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1-23 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay not only during this part of the show I say a few amusing things and I yet you're interest -- I only have five words and I'm going to you lose before they jingles singer's comeback today but you're ready. Justin Bieber is an idiot. A tip I've -- I'm done to -- and I drive Beverly -- -- Well -- write the story now you can write it out Justin Bieber show a dead in a car crash because the cards he's racing around -- have more ability than he does. And because he's got enough money to rent a Lamborghini. Or Ferrari in this case he rendered both I don't know which when he was driving when he gets up as an Indian problem celebrities. And have a history. Of love dying in car crashes remember well one has died a few -- weeks ago welcome and I at a at a Porsche GT. Okay and that's one of the most capable cars on the planet very limited production all wheel drive -- -- had everything right he died he died like that beavers and it. Remember we had a story of a couple of days ago how the police went into his house with a warrant. Looking for evidence that he -- the neighbor's house with when he thousand dollars damage they found all kinds of drugs there but they couldn't charge -- -- -- anything because the warrant. Just call for them to look for evidence of the egging. And so they found all kinds of drug evidence and now. Before his neighbors no I think in California. Were complaining that he was racing around with -- Ferrari in a residential neighborhood. And now he's I don't know if he was in the Ferrari or the Lamborghini but either one of them. Are very capable cars in the hands of -- capable driver this is us punk. So he's gonna end up like -- into a right now I also is probably high as a kite yeah and it was DW I charge him with the WI. WY. And racing an Italian super card not a good not a good thing for your future if you expect to have them. While just down just -- months -- Especially from people who adore for our special elect number he's been especially Ferrari's enroll waste. You know I I wish I wish Enzo was still alive he probably wouldn't allow the driver Ferrari. Probably going and take it back from -- make it. You some models of Ferrari when they come out. Can he can be purchased the can only released yet because they don't want people -- them especially over very limited edition ones. And then -- for profit so you can only -- on the go back to Ferrari and they decide what to do them. I'm feeling today because I'm feeling good today and yesterday I went to Roswell park after the show. And got my idea mighty a year and check out from the -- department. Ed except that the nurse made me laugh once while guy went -- there it was a good day okay. Because the scale they uses electronic. It's not -- of those with the you know where you have -- the big balls of metal -- -- on the side until you arrive. And then his stand on them and they EK and then they don't go down the right hand side doesn't go down until they bring the big metal ball that looks like a shot put. Or aren't the right height and even then sometimes they have to -- front. Metal ball and -- your way and I always tell. Look I know you're doing -- in kilograms anyway but don't even tell me cameras I don't I don't wanna know what it's. -- so -- electronics you know which is nice because I have no idea what is it that. Oxygen -- you put that thing on your finger doing very well blood pressure no problem at all yes. -- but when the nurse did the the run up before they actually examine this fabulous body of mine they asked a lot of questions obviously. And one question made me laugh. The nurse said how's your appetite. -- Our and you call yourself a nurse as a nation does he. Hey how do you think my appetite as I said I've been down there -- said yes liberation it's. Ollie eat anything it's not that not you know not running around with -- antlers on it. Associate I -- laugh but then they -- -- my entire body and I only need one little spots brits with the liquid nitrogen right there and sit. And the other operation and that. For the slimmest -- as healing nicely as well that looks good so. It was it was a good positive on nice upbeat many jobs Roswell people a feel good about that. And then when they of course slipping into the ground. I I asked the person doing the exam the caller if they got a good in this. Because you're sitting there with ventilation coming up the backside there because it doesn't get around you I mean I don't care. If you're right if you're Celine Dion these these gowns do not fit around your. Yeah and and you there you Wear socks underwear on -- like I was in a porno film and that's yet. Dead and they check of each quadrant of your body. And it's amazing that -- see that little thing here on the forehead and we see that they've that's what they do and they took care of it have you ever had liquid nitrogen know a value of dot net when it as as it is it's it's no fuss no no -- -- but. They stretch your -- And and it freezes it and it gets -- after a period of time ago. I'm usually have one on to those that reject though because I'm I'm fair skin and I'm a fair skinned boy. Our analysts say what's going on here and now of the police blotter for the cameras via I love the police blotter. Some people complain about things remember we had somebody an amorous complain. That that plow was out too early and doing. I'm too many swipes at her -- and then other people -- that what's the matter with the -- -- -- be very happy that the -- was doing a good