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1-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You -- the -- credit. Can. You think you toward Iraq seventeen. The path of the righteous explicit phone call for sparking the tees up so that's the -- -- boom. It is he women -- about charity and good will shepherds the weak to -- about it but he gets its. This keeper at the anger but lost to. And I wore us out of the team would rate. That. Hold to attempt to -- -- enjoys. -- And the law. -- But I happened to that Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. News radio 930 WB. Year and then overall. Our other big drilling down -- terrorists are going America I'm only one of us is coming up. -- -- -- You guys just aren't working for the weekend are you I'm working for the week assured us that he isn't perfectly in this country like for all of our citizens. Here's treated better schools and good hockey team but the big difference between you and ministries do you make the promise and I'm gonna keep it I'm sorry what finishing school to -- -- they went through its lines. Yeah still east. So it's locals this show's been going down hills in season three here but I love them this I don't care where I am for my joints and -- -- it always seems like he's sure when even when there's no food -- -- Tom Bauerle. Until this Manhattan news radio 93032. In your flip the burgers and anyone else for my graduating class act. -- look out of place in Florida I wanna move to Boynton Beach -- -- Well it's now it's on the Atlantic side out of the golf side -- the golf side and that would strip clubs strip malls and that trailer parks and alligators. I think important these would be the perfect place for. August 2. Anyway it's eleven minutes after three bad news radio I'm thirty WB eat and and waited until the yeah. Yesterday. I talked about the idea that we ought to have a rally in Albany. But I liked the rally in Albany. -- were 28. -- year. I think that this throw it ought to be all inclusive and divers. But one of the reasons. A rally is happening this year on April 1 U directives on your calendar it's April Fool's Day. But it's not an April fool's joke. -- rally. And -- stables that is the president of scope analyze shooters committee on political education and why it. Dot org. And he's -- that's not a name is elected -- word -- his license. At least not yet unless they convert his name it would number in the state prison system at some point. Which which surprised me but anyway it -- I was -- from Scopes they've always a pleasure to speak with you thank you very much. Well it's always good afternoon history with like minded patriots such as yourself -- How long has this April 1 rally in Albany -- in the offing sir. I -- well we've been planning at school silently on the so. Restored -- -- kills them. And we're gonna be. And -- last year put together boxes from scope of problems and your consideration and those organizations autopsy state. And planning to go April 1. You know -- governor -- that if we don't believe in this state senate and now we have no place that you're gonna go. Albany and tell him that maybe it should into Cole has -- -- in the -- street. -- an interesting thing is when I was at these safe act rally on there were 282013. I didn't hear any hate speech. Here a bunch -- seed rednecks saying that well. The format of the the groups of people that aforementioned gun owning AC -- banks are supposed to hate. I didn't hear any hate speech against the groups were supposed to hate what I saw was a diverse crowd of individuals. United by their love of their country specifically by their love of the bill of rights and by their understanding of the Second Amendment. Joining hands joining lines and telling Andrew ball ball that basically he's -- Jewish waffle and analyze say it is to do she law. Absolutely. Not it was you know hate speech -- Despite the -- the entrap a little bit political garbage or trash left to round either still -- about a week or two later via interstate teachers' union candidate restriction up there. And they left to place an absolute maps. Well I should point out and we covered by the way and for those who don't remember there's. And -- again folks the hypocrisy. Of Andrew Cuomo and the lies and Andrew Cuomo. Army there are so easy to deconstruct first of all stay in your members. The Cuomo administration and its minions in the media who love this guy. They claimed that we only had about 5000 people in Albany remember that. Okay how could 5000 people do 70000. Dollars worth the damage to grasp. -- that wasn't even growing by the way on February 28 at 23 to eight. 