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1-24 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello -- is region -- -- sandy -- happy birthday to Bethany from the SP CA very very nice. Always love to celebrate birthday she's getting a cake and I hope she does it properly -- because she said it's gonna have Allman frosting. Roars I'm deadly allergic to almost. Validated to scrape the frosting company what's left you know you -- -- -- did not know that it was best buddies aren't they bugged me kind of broadcaster I am a second wait how can I turn that into information or find the for the beginning of my show and so what I do that is. I have the horoscopes. Because Beth and he's birthday is today. And we all we all were born under a sign OK and let's see I'm gonna read mine first -- I I just took the paper because I usually don't I'll follow it. But when I do look at it it's always right. It's always -- always tracks with with my life and I don't know so I'm gonna look up via. Let's see I was born feces my I was born -- that's fine. Let's see why and I'm not making this up if -- lion on nine this is my actual horoscope. Watch your back. Someone may be jealous or trying to Rouse you out of your position that you currently occupy. Use intelligence knowledge and professionalism. When dealing with here -- our partners. Doing the best job possible -- amicable and generous. That's my horoscope now guys. I'm sorry but I have got to take a second mortgage or part of a show because of what this horoscope says you know. The show is called beach and governor I was like Algerian government -- it's not Johnson and company it's each and company. And I overshoot to or adding more and -- show every day there's less and less of me and more view. I'm getting a little suspicious especially you Tony because you started with I've got a really cute story about nick. And you would tell a cute story but it would give you air time taking the spotlight away from me. And then I've got an -- story about neck and that I said deal one day. You know I think we've had enough stories about -- you went out. And had another child just so you can keep it that's right now I've got cute stories about some that. Now when that runs out oh what's gonna happen Libya third Caligiuri. No. I'm not -- his left the station okay what are when I get your signs while it when you leave Brock. New neighbor it's that the find. Earlier. -- we -- Libre. Okay Leo over ago in the government ever over here we go Libre. Don't feel pressured to make a choice you have to wager the pros and cons as well as other options don't let -- relationship you have with somebody holds you back. Act act on principle. As well as what's best for you wait a principled guy so access parties want about -- I mean Leo this and already Arab. All right policy. -- you have to deal with -- responsibilities before you engage in social activity. You do need a change but only after you've taken your business rule zones -- areas that. He's a particular business -- guys let things slide you know all right so if you owe him money I suggest you pay him back. You know I don't I don't run out of town because it won't work now with him they'll track you down on the ends it ends of the earth I think he should be interest so mine mine was a scary but I -- gonna disregard it. And still have you folks add to the show opting Q I am I not on a guy -- it's -- ability and the AMOCO amicable and generous is that not me and -- -- so. -- -- that's -- about these things I don't believe -- them. But almost always when I read it but of course when you -- down you can read all of them and you could find some thing that applies to you under any of these signs. So you kind of make it fit. It's one of those things where it doesn't really fit but you wanted to fit. And so there is ignore scope I think so many times it is pretty much yeah yards it's very it is so that's that's that now. Meanwhile a lot of stuff going on this weekend's going to be a cold Coke called the may be some white out conditions out tonight and tomorrow. A we've heard that from -- just moments ago you guys got any special plans that are your car's -- up do you have food in the house. I do have to gas up my car after work and a meat snacks and I'll probably pick up tomorrow after the show. So this way we're wrong we're all set for the weekend. -- did -- carpal for two reasons number one of fury and it you don't have to get into an accident there could be an accident. Up ahead -- you when you're just stuck there. Could slide off the roads that's a good idea secondly. If you don't have much gas in your tank in your cars outside condensation -- turns the water along water in your gas audio. I always go shopping on Saturdays and tomorrow Marty and I should just go today or whatever it while the -- because you normally gone tomorrow. All the bread milk eggs and Sally. -- and toilet paper. Off. Well the last time we had us all say it was sold out wegmans remember let -- -- that leave the cookies in the cakes and it's me if you wait long enough. And your -- send you to the store for emergency supplies you can say honey. They were out of salad. I was I was looking forward to a good Romaine this weekend and -- and they don't have any. But luckily though little Debbie snack cakes were right next that this -- display and I got those and I got naked and -- but it's neck and and yeah -- that's what's missing. People apparently go. Toilets issued to -- Decision Day today because whenever. We get by bad weather presumed that around by more likely going to be stuck a year in the house at least east the -- buys time they. And you know on L oh yeah productively by 36 -- -- -- time because I'm. Evidence of a garage you know why that why that is is because by myself. At a I think anybody accused -- of -- now -- you got that Yamaichi in my cars failed a field last night. But there again I have a car one of the two cars okay unlock the car. But if you put the nozzle and just an inch too far. It shuts off and every four cents in -- and click click click. So you Poland nozzle out a little bit and it's freezing cold outside deck around this right you wanna get this thing done Elvis -- at home right. And that it finally finally field and I was very happy but and then you get to this wasn't the -- vision that doesn't. The one that if you say I want to thirty dollars worth -- thirty dollars when you've got to 29 on that pump. And -- of reason and maybe repeat you know and it goes to stick. To think. Ludwick and then you make of a mighty gonna stay for the whole dollar not is it worth just leaving the dial leaving the 97 cents on the pump. And then you get down to fifty cents they say okay it's the odds change out of that these ads. I don't care and early fifties as -- currently fifty cents -- -- pennies on the ground -- it's a thirty moment. It's like the old days with a pinball machines remember it -- -- way and that way pinball machine you know I would tell. And finally get to 98. -- -- got in the car drive home quickly. So I think that -- I hit it you know why couldn't do it on the slow count -- like -- 75 or -- they do it for a whole Boller and yet it's it's it's not it's insane because I've got a lot of people -- just kind of lose interest in the last 43 cents that'll -- that then and now I I I apparent he's on the ground you. Not pennies and I -- and always a nickel I'll go out under -- That's all I -- he's Smart wetter and -- that's very edit a strict fiscal. I have no standards when it comes with found money -- a couple of years ago when we were doing that morning show -- -- be remembered him. I would stop and get the papers at a place that had the paper boxes okay. And what happens is in the winter. Oftentimes it's cold and whatever and people would go to put the call in and and they drop. And then they couldn't find it would be in the snow or something so they either had to get another coin now. Or they would go -- going on paper basically what was one time it was in the spring. And I went and I've put the I want to put the first quarter and in the drop to the ground. I want to pick up and I discovered. A whole treasure trove of quarters that a bit narrow winter just slightly under the -- are all a whole post about this -- and that's dangerous ice. And I like three dollars and 25 cents treasure remember but I came in and said. -- was so it was like I won the lottery. Because -- the first public Owings didn't belong to buffalo knows because it never made it into the box and I never take a paperless pay for ever never have never well okay. So that ball into the nose of the coins and yet. Now obviously these are whole bunch of different people that over the course of the winter had dropped their coins. I didn't know would it war they didn't how -- fine and so. Idea I took possession of them I think it was 375. It was the best 375. -- ever had we'll take a break we'll be back would -- would be Jean company is sandy. Funny how funny. You. TE you know when it's gonna hit the fan is how long forecast is no longer afford the forecast. -- read this thing every guest book three and a half minutes I mean but that's it so basically because -- You should be I kind of aware of what's going on regarding does not mean a lot of snow all but is going to be a lot of wind as can be very cold. And remember it doesn't take a lot of snow when there's a lot of wind to cause really bad conditions because the way of balls around a wide -- For those of you think wide outs are it's not bad you know remember that time during the last normal I tried to leave the radio station. And became totally disoriented in our own parking lot. Which I'm in every day and I know we're all the lights -- the buildings are couldn't see anything nap thing. I managed to get the vehicle turned around and parks. And that was that that was really really frightening. And because you don't know some is gonna hit you. You know if you're gonna hit somebody you know you're gonna go and have a great I mean just have no idea so the white out conditions which could be -- tonight into tomorrow. A big especially Miller -- that and obviously some common sense things. In a wideout situation -- usual high beams that that just reflects off the -- makes it worse. However if you have Fargo -- driving wise that's a more beneficial because they're closer to the ground and at least they allow you to see tracks in front of the if you have them turn in the