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Grammy's Preview

Jan 24, 2014|

Roger Christian

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- looking ahead to Sunday's grammys start with the album of the year nominees. I'm like yeah. Oh yeah. I don't think -- -- Roger Christian is here from Charlotte 2.5 great to see again thank you for having me it's the kinder gentler Roger Christian oh yes course. Listen this listened to those album of the year nominees it does anyone have a lot going into Sunday night. I don't think so this is going to be a tough year because they've had so many different genres too well. And other years some artists have risen to the top this could be a tough point in what about song who song of the year they're sort of like. Susan rivals like royal lord right. But then you can't discount the blurred lines song by Robin thick. Because that was just one of the biggest songs. Probably of the last five years that that -- that I can understand what the grisly turn into such a show haven't they have successfully years right. I mean it's almost bigger than me ask your -- it's more than performances than the actual awards and you know speaking of that and just coming in mind. Justin Bieber is -- for a Grammy this year. I don't think so unless it's like four an exotic car award but I don't know I really don't I don't think so not not racist thing. Yes for sure he'd be if he could post more bond but he could make it out to LA for the show what. O'Sullivan who -- performers who days. Do you think they'll have some staying power I mean a couple of years ago where -- was about a Adele Adele -- right now we don't even Scioscia. That's true but of course -- shall when she comes back next year she's going to tour they -- and will no -- again it's just. You don't know I know -- Sharon is up for. On new artist award he's a collaborative lot with Taylor Swift and even now. As a room at her Rhode Island -- is as far as Anderson but it is separate I think he he does rake the beach sometimes too. To do some of the work but he he is very talented so we may see. -- from him. There's going to be a special attribute this year to The Beatles. At the at the grammys and Paul and Ringo Paul McCartney Ringo -- going to be there this is going to be one of the highlights probably -- in -- yes as far as I know that they're both gonna perform but not together and then the next night or something like that they'll perform. Maybe David Letterman will get them on and his status studio work they actually perform for the fiftieth anniversary it surprised me that they haven't received you know you know a legendary award over you know in -- now than any credible very -- you think they would've gotten a lifetime achievement award goes a long time that's -- will he sometimes it's the forest for the trees -- so. In to doing what can we do this year this year but that. Not taking of a look at what is really you know but you know there have been an effective music on on every one and what is at the next night at their. They're going to perform together you know with and I mean I'm not exactly sure it's it's. Unusual that the grammys didn't panic right now Stan and I know David Letterman all next week is going to be doing. Promotion for the fiftieth anniversary so maybe you'll get them he can OK if you can rain anyone -- -- -- was Roger Christian going to be rooting for. You know -- I I like that bush I'd just like -- I like the problem that song I'm not a big fan of the networking and all -- -- up to a with Miley Cyrus but. That son and I and I perform at a lot of parties and weddings and things. That song is an instant song that people get up to dance to and I've not seen that in the last five or maybe ten years of a song that has. That much of -- of -- you know things for people to get up to dance to just incredible and that's kind of good parameters it really is and I mean. -- -- a lot of songs are are popular at the time in the -- sort of fade out but this one is just took. At any time. Mean is that one of the most requested songs were absolutely okay absolutely cool well we'll have to see what happens on Sunday night -- nice of visiting with thanks so much I sure appreciate all your help and I asked him of likened to a month leave but he said no. Only Pamela brown -- only Pamela brochure that is Roger Christian joining us this morning from start when a 2.5 as we get set for the grammys on Sunday night.

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