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1-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It has. Hourly. News radio I'm thirty WB -- -- thank those of who have been longtime listeners. And I want to thank those of you who tuned into the show may be because the stuff you read. And -- you started listening and you said. This guy. It makes us it's. Crazy. Thank you. It is ten minutes after four. And up by the way there's something I wanna point out probably against what people who do crisis management which -- reliving. But I wanna do it because I need to point out. The absolute hypocrisy. Of the left. Governor Cuomo. I think absolutely positively. Walks and four hole. Put to rest the idea that the left. Is this. The fifth. Group of people who welcome everybody. Because it doesn't. And I hope you'll forgive the voice. By. Homosexual listeners do not mind when I do that. Don't ever think you're gonna break the -- for my homosexual listeners with anything but a crowbar. Our little joke their budget appreciate -- but they get they don't. So they don't mind the voice they find it rather funny and endearing. Because there -- the people. Who kind of revolutionized my way of thinking as far as. Homosexuals. And their place within the the community. Bet if you are homosexual. And -- conservative. It's like being black and conservative. You're not homosexual. If you're conservative. Battle lesbian students are. Just like not one active conservative. And I'm not saying blacks are date is there's people who try to twist everything is today and try to make a big deal about it. So it is just understand if you're black and conservative. Believe me you know well you don't need -- -- you know what I'm talking about. But there's something else that I need to say because -- Because dammit it's been in my mind for several days. And I wanted to do this without making yet. A show about me. Tom -- Although it would be a fascinating show. And maybe someday a movie. Maybe like Serpico but anyway it didn't which I recommend you watch but anyway. I have been a friend. And an advocate. For the truly mentally ill. For a long time. Don't take my word for it. Ask doctor -- Shuster. I met doctor -- and Shuster for the first time back in the 1980s. When her organization was called the -- alliance for the mentally ill. Back in the 1980s. My injured. Doctor Schuster and I became. Close. Now I don't know what -- politics are it didn't matter to and they don't matter to me now. She is the person more you know I talk about people who had this these great influences on my life. As far as these trans formative moments. And doctor -- Shuster is one of the people. Who had an impact on my life. That hopefully. Has in turn had impact on your life. Yes ladies and gentlemen back in the 1980s. When I had all these people think. -- can I -- big adjustment here should all. Please give some publicity for my group. There's something about doctor Elaine Schuster story. That really appealed to me. I said to myself this is a woman. Who has something special. This is a woman with a gleam in her high. And a sense of righteousness about her. And a sense of spirituality. And goodness about her and she drew me in because of that. I don't get that vibe from everybody but I got it from doctor Elaine Schuster. And ladies and gentlemen I'd get a few shows with doctor -- Shuster that I mentioned back in the 1980s. About the -- alliance for the mentally deal. Fast forward. 1992. WG our morning show. A local raceway. Did some event for charity were they gave full money to radio personalities. We were to bet on horses and then anything we want to would be donated to security of our choice. Mike charity that I chose. Was the theory alliance for the mentally ill I think I won. Fifty dollars more than a money that wasn't mine. Now let's fast forward to my time at WB yeah. Ladies and gentlemen. I challenge you. To find any radio talk show host. Anywhere. Who has been more of a champion. For families. Of people. Who are experiencing. Extreme. Mental illness than a -- I have done. Probably five shows that I can remember. Taking the stigma away. From those people and those travelers. Who were going through mental illness. I have talked to the general public. About people I know. From all backgrounds. About mental illness and how tough it is on an entire. Family. And you know it's true could he'll listen to those shows. I can't begin to tell you the number of emails I received when I did those shows. From families. Saying Tom. