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1-23 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I did everything is -- governor Itamar you're probably is Justin Bieber thing tomorrow rages and gets you -- -- last newscast would -- -- that when he was pulled over first of all he and rented a Ferrari in all amber Gainey. And he was racing -- say who is raising -- and a look at adjust just simplicity of this. His entourage blocked off streets about that program they blocked street so now he's caught racing. And they find that he admits to smoking marijuana and having blows. Okay and he is is a wrestler and he's he's he's booked that we find out and I just found out in the last newscast. That that I just before that he was at a strip club. I handing out hundred dollar bills -- a strippers are probably wanna see -- grown up women actually look like okay but here's the deal who any of you now. Of any strip club that doesn't serve alcohol. At all they all serve alcohol. The drinking age in Florida is 21. As we just looked it up he's not campaign. So what was the in the Chucky cheese -- won't. Was it didn't have a milk shake you know and -- and cool away with a big dancing pitcher and how on how this guy. -- he he's. He's -- in a strip club handing a hundred dollar bills while using a marijuana and -- and raising a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Street that was blocked out by his entourage. Can anybody spelled deportation. He's Canadian right. Let's send them back. Maybe we can introduce them through -- -- -- -- big maybe you're gonna have Justin -- day goes to contain an art rock at all. -- just -- you guys train wreck. If you are writing his future if you are writing a future headline and Justin Bieber it would not be about his. His new C -- wouldn't be about his tour to be about the fact he's going to be dead. That's what -- -- because that's the best track he's. You get into these kind of cars even if your stone sober if you're nineteen years old you had better be a Formula One days. Because they'll come and bite you in -- -- And so that think that he admitted using marijuana and booze. And driving probably way over his head. As far as being able to handle those cars his future does not -- very bright. But I know what to do them if if we could deport them I think we should. Get real problem I mean really truly though he's a mess this guy is a mess is that if he doesn't kill themselves to kill somebody else. And and he you know he may have make a choice that he doesn't care about himself but I think the other residents of were ever he happens to be at the time deserve a little consideration. You know I can see if you. First of all if he doesn't kill himself with the cars because he's he's he's just a knob. What I can see and I don't know 1015 years -- -- about him being broke. Aria you know make me be signing up to do -- -- I was once a celebrity type of -- nobody else B list because music is certainly not going to carrier. Now and you know that cute factor always felt cute they grow they grow out of that in a hurry -- he'll go through his Macaulay Culkin stage. And that that'll be over. And the ways blowing his money in the ways taking all these risks and chances and law breaking and stuff like that. I mean really he's going to be broke is going to be broken he's a he's lucky was going to be alive. Are -- argue about are you a slave to your electronic device. I found out yesterday that I am and I didn't know I was simply because I left that behind in my office. And can hardly wait to be reunited whether -- today. Odds are you'll you're hooked on your Smartphone your iPad your iPod your tablet no matter what it is would you go back to get -- if you left of it work. Well have you ever lost one. What do. What if for some chance you could located I mean -- do you go through the same thing I went through I mean. I was like I felt I should sign -- on a methadone programs are carry me over until legacy my idea. My iPod today. My iPad I'm -- But I'd like to hear from you saw these advances in our lives sometimes they're called advances. And then not really advances there -- things we hate. Because they seem like a good idea at the time and then you see how they they evolved. I mentioned earlier that voicemail I remember one voice mail first came out. Of one of the card dealers a that I know was one of the first ones to and -- And the guy who owns the dealership said this is really cool because we have everybody's extension on the air. So that you can go directly and it's it's going to revolutionize everything. And at first it was a decent idea in case somebody wasn't at their desk you leave a voicemail. Now what you find is -- try and call somebody. Try and get someone on the phone that will just answer the phone it doesn't happen. If you called Charlie Manson he'd have his voice mail on just the way it is somebody desperate for attention somebody who needs human companionship. Goes to voicemail. -- Pleasure being evaluated. Are you important enough for me to actually say hello to you mean that's what it has that's why put absolutely. Rude and discussing things in my home voicemail you've heard some of those I don't know if Chris is ever heard him as some of them. I forget their on there. And then like the doctor's office of the dentist's office what. Is it -- excuse to call. It. I heard people say after we got the first one would put the holes we put it on on speaker legal staff was. And so is pretty route but anyway voicemail is something that I think. Is totally. And we can do without because I'd like I have the courtesy. Of calling you. And you answer the