job. While this is similar to that does happen on Thursday January 16 and hammers. A resident of -- drive reported that her. Garbage was missing from -- located on the side ever how's the residents said. That that the garbage was stolen overnight. So it was the two votes they took the garbage but didn't take the -- what you complain about the because you don't put up eroding -- -- got to -- then. And I take it originally the -- that's exactly what happened as you probably. So I guess issues -- worried about that somebody having unauthorized use of their garbage I know that one you play your garbage. On the road I'm not a lawyer but my understanding is when you place your garbage on -- on the side of the road. That you know longer and claim ownership to. But this woman's complain because somebody took it saved her bring in the towed out to the world. I have a feeling that maybe some people and -- might be a little spoiled what -- thing that'll just a little bit. Here's another one now this is unusual. 'cause I've never heard of this happening but I can understand why the homeowner would be distressed. A resident of gas if GSP is a gasping. Sounds good news now -- is nobody don't know a resident of gas B drive reported returning home to find a man on her roof and it wasn't Santa Claus. She called the police and said there's a man on my roof. Then she called and her husband while the police were on the way to the house and said honey there's our man on our -- but I probably -- -- I should have told you I've hired a man to fix the roof. Hope it's all the guy had -- -- fix the roof and the cops that broke today and that was that you would think that he would have mentioned that tour you know. Is he wearing a red suit does he have toys. And is there either handler remarks in the snow on the roof. On -- and boulevard on January 14. A resident reported that an unknown person entered his vehicle the previous night. He's another it was stolen. But he smelled smoke in his vehicle. The incident reportedly occurred while the car was in the driveway so apparently somebody you know because we don't have enough smoking lounges anymore. You know they just don't amounts of somebody needed a smoke. This car let's see if the doors open -- as -- go in there. Well this is good thank you and deadly smoke in his car that's it. And I aren't let's see what's going on Mike is that Mike Patton is that is -- in the and he may he may we may we don't know for sure maybe the next head coach you know vote. Of Cleveland. It's got to see these kind of recovered you know and when I was in high school I went to high -- whose father. And he was happy I was heavier -- You've heard the expression here comes this is the comedy -- pathetic. You heard the expression. Heavy Patton I don't like. Sorry the comedy nuggets and I'll blowing today I didn't that's it was just -- -- set me up at the papers relate. Away okay. If Buffett is listening. Norris Cole if cold all the publishers listening. I'll be the first one to do this. I will pay the buffalo on those extra. Too good to produce a newspaper. That the paper isn't so damn thin that you can't even anything from a as you clip something from the paper I don't have never every day and equipment every -- it -- up. The paper is is its paper thin actually it has its Wafer -- And I know that they have to do -- it's an economy thing they have the same as much money as they can. I'll blah blah blah this papers on -- Warren Buffett he's one of the richest men in the world spite for some paper that's actually paper what you play. Is something I can't see through when I hold it up to this and have you guys tried to clip from the -- and yeah it happens all the time is ridiculous it curls up in here to -- leave it up if you leave it around to -- just. Just set it out in in the air for -- little curl up nothing gets done -- and it ruins itself we've got answers to. Take a break every. And endemic. Well it will be -- what more -- region company. I'm Tony were telling me about Mario Andretti taking some Playboy models were ride yet have warned of the I think -- plummeted to a true and guard doesn't. They have a specially built IndyCar that has its seats won in front one on the back obviously. And Mario Andretti as the ambassador and he takes VIPs celebrities and whatever on on the track and that thing. And I guarantee. In this case they were Playboy models yes playmates I'd I guarantee you their life will never -- -- Because it's incredible if you've never been a race car. First I love racing I love. A big fan of open wheel racing. And once we're doing a promotional thing. Donna Holland -- went kale Yarborough was in town multi multi NASCAR champion -- one of the best that ever drove okay. And they said to me. You know you're gonna be am seeing is about would you like to ride with kale Yarborough yeah -- you kidding me. And this is just the regular car from one -- -- or some -- the regular car from one local dealers is that among the race cars. The -- I gotta be riding with -- Well okay. So they introduced me to -- very nice guy buckle up we're going to it's going to be the pace car itself problems that the IR -- at all. All my god look at me. It was like being in a jet fighter and this was just up pace car this was no duels with not a lot of race cars scaled back our economy. I was very happy when we go back to the pits and I got out on the -- -- qualifier he's an extremely qualified driver but if you had driven like that or. Or written in a race in something like that before you know it's like it's incredible and they had the G forces on the on the