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Auto Industry Already Robot-Friendly

Jan 23, 2014|

WWJ's Jeff Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Robots taking over our lives let's talk more about it. Jeff Gilbert covers the automotive industry for CBS news and he's with us on the WB in -- -- just -- morning. Good morning I think robot to control your car perfectly perfectly perfectly. Exactly that's that's so we kind of your point and have a little bit earlier -- You know when it comes to cars I mean that that's the way it's going -- is -- we're we're getting closer and closer to that. Yeah but I mean here here's the big question you'd. What are the expectations for that there's a pretty big debate you've got -- Google on one hand -- also shot in the auto world sank so private and -- -- coming. They're coming soon. Didn't get the other auto companies that are saying hey wait a second we got a lot of technology here that sort of make driving easier. Maybe take control briefer more -- for brief period of time but the bottom line that the driver you know at. It's a responsible bill that the monitors system you're not going to be -- to kidnap or your morning commute. OK well maybe even explain a little further you know most people older people in particular said this is nuts but we know it as a fact of life. But with that said how does a driver and his car really get you. From one place to another do you have to program your trip public at work. What would it work quickly we -- CG PS to get your from politically would be. Sensors to tell you about the world around you and GPS to give a feel for what things are eroding camera. To see little lines are I mean that's all well and good. Could hear in my mind is the biggest issue it's the UN actor all the machinery works perfectly. There still will be times when. The computer just can't do something that's gonna say OK -- you've got to take over the vehicle take it over now. And what people people be paying attention will they be dozing off they should be but -- -- people to a lot of things behind illegally should be doing well. That's like it's sort of power people gonna react when the system says okay I'm overloaded you -- Yeah that's good point he will aside from self driving cars. There is a lot of automation in our vehicles today isn't there. Write it in you know a lot of the people I talked to in the auto industry. Say that that really is what we're going we're change systems that. May be able to anticipate and accidentally hit -- you may -- even briefly Kate in all you're you're around an accident things of that nature. That really -- Ortiz systems like there's going for the year I mean that the idea that there were going to be shall spurred by a robot. Probably -- an effort of our -- shots. Jeff you know what do the vehicles that we drive today at the newest ones what do they automatically. Do for us. That we used to have to do by ourselves. What -- you know the one thing you don't notice is stability control and antilock brakes antilock brake automatically pop -- you much faster than whoever put the war. And stability control automatically adjust breaking on corporate legal. And waddle speed to keep your court stable of those things you don't even know. Now we're seeing a big debate about system that stop you. I mean there are some -- will automatically engage when they see another vehicle to be about to collide with. Other big give you a warning -- prepare to stop you faster once you hit the brakes so there's that old debate of how much control the court should take from. -- and as much as they'd become more -- more automated. It still is a big distraction for drivers right. It would be up there are certainly other systems are distractions you know the infotainment typical things like that and the other thing is. All readings and and there are a lot of systems that award Europe a -- come on what you're backing out of a parking space. I think a lot of old Lauren what vote. And collision warning system but a couple of -- warnings bigger record tutors so we will sometimes if the suns in the right position can create a shadow that. Vehicles the text in the car mean that that's well and good when it warned you and you're in control but that creates another problem the court takes over control and there's. Nothing really airport to stop war. Have you driven a self driving car. That's that's a contradiction in terms that written and so vibrant -- some facility early prototypes and you know it's very interesting to see the -- The vehicle control everything but I don't start today and every one of those so far -- person then and as a trained engineers sitting waiting to take over the control just think -- as a problem. Yes exactly okay -- nice talking with you this morning thank you. Forward -- -- YouTube Jeff Gilbert covers the auto industry for CBS news in Detroit.