phone. Ever tried to do that it's almost impossible. In fact if you wanna play games sometime. I have there's some people are trying to call I know one person I've -- numbers for. All our numbers. And I have never had -- answer okay ever. It just doesn't work that way it goes to voicemail first so that's one of the things. That I think is a not a great advancement that I could certainly do without a wanna give you another example. Okay of of things I think I can do without that a supposedly advancement. I don't want self check out. If I wanted to be a check out person I'd get a job as a check -- person when I buy the merchandise. Like especially at grocery store. I want somebody else to check you know I wanted to put it in the -- I'll take it to my car. I don't think I should have to check out my own stuff while all I get the -- from the electronic device and all the time that this is going on. There's an employee watch it. They supposed to be serving me in my not the customer. Why does some who pays somebody to watch your customers do the job that they should be doing. I don't get that at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I was up on no one -- so. And I used to be on -- 5 o'clock in the morning so I would sometimes stop at the grocery store on the way and the radio station. And by muffins. Okay. Now just a -- know there were five. People. That worked on the shelves so I would buy five muffins. So this one time I walked in and now it's about 4 o'clock in the morning and I walk in and there is a check -- person there oh -- a girl a young girl. And she's flirting with the only other employee a young -- and they could care less than I was there aren't. So -- good rounds of a muffin department and the muffins were nice and fresh all of their hot. And I put my five muffins. In in a bag and I bring it for her to check out not. This is she -- that it was just come in five months that's OK pretty easier -- She says how many muffins do you have in the bag. I said. Five. And she says. Couldn't you buy one more and accept why. She said there -- 64. -- name whatever they were. I said and you know not to charge me for fun. She's. Not really if you buys six it's a lot easier. I mean this is this as I'm just telling. As I told that story in the air wanted to happen I've told that a million times and so you got somebody on -- who can't figure out if something is actually something. Why you would by five because it doesn't fit -- -- decision to back reporting with the guy. OK so as Torres and now. When somebody a grocery stores that are open all night. Don't have any live check out people at all except the one that's going to observe the self check out. Because they don't start the check out process still six MI from a well one time so again if you run a business run a business. If you're in the bubble under those printed on paper but doesn't curl up -- in the supermarket business actually have somebody there to check me out I don't check myself out. I don't wanna make my own -- I don't wanna make my own Sunday. I don't wanna lubricate my own car he got. That's why we hire people to do these things and it provides jobs. And that's what we're getting to and when I have a problem. I want to call somebody and not have them call talking to me from. Is that too much -- will be back after this. Were asking a couple of questions are you hooked on your electronic device whether it's a Smartphone and iPad and iPod a tablet did you leave behind -- lost one. And upon what you're going through withdrawal symptoms that you get a replacement or find the original RU was slave to it 80309301806169236. 930 also tell me about some alleged advances when they came out. They're just a pain in the neck. And you don't think they're that much of an advance my best examples I think her voice mail. Try and get somebody to answer in the fall and and then you always there yeah I were playing follow. Bag now when I'm playing phone tag he wanted to talk to me that's the reason in the -- and guess what -- want to argue either as a reason I didn't answer it. -- phones it's a way to get out of talking to somebody and my suggestion is if you don't want -- -- the -- don't give me a number. So -- I'm not a big fan of voicemail. Also. I do not like self check out of the supermarkets I do not want to do that. And I've only done it like two times. Do you -- it out but why should you have to. If you're in business -- -- business to serve the public. As last I know I was not hired by the supermarket check myself out. The last time I checked myself -- I was in front of a mirror and I was really disappointed. Let's go to Dominic Dominic you're on WB again. Beyond yes I I go to all the draw I I go to community gala here you're -- -- or at school every day. And -- I wrote about fifteen minutes from the north campus then. Yesterday. I left my phone at home all myself all my iPhone and Tom. I am -- classes in one days so I have sometimes an hour and a -- and between each class. A and I sometimes I -- library look in my music well. I didn't have my -- on -- -- and at my phone and I literally wanted to. Add on to the -- come back. I realize that you're gonna hooked on it. Clinton like. An hour and a ought to people what. That's exactly right -- -- government inclusion of urine and public place that everybody has to be amused or entertained for every second of their life there is no such thing as being without amusement or education so I can understand what you say Dominique thank you thank you very much. Guide you know you can get through the day without it like I happen to have mighty music besides on my side -- I -- my iPad two. And