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1-23 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Also the -- -- commented. On the Internet we're talking a lot about the Internet we're talking about things today that we're supposed to make our life easier. A first on askew of your hooked on your electronic device. The reason I asked as I as luck would have it I kind of vote live to part of today's discussion because I had these articles on. Is your Smartphone ruining your sleep and your career researchers say check emails on my can kill your productivity. And idea I had that in my file ready to do within the next couple of days. And yesterday went home and did not remember to bring my iPad with me. I could still get everything that I get a map a my phone but I was used to it on my iPad. And I went through withdrawal for wrote for the period until I came in court today was reunited with a and and discovered how much I'm hooked on this stuff and I didn't even know it. And -- or asking are you hooked on your Smartphone your iPad your iPod your tablet -- a slave to it. If you left to some ordered to immediately returned to get it -- is that the kind of thing that you've ever lost we'd like to hear about that. And also. Kind of a mirror image of that is things that we used to consider really advanced technology. And it turns out that it was a good idea kind of gone awry. Voicemail I think of fits that. Most people do not answer the phone anymore. It's it's almost like you're you're auditioning it's like you're on American Idol. When you call somebody in the phone is ringing. And don't think that when that phone is ringing and your name comes up on their our caller ID so mine which is blocked coming up on their caller ID. Then make a decision. It's Saturday. Should I answer the phone what else and they want. -- sending me talking too long -- asked -- what -- twenty bucks I borrowed from a are you know and they make a decision and then they either pick up where they don't and most of the time. They don't. So you're on voicemail. And then they call you back and you're out of them -- you're out of the Romans -- goes to your voicemail and that you are playing. Your playing tag on a radio. On the phone and it's because you're gonna wanna talk to -- and who wants argues I don't know Bigelow voicemail. I do I object to the fact that customer assistance. Should hire people that actually speak English. And are helpful. I mean I don't it's pretty. Steep hill to climb but people who actually can help you out make you feel good now there are some more good. Let me give an example. Of what I consider an external excellent electronic. Services available okay MO NT bank. Their fabulous -- the things that I used on them and -- electronically always work. They're bear when I need them I have all the information that I want and I've I've not had a bad experience with them. As opposed to the dish. Which is like talking to Satan when you have a problem so I highly recommend them and say I like the dish circuses but I don't like talk and -- I can tell you that. Self service check out tell me why that's a good idea for me the customer. Is it because. The other lines are so busy that I only have two items and it's easier for me to check it out myself or why is it that in some time periods. The stores open but the regular check out isn't and you can only check out -- self Jericho when that's the case I don't go there. Aren't. -- Tony brought up the tire. Pressure monitors on cars are so sensitive half the time you think you got a low tire and you really don't. And I wish they would resent that and Chris mentioned two a Twitter accounts. And what people do on Twitter very very annoying. And so those are just some of them and we'd like to hear yours they -- on 9301806169236. Star 930 -- take another one of bothers me. And it may be doesn't bother you know probably does it's just gonna it's okay subway. Okay. If you said sandy do you enjoy eating subway sandwich I would say yes I do fine ingredients nice and fresh. I'm really am enjoying the subway sandwich if you said Saturday you enjoy or wearing a subways and now we don't. Now I don't know why because I want them to make some basic decisions for me I don't need 45 questions are what my hands up if sir I'd like ham subways that's just the beginning. In the old days you might ask you a simple question do you want Cheney's -- Eighties pretty easy right -- out cheese and man days and that would be the end of it pretty zone. Nice -- -- would season mayonnaise would be there for -- Don't it doesn't work that way now I made the mistake going in the subway -- few months ago. When I was in -- don't ever do that. Because you guys have you guys have been through it through I am so pleased certainly -- you can read. When the guy they named twenty time to meet our it's and -- What kind of -- wide view on what would you got 818 kinds of they would do this. Do you want mayonnaise on it you want mayonnaise salad dressing which would you pervert and as far as the lettuce and lettuce grown in Columbia on the sunny side of the mountain -- the cities on the mound. Would you like to cut now would you like your -- quarters would you like to -- and squares. Which could -- -- would you like -- and those of you want butter on it. -- and and -- And I actually left. I left because I didn't wanna VO more when I walk and wanna look at the signing say. Number five. That's it give me a five I'll