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1-23 Tom Bauerle Hour 4

Jan 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You -- about quit. So. You think you toward Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous it's -- -- on all -- by the tees up so that's good cue. Boom. That is he Wimbledon pain about charity and good will shepherds the weak during the value are it's what he is. This keeper. And there but lost to. And I watched the look he would rate. India holds to attempt to. This -- And the law. And upload. I'd like you you have loans. I'd like loans. And sentences. -- -- -- -- -- That was an American. Palin he. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right -- IE. -- Perot assault weapon. -- tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. No Governor Cuomo you have no place in the governor's mansion. You have no place representing all the people of New York State. You belong -- in Democrat national headquarters or probably Communist Party USA headquarters. User. And you're ill. Who I am to be so in news. Who -- -- sports. Who say -- and on the back of yours who. You. Are a fraud. A phone. You talk a good game about inclusiveness. In fact server. You have told 13 of the population. Of the state of which you're supposed to be governor of all the people. -- united church including by the way. Most. Of the share tips of the counties. Of this stick. Now I know you've heard me say these things before this is not French. You noticed fresh. My laundry. Marine. Smells like clean but. What I was going to set the news. The first part of the program today is on April 1. There's going to be around in Albany it's Tuesday. It'll be a Tuesday April 1. 2014. The rally originally was scheduled by. People opposed to scroll our people opposed to scope. Not. Well. People opposed to analyze it. And I every time I say NY safe folks please understand. I put a finger asterisk around there. Because you know and I know that NY safe is bull. And as I pointed out on more occasions and I cared even were call. Criminal justice statistics. Compiled by the FBI. And if you don't know the FBI is a branch of the Department of Justice. Which is under the control of the law breaking Eric Holder. Which is under the control of the law breaking Barack Obama. The FBI criminal statistics show. More. People in America in 2011 the last year for which we have data. More people were beaten today. Then were killed with the so -- Assault. Weapons. Which so loose dealer. Governor Andrew Cuomo. And his kiss -- brass. Of the New York State believes. And his acolytes in local police department some movement even around year. Freedom folks. Is not something that just comes automatically. Freedom is something that must be guarded by every generation. As a mother guards her children. As a mother bigger guards your cups. As the sabres guard right and from. 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB yeah. Those are the phone numbers my question two of them actually. Our -- a waste of time or do they serve a purpose. Now I believe you'd be deluded to think. And that's -- -- not dilute. I think you'd be deluded to believe that Andrew Cuomo is gonna change his mind. Because of a rally. He won't. I think that you would be. Lying to yourself. If you believe that -- liberal Communists are going to change their minds. Because of a rally. But. The beautiful part about a rally. Especially the one on February 28. Which I got a little something to do with anyway at least in this part of the state -- with a whole lot of other people. Just. I'd like to think that. Governor Cuomo had changes undies -- few days that there's a few times that the -- Governor Cuomo folks. And believe it or not I happen to. Know a little bit about this man. And how we think -- operates. He is in a state of apt complex. Over the fact that and why it's safe. News studio. Being talked to. By those of us west of the Hudson. He cannot leave. That this issue is still burn. It is burning. Like the breaking wind and blazing saddles it is still. A mushroom cloud. For Andrew Cuomo. Amongst those of us who not only support the constitution and the Second Amendment. But who support. The rights. Of unborn citizens. Those of us who. Are truly. Inclusive. Of everybody. He is beside himself. And he is freaking out. I've told you on many occasions. This man is truly unstable. -- -- -- player once again is infamous speech. Part of it in support of NY say. This is not the inflection. Of irrational man. This is the screw reaching. Cacophony. Of a dude. Who is out of touch with reality. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No. Yes it did have. The man has some kind of a bizarre messiah complex which even I don't profess to understand is I didn't go to medical school. But. He's losing. And he is in mortal finger. For his reelection. And you can expect Governor Cuomo. To attack. His enemies and his perceived enemies. With a renewed dedication to their destruction. The closer Donald Trump gets. To announcing his candidacy. And I would just like to offer some advice to Donald Trump. Please have whatever air transport you use including your personal helicopters. Your private jets. I think you should have them guarded around the clock by people you trust. Why. Because I put nothing past Andrew Cuomo. Because Andrew Cuomo fundamentally. And please don't take this as an insult against Italian