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Current Cold Continues

Jan 24, 2014|

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Straight now under the national weather service of buffalo airport and meteorologist Bob Hamilton -- -- Bob morning -- we're getting into the old friends here on the you're very popular guy in your neighborhood and everybody asking mr. weatherman. Hala just gonna go on. Well -- about the cold weather looks like it's going to go along for a foreseeable future anyway I mean we got some real interesting weather coming up during the course of the weekend. Mainly due to the winds are gonna be over the area -- wind gusts could be 4550 miles an hour earlier today and tonight. And then again Sunday night so we got a couple of big wind event common along not a lot of smell that -- temperatures remaining well below normal. But there's just enough snow is seems this morning. To make for Canada a miserable right hand. When the temperature of those where you get that greasy kind of smell and then the fact -- assault both of help. That the temperature doesn't make it any easier. I noticed you mentioned in the weekend forecast not a lot of snow. About to change from what we've heard yesterday. What we have a winter weather advisory up for you know an interest so -- note tonight and a couple of -- this note tomorrow and then another injures so tomorrow night. So if you were added -- the course of several Asia you might be looking at 678 engine is still in the buffalo area but girly looking at a couple of inches each day. You get nickel and dime but the thing is you're gonna get -- of you know thirty to as high -- fifty miles an hour according get a lot of blowing and reduced visibility because of that so it's going to make things early Nancy but you're not policy. Sure global -- smell that were made trips. Bob what a windchill values. Which -- morning ten to fifteen below and because the winds are going to be. It's picking up during the course of today. That'll all that the temperatures are Arctic on a climb towards twenties so. Temperatures and wind chills today or or the combined there are temperatures and winds rather give -- wind chills. Below zero for a way out today and extending through tonight. And what kind of wind gusts did you say we may be in for. The wind gusts later today and tonight could gust up over 45 miles an hour across the higher terrain in the southern tier you're looking at close to warning criteria 5055. Miles an hour not the question. And no break next week with this cold is there. Both looked like temperature of an -- you know pretty much what we've had the past week or so you're looking at. High temperatures. You know 1015 degrees -- good day. Low temperatures at night you know around the zero or within a few degrees of zero. And we're because if you look back at the past. Three months if you look at November December and so far in January. We've been at least. Two degrees below normal each month that we haven't done that since the winner is 76 from the -- While -- thank you really have to already. Meteorologist Bob Hamilton of the buffalo where for weather station.

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