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Windy City A Wintry City

Jan 23, 2014|

WBBM Radio's Joe Bartosch

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- extends to Chicago. Joba are Tosh with a WBBM news team is with us on the W beat EMI find Joseph good morning. Good morning Susan good morning John hey you know Chicago's a lot like buffalo when it comes to our weather. Has this been a punishing winter for you guys. You know I think the thing that it started so early this year he feels like it should be. No matter of late February and it's been really really cold one of these steps they're brought out there is that a third of Lake Michigan -- frozen. Which is the most that's been at this point -- over twenty years so it's kind of historical -- when all of sudden that I don't know words can stack up but it feels. Feels very -- that are out there especially this morning it's been particularly. Chilling. So while that lake is still not completely frozen over you guys are still dealing with lake effect snow just like we are. -- be it happened. In the city itself with a little bit more like effect this year than usual. The area they're really gets it is right around -- quarter there will be peace northwest Indiana and in some parts of extreme southwest Michigan. But we've definitely had more in Cook County which is in in the including an outside of Chicago the summaries in the way the -- setup and everything. Which had more snow a lake effect kind of stuff like in the areas that normally really don't get it on the other hand Indiana got two feet just the other day so. They're probably more can you guys in terms of you know these big heavy snowfall for the road lake that are driven by the leak. Now how cold visit there this morning. It when I got out this morning it was my cars in the driveway the other. Thermometer was true below in the car but. My my little trick is I was parked my car facing in toward the garage for -- the other car face south so people need to jump ball I do this. Put up the garage door and I'm within about. Eight inches of a nice jump. But it took a while the other things takes awhile for cart warmup to. It's not as cold and those who was probably expect them right Joseph. No but we've got some forecasts that looks like we're gonna get it would get a little bit of a break this weekend but then on Monday at a high is going to be below zero so you have may turn out to -- some schools being closed again. We have depth for the first time that I can remember a while work because of cold alone we have mr. -- -- school. About two weeks ago on the books -- Monday might be another one of those coming off the weekend with I have just two below but then that Tuesday is -- be just about -- -- so I think it's. The tricky decision when to hold the kids out of school because seemed like this year they've made it starts stepped it up will be going to school until fourth of July. I know -- same things happened here we had school closings a couple of weeks ago with her blizzard. And now school superintendent Sarah. You know they've already had in many cases for snow days and it's tough tough to call another one. Now get our meteorologist. Says that we're gonna maybe get a little bit of a break in early February but in general we're going to be in this pattern probably for a good portion of the winter so. They may want to hold back to those days when it's even worse. Are you dealing with a lot of infrastructure problems early woman break Chicago has an older infrastructure like buffalo. And we've had we've been up to here with one -- bridge because those called to. Our our -- -- to big fund during this year has been pop holes because it's warmed up and gotten cold few times that we just had a real problem with that. Usual -- water main breaks but any time again as we head toward these below zero temperatures you gotta figure that that's going to be a factor. But just kind of the ball we can thank which we haven't had a lot of -- but plenty Friesen but as a result they've just been and on the roads to impossible to infect in the city itself they're pretty much on seven days a week just trying to keep it so people won't believe their axles and their tires on a regular basis. -- the same thing -- has been happening here within the trees and signs that we've been doing just like you. I feel are for all I know what well at least there's you know there's there's comfort when. The seminoles as miserable tonight answering all -- miserable. Joseph thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it you aren't new to stay warm next Joseph Bartash with the WBBM. News team in Chicago.