Americans because I am an honorary pies done. Andrew Cuomo fundamentally wants to carry that ball across the goal line that his father was never able to do. And become the first Italian American president. If he is defeated. As his father Wallace. That goal becomes ever more elusive. Remember one Michael Corleone they said to his dad will get their pop. We'll get better. That's Andrew Cuomo. He was the guy who was supposed to do. And the fact that he news. Possibly. Going to face a well -- Well financed candidate whose human foibles and whose sexual -- bid and business are pretty well out. Named Donald -- Has Governor Cuomo in his state of -- Make no mistake folks. I know this man. I know how he thinks I know how people like Andrew Cuomo operate. Why. Study by history. I've studied my Shakespeare. And yes I've studied my Bible. Not a Christian but if you believe that there are not great historical lessons in the Bible. You're really missing out on some fascinating fellows. Mike King David and you're right yeah the hittite. All right let's. Get the traffic right now here is mr. Allen Harris. And AccuWeather. Called. Will be down to two tonight right on nine degrees real -- is -- about. Which frankly feels war that you find that quote from The Sopranos yet Joseph pine barons the Russian guy. Are you -- a chance to look because it is so insistent on the other audio. The non English version that's helpful all right let's go to Harold -- berg. -- these rallies you believe serve a purpose and do you believe -- I believe that we need to reach out to classic American liberals I'm not talking about. The Communists the progressives. I'm talking about liberals. Of this -- Of do you -- launch who. Was a liberal but he understood what was to be an American I believe the more diverse we are in this rally. The better we are going to present ourselves. Absolutely. Every constitution. Loving New Yorkers. Should be invited. And encouraged to call I I sure hope you. Participate in the rally. Did you know because it is bigger than just Second Amendment issue which is in itself you. I want to be here again -- -- -- and I don't mean to repeat myself. If in any way shape or form I believe my presence or participation could be used to hurt the cause. It is best for the callers that I do not attempt. It -- -- have to be a judgment call that I will make at the time. And I hope we understand it's not out of coward cowardice it's because I know. How people work who were like Andrew Cuomo. They are they they never works effecting a guy like Tom -- But they're gonna come against you regardless because of the stands today. And do I -- in the least how -- intimidated. You know like. Two reasons among men. And I have faith. That's great that's great why I do hope that. That it is bigger than me. The previous three LE I think you know the the pro life thing is huge. I personally. Also. I don't consider myself anti gay I think god loves every 1. But I am pro traditional marriage and you know I think the governor is a complete tired. I agree with you on the second point. And as I said yesterday to my fellow conservatives who were more of the and please don't -- them this respecting you who were more the moral majority type of conservatives. There is room. For all of us under the tent of conservatism. And a love of liberty. I respect your views I also respect my own views. And I just think we've got to stop cannibalizing. Each other because we're never gonna agree on everything Rus Thompson for example. Does not agree with my views on equal marriage. That does not mean Ross and I need to fight it out in the streets. Because we don't. We have to stop cannibalizing ourselves on every little issue. And simply say first of all let's deal with restoring a constitutional. Republic. Anything else earlier after a jump holed a long time. As well and and from a from a biblical perspective. He who sows discord. Is the greater sinner than that all the rats and that's exactly what this governor has done for the people of this state and he should be removed. My friend. -- I am not a Christian I have tried to follow a lot of the words of Jesus. In this current situation in which I've found myself. I prayed. -- -- positive vibes. Toward my enemies. And I refused to let my heart be filled with bitterness. The progressive Communists have never run into a man like me. Thank you very much for the call. Very good thank you thank you. 627. -- news radio 930 WB. But I happened to. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. -- of the Margaret. So. You think you toward Iraq seventeen. The -- of the righteous it's -- that -- all sides by the tees up so that's good cue. Boom. That if he -- in pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak during the about it but he is. -- -- and there aren't there but lost to. And then doubles down -- the -- with great. Benefit. India holds to attempt -- more than just broad. -- The law. -- -- You -- Right. 