give you the money and Ali the five that's it I don't wanna be part of your menu selection committee. And because here's the problem if you the first one in line. They'll be three people in -- and former view one normal average kid named Madison and -- afterwards why dramatics and every single option. That's on the subway menu which is extensive. If you are -- launcher going to be different -- -- I can tell you that. Now I seem to be the only one that hit this buzz. Whatever I do this I never get any support. -- and noble everybody else and when it. You know why you know why I'm I'm like this but I have to be honest with you -- an exhausted. When it takes some time. I and I am exhausted but I would like to thank the people out there. For all their support over the junior version -- I'm hall of fame radio personalities outside all things last year it was I was their personality of the year to. And I especially like the support I'm getting here from Mexico. And Tim Winger who loves the show you know why because he gets me. That's it so there are times where perhaps I would have a little more patience when ordering a fabulous delicious subways sub bullet. When you're when you're exhausted and you would like a simple -- home. Awe and I always go home go home at 3000 either it's very tasty OK I just don't like the order process. Take a break and we'll see if Tony's had a problem or prisons that are. And the same with the go under Israeli and I'm thirty listening to sandy. TTE. We're talking about some things that are are all part of your life electronic devices are you hooked on them. Are you hooked on them are you a slave to them have you ever left one behind. May be -- at the where you work and went home and went back after it. Or vice Versa maybe you left the house without your -- and had to go back to get a because you don't wanna be a day without it. Something that we didn't even know that much about not that long ago now we can't live about it and that we're also talking about things that seem like a good idea at the time. But then then I deal. That the what they've morphed in to. Now Tony disagrees with me I see this be able. -- -- -- -- always agrees with -- now he doesn't there's many times he doesn't agree with me and this is one of -- -- say that. Subway sandwiches are fine they're good they're yummy but I hate ordering there because there's 181000. Questions to -- I've I've bought cars with less less questions asked. Then the subways sub that I just ordered if I say give me you know -- ham. -- ham sub. Just ask me if I want mayonnaise what kind of -- it is and to watch I don't need any action I'll take your word for that you can put us up via. -- -- at the sub job and I'm not. So that's illegal but Tony you say. Basically yes it really is I'm the type of person this really focused when I go RT whether it's -- front. Or fast food have a general idea of what I'm going to get good -- a restaurant I'm going on the website I'm looking at their manhood -- might get surprised when I -- have -- kind of sort of joint good doesn't happen too often. It's subway because I know how this shtick goes. I go in there I know exactly what I want -- it all off right away they never have to ask me question. So dear lord of the same thing all the time that's our you know now I don't you go and win an open mind and look up and see what's in the -- there with all the different ingredients. Just rally at right out of your mouth and they they got it yet. I mean when I when I pull up I know came medium in the -- for meatball today you're chicken teriyaki or whatever the the this problem of the -- is that a light. But I know what I want on it and I know what type Brad I know how I want a prepared. And I actually get mad when people act fast food places SP question because. -- pretty dialed in when -- go to might tackle spam here's what I watch is deliberate don't ask me additional questions because. Odds are I've been order and it longer than you've been alive -- You know here's our own studio and make an offer on the air and I'm gonna make you for your average Leo discuss does the next time I go to subway which -- Never but if you happen to go again. I want to take you -- me and I'll give you five dollars to order forming. Include analog to do that by box it's an -- -- five dollar a large grist -- five. I think it it it it. Ought not shooting that. Is something that I know we can't live without but there are ways to improve it I'm just telling. And that's the drive through us the drive -- you know in the days before the drive -- you have to stop. Get out of your vehicle. Go in to be wherever and if you gonna either of their fine if you weren't they package it up and get back in your car and drive home. And somebody suggested general. That people would like a drive through where they don't have to leave the cars they got a baby in a car seat or something or you know for some reason it's a hassle. Have a drive through that's great here we'll have people order over here and pick him up over there so it couldn't be easier right. OK I like that idea makes it sounds really good and most of the time it works pretty well. But there's a couple of real flaws in the drive. One is communication. Communication. Spend a few dollars get some audio somebody can understand you know instead of. No matter how hot hot and. Thank you don't. I made. So you can understand them they can understand you and oftentimes when they talk to me like. I'm