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1-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is but hardly -- news radio 930 WB ENN met. Man -- somebody asked me hey problem. You still plan on introducing a rival from Sweden at the Riviera theatre on Saturday. Why in the hell wouldn't -- How words wrong. And I don't care every single person in the theater -- -- -- laden. I made a promise that I would do it and I'm still one that I will do. Howard's run I step up to not do it would be cowardice. I'd be honored to introduce these people. A rival from Sweden by the way and it looked at a Riviera. Full disclosure that theater. My Brothers plot my brother works here that are on where he is one of our top but salespeople. He's got a great got to sell me but. My Brothers my -- up. I'm sorry that's just got a funny to me but anyway the Riviera theatre. A rival from Sweden is this Saturday night. And I know that there'd been some discussion of by introducing a rival from Sweden. Before they start play. And if I'm still want to hit it look I understand if they don't want -- I understand that. Look I don't wanna be a distraction. I honestly don't. But if I'm not on stage introducing these people it will be because IA backed out. And I totally respect the Riviera they say Tom your little too controversial right now maybe it's not a good idea. That's their call they've got a business to and respect. But I'm going to be there and I plan on introducing him. You have to understand folks that's part of my kodama. I'm sick of men were men and obstacle women who were women. I'll liberties or is -- anyway. It is a twelve minutes after five WV a -- sure argue that used to the stupid jokes already. All we care you're already like. Should -- throw in the big -- She just adds an edge to. It's a joke ever master control. And John Sherman is or call screener and we'd have by the way. A weather statement from the buffalo office of the National Weather Service -- review. A winter weather advisory is in effect from 2 o'clock tomorrow. Until 7 o'clock Saturday. A win and -- all advisories. Even with all that means advisory. I'm advising you it's cold out. -- windchill advisory from 10 PM this evening until noon on Friday. And basically were also gonna get some as well. I know that might be unusual it's January it's western new York and began to slow. Some snow and it is blowing snow degree to four inches localized amounts up to six inches possible Russian talk well. And -- August counties. So be advised all also be advised if you feel safe and -- and if you dress warmly far it. For goodness sake of fun. My goodness you live like -- -- Now a couple of things that I wanna talk about. On WB -- now keep in mind I could do I can leverage oh I've ever gone without taking phone calls but not nearly as fun. Usually -- sometimes it is but. A couple of questions I have for your number one. Do you plan. On going to the rally in Albany. On April 1 and I know that's a long way away. It sneaks up on. It'll be a Tuesday. Now I'm getting a lot of angry email from people and for a change -- not chastising. They're angry that again. The people of scope. And the movement are doing your rally on -- work there. And I understand the frustration. Because for most of you it means taking a day off of work. Using a vacation today and going to Albany. I understand your frustration. I cannot say that I disagree. But the other side of it. Is the legislature will be in session. So there it's six of one half dozen of another. But if you think that I go to attack my friends. Who have stood behind me. Like Rus Thompson. Or the shooters committee on political education I'm not going to. All right in -- not because I feel I owed them it's just because. Part of the code of honor involves some degree of loyalty. And I'm not gonna get into urinating match over a date of morale counterproductive. It's like what -- I went to work things. -- that I -- very good friends. Something stupid happens and I think we both -- knowledge it was stupid. And we had a falling out. And it hurt me because I like rugs. You know while like -- -- You know I like -- Because what I would -- routes would be something like that it's an IQ. You have bones. I'd like owners and that's why I like -- Long story short. When I received the award for media excellence from the shooters committee on political education. I wanted to make it real clear. That I was only accepting it on behalf of the movement. Against NYC it. It was not about me. It was about people like Ross Thompson. And Carl Paladino. It was about people like David -- of the year. And a guy who's a real big fan of mine's sandy beach. There it was about that. He was about all of us unified. Against. NY state. And -- being a man. He understood it. He understood that when I said that. That was my way of saying you know what. This quarreled we've had is stupid. Let's put an end to it. And let's be men. And Ross is a man. And so was Carl Paladino. For all of the great. That I had to give him during the campaign the -- lot of you guys off. Carl gives me hugs. Mentally hugs when I see him. And I'm kind of honored that. During some very dark moments. When I checked my cell phone. I got messages from Carl Paladino saying anything you need. That's a man. That's a man. Now. That being sent. Today is April 1 it's not going to change. Now I plan on being there but I have to put the asterisk next to. If in any way shape or form my appearance at the rally. Is a distraction. Or could be used by the opposition. I will -- ago. I will not -- -- Raw -- To slander you guys. I won't do I don't need the publicity. More importantly. I don't want to do anything. That in