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Taking New Media Tack

Jan 24, 2014|

Dr. Pamela Brown

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo schools superintendent doctor Pamela Browner joins us now on the WB -- lightly and doctor brown good morning. But aren't doctor brown. A hesitate to say that I would want to scold you but. A school is all about timing. Classes begin at a certain time that we were scheduled to talk with you at exactly 745. And we're doing this and -- you quite late. You said you would be more accessible to the local media and our our job is very very structured again I'm not trying to scold you. But -- we are running a little Lleyton is gonna have to resultant an abbreviation of our interview -- that's ahead. I'd like to ask you. What made you change your mind about your in accessibility to the news media was at the criticism from the media itself. Was it from some members of the school board did members of your staff. Urge you to begin talking with those more frequently. Well again this morning on and I appreciate the opportunity should be on your program I would like. They however that we have been trying to reach you for the last several men though. I didn't want to debate that now. My work is cut and structured as you may have represented it. But as to why now and why I think it's important to increase. Accessibility. In the future -- like payments the district. That. Need people that had been struggling for decades. Many people and that they wanted me to focus on improving graduation -- it's great especially. And there's no doubt that that was a great eat and I came into the fifth pick and that is exactly what I -- I prioritize. And in my mind. I had to vote on the board in our food in the cities of students are. And I've shared some of the result -- -- for a year. -- -- paid off who are increased graduation attendance rate is three college enrollment rate. And I go on and on. I had that you put that -- are now. It is. And at that moment when I hand that away from my work to a greater net. In make myself more accessible to the public and beyond that there's a lot of this information. That is being communicated to the public -- I want to make sure that the public had an opportunity to know clearly. And accurately. What kind of things are going on and I hit it as well let about the progress that the parents. Doctor brown. What about the buyout offer did that have anything to do with this this new kinder gentler you. Absolutely not I can't put that behind me I. I look upon that as. Hopefully an effort. And that was. Being undertaken. With the law and it would benefit the students. It remains at. That optimistic. Perspective on it but again -- -- and -- on the we've seen progress we have a brand new strategic plan -- completely and I and -- and oddly that great that it admitting you turn around and that it did it for those now kept funding. And we thought that they need to move forward. -- a lot has been accomplished over the last year and a half and and I don't want that to be law. On the public. And I want the people Leonard who live work -- talk. You bring that I've read about. Didn't know that -- work is being recognized and certainly that they have -- -- that in partnership with the family. Of the children that we. Doctor brown are you move discouraged in any way above the immediate response you're meeting with the news media yesterday and promises of more accessibility that that's coming a little bit too late. I I am not that terrorists and I'm here with me delete them that I have. Made the plan would be more acceptable to the media I'm hopeful. That. That give me an opportunity to be held. The real hoot about what's going on in our room and I'm hoping that the public will be. Except that -- the -- Tibet and you even at an even greater extent partnering with. So that we can continue. That the progress. Doctor brown you do have a lot of support on the school board. But other members one member in particular has described it was in compliment and dealing. With Buffalo's school problems it's been said to quote you don't have a clue what is wrong with buffalo schools. You've also been criticized. As among the school's leadership by the New York State education commissioner how were you able to deal with -- all the criticism and still do your job. Well I think again as you look at what has been a topic in this district it's such a short period of time during my tenure you look at the progress indicators. And you know all of those things. Certainly. Does that bear witness about statements that have been -- And once again. I know who I am I know what I can do. And then in the field of education over thirty years. I've been at home every where I've work. And I have brought outfield and talent Whitney. To buffalo. And why -- I believe that that progress that we are seeing actual evidence. That I know. The work that I am doing. You're talking to us about progress yet 27000 students are in schools that are low performing. And you said they wanted to clear up some misinformation. What is some of that misinformation. Well some of the -- information for example include. The allegations that. During my opinion to this extent and great difficulty. Getting who turnaround plan a -- Last year we submitted nine -- turnaround plan it was the first time that -- application process what we had a and we had eight -- 09 plants a move that's a pretty high rate of approval of anyone who who. Grant application lighting. That's a pretty high speed -- approval he runs in a competitive. Situation. We were also. Instrumental in clearing up issues. That carried over on the big news here with turnaround plan that had been a little. But there with the need to show evidence that the plans were being implemented. There were. EPO educate the partnership organization contract that needed to be negotiated. We had one. Indicate the partner that had. Stepped away from the table after that plan at difficulty being -- glad you're not via an ethernet