month. A lot of people have them and them don't even know how to turn Amman. On you know how to turn your lights. You go hey. Lights and bring goods and you know how you're the 100 or maybe -- offered -- coffee. -- Turn up low lights the party's over a our day. We're talking about. -- something today that I wanted to be on the wrong end of this I can tell -- that because I consider myself. A compassionate person. I think I can be a real soft hearted person. A lot of the times. But I'm also very cynical times and I don't go -- because a lot of people believe in something I believe and -- true. And we're gonna talk a second chances. Now when you give someone a second chance. It's very generous view because it's as you screwed up this time but I understand why you screwed up this time. And I I'm willing to give you a second chance well my position is that's very nice -- you. If you're going to win a humanitarian award good luck. I really you think you're terrific. Which are also soccer because most of the time is in just -- observation. Second chances don't work. It all right back to the same thing that they did the first time around. Now their case can be. A special set of circumstances. The perfect storm that cause you to screw up this time in on talking about. This happened. Maybe there was a severe illness or death in the family you lost your job. You're you had to put your dog army that have failed traumatic effects on us. And they all happened at once and you did something that was totally out of character for you because of those special set of circumstances. While on the case you probably deserve a second chance because those circumstances and I don't combined again. But if -- -- that -- go on a regular by a basis things that it's if it goes into your basic character the very nature. Of your being. Chances are if if it's wrong somebody gives -- second chance all that means is you're gonna get another chance to do it again. So that does not make -- seem as humanitarian. A delight. But I think it's more realistic it's the same thing -- -- vogue rehab and jail. When people go to jail and they sale today they're gonna come out a different person. I mean they they may regret that they had to go to hell they may regret that they didn't have the right lawyer or they got caught or whatever but by and large. People stay the same way occasionally. They'll have a vote vision of what they've done wrong and they'll build correct that. And suddenly everything is better and that's nice when that happens but I think that's very very rare I think most of the time second chances. Are are are not fruitful and think back whether it's a celebrity or somebody in your own family or somebody you work whether anything where you've given somebody a. Second chance and you said I'm really glad I did that because they're different now. Yeah they're better people now there are not -- stealing their not they're conniving they're not lying. That's second chance was well placed. I think that's few and far between usually if they screwed up the first time they gonna screw up the second time. And we'll talk about people we know who are getting second chance as the weather very deserved them will be back after this. -- WB and wherever you go with a WBM iPhone app. It and -- -- I'm gonna give you a second chance. Here's the deal now Tony and -- and Chris. A massage via a bit of WB and a page when I'm on the air. The WB and page in my FaceBook page and they handle that for me because I'm talking and they're doing that. And oftentimes when we put a subject on there for you to comment on. They Pluto destruction may be a -- -- -- give you an idea. A little capsule watchers which you're gonna -- today's -- was -- installing and you know I'm miserable whatever so Tony you put up. A photo. One was on my -- is on your page -- what was the vote. Go playing volleyball and she's where while she's a volleyball player but she's in a -- in a bikini. And then somebody got bent. Because she's wearing a bikini used sexist -- yet does -- why I have my wife's permission to post this hospital closest. -- blah blah blah Bob Bob Bob. So she's she's mad that you posted a pleasure somebody -- so here's my suggested trying to call me out on I will respond. That number one Heather it's not your business you know if you don't like it just that we need that's one thing and my wife was how mine to not Tony that's. That's angered parents come on I know you're doing it you know lawyer going -- again tonight. You're exhausted. You worked a whole week. Every day every day you want more kids your idea so you -- just exhausted so here's what you do you -- learn your Italian Italian. Let one of our best features is that we're really good revenge. So here's what you do you don't post the picture of the volleyball player probably misty may trainer or oral or wanna vote. In a seductive bikini but if you want to post a bikini picture I suggest you post the Bora bikini picture this serves the same Herbert is -- out with the lime green bikini. OK so it'll say it's bikini weather without anybody getting mad and thank you are sexist India while you -- wasn't trying to be sexist it's was a natural the that's attractive what comes naturally. I have