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Bitter Cold With Snow Continues

Jan 23, 2014|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Meteorologist Dave Thomas at the National Weather Service solves the -- well -- ports and a lot of talk live with us about the weather. Good morning good morning I guess folks around here are wondering. Whether you're gonna warmup around here or will it. Yet another cold morning like this morning with. Single digit lows and I -- America right too much from the morning greetings but for highs for around being nine degrees today. You know it seems that there's 1 saving grace this morning in the fact that there's little to no wind but that'll be changing. I guess -- tonight. Correct we have we'll Plaistow coast region here today. And then tonight when -- gonna pick up a little bit and that's gonna bring some wind chills dropping down to close twenty degrees those aero port tonight. -- yesterday morning here in the city we recorded -- low around three. Above zero that he got much colder in -- and we'll sponsor of Western New York yesterday morning. -- yesterday morning had to drop -- to. They were between four and deep degrees below -- across from them and locations across like Wyoming counting cataract and and Allegheny County. Dave any significant snow coming. -- superlative stop coming here Friday night and is there today along with some gusty winds Cisco and people in the store around then you can visibility. Over a -- -- look at these factory with a system. We're not gonna have anything that might be comparable to that blizzard a couple of weeks ago -- How things -- The -- -- will be dropping they should be not quite as bad as what the -- was couple weeks ago. Now it would -- becoming after. Drive time tomorrow afternoon like into the evening. It's gonna come very late on Friday and could be morning in daytime hours on Saturday. Then you told us earlier this week that totally period of almost a 100% frozen over right now so with that said. Will these lake effect storms that have been pelting us ease up a little bit. Believe. A little bit but it's sort applicant -- who are Norton that that's gonna bring some light snow this morning -- buffalo area. I'm also bring up throughout the winter time. Because -- the first day of springing into cutting. Dave nice talking with -- your meteorologist Dave Thomas of the National Weather Service buffalo office.