big boys cars you know. Is as incredible. Takes a lot -- man handle those cars and some of them have better brakes and better suspension and better sharing and others. So these drivers race car drivers are a lot of credit because it is not an easy thing. The pilot that thing Iran now it's not mention it's much easier for this from the census standpoint. When you're the drivers supposed to be the passenger oh yeah I absolutely but you see this -- sometimes when the group's commander dual air shows. And they'll take a civilian up. And the civilians do things like oh I don't know vomit into the mask and stuff. Because you don't know what it's like and so until you've actually done it -- no way to prepare yourself for. And it was that it would about with the pace car can't imagine in the race. This. Ask though is that not December when he of the army navy game and the other do all the buildup for the game. While they took the head coach at navy optimal one of the fighters and I'm guessing that this was his first -- there are always in there really pulled some -- in. He wasn't doing too well talked to Greta. Well yeah you -- you do not realize it until you're into your subject to a president ever driven a race car or -- aren't like that I have now and it just judging from your reaction permanent damage or released or maybe it's out -- -- -- -- if but they aren't just mainly ceremonial and Alia you -- you lead the cars around and you -- of events -- -- go racing. Wall I was very happy when the car stopped I can just tell you that because he knows what he does he's on this is alive has no problem at all but. If you've not done good luck to you and they they let me they they wanted to let me drive. A NASCAR type of car in in a celebrity race once -- -- say no you know line. As the doors are -- in a guy like -- got to climb Clinton and -- -- climb out and I think I did well driving them to have had some pretty fast cars. If you do while driving them again now. And it doesn't look good to a crowd of you falling out of the race card you know I'm in Portland now that lets the barrel roll as some think the idea of getting -- -- headfirst. And mangled tumbling down the track was an attractive to me. So if you have the opportunity rate now Mario and Freddie says come on top in the backseat of this up one would you do it if I could -- and that I would. Yeah I would I would do it anyway I would do it because it would be remarkable. And these are obviously very capable guy. He knows how to drive in the Amazon and his grandson and -- neighbor in a milkman and everybody around everybody Ron and Freddie knows how to drive. I always come back we'll be talking about it lots of stuff on news radio nine Thursday. -- -- And WB and wherever you go with the WB EN iPhone app. We put bitching somebody four Tonys so excited. He just found out that the captain Anthony LRs divorcing him he's always had the hots for Tony to nail on his I -- you know I -- -- -- A the other singer while Tony -- I saw all season -- 71 now he had did not like not rule oftentimes that happens as people. Age. And and last time his heart was broken mama Cass NG when she died because. He he dreamed of one day -- which -- as that was over. Is that she -- joked. It's still -- it boggles my mind and now because you know somebody's there would you like a bite out of my ham sandwich and no more hits for -- that was it. What shape is -- a great voice to really dead surely did. Michelle Phillips wasn't exactly did you -- know no matter. Are right it is often. That IE list of one of the subjects that I do on the radio OK I have information about them. Sometimes I have a story about them but as a up and I actually lived apart. And here's the deal. I am I'm a very organized. In school I never. Ever forgot my homework -- effective Don Landry -- calls the next two days ago verified never heard a mile mark. Never -- a dogged. And never lost never lost my books. Never lost keys because I'd put him in the same place I know they are okay. Might in my office I could go in there with no lights on and tell you exactly where everything as. Everything's precise in my life I get through appointments early and drive people crazy with that but I -- always early never late I'm almost never exhausted. As I've managed to do all these things on a regular basis. But yesterday something happened to me. That turned into today's subject because as luck would have it. I had some supporting evidence. From -- web site on this and I thought I go to Google and it. I get home after my appointment Roswell. And I opened my briefcase to take the things out but I'll need an X. I left. My iPad on my desk. That never happens ever never ever ever ever ever and I left it on the -- I'm thinking adamant. They're crazy about this you get your emails on yours on your phone would cause that a Smart Obama eleven an iPhone I can get him there. And even though the strings a little smaller it'll just be a minor inconvenience. I do like to play solitaire on my iPad. That's kind of fun to play at all as time. But I can't do that in my phone but that's all right I'll follow them through and tomorrow I going to work it will be there. While I went on now I know what addiction is. I went through it was like I was heroin -- I started going through a senator reaching for it. Where it usually does and it's not fair and that I pick the phone and the phones OK but it is not exactly -- that I want my. But I am thinking am I gonna drive eleven miles from the station. To get my iPad and an eleven miles on my got to put 22 miles on my car. And and use gasoline so