna be forgiving. You think second chances are things people should automatically. Get. No because I believe -- I don't seem like a hard -- But I believe that if you believe that everybody should get a second chance what you also believe as everybody gets one for free. Okay -- ever afraid there'll be no punishment hair because -- deserve a second chance. I think that some people don't deserve a second chance but a lot of them don't. How many DW lie after DWY after DWY. How many have a rap sheet this page after page after page we've seen some with seventeen. You know arrests all kinds of things. And we're always shocked by -- just keeps on a common. Either of the judges are way too lenient away too forgiving I think that that we have to let him know that when you break the rules of society. You may deserve a second chance and summonses -- does not going to be automatic. The seed number wise of Russia with celebrities have been given second chances how many of of them in actually turned out good in the actually got -- as well you've got you've got any help from somebody we know would didn't turn -- but it took several chances -- Robert Downey junior you know he was. He was screwed up screwed up screwed up screwed up and now it seems like he's got because he's always been a very talented actor. Now it seems like he's got his act together and -- go wherever receive. Let's go to Fred in Youngstown Fred you're on WB AM. It took. Some of the -- out of my balloon with the aid talk about the DW -- OK but. But I I have to tell you I came from this state at one time and I I was there. He's Lebanon. DW I'll before this man killed five people on New Year's the. I'll bet see that kind of stuff there's just no reason for Arabs or who -- Absolutely and it is sometimes judges just seemed to think. Why I don't know if if -- if if that guy after his tenth VW lie. Was up before you were your judge why would you think the eleventh time he's gonna get right -- -- -- I mean that's exactly. Well I'm audio front on that one. -- is five people died because of those judges. Absolutely right I think the judges have to take it and really consider. The safety of the public a more than the be magnanimous. A decision to give them one more chance thank you for a the odds -- to be the judge -- often temple. -- goes on kills five people. Obama I mean that's disgusting. I think people like to think of themselves as compassionate. There's one I like to think of myself as compassionate but there's a big difference between being compassion being a soccer. You know I mean there are people deserve your compassion and people adult. And you have to learn to separate the difference. If the circumstances. Are have changed or will change dramatically maybe it's worth giving it a shot if they're going into the same circumstances what made you believe it's going to be different. This time. I'm Jim and Grand Island -- here on WB yen. I ignore it umpire Jim what about second chances. I'm Pete Rose Charlie are fully deserves to be in the hall of fame and it's and it's actually disgrace -- he's not he was betting his team to win and he wasn't throwing. And the game. Yeah you know that's a good point -- bet against them and -- definitely be a black guy OK got to sports guys on the inside a glass Pete Rose Tony and and the what do you think Christie should be and he should be -- -- I think he should be -- all though -- and your own team could affect the game too because you may user -- in a situation that you wouldn't otherwise and it would affect games -- -- -- there wouldn't -- the -- win the game would normally plays -- -- got -- almost unanimous decision -- a lot of people agree with you. Charlie -- should be -- there. Yeah I've often wondered. Why if if personal conduct. Should be considered or they just looking at what you did in your sport otherwise. I have two letters forward. And no. And did you. We'll be backward -- some show is -- Obama under we're gonna give him a second chance. After fourteen years on the shelves if he gets it right today under Israeli and I'm thirty Libya.

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