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for getting it. Thank you for being our Boortz. And I'm very proud of the programs idea. And as you'll remember. And you know what's so tough being one of those evil mean spirited hate filled conservative parents. On the guy who has done at least five show notes. Urging my audience. To keep an eye out for the homeless people. And the neighborhood characters who walked in your neighborhood. Have you ever heard me say anything like hey what -- kick the crap out of them mentally ill homeless person. Because they're sick and they deserve it. Now. What has been my refrain when ever I've talked about neighborhood characters. I've said they are probably very mentally ill. They don't need any additional grief from EU. They need your understanding. They need your love they need your support. And they need you to have their back. And you know it's true because I said. And I'll -- the first person says that I didn't say. I may be a public figure but I'm not gonna be slandered. Now. An evil conservative area. Who has so land based and and mock the mentally ill I say sarcastically over the years. When you compare that. To be enemies. I have made. And -- references. To mental illness. On various social media sites. We play -- -- yesterday by chained O'Connor called the emperor's new quotes. And one of my favorite verses in that and -- it O'Connor has a history of mental illness. I don't judge her for that I wish her nothing but the best. We've exchanged a few emails believe it or not over the years. I know that might sound awkward but it's true. -- She has a line. Through their own words. They will be exposed. And the hatred that. And the venom. And bitterness. Expressed by people who are enemies of a conservative talk show host were conservative Terry and talk show host. Toward the mentally ill. Make me sick. I want it just think about there for just a moment folks. You've got a guy. Namely me. Who has a thirty. Year track record. Of informing people of mental illness probably spending more time. On mental illness than any other social issue I can think. And I have said on any number of occasions. Our problem as a society is we'd rather throw people in prison. Then deal with the mental illness that -- the crimes in the first place. I've been a good friend to the mentally ill over the years. Going back to the 1980s. And that's I hate filled conservative or conservative Terry. And I just want to read. Some of the comments. That have been made by people. The tolerant for a the co existing -- About mental illness on some of the various social media sites. I'm not going to name names. I'm not going to name sites. But all I will tell you because I've chosen to take the high road and I've chosen to pray for my enemies. And send positive thoughts there ways of the scales fall from their lives. All I can say is that. You tell me where they hate exists in our society. On the right. Were on the left. I can sleep with a clear conscience every single night. By the wage -- -- is a dear friend but also happens to be a master control in our call screener is John Sherman. Doing your job trained by the best. Who is trained by the best. Who was trained by the best continuing the legacy. Of the hourly program. Hey John. I didn't teach you all get that philosophy right good just wanted to make sure. Now. I just want to repeat one quick thing that I started off with. At the beginning of program and that is. The -- committee on political education. -- -- And if you wanna find among the Internet. Disease need to do simply go to scope NY dot com. And in full disclosure. I am eight dues paid in full life member of skull. Are having a rally. It will be Tuesday April 1 24 team. Now originally the rally was another F few. That means of course. Now it means we're back out to ever walk about NY said it. But it is my belief. And this is not sanctioned by a scope. It is my belief that for all of ups. And here's where I invite my liberal friends true liberals. To also take part in Davis. I hope that we can join hands. As Brothers and sisters who believe in America. To tell Governor Cuomo. Bet he. Should not be allowed. To under hate speech. Against a group of people. Without repercussions. And without full. And as you know ladies and gentlemen. Not just because of NYC. But because of his recent. Revelatory. Through their own words they will be exposed hate speech about conservatives. I hope. That we can have. 50000 people in Albany on April 1. Calling for the immediate resignation of Andrew Cuomo. As a vindictive. Petty man who is unfit. To govern a state. Because folks if a conservative Republican southern governor. Had specified three specific groups. Of liberals. And then. Went on to say all extreme liberals and I guess he gets to call the shots who's an extreme or should get out of the state. I want to tell you something. My conservative Terry and views notwithstanding. I would join with my liberal friends and enemies. To call for that governor's. Resignation. Why. Because there are certain -- I believe that we all need to have in America. Now when I talk about liberals I'm not talking about. These so called progressive movement. Which quite frankly is not liberal if I understood