100. People are such liars and they give no weight would it on thriller called out on. And then they went out that that that they had spent 60000. Dollars. To replace the grass you know I got a sense contractor goes long -- -- like Obama holding a 15100 dollars. You know but they -- it took almost six. -- Steve all stuck just admits he grows grass be careful that under New York say if you might find -- -- to your door next. February. Maybe I don't know. But you know they had to -- to most special possible way that. Could use only. Union state employees they tore the whole thing up completely -- And and they actually -- and 60000 dollars which was just ridiculous. I doubt that there's much more grass that was on that area that we had a rally. I've been there is on my property and maybe a couple of a joining -- ones. And I wanted to there's no reason I couldn't do my property in my neighbor's lawns for a lot less than 60000 dollars. Well April 1 this year should be a little like the weather illegal -- -- world is critical question are out there and much. That they -- kind of like freezing rain and snow at a time. The board in April source should do little but a better weather so oh well the immediate. Even more people that we get past February so if you were there orders last -- come again. -- -- a friend or coworker. Or assembly member -- not sure that's where the governor that we are not going when he went back to actually get us. April 1 fourteen my friend is eight Tuesday. And we are RY April 1 I have to ask you what does this significant of a significance of that date. Other than being. Eight -- which would be appropriate for Governor Cuomo for April Fool's Day. A loan -- into session day today we go up there and in all the legislators will be there you know we've slowed down regulation and stops on a weekend up there on the steps legislator sir arts. There they can no attention to so. We love them too to see us. Obsession day all sorts late in the year going to be a little little warmer. Check that has left some -- Bikers to -- right down on Albany that they -- him quite complex there and it's or. Just it's just two weeks before the registration get. Deadline that's in this -- -- -- -- -- you have -- that he showed us carry guns that as a pistol grip that mean. Much more that we are likely to. Quote chill and murdered in children. But -- to ever registered by just to. -- be careful Steve because not your words are out there and are part of our web site. Be careful they could be used against her Soriano out now about well -- you know I'm I'm reminded of all the people back in. -- -- worry of 4013 who warned me. That I was putting a giant target on my back. Remember the people who said. Tom look out you don't know what these people are capable and Steve. I have to ask you. Now I can ask your. Let me simply say this. Now I can't even ask that question I'm. I'm I'm trying to Parse my words very carefully for reasons -- get into that with which you may be familiar. We have roughly ten to twelve maybe 151000 people in Albany on February 28 of 23 team. Who still believe in freedom. All right. How many can we get. On April 1 a 2014. Who not only believe in freedom vis a vis the Second Amendment. But who hopefully will show up even if they're not gun owners. To express their abhorrence. At the hate speech and the venomous remarks made earlier this week. By governor -- I -- openness you know make it took twice as big as it's definitely scary United States. The governor is open net -- -- still be quiet go away and he's getting more more frustrated that we're not. As more and more of the provisions in this slot. Kicked him. More market. People are realizing just how bad it is and get getting angrier and angrier. Other people who held up signs last year. Basically say I will not comply. Is there any evidence yet to suggest that those faces are being gone over by law enforcement and their homes are being investigated. That I can't tell you it wouldn't be surprised. I'm. And you ought to look at -- leftist you know your -- registration and and database. Do you know if you're buying time. If you bank and Israel are gonna -- she you have an assault weapons in -- house a lot of people are concerned about them as well. And and they should be by the way. They should be. Just trust me they should be. Sit well I would disagree perhaps you would not. Of all people should be concerned gets. Yes yes they probably shouldn't. You know that this. This -- -- that. You sure no. Problem. Police did you have any constitutional rights of at all I mean look what they addressed. You're looking state police look at it and can look people's medical records. Just because somebody could care prescriptions were where -- -- the. Like the David Lewis carries and the and the New York State Police lied about it. New York State Police brass lied about it and they've never been held accountable by anybody else in the media lying bastards. -- -- And that's an old it's a -- so -- people you've got to stand up. Totally the -- so. Should not gonna go away by it shelves we regularly efforts. Get up to Albany and demand better access to restore. As Chris Jacobs have a state police tried to leave him out to dry and Chris Jacobs has enough resources at his disposal -- to get bent essentially. Let me get them that's my new favorite expressions are used to say you acknowledges they get bent. Now there something else that. I wanna get into it's going to be April 1 that's going to be the rally is there a central place where people can register to show up. There will be we're still we'll be working ninety tells me -- hiring scheduling bosses not only from some other possible