oftentimes I'll listen to it if I -- 1015 minutes and -- carries so I cannot put. Regular. -- Just over the round ones because they won't stand there. Much like remember a time when it's customary -- -- the problem that the birth control pills while working as that of falling out. It's the same thing here. And instruction is there's no instruction Joey I think they would know that. The low round. Earbuds the ones that are just round. I don't know how people Cuba and in there and you suitable running with them and doing all this other step I -- with the other EU earbuds that -- Michael and Al shape. Again put those and because it put a man and yet turn -- and okay that worked pretty good. I usually like the headphones that we were at work like this. But you don't always have access to a but oftentimes if I got a few minutes Austin most of my music and that's the reason I have it on both of those devices I don't have -- -- embargo on the other two. To get me through the day but it seems like we always have to be entertain a what kind of advances alleged advances these things opinion. Well one that you brought up many many times on this program and that is the tire pressure cents off in your vehicle all right definitely do without that absolutely because it is so sensitive. That if your cars outside overnight in the ambient temperature drops. Precipitously. And -- that was cool high density dollar award. What will happen -- you're like oh come on because your tires las pressure overnight. The the best way to check that -- and you're worried is it just that bad since there are one and the best way to check it is this. Take your if you have retired agent everybody should have a tire gauge. Check the pressure on all four. If there are pretty comparable. The odds are there's nothing wrong if if if -- got 3230 to 32 -- -- in many you know something's wrong but who wants to do that when it's minus two degree I know that morning and I think if I'm not mistaken -- general Lauren fix but I think that's going to be a standard things from him all the cars. And I wish they would just change the settings on them so they're not so sensitive. Because that's sensitivity I mean I remember. Putting a top down a beautiful day getting in my convertible I'm looking forward to and I strive. I was two miles out of a driveway in the light came on and to go to the dealer. The dealer check that reset it and takes X amount of miles that to read it to vamp it up again. It's a pain in the -- I mean there are times when it's helpful but a lot of times it's just of false alarm like when they show the engine. They always show the engine light -- say. Check engine now that scares everybody does it usually. Gas -- yeah you guys it's it's a it's a gas cap that wasn't on -- I mean it's our another sensor that somewhere in and you know that now. So there are oftentimes these things that are supposed to help us give us I should. And that I think the tire pressure thing is good we're gonna find out what bothers their -- we come back and what bothers you if you wanna call 8030930. 18061692. Through six aren't aren't very are you hooked on your electronic device. And what kind of advances. Our pain in the ass like voicemail. Self check out entire pressure monitors on cars will -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. How we are back. Where did you -- -- a sandy beach and or asking are you hooked on your electronic devices -- I am Roger Smartphone your iPad your iPod your tablet. I left mine on my desk yesterday went through withdrawal in July showed up again this morning. And realized how hooked I am on and are you hooked on yards also advances things that. When they showed up you thought there are great idea and now maybe not so much voicemail nobody answers the phone anymore Edberg. About. A a self checkout at the supermarket. Well I mean if you got two things and there's nobody in that line might make some sense but if you if you go if you're doing grocery shopping I want somebody to check it out and I want somebody. To put it in the bag and that's why. Judas furnished a bag I don't wanna bring my own. OK but I I know I'll say that three cents or whatever it is but here here -- customer here's what I'll do I'll pick out one on one ball. Here's what you'll do. You tell me how much it is new package -- up and I'll go home that's a pretty easy video no I don't wanna make my rounds and and I don't wanna make my -- Sunday Oregonian that. Okay -- -- customer wanted to have form. And and that's it and in part of the deal is not only -- by Ali if you went up. Why I don't take your job away from -- help you make the salad -- -- and bring it but I'll trust you. -- presidential maker guards Alan I don't necessarily believe I can make a better -- the new so you'll bring it to the table I'll give you money. That's that's a good deal let's go to -- and buffalo -- your under the Libya. -- -- -- And let me. A lot of people -- -- -- irritated when I I'll or -- there -- -- something. And -- and our potential -- what are her call I. And -- complete all alone at night you people act computers happy about all people at all. I -- -- All out and what are they you'll. What are your. You bring up a good example because we see it now when they have warming centers. The warming senators that would extreme call designed mainly. Unless you have some kind of electrical problem mainly for homeless people. They tell you the list of the warming shelters are on the -- are there on the website of the television station now I don't know many homeless people. -- and go to the web site. That's exactly right that you Betty you're exactly right managerial