and bring them back and and -- carried them to continue to partner. -- -- And though. I certainly would say. That Lee -- pet in great measure that -- In not only getting out the turnaround plan approved and make sure that even though that need of evidence in order to get. The but funding awarded we were able to do that as well. Doctor brown did you expect this rough and tumble ride with members of the school board when you took this job visual. Talk with former school superintendent doctor James Williams about what you might expect when you walked into that office replacing him. You know what that we didn't work I certainly did read shirts. On -- that it happened in the district and some of the performance indicators and the district. I do even considering. Mind for the position. And but I I have never met -- William. I hate. We met at school board members when I came from my first interview. The buffalo. Why didn't have all that background information that and other than what I was able to read and and and learn otherwise. But I have worked in did it any other part of the country I have had the opportunity to see how well board members. Perform their duties and how they interact in and the BI -- many have that the challenges that occur in. Other districts. Sometimes have a similar nature but this was not a complete surprise. To make however I do believe that now it is the time I open all of our intent on working gather at the heat. What the benefit of our -- How many people talk about. How. Global warming millennium park who are -- that should be an even greater. And more compelling. Impotence. Who worked together as a team and want to let the pain vision and complement. What they want but -- -- that they. What's popular with local schools superintendent doctor Pamela brown. Have you treated fairly do you think by the media and others in your time here. Well I would like to think that I have been treated fairly again. I. Certainly feel the need to. Get more accurate information out here to the public. There have been. Allegation made. In the media that have not always reflected the work at a -- -- In the district department that we made and I want to listen the media. In making sure that the public. Yeah. Clear and accurate information. About our schools and about the work that's being done. Doctor brown besides members of the school board. Community and business leaders have criticized. Your abilities. How we handle that are you willing to meet with some of these people to talk about this issue. Absolutely I'm willing to meet with you want with it that it is supporting the work that needs to be done. It continued to improve my school. I hope so you know that the criticism that happened last night against me whether -- Did it leaders are others. Really don't follow that very much on. Are cool. When the progress that our children are making. And are any of these things that we've done to turn our schools around. And so you know I certainly want to address those areas where an anti navy. That the action. About. Who I am well what I'm attempting to do -- -- I think it's important to communicate. With the public. And I would certainly be black who have a question about those things with any individual or group. And really want to come on court and work with -- to achieve that vision of this district which is to provide a world class education for every child. What can we expect from you from here on out. Well I have already. Lost. Cities -- that at least eight that I will be hoping over the next several weeks. On a weekly basis after that time. I think that I will continue to communicate with the President Reagan debate it. I will make my announcement -- sensible and I possibly can't. To the media. But at the same time I. Well you know and Hindi. You'll recognize that my primary responsibility. At depiction of the -- -- public school -- that are that shoot. In our school and and make sure that they're getting a great education. And you know I will not. Diminish the importance. That aspect of my job. Doctor brown I mentioned earlier an hour interview that among the people who have questioned the leadership of the school system here including you. Was the commissioner of education Doctor -- Have you spoken with him recently are you willing to talk with him further. Content certainly I have spoken -- got to keep we got competed that it. We want -- school. When he came to buffalo few weeks ago for the public forum on TV comic coronary and then. I accompany him during that isn't it at this -- and let them about how they were going. In that school. I am in regular communication with. The deputy commissioner. That the commissioner. With other representatives of the state Education Department according. That being the educator doctor beauty Elliott. Is in our victory. Every few weeks or so and I meet with parent and communicate apparently you're not here -- regular communication with representatives of the state Education Department. And we are engaged in. Nanny initially. That have been locked up by the. Doctor brown would like to ask if you wouldn't. Join us -- weekly or monthly basis on the air here and WB -- I would certainly be glad to that's bad or regular schedule to chat with you on your program and evil. To get back -- let you know. What act schedule might VM and work that out -- you. Right doctor brown we thank you very much for joining us this morning we will issue a -- we wish you were great success and if you did sincerely have trouble. I'm making a phone call to us this morning and you couldn't go through as you said please accept our apologies for that. Right thank you so much and can I get -- reminder out to all of our parents to make sure that. Their children are -- already in hula on their way to build that morning I know that our principal -- the teachers I'm looking forward to. Seeing them and having a great day. Doctor brown thank you again. But buffalo schools superintendent doctor Pamela brown.

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