something to revive the Sox are some. A in most if you know I've got fifty replies on this and most people. Love it and -- Heather Heather doesn't want to have a there doesn't like items idea one of the guys from another radio stations they didn't report it. Everybody knows that this is -- Fund does it make you feel good that you've offended Heather I mean really c'mon you -- Giving a second chance because that's what today's show is about it's about second chances. So here's the -- I got to thinking about Justin Bieber. Why. -- -- -- I'll never know what I did. And how many chances that Andy is very young age first of all for those of -- government keeping track. And his home and in California. Other neighbors complained many times. That he was raising his Ferrari up and down on the road and it's a very residential area even though it may be an -- -- a very it's a residential area. But they gave a must second chance and that of course he was overseas when I think it was a German company a German government. The confiscated his monkey. Okay bureau or hedge your monkey confiscated you know that's that's a heartbreaking moment but he had a monkey and they said now you can have a monkey here. So another time another second chance and so Fargo a couple of engines here. And you know just far I don't know fun or convenience he decided to urinate into a janitors bull market. He's Justin Bieber. Give him another second chance are you keeping track. This is reset in Kansas okay and other neighbors says -- where he lives. My house has been and and it's 20000. Dollars worth a -- Edge we know -- who did it was Justin Bieber give him another chance but the cops say hey he's run out of second chances we got a warrant here. We're going to go into his home and search because if he's is not he's probably taken video of that and we got to find out who's gonna pay for the neighbors damage -- 20000 dollars worth -- by -- okay. So they went in there what they fine. They found drugs. They found drug paraphernalia. And they arrested somebody who was in the houses of friend of his. But they couldn't do anything with just then simply because. Why because the warrant said they were looking for. Stuff to plug to get on the aging and not asking this through trying to find drugs as it was not a as a ball. I'll give him another chance are right. Now we find out that he was in Florida. And -- he had rented Lamborghini Andy Ferrari and he and his friend words were racing now. What I don't understand unless it was a very. Low speed limit they were arrested for going sixty miles an hour personal sixty miles an hour in a Ferrari or. Lamborghini. You would think you could do that while putting your seatbelt on but that's another story. But arrested and then you look at it you find out best. He tells the copy was baking all day which is means he was using marijuana. He was DW -- no question about that. And they found out he had via an expired driver's license Johns brought up an excellent point today. Hockey who ran a Ferrari -- Lambert -- -- expired driver's license and then yesterday Tony looked it up but we found out that indeed. The the limit forward drinking is a 21 in Florida he's nineteen. OK so he is under aged. Right OK he's under age. He was using -- marijuana. He was drunk he was speeding. He via he had a expired driver's license. And what does he get from the judge so far. While the judge set bond. 2500. Dollars. Over judges' tough. This is just roared down there don't you think all the while west -- always. So he's getting tired chance and guess what. You know run out of chances when he goes and the rigor mortis that's one and he'll go and the rigor mortis. Because this clown has more money than brains. And he as you -- exuberance and he has his posse around them all the time ever see him call out photographers however. It as punk calls out photographers who could -- launch and because he's surrounded by bodyguards that's why calls them -- get paid to protect them. So I think he's run out of second chances to be honest with you and you can write that story now he's gonna die and it. Crash or something stupid. I didn't then people like this don't learn their lessons we just somebody Diana in a Porsche GT. Who was though a famous actor and that's the way it goes so which in my second chances. I think it's nice to think that you earned magnanimous enough to give somebody is again jets but I think basically. Most of the time it doesn't work now. Does and -- very happy and you feel good about it. But unless it was a special set of circumstances. That are unlikely to come up again. I think says second chances -- just an extenuating -- once got screwed up the first time is gonna get screwed up the second time in the third time and if you don't believe me. Look at all of the -- cases in the newspaper of people who are caught for DWY we had to the other day one was for seven DWIs. Are caught for the seventh time. Two days later somebody a -- for the fifth time with the W line. And I guarantee you that if you look back at the records you'll find at that trojans game -- second chance second chances are -- shops. I mean there are times when they're earned times when you should give it but most of the time