you're turning area parks. -- the state all of that and saw will be available on the scope web site that stopped and like that works and then you -- -- worst the best place in your area or you don't look at the bus driver. There ticket trainer plane and joining us and opening. Boy after our hope that the weather is outstanding. But I do know this about -- almost -- He is a coward and he will not be anywhere near Albany on April 1 24 team. The man is a -- he is all hawk and no balls. You know and you know -- Drinking -- where he's been traveling around the state to but it would upstate -- the time you know he's going to be so where and and accomplished mountain demonstrate and then he -- you can't slow care or he does a lot of people. Now Steve you've got votes. And like boats. Let me story line from team America world police for those who think I've lost my mine with meaningless non sequitur there was a point to that. I'll let me also ask you Steve. There was you know up one of my favorite newspapers because it is a paper that really gets. -- it's a very objective newspaper and it's a newspaper I think of what's Russian for truth all -- done. That's the Russian word for for truth the Buffalo News there was there was a letter or in my -- my timer my there was an opinion -- yesterday are written by The Three Stooges three guys who think that responsible gun owners should support. And why safe I started to read it. I had to put it down I started to read it again. An honest to god I felt the Dominican Republic microbes starting to explode in the again I couldn't finish it did you read it. I it written in fact I had to. Some sent a response that's the -- -- about that now will will -- to protect. Well they are publicly on record as supporting Andrew Cuomo the endorsed him and their publicly on record as supporting and -- -- it. Yeah it's gonna you know you mentioned problems and it just listeners assessed in those areas where. In the probability is shouldn't have to play a little more credibility than an apostle nose sore. Or the New York Times. I don't think I should comment because the -- about our chosen to take the high road I can think of nothing yield to say of the Buffalo News -- Consider to be a fine. I'm fine assemblage of ink and paper. Useful for many purposes so there -- I've chosen to take the high road but anyway you saw what you're gonna respond to it and I'm glad. I honestly Steve I couldn't get through it I I I tried my best. And I just felt my blood pressure which ordinarily by the -- is 120 over seventy for those who expressed these concerns. I felt that actually rising current. To see you know. Our -- -- hypocrite Mya my response to it but central topic. Well yes and pick -- because I'd like to read your responses on the -- if I could because I think your chances of having anything published in that -- local daily newspaper are probably about the same as mine having your threesome with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tonight. Actually don't deserve that will come up with -- another example. -- preposterous. Or I'll I'll set it right over there -- that was the right afterwards it. Determinedly about them. Steve you didn't do you really wanna be on my show anymore. You'll feel -- want to be associated with the so don't rush to say yes are Steve always a pleasure. Hit driver once next time. Aren't -- ideas bank -- they've all stopped from -- folks if you want more information about the April 1 rally. I'd -- -- go to scope. And why dot org its scope like the -- -- but you gotta add NY at the end and it's dot org. Scope NY dot org and the full disclosure I am a Jews fully paid life member of scope. And I am damn proud. -- without apology by the -- Really don't -- Jones who supported a constitutional right and it's going to be a recruitment speech. And don't. Think we're gonna read every -- with -- bathroom. Welcome back a better person. Sorry my daily imitation of every other man who identifies themselves conservative. WB yeah. -- -- -- Well he won't be doing it to a one more time -- sad story but I'm trying to figure out if there's arrest story right now it's a while since we've done bad music Thursday. Basically because you just kept suggesting the same songs over and over and over and over a lot all right a lot. I've noticed that what the -- people like. Anyway here's the problem. These guys kept first of all guys should know that. It's 2814. You should stay together in old marriages where you don't love each other and you're going through the motions. Up anyway. But let me simply say. That. They're getting divorced. -- clay in their marriage is irretrievably. Broken. My question is is it really -- treat badly broken or horror is their marriage -- casualty. Of health insurance coverage. Because Daryl dragon the -- You know which is -- captain's cap. Who always Davis salute in it. That was is that gimmick that cost equipment one here but anyway. In my cowboy hat which is missing in action but anyway. -- But there's gonna go to laughing jag but it would be inappropriate and wrong. But anyway. Daryl dragon has parkinson's. Now the question is. Are they really divorcing