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Keeping the Heat On Through the Cold

Jan 24, 2014|

Reimer GM Joe Catuzza

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and -- this morning is Joseph continues and general manager of rhyme or heating and air conditioning Joseph good morning. More ground how is business these days. Remember. How the way when somebody calls. Are generally if something he has no he would we do our best trying it there's been very. How do you manage to keep up with all these calls do you guys working additional hours just keep up. Yet they are done. Or are we actually prioritizing as well you know people that. Some people have noises too happy you know that there can be put up a little bit. I was happy that we're trying to do people have absolutely no he. You know every once in awhile someone might call and have a complaint about no heat. But do you ever give advice over the telephone. Or maybe a customer might be able to solve their own problem -- it sounds and it just sounds that radio. Yeah we try to do some little things over the phone that you know. Things like not -- filters are the better Internet thermostat. Turn the power on and off does that make sure that you reset the circuit boards are now -- promises just to make sure that it's not something simple. Is the weather taking its whole mainly on older furnaces are you having issues with some idea high efficiency furnaces to. I really -- albums Susan. They're really doesn't matter there's no matter what time this furnaces on all of our aim at its. You know whether it's day or night you know we have staff that are there nights weekends nights holidays there's always somebody on. Joseph you mentioned batteries and thermostats and you mentioned to filters. Overall what would you say is the most common problem that you deal with when you do get to somebody's house. And it's they've really does their -- but right now at this time it's it's really the hot water Oilers. You know in the dumpsters that this slow. Generally the boilers just can't keep up. We're finding ourselves -- are not. Really great and I'm pitchers some boiler system a little bit more out. Yet as opposed to love forced -- from the -- Exactly. Now when you when you talk about their thermostats and and furnaces. What's the most or what is the I guess best optimum temperature to be setting your thermostat at with this type of cold. Well against us called I generally -- assuming you leave you Wear comfortable 6870. But I don't recommend that this crop there are a lot of people it's a proper permits nine. You know remain drop at dollars sixty degree murder I don't recommend he go out low and 65 that puts me in expressing what -- constantly having. Is it better than just to keep it at a steady temperature. One attempt to avoid that yeah I -- stopped when a man. You know we get this cold snap. You know also if you don't know any thing about working on your furniture except for maybe change in that filter. It's best to call a professional right so where are sort. Hey Joseph we're glad you could join us this morning I know you're gonna have. It doesn't look like you're gonna get a break anytime soon but but we appreciate the time. This joke it is a general manager at rhyme or heating and air conditioning.