I'm I'm I want he has no -- answer all warm up. So. That they think that they can hear may. Because I couldn't hear them so. Communication is key year you're the one thing that he used to write the speakers are terrible terrible -- working comes up with a great idea we're gonna put -- green. In you're gonna see what's ordered a term that's great now so I go there last week in I apple might order nick wants his kids -- page or get my order my thing. And I can -- -- they forgot the key burger that I wanted in there now. They showed on the screen that I ordered it was on my receipt but couldn't put it in the bag -- you got the nerve to ask for fifteen dollars and how. And the whole point is this you don't realize it's a mistake and they get home yes and then you've got a decision to make do I get back in the car drive back Baird's Alamo it was a mistake have a look at and they'll give me they're the burger. The so the first part is the communications part that's awful the second part is. And -- the six words. That changed everything. Would you like Fries with OK that changed everything. Because. Simply people would order what they wanted and then the person who is taking your order is to remind you what you may have for to order okay. But the crazy. -- -- that makes sense because -- order burger. -- you like Fries with that but on ago. I'd like a two point donuts and coffee. On yes -- about would you like veal parmesan denial about -- -- -- What I just started about a huge crowds are crazy and there are times when. I will say in two I don't go to a drive through them but I do I'll say right away listened to me. I don't I don't want anything except what I'm ordering now don't ask me anything. And I'll say give me a double cheeseburger. A smaller fry is in a Diet Pepsi. And chizik which I am the it. They don't listen it doesn't matter what you say they are so programmed to ask you to -- something else more than your party made a decision that you want. If they have to do it now I don't blame the people doing it there -- -- to -- that's what they have to do it's much like people saying -- Like the -- on eleven party. All okay I'll tell you what let's have the news at 1130. They are helpful I am that I ask -- question that I say ideals. Idea whatsoever what that felt. How about that in just the neighbors are you wanted to lead. You know clock right now OKW wondering do you want -- -- I'm Barbara burns sorry we're out of Barbara burns. Some bargain and going to -- and I have an alternative yeah absolutely -- you go I think it will server right now. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 and -- toll free line is 1806169236. Isn't it strange how things happen we were not planning on missile and I did that thing on how I really enjoy subways -- are fine they're good. But I hate ordering him because his way too many decisions to make and I'm not promote. But a lot of meat balls are gimme a meatball sub put it together you might have a simple question but honestly thirty different things I don't wanna participate in the so don't you found out that we're going to see Michelle Obama's face in subway because while or ordering she's got to kind of give us a hint of what we should be ordering. -- I got this off of the independent journal. And analysts say if you thought you could simply enjoy your subway sandwich without partisan politics you are wrong. Michelle Obama's face is about to invade every one of the restaurants -- well. The First Lady was expected to announce Thursday that subway sandwich chain will spend. 41 million dollars over three years to encourage. -- young eaters to eat more food that comes out of the ground or grows on trees the announcement was being made at a subway shop. Near the White House subway will only offer kids menu did -- Federal standards for school launches. That include offering Apple's on the side in low fat or nonfat plain milk or water as a default beverage. Well also another -- were going to be lectured. We have a photo via First Lady telling us we should be eating healthier. In a place where maybe you should be allowed to make one of 48 decisions before your summarize. Well let him trying to be in the marketplace without good luck to. And the obvious choice. If you wanna go there -- Madison be my guest. I'll have perhaps a different choice than yours but it should be our individual choices -- don't need to be lectured. And it seems like they would be a government wants to take care -- from the warmed to the -- and think we're too -- to take care of ourselves. All right Chris Chris Chris Chris we have some FaceBook postings. Awarded. This is -- Doug he says I used to make fun of people that were glued to their cellphones and I swore I'd never get one now I can't get along without my phone it's like my lifeline to the outside world it really is and any time. See I'd make a living by observing other people. And I always -- I've used them for jokes when I was at this -- you use them for information now that I'm a talk show host. And if you just look at any random crowd whether it's in the mall whether it's at the UB campus. On the street whatever. It's almost impossible to find people that aren't looking down. Between their hands -- their thumbs on on a cellphone almost everybody is on there if they're not doing that they have earbuds on. While listening to something. Some electronic portable device and if they don't have bugs they have headphones. But almost nobody