because their marriage is broken. Or are big divorcing because in terms of health insurance it makes more sense. I don't know. So maybe love will keep them together as a couple. Even if parkinson's and all of those the end medical bills break them apart in terms of being legally married to -- page. Oh. I know people and -- but you're going to particulars year. Who have done that. They love each other very much. But owing to ridiculous health expenses. Divorces were aimed not because -- job. But because to state Mary would have resulted in bankruptcy. And an inability of the pit and holes. So I hold my opinions in abeyance and its. And I have to tell you that even if it is a question where. Their marriage is irretrievably broken and they have to split. You know what that's pretty against it right at the age of 71. Start over 71. Now I have to also tell. That both of them that I know that Daryl dragon has parkinson's but that doesn't make you unattractive. Both of them are really really. Looking for there issues. Sir if they're good looking for me it. Let's put this more. You pick Gerald dragon -- Tony the needle. And you put it in the -- area of any flight heading to buffalo -- I'll take them over pretty much anybody out -- -- -- they are great horrible exactly what you. Let's say they don't that time. I always call it security who has come out of buffalo at all as well but North Face jacket is dead giveaway. All I'm the only person in buffalo does not own a North Face jacket you know the other dead giveaway. That you're coming to buffalo if it's easy one noted is okay. Folks I challenge you to prove otherwise. That people who were flying to buffalo in the gate area are invariably the people -- dash. To the nearest fast food restaurant at Wayne county airport or Charlotte and grant -- a handful. The most disgusting fried greasy crap food ever an inhaler before they get on the plane. You don't see that with people who would tell you don't see that -- people go to Florida. Even Wisconsin. They just exist -- People going it -- patiently exist on Jesus but as far as the people talking to buffalo. Look folks I love my home town you have to understand I'm entitled to make buffalo jokes. Eric I was the same way. I didn't start taking care myself but thrilled. Geez I don't know. A few years ago I was -- thirty -- and now modern sixty. -- -- All you know what I -- joke about it now. It's -- -- probable cause. By police. At the joke humorous hot. Use map but it wouldn't have an AT. As an ally and every one of my. Every single one but anyway you know it's true you know it's true. And -- and you you know it. Look at any day. To buffalo. And you'll see exactly what I just. Mountains of bad food speedily consumed in the gate area. By people -- North Face jackets. Or vests. And a proud of the fact that I don't own one. -- -- quickly as an assault. Thank the people at qwest lamps. Guys please no remorse no more -- No workload it's no more sweat shirts no more polices. Every time even say quest labs they send it like a test to all of your. It has set everything. Guys. You are so awesome but the closest I'm ever gonna come Oregon North Face jacket is what the -- -- people have sent me over these here's just. I mean I wouldn't have the Michael -- Kelly did you guys do a -- support that is quest for the inside. -- be inside at the outside. It's got to be custom thank you at a custom shirt. Eat home. Would be nice customized would be better. All right now it is at 340 news radio 930 WB and Joey which you know like entrapment because that situation that -- Berger told me about it told our audience about earlier market. So ladies and -- Long story short. -- in my case short story long. April 1 2014. Tuesday. But next rally in Albany. Do all day under us. -- -- Or do you think it's a waste the time. I don't want to spend all day on it but I wanna try to gauge your interest level. Now it's supposed to be a scope. -- As the shooters committee on political. Education effort scope stands were not mouthwash. We all know the people with guns don't need mouth wash because they've lost all their teeth because they don't own dental floss at least that's the media narrative. We also make out with -- first cousins. Not that there's anything wrong with that but what I was gonna say is are you gonna go to the rally. I would absolutely. Achieve physical. Ecstasy. Literally and figuratively. If we can have like 50000. New Yorkers. Up every creed race color gender help take transgender too. If I love you guys I can't imagine the struggles you've been through and I've learned a lot from my transgender threatens. I have to transgender forums. I used I I never understood now why do why 'cause I kept an open mind. And they explain some things to realize that you know what. I'm sure as hell no position to judge. Peace upon your. I wanna see as many people in Albany as possible. For testing. New York State and protest. A governor global issues. That he should decide. Isn't new Yorker. And -- is unwelcome in the state -- is persona non Grata. Will you go oh. I would like to ago. I'm going to tentatively. Planned on going. In my case. At this point I need