it's the same old same ball and they're gonna continue the same. A destructive pattern of behavior. Will -- take a break it will return with your calls second chances just been big -- Arab on Obama right I got ahead of myself about Dennis Deborah Zach. You think he should get a second chance. I don't know I just when my amused -- restroom. I'm thinking that's not a good idea about Pamela brown a lot of people were running a poll now says now amounts usually does that and jets. How about about -- how about mr. Bieber has he reached the end of his second chance laugh at all. I would like to hear from you and also who shall we say good bye to. What you don't want to know about them anymore for all from progressive insurance. Almighty god she was so good. And she soul over now in but they keep login that thing I'm just telling -- speaking of -- and will be back after this would be in company. Tony -- know what's gonna happen I mean if I keep this thing. It was a -- I'm going to. Aesthetically that don't you understand that Tony's exhaust that grass my god Chris Getz and hearings on the -- 5 AME he's exhausted. I'm exhausted exhausted and yet you're saying. Alchemy sound so -- It's amazement even me that it is real it is now we're asking about second chances. Should Justin Bieber got a second chance he's -- he's that was like his 32 second chance. A Dennis guy ever is that I mean maybe it was just. A one shot kind of deal -- now. He's in a stall he's bored you know who knows why but maybe that wouldn't happen again so maybe give him a second chance -- of Pamela brown. About you know here's another thing. People get divorced and maggert got back together again how many times is that work out. Oh well remember the reason we hated each other we decide to get divorced when he decided that it was all wrong where all of VW now let's get married again. -- usually goes for it. Like your opinion on second chances I think it's nice if you're willing to give someone a second -- but usually soccer. Let's go to a salmon Lewiston -- on WB yeah. I sent him. Like I spoke with here probably a month and half ago a -- black in America here we're all day that's right now. -- let gentlemen let sentenced yesterday to one in the third to four years what is second. It was sent to a okay. -- really okay. -- -- -- a prison camp but it's all the reform. Well saying he's got to review I don't how much does your mind I as I assume that in order for him to be reformed he would have the changes way of thinking. Yeah -- where sedentary at this school. One and I were uniformed. And pulling people -- Bit -- -- law enforcement act shall we shall be. You -- in particular return. Can. The -- you know. Yeah here it would be your arm. I would quarterly. I would try to -- the country. Maybe -- global. War. You know I -- what we're be only a month later you always invest -- socially. So effective -- it really worked you know you're not really worried about a country. So -- of -- down because you know I gave him a second chance you would hope that they would've learned from that. And they didn't so yes so you're kind of backing up 12 guys that -- is Sam thank you -- good road experience. My second chance. Several months ago I was driving through Franklin bill. Let me say this I've had some very fast cars but I -- not I don't drive fast I really don't I just like the torque and number giving on ramps and stuff like that. And I never intentionally. Speed occasionally like anybody else your speed that -- you look at this Madonna raw and real I was going -- thousand. Is slowdown okay. But I was in a processional of several cars going through Franklin bill after coming off a highway. They had a higher speed limb or road than at a higher speed limit and I was and with cars in front of me cars and McNamee. And pay any attention speed element at all. And because bigger cars in front -- cars and McNamee. Next thing and all the lights come on from India police are. And I'm thinking they're gonna go by our whole line something must be going on up there because maybe there's an accident and had or something. No no no no he single meal out of heard and pulled me over and I was driving the same speed as everybody else. I was so when he pulled me over I'm very -- -- I never mouth off I never ever try and use the radio station on my name or anything like that. To trying get out ticket. I explained to him that I was in the procession there and had a conversation with lemon and in the process of -- I'm giving my license and registration. And finding out that I'm not the star of the latest cops episode he gave me a second chance well I was very appreciative of that a really -- and I paid extra attention. Four -- on my driving a because I wasn't trying to speed and I think he knew that so I appreciated the second chance. But a lot of times I've seen people. Get tickets. And then he'd go out and take off and had to do it again and you you're always praying down the road that a second cop gets on the same day. You know that's always -- as. But I'd appreciate it the second chance I thanked him very much and I tried to ease even pay more attention to a this element we'll be back after this.

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