the words liberal word. It's -- talent Terry. I'm gonna continue this on the other side and a lot of other things to folks. Because somebody needs to sort these things out and put them into perspective. -- that's my purpose honor. You know my other purposes. Being God's gift to women. On WB. Okay. It is -- -- for 34 news radio 930 WB yeah. Or regular listeners to the show I get away with bad is -- -- Thursday simply because. This slaves all just kept being suggested over and over and over again. And as long as we're gonna play the same songs over and over and over again. I have chosen to play songs that inspire. B and if they inspire. Others they should be inspiring to view. By the way if you let big program. Com. First of all congratulate me on being the first person since 1973 to use the word big. Secondly. Make sure it's all your friends -- -- really awesome guy on the radio in buffalo from three to seven Monday through Friday. And then have them to Noonan. Let them be surprised. At what's on the radio in buffalo and let them exposed themselves to. Some of the best radio there ever gonna hear outside Rush Limbaugh on Hannity Glenn Beck there. And mr. -- -- a lot of people who were excellent. I approach radio approach. My philosophy of life in different ways than my friends who are conservatives. In ways other than I am conservative. I'm a conservative area and for those who don't know. Wish it copyrighted network. But for those who don't know why I say conservative area instead of conservative. It is because. That is a phrase that was coined by a brilliant. Political mind. She lives and appear to. New York. Now I happen to love -- and rant. Atlas shrugged. I have. And to be. Continuously. Amazed by the intellect. And these -- gadgetry. Of people like all of -- talks. And Sinclair Lewis. And even though we may not have been and income we may not have been compatible politically. The model is that have that in to wish him. And that understanding. Of human nature and its immune -- ability. And the inevitability. Of the 5%. Of dominant people wishing to control the 95%. Of the people who were sheep. I respect that in anybody liberal conservative. Conservative area. And we have a lady locally. Named Rachel wells. Rachel wells I think is the closest I'm ever going to come. To meeting -- and rent. I've never met Rachel wells. I only know Rachel through her FaceBook posts. We exchanged a few messages here and there. The woman's. Intellect. Is absolutely. Staggering. Now she's always been welcome to come on the show. Maybe someday she'll surprise me and say yes. She's one of these people who does her best work intellectually right. Not so much whip public speaking. I'm gonna try to change. But the water the shortage of folks is Rachel wells from the pew. Please understand very few people blow me away. Intellectual. And that's only because. It takes a lot to blow you -- an intellectual. -- that. I mean I'm sorry but I can hold my -- and in most any conversation amongst almost any group of people. On almost any subject I can hold my LR professed no specific expertise in any one area. But I certainly know enough about enough. Where I ideally will not sound stupid. I at least hope to present myself as a curious person. And by the way. Never apologize. To anybody. For your lack of knowledge on certain subjects. You know we had a caller earlier this week I'm the actor Rachel wells in just a moment in the concept of conservative Terry and his. But we had a show earlier this week and I hope you were listening to. Because what are the callers I had brought up the American educational system. And the way we do more education in America is stupid. Because we pretend that that everybody is born equal. That is not true. Now don't go all races done. That's not what I'm dead is not the point. We are all born equal in terms of our. Humanity. In the eyes of the creator. In the eyes of nature in the eyes of god. We are all worth. Human decency. And respect. But only a fool would think that we are all born with equal abilities. We are not. Some of you. Can take apart an automobile. Blindfolded. And put it back together blindfolded. In an hour. To me that's brilliance. I can't do. I can read Shakespeare play once and explain everything curious to know about it do you. In some ways some would say that -- I can entertain people on the radio. In ways few people can't. That's my special gift. By nature by god. Creator. Whatever that's my gift. You have a gift. You may be a young man or young girl listening to my program right now in the car with mom and dad may be coming back from. Ice skating after school get ready for dinner. Your challenge in life. Is to understand your own special gift. You're challenge in life and frankly you're goal in life should be. To figure out that which you do well. And establish yourself in a few. In which you can succeed it. And