that I can I can check my iPad every time a little -- comes on of the swoosh or whatever. And I had a miserable night I didn't sleep well I woke up this morning I could hardly wait to get here. And I put the key in the door and as soon as I opened the door. It's and it was like hello and yet we've been reunited now I realize how is the enemy. I've become an act I have become an addict to -- electronic device and it's not right. It's not right we should they should be serving as we shouldn't be serving them because just going about one that I'm telling you if it was a weekend. I would combat -- -- -- back to the radio station yet and that's the way it would have -- I know all I had to do was get through the night. And then sleep and wake up and it would be with me and it is now our -- we're gonna live happily ever after. But it's an example of how we're all getting hooked on electronic devices. Now I have an article which was my folder. Four -- possibly use today or tomorrow and it's almost exactly about that it's about being hooked on electronic devices. Because there is a young. The special survey that's just been done and it says is your Smartphone ruining your sleep. And your career researchers are saying checking your email all night. Can kill your productivity because when I go to bed I shut things off there off they're not okay with some people leave them on. And some people leave them on the nightstand and every time they hear some amateur. The look at. -- Yet probably go over a hundred a day. Of which 99 of them -- joke -- just totally uses that you guys -- at the same stuff. I just delete delete delete the lately but. I occasionally -- is is that hope that there'll be something on there that will actually interest me. There will be something on American actually you know who's there could be something as productive you know I mean and by and large it is and but if your hooked on leaving your phone on all night. And you answer. Whether it's a text and email or actual phone call. Are you are going to lose your productivity in the workplace the next day according and his research team. The -- at the university Washington's using your phone -- and I can seriously damage your sleep. And your performance at work the next day they advise employees -- sweatshop. Or risk being less engaged at work the next day. That explains the management team here I'm sure they keep their phone on all right. Because this name has as little engages our members and diamonds and and I thinks this thing like a glove to. And grass I -- -- -- works and -- actually a bit therefore it was all night and there waiting for the next thing. Or Dong or -- a short whatever you gotta set for far no message. Or tax day you know we get used to it we become like Pavlov dog. Remember the researcher of them over Pavlov dog -- would ring a bell overtime they fed the dog. And britney's own when they rang the bell the dog thought it's time to eat. And so they they condition the dog to every time they hear the bell. It's time -- -- with the same thing with our pads and our iphones and all of our wrote a different tablets. When we hear the sounds where are drawn to -- I don't like you know what. I cannot if if if I am reading something. And I hear a sound on mine either my phone my tablet. I have to see I can't wait. I can't wait -- and I'm always hopeful will be something interest in -- It's disappointment disappointment -- apartment. Is this -- you guys now known out of well you know even on -- night yes I do actually but it's not and I hooked on no I'm not hooked on -- -- -- and use something and it went. And it did sound it means is you're getting something that you should be reading you wouldn't even care now I went to the next while good for Euro. -- about you know I don't wish. Going a lot of back home here now are more like you I would I have few if I want to ignore completely I have to just turn the sound -- off. And if this -- I can operate just fine and I care about it but if I hear a message or I have it set up to get like a lot of sports update now. And I get it on of them all day and I'll look at every single one of amid. It doesn't matter you know it'll have to do -- your tennis football the bills a baseball. I just wanna know what's going on it's kind of like having ESPN -- constantly watching the bottom -- I will have to turn it off. And right now and how many guys that we got the advanced warnings. That set on our machines for -- local television stations so out of the -- -- And you'll -- -- say there's a traffic jam on the -- he. Which -- going on the June -- is of no interest him OK David as amateurs that. But the bottom line is most of the time it's not stuff that it's gonna impact my life right McCarron well. A so so he's more like me Tony you're you're you're to be raised on to a higher level and we are. We are slave Stewart. Except for the fact that I happen to know. That you're on it hell of a lot more than I am -- -- -- -- dance with the PC with with my my computer rather than my phone. So yes I'm very much addicted to FaceBook is no they show up that image I can't keep you off of them thank you I wish I could I may have -- go to FaceBook a withdrawal class because as you know. Nothing thrills me more than conversant with people I don't know is that it's the kind of highlight of my life. You are to clog up -- one of the strangers. Talk about something so it goes your post recipes you do and that's in the and the use all applause funny if you if you took a thousand talk show host. And how much they liked to talk on the telephone. I'd be number 1000. But. I