side. Yeah I mean you see that all the time how are just some web sites now are you guys are a lot more web sites that I am some web sites. You know there's a thing in the billboard business -- I used to buy a lot of boards and Texas San Francisco whatever. And -- and it's exactly right keep that I keep it simple. Because it's people driving by. There's your message okay committee assimilated by the interest in -- US in the it's okay they know they they register. They try and put twenty pounds of information and -- and pound sack okay doesn't work whether it's a radio spot TV spot or whatever. But when it comes to. When it comes to Euro website. They cram it with so much crap you try something try and find something sometime they'll say yes and at that picture and. A vote -- Scrolling up and down your computer freezes your going to take a shower you wash the party -- -- and you can't get to it from there. And they tell you where -- ago. And then by the time you can't find that you wanted to album more ago. Chris so what kind of -- alleged advancement do you think doesn't really advance this much for me for the most part. It's Twitter and I know that there's a lot of good stuff on Twitter you got reporters on -- -- -- break information really fast but. Most of it is just absolute nonsense. And then people treat it like it's news. I get all these sports updates on my phone and half of whom are. Tom Brady says this about Richard Sherman and it's just this week nobody asked him about it but -- care delicately. Everybody injects themselves into conversations celebrities. It's you know at least have a normal person doesn't divide it would noting noting it was whoever cares -- -- like one of celebrity tweet something people follow it like it's -- was an and you have Twitter -- Why do I care if we don't read out athletes Amanda buying. -- nonsense whole. -- you telling me them are Rihanna does aren't. Come off and I like Amanda bonds -- whether Rihanna anyway it drives me melts it drives a lot of his stuff drives me nuts because nobody dare say anything about it because if you think about it here's his rap music and about what you just said -- -- -- -- Well it's a matter. Our jewel in the information to come and get that what he has going back the smoke signals -- we need we need this sort of stuff. Twitter that's exactly what Twitter is all about is how cool you can be now -- Twitter you know it's fun to follow the celebrities least. For me it is and you know I enjoy because I actually get the -- Something like Norm MacDonald who I thought was just a lunatic but you actually find out is a really good when there's some serious not that he's actually a real good guys so I you know it's kind of fun for that we black bit it's all it is and it's -- how cool and if you are. I'm not cool I'm not hips so don't look for meted be like that on. With you I've always found a pit bull who try to be some thing that their Nazi it's pathetic. Okay. It yourself. You have a certain amount of things that are positive certain -- things that are negative but they're you market yourself. Have enough confidence in being yourself that people are you gonna like you or they're going to one to talk to you or or whatever. By your -- abide by what you are and what you stand for people who try and be hip and cool usually aren't. And -- the same thing with people tell you how religious they are. Really religious people don't tell you how religious they. Mother Theresa didn't go to a sporting hey I'm other elements you know religious IMO via. The Pope doesn't amount are you know religious is just no okay you pick it up. But people who tell you how. How vivid champion of this story and all they stand up for the downtrodden. Or you know -- they removed a -- from lion's paw. It's all crap is a lot I think that's going on there it's just phony there really is yourself. Yourself take -- or those that that's the way as you like like you know like you like and that's the way it is but -- right Twitter is all about that. Then. I should stop tweeting yeah you should probably. Or come back we're gonna talk to margins you to Largo kinda tells us something missing things is not that helpful anymore that we used to think as advanced. On the Israeli and I'm thirty Namibia let's go to Iowa. Margin Cheektowaga margarine on WB again. Any idea what you think more like people. I think I call a local company as published in the later innings -- I won't but I had problems. About it on the trying to get. It was and I -- on this can't -- anything that -- now. Do you wanna talk about billing and I said yes and they said well if you -- who -- first then we will carry to find that the announcement of bill. Get out five extra dollars for customer service. That the food analyst -- if there was a little local company. That's ridiculous guys they started with a simple voice mail system. And then they got through individual extensions. And then they get to individual needs. And if you're lucky usually -- most of those prompts if you agree if you push zero right away you get to a live person but five bucks. That's outrageous hour. And another warm. I'm gonna just say -- quest laboratories. You can only make an appointment. Well through the voice mail you got to really put a lot of crazy numbers it's really been a horrible. You know what's funny about -- is that they do all my blood draws and their excellent the blood draws but I have the same problem with their web -- as you do. And it used to be easier and when they read -- it's harder actually. But they don't people that work requests to a great job and they yet today you're never even know they're drawing