ideally. A field in which you can succeed to the point. Where you are in a position to help other people achieve their dreams and goals and maybe sometimes. Help people. Who for whatever reason. Usually at their own fault find themselves in need of genuine human compassion love and assistants. That's been part of my code of -- now for several years. And that's something I wanted to pass on to you. I wonder how many of you listen to my voice right now. We're told back in school that you were dominance. Because you didn't get geometry. Because you flunked out -- calculus. I wonder how many of you were told you were some kind of a coward because you failed police academy. -- you chose to -- police academy. Don't listen to that nonsense. That kind of nonsense will suck the life right out. You have a gift. You have a skill. Your challenge in life. Is to understand. What that use. And advance not only yourself but others. With your gift. Because a lot of play is something and I know this sounds like liberal clap trap and it's not intended that way. Because this is what a man drugs. And when I say man this is also what a human being gutless. When you find your gift and you succeed with fewer gifts. The moral person assist other people. In achieving -- really -- nation of what they ought to be doing. And if possible helping them. To get here. Now Rachel wells. I don't know she graduated from college I don't have a clue. We've never spoken voice divorce we never met face to Ferris. When I read her FaceBook page and her desk pants on politics. When I read her analysis not just of American politics but of the international political scene. She blows me away she has against. I thought I was good with that stuff. And -- -- Rachel is better than. Rachel wells is a genius on the level. I will never hit. And yet before I mention her on the show you never heard -- few people had. Now. Her FaceBook crew at page is growing by leaps and -- I do award a year ago. She has about as much tolerance for Jewish bags as I do which is pretty much zilch. But she coined the term conservative here. And. When she says conservative area and essentially what she means is what I mean. We as conservatives. Need to view the public dollar. As. Something to be dealt with. With respect. And with absolute frugality. And judicious use. We need to make sure. That in trying to help people who need help we do not create intergenerational. Slaves of people. For whom working in gaming the system. Becomes a way of life. When she says conservative -- She doesn't mean judging the way in which other people lead their personal lights. The easiest way to say it and I know that this offends some of my fellow conservatives who are more quote on quote moral majority inclined. But I'm a conservative from the waist up. Not only -- why not care what people do in the privacy of their own homes. I've probably done it myself. And I'm. Good enough to be ashamed of so. I just want you to know she is the coroner. She is the -- gardens. Of that race. Those of you were into numerous medics know the saint gardens was an American. Sculptor and the designer of some of the most beautiful Koreans this country has ever produced including. The twenty dollar gold piece. Around the turn of the century. It's 446. They come on to something here. That don't go any worker. I promise you a fair share of humor. A pair -- up it'll act. And the few wise ass remarks and questionable language over the next two under his radio 930 WB. 453 WB yet. Now a couple of questions here gang and I I don't mean to be all over the place and I think I've been I think I apparently living here a trail of -- -- About his Linear is consulate -- leaving the bread crumbs eaten by swans and ducks. Two questions number one. The rally in Albany. On April 1. 24 team. Tell -- something. Is a rally in Albany at this point. A waste of time. Is it worth that. I don't need is it worth the gas money. I don't mean is worth the time off work. I mean. Will it mean anything. Because keep in mind when the people at scope shooters committee of political education. When they put the rally together it was about. And -- say it. Since then. Governor Cuomo all through his own words has shown. As I told few months ago. What a vindictive. Hate the old man he is. When it comes to conservatives. Conservative organs or anybody who does not -- the Communist progressive line. I'm sorry there's a time this country's history when being a liberal. Was a noble political position. Liberal the wrong word liberty. It's changed unfortunately. I hope we still have some old line liberals in Western New York who stand with their conservative Brothers and sisters in supporting all of our rights. Because you'll always find a friend and he and my listeners. That's one of my questions 8030930. Is a rally a waste of time.

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