to be careful. For reasons I will not get into right now but if you understood you'd understand. But I want to be either. However. If it any way shape or form my being there would be a distraction to the cause. I just -- not. I'm saying this for a reason. The only way I will not ago. Is if I am a distraction. To the cause then I will stay home. Because I will not allow my fellow. Sons of liberty and daughters of liberty. I will not countenance my fellow believers in freedom to be slandered. To be -- that to be lied about. Because of my presence. If I think that I'd be a distraction I will be here. Please understand why that's not cowardice. That's courage the courage to know where. You are -- story. When you shouldn't be the story. The story is the 50000 people are like this in Albany. Please understand there are so many things I can say right now and a lot I cannot say. If I'm not there there will be a perfectly good reason why I'm not fair. But I can't get into right now. And I know it's frustrating as hell we keep her and we say there. But. Some -- you really need to get a real -- for the real world sometime. I wanna suggest a movie. Do you guys. That there's a few movies that like to suggest. One of them is Serpico. Serpico with Alpa chino. Serpico. Serpico is a story of corrupt cops. Who will do anything including -- one of their own. So they can keep the money rolling in that they were making up the drug dealers. It really happened that way. It wasn't fiction. And one of the things you'll find in life ladies and gentlemen. Oftentimes. Truth is stranger than fiction. A lot of suggest all you people. Who never seen that movie before. That you develop an acquaintance with the movie Serpico. With Alpa chino. It's not a new movie by the way. Goes back to the seventies and it was based on a real story. And a lot of you grew up. In Holmes we're. James Bond movies were fantasy. We're stories like Serpico notes. That kind of crap doesn't really happen. My poor -- you friends. My poor. Naive friends. More than you know and more than you think. There what you start with Serpico. You let me know I give you some other suggestions. On movies based on fact that you can watch. Which will open up your eyes just a little bit. Serpico. See if I were a longtime liberal talking about this. He's a hero. Vote liberal hero seat he's talking about corrupt cops who shot out to protect. Funny coming up from drug dealers. But now. He's -- dubious capacity. So anything he says must be taken with the greens so. Do yourself a favor watch your program. Development of safer right now I'll I'll I'll put up some other suggestions -- I'd put it JFK by Oliver Stone. But. That's not for beginners. Anyway it is at 347. Folks someday I would like to hug almost everyone of you. And just. Thank you for. Thank you for your believe it 030930 -- the ball never will you be at the rally apparently nobody's going to the rally this rally interest no one. I might as well retire. If nobody wants to go to the April 1 rally against -- state. And against what Governor Cuomo said. My decision has been made Boynton Beach you're like up on WBS. I stepped outside last night it was like one degree above it didn't even phase. For like about ten minutes it was like yeah okay whatever. Which reminds me of the kind -- episode of The Sopranos and the Russian guy Paul he thought he'd -- -- -- They open up the trunk okay by the way there -- certain set pieces and by the way all my old friend Michael Cutler. A debt of gratitude. He was a movie critic around here for many years and are a nice guy. Michael and I had our ups and downs but I have great respect for Michael's ability to analyze movies. And Michael once told me something bravery funny anytime you see a mob movie. And their opening up the trunk the mob guy is always gonna be alive even if you think he's debt. Absolutely correct Michael -- absolutely accurate because it upon current that was out of the promise what happens. The Russian guy yea it. So well. Long story short he gets out of the trunk of the vehicle. As they walk it across the pine barons of they're gonna make him think his own -- Now Ali and Michael. Because they've got their slick leather coats on right and there are words shoes. They're Italian designer shoes. Actress for winner this Russian I'd get a teacher and sneakers that -- gone. And I can't say what he says. But he told the I John's he said you'd think disease code I watched my testicles and ice water. That's kind of how you feel after a few days living in buffalo Willits singled agrees. Now offers much talk about the fact that we can buffalo love our junk food. There's something else about buffalo that I got to say on the positive side. When it comes to weather like this we are not freaking cry babies. We adjust to it. We get used. It and we adapt. And by the end this cold snap. You as the Russian guy in the surprise those pine barons episode will say. I've washing mind domestic news in ice one just don't use the word that's the goals yet use the other one of your -- Well I don't know which years. There are restrictions. On WB.

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