634 there's -- -- very WB EM hourly other radio. Eight Thursday at and amp. People have been asking me -- there. Route one -- of the bad music bump Thursday and my answer is the same songs people kept suggesting over and over. Hand. How many times can -- do. That night Chicago died how many times and I do the captain and the deal must screen well. How many times can I play have a -- You -- Show how much you loved her I how many times gonna play those songs I mean I find them the president -- it. So I've chosen through -- temporarily suspended. Unless you guys come up with and songs that I can actually today. That may not be it repeats of -- of stuff that does not inspire me to begin. You do know that when I was a little boy because everybody in my grandparents' house was older. But used the thing that is I got older I would -- German accent just like all the crowds did my grandmother's house. But now I'd be talking like this as the equipment pulpit that does that or people felt like. How many c'mon how many people at the same spot on the and those that view curl up well with a budget buys. Does it did you grow up in -- yeah. How many have you thought that when you were 506070. That you sound like your grandparents. You'd speak English but with -- accent. I can't be the only one. Yes -- you're the only one. All righty then wouldn't be the first time I've been unique in charmingly eccentric. Right up by the way excuse my cough -- cold I got. For which I missed work last week. Has done what it did my daughter -- moved down into my chest it's started out in my sinuses. I was worried it was gonna go to laryngitis it didn't do that but when it's done is it's going into my chest and I never schools. If it starts getting bad -- Whittle. Seek immediate antibiotics. And talking. Archer. I might go to one of those quick -- places like my daughter did on Saturday. And as I've said before. Those views simply cannot resist. Taking shots and be haters be careful what you write the second document when I say it. And and -- people. 637 at WB yeah now. Guilty of that let's be friendly tell me again why so. They're gonna ever rally -- scope. Shooters committee a political education and other folks. In Albany on April 1. It is my hope. That could mean this anymore. That week. The people. And the people who gamble -- all still believe in freedom. Who still all have. Funders in our heart for liberty. Who understand that the brains which crafted to. Our constitution. And our declaration of independence and its signatories. There those ideas still means something. And look I wasn't born yesterday. And let's face the constitution. Was written by a bunch of white men. And it had. Obviously. Some things in it that. Should have been done differently viewed through the prism of today should have been done different. And frankly through the prism of some brilliant people back that should have been done different. And it probably would have been -- more circumspect document had been more inclusive not just of black people. But also of women. Because I think we can all learn something from every body. Now. I mentioned earlier classic American liberalism. And I don't even know of my grandfather news. But I'm holding in my hand. His severed head. Now holding and I gotta be careful when I joke like that because at this point people are likely to take me seriously. No it really as it's -- that but it's a plaque that he used to keep down steers in his downstairs after. And you know what my grandfather. It was a wealthy man. He came up from nothing. But. Absolutely. Nothing. And he made something of himself in America. Through hard work dedication to his employer. And -- with -- investments. I would also point out that between he and his grandmother. Everything you earned. Went to a nursing home. What's up. Dumb ass for not properly planning his financial future with an attorney who specializes in estate planning. All like curses sold Tuesday believe. But anyway I'm just a greedy little in great but there was something that he had posted on his bathroom wall. And I used to read this as a younger man 101112. Years old. And I didn't quite grasp. The significance. But I knew what was important because it always respected my grandfather's brain. My grandfather hourly was a Smart man. He was an American. Like you wouldn't believe. In May also point out that when he was a little boy. He got into a lot of fights during World War I. Because he was alive then he was a boy during World War I. His last name was hourly a German name. And during the first world war. Being German. And being able to speak German. Was about as popular as they pork sandwich at a rabbis. In other words not -- Now -- said something I say yeah well I used to data rabbi's daughter so you don't win on that front either sorry. Anyway it. He also went through hell and had his home vandalized. As did a lot of German Americans. During the second world. And the tragedy was. My grandparents. The ball -- Both my grandfather. And my grandmother who were wrecked in my grandmother was right off. The boat from Germany. They couldn't have been more anti Hitler. They despise. What -- -- he stood for. Today despise. What are all Hitler was doing to human liberties and human rights in Germany. -- is absolutely room bio. In the Bauerle household during World War II yet. The Bauer -- were discriminated against as were a lot of German Americans. Because of the German -- I'll. Now I should also point out that because they didn't have about -- the eyes. The US government didn't throw the German Americans into internment camps. As the United States government did with Japanese Americans. One of the most disgusting chapters in American history. -- talked about that earlier this week. But my grandfather had something in his basement as a proud American. And I want to read it to you as I do once or