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Bieber Busted

Jan 23, 2014|

WIOD Radio's Will Althoff

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bieber watch pop star Justin Bieber arrested early this morning in Miami Beach. Reporter will all topped with WI DOD in Miami is covering the -- behave well good morning tell us what happened. Well supposedly. Justin Bieber was arrested last night picked up or do you -- after cops drag racing in a residential area in Miami Beach. He had supposedly rented to caller one of them being -- one of them being at liberty to actually post the pictures of those are double in Graham. And -- strict about -- -- and now we are just waiting at the jail for and he got transported of the correctional facility here Miami. Is -- losing in Miami for a concert. No he's actually been here for a few days. There's another investigation going on. Into a neighboring town called -- -- guys they are looking into allegations. He he received a police escort. When he arrived at the airport now officials trying to figure out if you hate those cops of those cops working. If they were on duty when all this happened. As a result that investigation under way but now it seems like he just down here to relax for a couple days. What I did you have his contract block off some streets so he can do this. I know up from what we know he was leaving a club on Miami Beach early this morning. I'd tell him and his -- opt in the -- you sports car that they had rented and the part we just took up turn down the street yes side by side in a residential neighborhood nobody knows really how fast we were going but supposedly. Yup failed a field sobriety test went all this occurred. You know who won the -- If Ferrari -- the -- regaining. Yet the Ferrari Lamborghini does anybody really live when you're driving us. Arianna you don't -- any idea what it costs to rent them both of Lamborghini and Ferrari at the same time. I myself haven't had the fortune of being able to repeat what those cars but I have to be up -- the doubt and the -- You know by -- -- something happened down here they have the luxury car dealership where he can read -- -- -- -- -- -- Just to be -- he has -- out of money didn't you just -- I say you're stationed outside the court -- waiting for something happened with via the booking in a charge is spent today. Correctly. From what we know he. -- shoot the results from a sobriety test -- coming at once they come and and he will be transported from the booking everywhere is true the correctional facility which is not just a few miles. You know he has to be giving whose parents. Gray hair and what are they gonna do send them to a room. -- -- well considering that he probably the one paying the bills and that they wanna punish them much I I think they probably wanna let them got their perform. You know all of this on the heels of this investigation that happening California are you know with the vandalism charge it it just keeps stacking up. We're -- a chance of getting worse and worse this kid who's like -- self destruct. Yeah it really seems that way a lot of people are saying just that and I you know this is possibly. Actually good for -- -- may actually put some experience and you know realize that there are consequences to the action. Hey well thanks they held by the way how warm is it going to be in Miami today. Well it's actually don't think it via upper 60 today but this morning it was in the open so you know everybody broke out the winter coats in the out -- -- -- Right okay thank you for the update we appreciate your time again. No problem guy that's will all tough he's a reporter with WI OD in Miami covering that Justin Bieber arrest.

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