any way shape or form. We're hurt the campaign against and why say it. And folks some recent actions I have undertaken. Were designed with that in mind I cannot say more. I just want you to know I wanna be there I plan on being better. Unless. It could be used as a negative for all of you guys in which case I won't be. Not out of fear about myself mind you. But because I know how the opposition works. I know how vindictive they are. I know how unscrupulous. They are. And I know how they could use me. To slander you. I'm a big boy stuff goes off me like water off of ducked back. And I thank the creator and I told you this before. That everything that happened to me is happening to a man who can take it. In not to some 28 year old who's just getting started who probably would off themselves. I'm a big boy. And I'll speak metaphorically. The think the first time I've got to go on the mind. Not to disappoint your ego Ringo. -- I believe that's from pulp fiction the ending diversity. So up. Do the rallies do any good. Let me suggest you they don't hurt. I think a rally here here's here's what I'd like -- state. Not only those of us who are against and why say. The -- name and -- But those of us of all political stripes. Who object. To a governor. Slandering. And calling. A third of the state. Which he has decided. Needs to get out of town get out of his state. This is like the the wild west folks. How many of you are familiar with the old cattle wars used yeah. How many and how -- if you're familiar with the old. Vigilante. Squads they used to have. -- -- get -- better example and please understand this is in no way shape report meant to demean those you view of Italian background. The black hands society. You either do this or we chased you out of town with a bomb or -- This is the same kind of stuff. Just in a different time and with a better suit. Is a rally the way to go real UB either. 8030 my thirtieth -- number 803 on I'm thirty. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB EN I've got some other stuff as well also you're not. -- let -- get to the calls are rallies a waste of time. Or do they serve any purpose do you plan and go. And one other question that is kind of related but it makes cents. I wanna hear from both of you who. Moved to Florida. -- Move to taxes or you have friends or family who did. And they can't wait to get back to New York State. I hate to admit it. I was one of those people. That officially does make me crazy. I heard birdie Holland on WB and Bernie you're on hello. -- Oh railways and Albany. No we did what we had to do and the object -- the rail is crucial force in. Shall Governor Cuomo how many people. Care and we did. And nothing happened. Oh might well ask him. Our -- that nothing happened and Alter your wife. Governor Cuomo. My understanding years. He is freaking out. It's happening baby. Because he wasn't expecting people to remember and -- say. This thing is on the him like an infected here -- on his butt cheek. I realize that the way is it probably bothers him but he's too and are suspected. To change its mind. One hand he's too stubborn Chilean -- on the other hand I'm sure bothers them. That that we don't go along. But I think you be more. Do more equipped to take all this enthusiasm. And save it for. The polling day. What is what I'm well because he's already are boys and happened on anything the next thing is he just ask the people out. What my idea we're -- combined and again this does not have the approval of scope I don't speak for scope I don't speak for Ross but. Of turning this not. And to an anti analyzed safe rally. But a rally of all New Yorkers eight diverse group of people who object to a governor. Demonizing a third of the population. There historically have been other regimes which have done such a thing. Need I start to name them. Well it will be great but again he doesn't seem to listen to masses. Like you say he's like a cockroach won a light comes on he's nowhere to be found. One everybody shows up. And I think if you're gonna take it day off and not that I'm discouraging going to the rally certainly. Do whatever you put. But if you're gonna take -- -- -- -- to go gorilla I would say that day. And I'm voting date volunteered to drive people to the polls or get people. I'm mask so be it at -- from polling areas maybe even upstate New York. Well you know the best part about driving older folks to the polls is when they're not looking it's easy region of their purses and give their wallets so -- -- So I -- would. I thank you for understanding that was humor not be taken seriously. OK so you think that. The rallies are well intended it but ultimately. Do not serve a purpose because nothing is going to change. Well it -- first that you try to rally. You try to yo what what the people -- but when default and that appears that you have to go to a different plan than he has to go one step further. And I think you know the railways have already been done like this that I went double problem. But I think it's time now to get a little more. -- serious about getting him out of office is using that enthusiasm. My my friend if you have more to say I -- -- I don't mean to give you short trip -- you've got more to say up which on hold 8030930. Now a lot of people wanna get inaudible open up fault lines of two and a half hours of monologue and 803 on my thirtieth WB yen it because I like to hear myself talk is just that. So and so brilliant I often can't help myself. It's. That would be in Libya in America is all about ladies and gentlemen and a unfortunately too many of my fellow countryman and country women have forgotten that. And and we have and it. Look guys I don't play -- be a tough yeah. It's yeah. Now I've. Made it to. But I'm a strong man. And you're stronger than you know you're. When the chips are down. In every day. Seemingly every body is going against you. You have damn well better have the inner strength in the inner resources. Upon which to draw. To sustain your. As well as a support system. A genuine friends. In whom. You can trust. And who believe. In what you say. And who have no reason to doubt your veracity because of your history of truth. Think of the Americans at valley forge in whether likeness. -- Were tough guys. -- I'm just a pain in the years. Let's get back to -- Did we lose by other call herald and -- The other guy on a promise he was at a very bird guide. Well I like very iceberg. It begins with the letter -- -- Which is also the first. Letter of one of my. Favorite things in the whole wide world. But Hebert here's rich. -- -- -- ball on WB and hello rich will get the very Bergen mall. I want other gulf anyway what's gonna let them. Well -- -- talk about -- cleared -- caller call in your question me your weather out factor and also obviously the question of rallied following a weekday. -- well first you -- it like this there's an added bonus here the people first is that also want to pay. -- and that's -- in the budget there has to be signed nor would there are some pomp and circumstance of paper it the order or they always do. Where people over and that means. -- mr. Palmer cutie and indeed there has to be in Albany -- first to route he didn't get to see it. Intentionally. Created we are. No he's account. Just like I said on -- if you. Can listen the broadcasts I did a -- were 28 president interview with John second Susan rose at 6:50 in the morning. And by the way -- like certain CBS reporters I can name who phone in an interview. From Cleveland during the -- Castro story I literally got like -- out of bed. Walked down to the rally site so I would not lie to my audience and say I was somewhere I wasn't. And I called Andrew Cuomo a coward that there. Yes yes you -- well he has always backed me at that apartment by a socialist like this latest comment -- else. -- they just happen that Tuesday because there's all this year's budget so you know look at that we Boris on the message. We know work and because she is terrified he's cracking. Are you know he's wrong he knows he doesn't have the majority of people aren't when he got 52 -- to tell -- Voting telling Albany to repeal this much damage. All law enforcement across state and the guys cracked you know everything what -- receive some political intrigue and sure. Are but this is the big important one to Peter you know it's it's gonna work but -- the long haul in what you're -- capital. And I didn't. Volunteer my time to send my bosses collectively between two rallies are pure wished you a lot of things personally taking the time to do that are. Because it was human capital or not. Article long -- there and hopefully will be doing it again. Don't know yet at a meeting tomorrow. So -- -- ask rich with all due respect -- are are you part of the -- federation sportsman's club's. Or. And may I thank you for the nice words you gave me even though model hunter thank you. Well certainly if you oracle or banquet this year doron and enjoy it I'm sure generic you pair could make -- could -- our. March this year. Do you don't line demand being at the moon during and I guess that's fine. Her. You're damn right I am in my Brothers and my sisters who were sons and daughters of liberty. You guys warned the back in feb and march of 2013. And I kind of laughed that off my eyes and I'm a big boy I can take it. And that's as far as I wanna go right now you were right. I'm still -- It and it's you know this is important and it also keeps them aren't shared goal in -- if we don't show up in the numbers that we care and sure. Are you -- -- or -- shall take the attitude that there will open for which was first in our last caller loose. You're also a passenger on the bosses and stood up for his rights and stood up verbally also writes for that supreme that they are open. They outlast -- to -- certainly got a majority in the assembly. And you know right now in the senate even if they could get something passed it wouldn't stay in the gulf right so. You know we know it's gonna go to the court making just sit there and do nothing and -- -- to get frustrated which are martial law -- -- -- -- -- I'm aren't -- actually light but it sure surprises still -- we -- that's still what we still becoming a bigger issue record. Well it and you know what a rich I don't want a muddy the waters here but I I happen to thank. That it's very important. That we eat on April 1 when I say week. Do you understand what I mean when I say if my appearance at the rally could be used to discredit the rally. It's best that I don't go you know from where I'm coming wanna say that. I certainly do you know we've got a lot of offense. That really you know didn't get the -- coverage that normally would get the crush of virtual lover provincial civil war has not changed the course and -- magnitude much DR. We're not getting our first option you're standing now what they used to be used against. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they are going to use me. As a poster child for word. -- -- -- -- People who shouldn't oval own guns because suddenly at the age of 58 developmental issues. I don't wanna put the rally. Or our side in jeopardy. OK with this year I'm not I I can't do that that would. I won't do that to the to the movement I'll take the hit I'm a big boy you're better off without me. Sure I I totally understand that just -- lists that this is not about cones and ownership norms is about our rights. And -- -- that currently a -- his -- so too many people disagree on it recital political -- That's our -- believe in god -- your country and respect the constitution. While what she did during the state -- at the store was eliminate everybody first amendment rights to petition their their representatives to vote. Four or text. -- eliminate. Waste from in order triple on the -- Before the -- 68. And fourteen. -- one more the first. The First Amendment yes. By the way I don't wanna thank you guys supported vehemently in his reelection campaign. Sure Tim Howard were reaching out to me oh wait a minute -- -- he hasn't been to -- -- Anyway I wish you success. In putting -- rally together. And I hope that we can -- it out because. This must go might happen. Beyond those of us who respect the Second Amendment. I think this needs to go to the core of what it means to be an American that we will not tolerate. A Manhattan Mussolini's. Telling a third of the state including by the way most of the sheriff's of this state. To get the hell out of dodge because they are extremist conservatives and there's no place for them in New York State and dammit all. I may be a hedonism two elevenths -- resort -- person but I believe life begins at the moment of conception. I believe we have murdered millions of human beings in America since Roe vs. Wade and I am not gonna shut up about that either. You know that your right so to speak out -- that and there shouldn't be trying to lot of expediency. Deny the rights of every. Are currently the top political terms of one side of the -- That's the biggest this year -- You know sort of up in arms as well our rights as American citizens and -- the government should not prosecute your topic for. During the laws that are in violation. In this attack it or not just federal constitution but your state civil action while indeed and I. I -- are brought that up and I and I know your regular listener but I do bring that up on a regular basis that Cuomo is NY -- supported by the way by the horrors of the brass of the New York State Police and that's what they are. Violates New York State's. Own a civil rights laws. And all the school in New York State hopefully sooner and civil rights. Well outstanding anarchy of the good work general ordered to take it at all think that it does not -- work. Respective remorseful -- it okay nonetheless. For and so. Or is this -- our rights -- arms are. Amen amen amen amen odd in and night to him amen I think you. I think corporate but I know it's so interest in two and I mentioned this the other today. How many Martin Luther King days of we had since Ronald Reagan enacted Martin Luther King Day back in the 1980s. I was so inspired. This year. -- were counting that crap they put Martin Luther King through. When he. Was demonized. And marginalized. Lied about vilified. Crucified. In pilloried. And my respect for that man. A perfect man. None of us are. But. Martin Luther King -- made. It was something very special to me this year. And I sent many a prayer or positive energy. To his spirit. On Monday. There's a great. -- great American. With polls of us. 546 at W media. Anyway let's get back to the calls now let's go to varies berg. And one of the great names from history and a tremendous source of inspiration to me the name is Harold. And Harold is calling from varies berg. Harold do you understand why your name herald is such a source of inspiration to me. May I tell you why did. OK there was a gentleman who took control of England following the death of Edward the compressor. And his name was herald's. And it heralded. Kicked the crap. Out of vikings in a -- invaders. At the battle of Stamford Bridge when. The Stamford bridge and absolutely destroyed the vikings and by the way his own trader -- Brothers. Then he got news that king William. Or do William of Normandy one of the throne of England and king -- reversed course march self. And unfortunately. Died in the battle of Hastings and that lost. The -- -- lost the Anglo Saxon crown to the Norman's but king -- was a brave great man anyway. Europe WB and herald a -- over. Well thank you and I too would like to die for a noble. But I've been listening interest seventeen years and I -- And the and the Gaza. Inside safer -- I go back I -- But he's small and red green -- yap at budget time and I cannot Tea Party guy. But. And I agree with you that this is bigger than Second Amendment I think it's. It's absolutely. Unconscious. Unconscionable that the governor would. Speak to so many of the citizens of the state. Was such disdain and disrespect he should be. Impeached he should step down. But I don't have a lot of faith and our political system anymore had been. In all fighting against. The grain for quite awhile. Personally I've I've. I I agree with you about. The Martin Luther King was a great man of faith and I'm trying to recapture. The faith of my youth because I think that's silly things tennesseans through. The times. That are coming I do plan to attend the rally because every rally have attended -- you meet great people. And you're inspired but I don't know what effect it has done the politicians. I think most of them need to be replaced that I really like to see if its effectiveness. Movement started around here. Amen brother. I don't wanna give you short -- would you give me the permission because I wasted your time with my guys can't -- king herald and Stamford Bridge. I wanna talk after the news break amen what you -- hold and then ignore you for a half hour probably now which -- get your right after the break on WB Ian buffalo.

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