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Robots Ready to Take Our Jobs?

Jan 23, 2014|

UB's Venkat Krovi

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB and live line -- and welcome van kept crony. -- associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo welcome proposed drove me. You know this is a scary. Scary headlines we're looking at the headlines says. Is 2014. And we are your job will be taken by a robot. -- Megan are open 24 team but they say it could happen in the next thirty years I mean we to believe all this stuff. Yeah. Endurance. Test there's a quite a while I think 2000 was going to be the end of the roses. And then maybe again 2010. So I am sure don't boot camp but booting but. But suppose -- -- they. Real -- are making quite a lot of inroads. All they can't where we're where will robust -- expanding in the next few years. Where they aren't right now. Different retirement students in class they most of them my caddie -- and -- with them and there's some problem. And I think would be that this rapid. Increase in computing technology most people have the Smartphones that do so much more than they could do every bit. And from that perspective I think that -- -- -- and -- and there at the helped to make that right so little simpler. In many cases they keep open -- they do they take over some of -- debt and then. There would be. As jabs that these Sundance quarter try to ride. Well what -- jobs. The which jobs specifically. Professor do you think. Are most likely to be taken over by something mechanical. Like now in 2014. Or maybe next year. If you look -- never understood -- could have used some of whom have been rumors at all. -- that vacuum cleaner. And the vacuum cleaners are very. And then how many have you polite congratulating your -- -- -- pace for one don't. And and so yet but he did dozens of countries. I think having good or -- do that for me. I can tell it what to do and events and then have a just kind of -- But you don't do you think that that. With clean and vacuum as well as you would do it. All. And then I screwed speciality. Send cleaning where I think I would get a person to do it that could be them. Regular Monday in. You know one so -- Vacuuming that pop up off lightly -- house. I think go -- that could do a job. Do you think a person. Like a real estate agent is vulnerable to losing your job to a robot while other college professor. Should pick. Yes we are permissions and -- -- -- taking over so particular college professor and an example. You know you could you could regret my anti terror at a lecture. And played -- of international. But that's happening these days you see more. -- online courses. Where one professor. Is now teaching. Hundreds of thousands of people. Do you. That investment those -- playing now. Credited of their friends -- -- I want to run into an action that comes in a classroom. I -- restaurant these -- -- right course -- an -- -- for the vast majority. Are -- may be an online course is the way to go. What about. This profession. News reporters and talk show host who think that there are safer or not. I have I don't look at that American their. Job but it won't choose to be able to say something different when Todd Whitman said they no big changing. Rapidly -- and those. And the road is being flat and highly. At some of this is happening all the across the board and as you pointed out even my job is not safe. The you know losing our jobless something mechanical. Should we worry about does the right now or maybe save and worry about a little later. I think. Chicken literal. Is. -- going to be here for a little longer -- the the -- so fast by the nation that's happening there right now. Is. Is it is. If not not -- don't ever -- is that some of the creative jabs and -- can be taken up anything that requires. The human mind to be used -- -- so damned dirty and potentially dangerous jobs that I around but that most picturesque. Good to talk but the U propose that we had fun talking to you about this thank you. Thank you could join him. Then capped -- associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. At UB.