do I do like you know sparkling conversation. But sometimes some time ago. That's why I have to terror myself away from my FaceBook. And Tony helps duo little -- over there and they. Are right. So we want to hear from you are you hooked on your electronic device are you with slave to it. I I didn't realize how much until yesterday. I left my iPad on my desk and I was like a fish out of water as sure I should I drive there now and it's -- let's going to be others not commanding anyway and and a lot of it is is duplicated on my phone so I have access to it but I just a neither -- I needed my iPad. And it surprised me to be honest with you. I have argue hooked on it are you a slave to your Smartphone your iPad your iPod your tablet. It was a call it a 309301806. On 69 through music star and I'm there listening to sandy. So yeah. TTE. The thinking about that Justin Bieber story I mean he was arrested in Miami. Four -- of four street racing. He had a guest Rana Ferrari in Lambert -- I don't know which when he was driving and got them. And the number VW -- think what's going on with child stars I mean look at him and and Miley Cyrus. OK I mean this year was the all American Hannah Montana. And now she's desperately in pathetically looking for sexuality. And it really kind of sad because it's not there yet. And so she's trying to prove that shares sexuality Justin Bieber trying to prove he's got gas. One would guess well I if he thinks his manhood is tied up with -- up. With -- with fast cars and and booze or drugs and he's not he's crazy. -- of course is a manly parts of -- size of raisins and they'll do anything to get him at least at the forum. But does not gonna happen that way he's more likely to be laid out like james' name. So I just don't you know sometimes I know that. When they get success and wealth and stuff the young. Younger they don't know how to deal with the of them and they don't my handle and nobody wants and total and we always seen this though I mean wasn't. To bury more audio problem are yelling come from Tatum O'Neal or -- on -- big time and a lot of these. Child prodigy is a child stars or or children of people who -- very well known. Tried approved their own. Identity. And they do it in different ways and autumn and the dead it's just the way it is so thing about it James Dean for all of it was. A traffic accident victim but he only had three movies ago three that's at -- Brady wasn't hot -- in the power race and that that now he was like he was to it was they were taking it to race. And somebody in a large your regular card. Harriman and kill all but it was a portion spider which was very lightweight. And -- pretty good race there as so he wasn't doing anything wrong he was just on his way to the -- and somebody. Somebody -- kill them and and Justin Bieber keeps this up as a matter of time you can right now. If it is if you want to -- doesn't happen but unless he changes his ways he's going to be a short timer. That's literacy okay I want an overview. Are -- hooked on your electronic device are you a slave to it I almost came back to the radio station yesterday when. I've I I've left my iPad on the desk instead of putting it in my briefcase and taking it home. I was willing to think about driving the eleven miles and eleven miles home adjust so I can have a when these services are basically. Duplicated on my phone. I just didn't have my iPad I wanted to play solitaire. I wanted to I wanted to look at it. And like I do every night angles who have -- stuff and keeping it up to -- the racing bulls stuff and putting new stuff on there. And I found out I was more hooked to a that I thought -- What actually can see where your goal with -- different things you like to view. Twitter I like how my cell phone more than I like my PC. FaceBook I hate myself also are -- go to. FaceBook on it's not just that it's too small but it is just a little bit different and in where it where things are sort prefer from a BF FaceBook prefer to be and a PC. As opposed to my phone. Well I don't sometimes I do dueling banjo is kind of things because of my phone and at the table legs of the chair. If I have my phone and my iPad on there and I get an email. It'll come in at slightly different times. So I try and put are competing tones on. Like -- -- the big jazz classics things things saying no written by Louis Prima which is probably the best drum -- ever in the history of mankind I have -- on one. And that I've got something that complements that. On the other. The thing so it's kind of category gather. That's a pathetic my life as you can put together an orchestra but I thought. I did it on aids in -- more -- -- is so we did that so our inaugural -- slave to it. Also the second part of our showed today that I wanna add. Lots of things that we considered. Advances. Things that would better our lives things that would make our lives -- -- -- our pain in the neck and we find out after that. We liked it the other way. Okay does anybody out there right now because I remember when it came in everybody hailed it all look at this new technology. It's not new anymore it's a pain in my you know a lot. And that's voice mail does anybody answer the phone anymore. Are you always screened before you say how wall. Does anyone know that when Rangers supposed to say hello instead it let's do it as. Hostage dealer wants to do than those now America. -- way. Let's say who's next Tim Weiner. Well he has my number of the get I look back what are with the engine company on -- right here at -- we are WB end.

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