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Mayor Ford Falls (Again)

Jan 23, 2014|

Peter Gross of 6-80 News; Toronto

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Deborah -- the mayor rob for this story broke a few weeks ago we've been talking about it with a reporter in Toronto Peter -- -- six in the news. Computers on the WBM live line to talk about the latest news in the -- of Iran for hey Peter good morning. Good morning okay what did you do this time. Well apparently the other night he was then fast food restaurant he was clearly inebriated it would talking in Jamaican apple. As early as usual. They lose a couple of offensive Jamaican problems. That that some people they would totally -- but he claims have just hanging out with my buddies and it's just the bump in the road. Yeah I heard he said it's a minor setback. He probably the minor setback but. Odd ball the issue with orders is credibility because he promised two months ago that he would never drink again that he had he had achieved this moment. And he would never drink again and it just seemed to realize that when he does. Somebody's gonna get it on a cellphone and download. And computer we have heard that we've read about how popular mayor forward -- -- Folks in Toronto but you know when sensible people go to the polls to vote. I mean they have to think twice about voting. For this guy I mean if his name is on the ballot. What you salad sensible person may be the electorate not that comfortable according to the statistics this morning. Police still have 45%. Of the pro at -- certain. Alanis Morissette ironic that what a catch 22 there's a couple of really credible candidates to Libya child. Or John -- who would have a very good chance of winning if they ran. Neither one of them. Well let them mayoralty race if they think there's the slightest chance of losing -- -- -- so this dreadful behavior is a real plot. Because nobody wants that on the report current that they lost to rob for. Wow now I see I just it asserts I see speaking at the economic club of Canada today -- think still reference the incident when he speaks. Although I don't think so yeah a couple of incident yesterday. Where he was besieged by reporters and for some reason they always walked narrow hallways of city hall and everyone got jammed this security was pushing people out of the way. And he's really just trying to kind of like. Blow out there just is what it's my personal life -- can. Channeling the phrase no one's perfect I'm -- for I don't know anyone who is. They're going to Libya development of these stock and the economic club because the things that props. While Ford topic is how he tries to save the taxpayers. Money and he keeps hanging its hat on that. Well you know why water credible agency like the economic club even invite this got to speak I mean is he that. Powerful influential and popular of a guy. -- last -- he's very very for whatever reason he's very popular which goes to. A -- hockey game when he goes to an article football game it's true he's like a -- star whether or not. People respect were like compete draws a crowd he attracts attention. Boy it's -- simple mouse and -- a lot of people we are following this guy and mature mayor Byron brown yeah. While he's not quite as talk about him yet he doesn't he doesn't get himself into trouble. Doesn't get out much. Few people you have to reach out of trouble with the failure girl that you don't have any but it -- -- -- That's okay. Is it called their Peter. All of its -- What is it with the wind chill about minus twenty Q did we Wi putt that's self talk tough but fair enough I might lead at minus forty. That's what's really called open campus. Apparently because they're holding hands and they're not even wearing gloves. OK computer we love you you got to visit us some day I think any time and a witness -- All errors yeah no doubt about it that -- be -- OK we'll talk about what to expect Peter -- with six -- the news in Toronto.