is is is spending a minute. Without being informed or entertain not a minute. I'm nonsense and ends and having some time to actually think about life. Wondering about the the secrets of universe. I want songs I want information I need to be connected totally. And I need to tell a lot of people about what I'm doing today one on meeting and what time I went to bed and whether or brush my teeth. That's the way it is that's our society today another please this is firmly always his island -- about it work cellphone my work pays for it and -- don't abuse of but I feel like there's no escape from my column additional leash a -- it is. And there are now more and more people Vera offshoot of this conversation. Is there are all kinds of surveys -- say when people go on vacation. They're taking their electronics -- -- them so they can be in touch with their employer. As far as I'm concerned barring some special circumstances. That when your vacation is a reason for because usually get away. And to relax and not be on call but some people feel either one of true of feelings either that they are so in -- -- That should be it's it's of his success of the company. That if they don't take their device -- them while they're on vacation. Then the company will go bankrupt. Those of people think a lot of themselves the others are ones who don't -- give themselves enough credit. They feel that if there are not at their bosses beckon call every single moment that they'll get fired and somebody else will be -- that will be. The bottom line is if you're good employee and your contributing to the health and welfare of your company. When you go on vacation. As I said -- special circumstances. Go on vacation were. Of technologies resume talks about Twitter. If FaceBook -- -- gets stories of the extremely stupid out there. I don't know if you saw this in this outfox a Pennsylvania fugitive made a FaceBook fall off. When he shared a wanted bulletin featuring his base I don't is all FaceBook page. -- thought that -- to local police 45 minutes later he was the rest. All ads bought a too dumb to be at large and we got baseball well basically you think that the authorities nonsocial maybe it's so of course they are. So we've come away which we have to realize. There's a lot of dumb people in the in the world a lot of dumb people. And then in the past they would be happy to be dumb enough that many people know about it now if they're dumb they're proud of and they wanted to advertise how dumb they really are. And this you know dumb dumber dumbest. Another congress. This is from a sandy she says I depend in my Facebook for a lot of social contact to get most of my news online and because of that myself -- as always with me if I accidentally leave home without it I immediately go back and get. Are what you would do a lot of information and we're not saying it's a bad because it is like how would how else would we know. That today is and Marie -- next birthday. We wouldn't know -- let's and let's it was a social media are happy birthday to her. Our issue is a terrific way to should -- today fronts that she is a college professor very bright very creative and very nice. And makes the meanest apple -- This side of the Mississippi so happy birth video -- front that I need to be friends with her then well you -- -- you should because they're they're nice couple. And when I'm -- them we never discussed politics we discuss everything else but we have good time nice at a good time yeah you're the one usually gives me the heads up on whose birthday yeah but because I have friends with the right Augusta who wouldn't know valid while I know island. And -- wishing her very happy birthday. Why don't we take a break -- Google will be back for the final segment were talking about hooked on your electronic device argue a slave to it. I think we are it's it's it's a -- that we never want disconnected. You gotta have that phone in your hand. Or the bugs in your ear or you know your iPod in your on your hip. But we need something all the time and we've come to the conclusion that. We don't the worst thing in the world is to be board for 22 seconds okay so we must. Entertainment or information or even white noise could have some and all the time. Will be back after the now Tony did not want you look at the screen because I have three people on the screen that I know and I don't know would pick up -- so you just without looking at strain. Tell me the line one online to airlines for instance I don't know whose I don't know -- I want this like this like talk sure who this is great how much the same eight galway 11. -- -- -- but. When you and at different times on -- Philadelphia. I got up early this morning than usual the media -- this afternoon I you looked on your computer and you send me a lot of stuff it's interesting and fun. Yes I am addicted to my computer I I can't deny it it's the last thing I thought would happen in the -- and I left my job. Because a lot of my job when I did it. Was related to the computer and I -- Haiti with a passion. Yeah I if if you have to do -- it's different though wanting to do it yeah you're right. And I believe me I thought the last thing I that I would be addicted to was that and but here I am addicted it can be. But there's a difference when you're doing it for fine as opposed to doing it because as part of your work part of your job. So are you on a naughty girl dot com all day or what. -- Were you let it. And they