blood. But you're right trying to get that appointment used to be easy it's not an MR. I'm a thank you thank you margin we spoke you live viewer wearing a target voicemail. About a factor in my. Just wondering -- sometimes my brain just starts wandering around. I was wondering if saw in Bombay. Has an electronic device that doesn't work and they're really ticked off a -- in the -- called customer service the thing. Oh somebody in New York City talks of him because every customer service time that I I get on the line I've talked somebody. It's comes out of India now I have no problems of people from India. Doctor potential as -- I want my surgeons -- and it's great doctor love the guy that and against India. But it's the fact is that. Their eyes half -- I used to be a disc jockey for many many years and we crank our music loud rule it out and I am seen enough shows to kill me. -- vocal you know and so. When I'm on the phone it's hard for me to understand. Oh Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady. As far as speaking English when I get somebody on there. That doesn't speak. Very good English I'm wondering why they were put on the customer service line. Because why do people call customer service because something's wrong they got the wrong order it was the wrong color the price wasn't right I got two of them and I was supposed to have three of them. One in the back for dancing us all these things are reasons why you call customer service so he already. Hyped up your ticked off you can hardly wait to talk to customer service and and just out on them. Now if that's the case and you on the company wouldn't you have somebody on the line like. Stance problematic for -- one relax and get through this would make sure your totally says it would enjoy. Of course you get that never. Never you get somebody who can't speak English for openers so now. Besides all the reason George picked up your even more ticked off now because you can't communicate with the person is supposed to help. And -- that I usually go more technical against the veteran yet. If you have a problem -- your computer your software or something like that those people are pretty good at at diagnosing problems. The legal step for step and get things done there especially if you have some patience but just general customer service. Sox. Well I think you would think that if you get a local person that they're always there to help I had a problem with my. Computer one time in the -- very new to computers. So I called my provider enhance his arm having problems. And the person was very rude to me over the phone. -- -- looking -- just -- trying to be nice and our customers and our customer -- finally snapped and said look. I'm the customer I'm paying your salary I -- speak to your supervisor and all of a sudden his attitude changed. On salaries are just the other day date OK we got through that nanny was able to get me through my. My problem and fix my computer and that was great. -- you need a customer service guy with with -- attitude -- he does have a right to have an attitude now he's supposed to be helping you know your customer -- the reason he's employed. And they after my adamant that the worst worse customer service in the world and I've said it many times is the dish. OK if you hit god help you if you wanna talk to the dish first of volume talked to. Did that Colorado you're going to be in Colorado. And the dish people seem to think they're NASA they think they never make a mistake. And I told it was before I was charged for a movie on mine bill. I've never ever rented a movie. Through would never ever -- not one time and nobody lives in my house. And the cats and dogs whatever animals might be around don't know how to do so I called the tellem as -- five box. At the end of the world but I don't wanna pay it because I didn't do it. So I call and I get this woman with a real attitude. She starts off with -- are their other people -- -- -- now. -- we're having a party known don't know him nobody or nobody ordered this it's a mistake on the bill. And she actually said to me and a -- line and I'm dying and she said to me we don't make mistakes. Call so I said -- NASA makes mistakes the Defense Department makes mistakes you're telling me the dish doesn't make mistakes so after tell her for half an hour. That I do I do not order movies on line. I finally got so exasperated because she kept denying it that I said look and I never do this but I did at this time. I said look. Here's what I'm going to do. I said idea I have a radio show and today in my radio show at 3 o'clock. I'm going to explain exactly what we're talking about now -- minute goal word for word I'm very go to -- recreated. So that people will know. That this could happen to them and she says to me. Sir. Is that a threat. Shouldn't poll. A threat. A threat is something that might happen this will happen. Is not a threat it's going to happen it's gonna happen 3 o'clock. Just seconds -- transfer. So she -- -- somebody else. So I -- golfing again. And finally. After another half hour basic way of telling it might never ordered a movie the woman gets -- NGOs. Well we will remove it from -- she says but I want -- I'm making note that you can never order a movie from us again. After spending an -- telling them I've never. Movie I don't want to promote me you know put it -- -- -- my mistake she's telling me I'm going to be punished by not being allowed to animal seat now -- Has just the opposite 'cause I've dealt with protect people and they were there are great well. This -- wasn't it. We'll be back after this.

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