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2014 Winterfest Festivities

Jan 24, 2014|

Ed Leak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

LO WBM live line is -- -- -- director of the recreation and youth activities. Young in Orchard Park and we're going to talk about whether fest 2014. This Sunday I just don't ridge park and good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning and it's my pleasure and I'm just gonna wind you up we'll let you go tell us everything we need little. Sure of this is that the sixth annual and that's where Orchard Park recreation has collaborated with Erie county parks and recreation. And it's the second of two events each winter season that we work with the county the first being -- and -- December. But this Sunday what are fast and it just never park which is the jewel of the county park system from eleven to four a lot of in the activities. The typical one to a sliding him. The bargaining -- hand. Marshmallow roast some new events this year we're gonna have curling. We'll have a snow sculpture contest with that judging taken place at 2 o'clock. He and magic shows inside the casino when people come into a warm up. Boy and there's no worries that there's not enough winter this year right. Know you were -- located where that's concerned. I would suggest anybody that does come out. Dress very warmly because it is predictably cold but the conditions should be perfect for the event. Okay bring your own sled bring your own to Biden bring your own -- snowboard. Correct. And will have a a ride also that will be three dollars per person -- -- right but it's about right through the woods. Yeah and Hillcrest fire department will be there with with its equipment. For demonstrations and for people to look. To see what's going on the foot apartment but. We must thank our he sponsored because without their help. This event would not be able to take place. Because in the scandal and also. It go ahead you want and you want to thank some. Oh I'd love to thank talent auto group. -- county legislator John Mills Dick's Sporting Goods rise in western her auto group. Wegmans. Felt -- radiology and of course the BB Ian. Well thank you for Atlanta and good luck this weekend again folks. When her fest 2014. This Sunday January 26. And chestnut ridge park 11 AM. Until 4 PM thank you thanks for joining sure -- much -- accused the big guy and department of recreation and Orchard Park.