don't allow it moves well does not live in the city of brotherly love and we won't get into that not that -- wrong orbit so I. So it does get is the winner in -- Yeah -- -- it is incredible that these at all. Light reminds me that I have -- the obsessive compulsive disorder and academy -- with that. And these big computers is one of the things that I can't go out I cannot go without myself well. I'm just like you -- story. If I go somewhere and I don't have that I elect I'd I'd be better sir it would have to close on. Your unarmed VA you have you have if an emergency happens you do not have a ball and that's the time that an emergency will have a when you don't. -- -- on -- put on your computer because like they're talking deal and then getting your emails and all kinds of stuff they -- I've gone. That's France's third grade okay Tony now you know you'd still do not know the screen you can -- from number two or number three while. Moving down Chung -- To -- day let's go to. Noted fitness guru Robbie Ross hi Robbie. I couldn't be better -- I'm talking to you how things in the fitness business. -- -- -- Right electronics but I think it's being. Like my daughter that I am at all -- or. Don't. Make. And. Now I -- to take your classes and and you're you're the best known fitness person certainly in the area and you'll you'll have the lifestyle and in your very successful. I notice that Brando Lacey are mutual friend. I have more than one class in one day so she kind of doubled up the many of the people that sign up for your classes do that -- they all strictly one class. Are in -- 24 hour period. I know I think most people at least you know you know two hours any of your gonna capital and -- you -- -- it's no wonder why did you think freedom but indeed true. Can you do downward dog him in heavy snow and went in and stuff like. What is the most pot what is the most popular -- you have visit kick boxing. Kickbacks being an average that the training the fact that Audi a -- looking into acting -- both result treatment classes that she your idea and and Brenda takes all the associated maniac and a -- -- Well and that is there a difference in teaching fitness and nutrition on things that you do is there a difference in the attitude and atmosphere in the warm weather as opposed to the cold weather is one side more motivated than the other. You know I -- I would think it's a lot of people would be voted in the winner by. It just -- my mind so many people look out no matter what the weather is. Eight you know they -- twelve layer of black. I think people like well why didn't. And then that the owner try to see -- is what people are there are -- record in general electronics and -- play because. A lot of my clients will come and you know the tribal looking later whatever else they well like a little bit you know that mr. -- a little -- 2000 -- and -- like. You know what it's working OK because it doesn't know your metabolic rate it now -- -- epic and it got. Here you know like dial it up. A much smaller debt you know light for evil you know oh yeah consultant. -- You know. You're you're you're here and record -- -- out of the art. Well how -- this I mean how much do you think you being on nurse as well as a fitness person. Help you in your being able the convey that of of people are taking your classes. Out of -- I do believe that it's probably. At least. Any respect. You know -- I know -- -- people -- and medication and medications their -- and what certain you know it is near amber you. I take into consideration what. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. Even real money for instance because a lot of people you know the greens will be an error on anti coagulant. Gotten. Have a tremendous amount of coral at one time. -- -- -- -- -- All right well thank you very much so I would say you're right it's 70%. That in 30% tabs wouldn't it. Thank you go to -- Robbie. -- As embezzling you have you have ever seen in your life. I mean their unbelievable. Like their opinion on okay a guy would have perhaps not as -- as. Demonstrative with his -- as Robby is as Jon Summers John how you -- line. -- I got to get -- Again. Or is she really well that's great -- to my favorably viewed through. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is best for our part this despair and where. At all. He. All extra. Extra well. What type in what department of this and you. Watch. Rent apartment. -- -- Looking at that. Point why. I got here in the television business radio business and commercial business. Other people around you to be creative be able to -- that the people at the businesses I'm sure -- used to -- a lot of people are two thumbs on the electronic device he's chattering back and forth. -- People would figure by. Oh I haven't progressed today are -- an apple two that are. That's about it but you know at different age that would like rocket. Well always gonna judge you my friend John some channels and thank you -- A -- like -- through my friends on the phone at same time. Nice job Tony Tony did not see the screen only did so he just lets have 12 or three and we just -- random. About about that it was a a kind of a fun show we got a chance to rent a little bit you know I'm going to I'm gonna run to subway and see -- those photos of -- Michelle Obama or apia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll we'll. Which they never had to move the peace.

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