twice every year and it doesn't take long. And here is the irony usually just say this for last but I've got to tell you there's upfront. The person who wrote this. Was a liberal. My grandfather. Was in no way shape or form a liberal. He would be rolling over in his grave if he -- But I support equality. With marriage. With homosexuals. He would be rolling over in his grave if he know where I went in Jamaica on vacation. Without clothes. But he was in America. Not a liberal the person who wrote this was an American liberal. But he was an American. I do not choose. Wrote dean all bonds. My creed. I do not choose. To be a common. It is my rights. To be uncommon. If I care. -- Seek. Opportunity not security. IA. Do not wish to be kept citizen humbled. And dole. By having the state. Look after. I want to take the calculated Boris. To dream. To built. To fail. And to succeed. I refuse to -- Incentive. For a bowl. I prefer the challenges. Of life. To the guaranteed. In its sixth. I prefer the thrill of both element to the -- home of you'd hope. How will not trade freedom. For beneficent it's. Nor my dignity. For a handout. I will never however. Before any master. Nor bend it to any threat. It is by heritage. To stand erect. Crowd. And unafraid. To think. And act. For myself. Enjoy the benefit. Of my creations. And to face the world. Old. And say this. I have done. All of its. Is what it means. To be. An America. When I was a little boy. Reading this. In my grandfather's bathroom. When I really liked about it was the minutemen patriot in the upper left of this plaque. I like the way it looked. And I knew that it was significant to my grandfather a man whose intellect I always respected. It must be important. The older -- become -- -- this before. The more I understood its significance. And the more I add them. Exactly. How vitally important. These sentiments far. For any of us who consider ourselves to be. Patriots. Who consider ourselves to be. Americans. Who understands. The risks taken by those who founded this country. They pledged there wives. Their sacred honor and their fortunes. In signing a declaration. Telling the British monarchy. To screw itself. I understand. This. More. Now. They'll ever have before. And some people in recent days has said Tom. Where are you finding this strengths. First of all I don't think I'm terribly remarkable. I think remarkable as a five year old at Roswell. We're Children's Hospital fighting for his or her life. What I find remarkable news. A man in a foxhole. Or forward operating base in Afghanistan -- is he -- family and two damn years. -- would any moment could face a mortar attack from Taliban. And yet does his job without bitching and whining complaining dispatching or cry. That's what I find remarkable. This plaque and the words contained on it. Were written by a liberal. Ladies and gentlemen. I wanna tell you -- And it's important to understand there's. In this is where some -- you're gonna take me the wrong way. But if you heard my preamble to all service. You must give me the benefit of the doubt. And please don't jump to a conclusion. There is a world of difference. Between the liberals. Of this era. And the progressive. Communists. Of today. The liberals of this error. Which the author of what I just read dean offline -- They understood. What it was to be an American. There was no quibbling about the bill of rights. There was no second guessing the founding fathers. And the second amendments. Or the power residing in the hands of the people. Or the fact that our constitution. In particular the bill of rights the first ten amendments simply put into words what -- natural rights we all have by virtue of being born. Whether you believe it is a scientific lottery. Whether you believe in a creator hell even if you believe were alien -- -- far. There was no doubt. -- -- That we all inherit certain rights. Because we're human beings. Now. Sadly. Those liberals. Are far and few between. I find a lot in common. With mr. Dino -- you got a long time ago. He was a liberal. Was in a progressive. He wasn't a Communist. He was an American. Those kinds of liberals I would welcome. In any ideological foxhole we inhabit. And I hope that those kinds of liberals join us in Albany. On April 1 24 team. Because. I believe we need to present a united front as Americans. And display a diverse group. In terms of gender. Orientation. Political views as long as you believe in freedom. I will hold your hand happily. I need to break. I'm way overdue. It's -- girlfriend once said to me and I. Immediately change my blood type 651 -- WB. And gentlemen. There I have tried to date to be concise. I've tried today to leave some threads together. With concise language. And with -- parents. Because these issues are very important to and they should be important to you. Okay. Now. Realized that. Life is better with variety. Insert hedonism two joke here but I'm thinking of maybe lightening it up tomorrow. However we shall say. What tomorrow brings. Folks. I will never ever be able to express my appreciation for that bond that we have it means so much to me. Thank you for listening to like what I do please spread about leeward all of your friends and FaceBook. And let's make this a national. Loved that surely. Thanks to Joseph -- thanks to John Sherman. Even they want now to follow. No yourself.

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