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1-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You -- the battle credit. So it's -- You think -- twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the -- if this phone call for. Equities sell -- and cue. Boom. That if he were in pain of charity and good way to separate the week to -- about it but he is. This keeper at the anger but lost to. And I wore us down at the -- with great. Benefit you. The holes to attempt to mark the end just -- any. -- The law. And upload it. But that happened that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. Palin he. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. Up -- assault weapon. Anti -- he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they got beat extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Well. I guess. I guess were were just not welcome in men in New York State now. Logical for just the second -- their relatives and -- to be political about there's. Governor Cuomo. Used the massacre at -- To force and jam NY -- down the throats of a plan legislature. -- -- message of necessity. For the children. How many children. And staff members died at Newtown. -- -- -- Yet Governor Cuomo. Talks about assault weapons. So called assault weapons which is an absolute media created by the media. And propagated by it. And babble about by politicians of the ilk. Of Andrew Cuomo. The latest statistics put together. By the United States Department of Justice through the FBI which has a branch devoted to gathering personal statistics. The last year for which we have numbers. Is one mile. You do know. Ladies and gentlemen that as a matter of record. The Obama holder Justice Department slash FBI will verify. More Americans. Were beaten to death. Then were killed by so called assault weapons. Let me say that again. More Americans in the last year for which we have statistics 20s11. Were beaten to death with bare hands. Then were killed with so called assault weapons. Now. Men are also suggest -- you ladies and gentlemen. -- senate's abortion on demand essentially became the law of the land with -- away. Tens of millions. Of babies. Have been murdered. Now I do not believe in banning all abortion. Dole may be go into the lives of the exceptions. All right I would make exceptions. But. You know the last time I checked. That difficult to prevent conception. Back my urologist doctor -- was able to prevent mind having to worry about that. In a very simple operation. Called the vasectomy. It was so awful. That within two or three hours I was at the company picnic company Christmas party having a ball. All right 8030930. So I had a dream last night. And by the way I say this not to pander to the black audience I have my black audience knows -- pull that crap. Dr. Martin Luther -- Just some of the things I admire most about doctor -- He was not perfect he never claimed to be perfect. He was a man. He had human shortcomings. He had human weaknesses he was not a saint he did not pretend to be a saint. But he stood up. With courage. Dignity. Class. Respect intelligence and logic. All of his five foot six -- by the way. He stood up. Against some of the most vile. Racist. Policies. Words. And police. The world had ever seen. And he came out on top. And ladies and gentlemen. I submit to you. Bear. Was a man. And I happen to believe. That Dr. Martin Luther King is a great role model. And you know I say the same thing about people who served in our armed forces and who continue to do so. The reason. I think we all. Respect our soldiers so much. Is the fact that they don't want to be called euros. Don't want to be called special. You know what they want. All they want is a little respect. And what they really want is a job. After -- -- through. That's what they want. And frankly the reason I am so pro veteran. And pro American soldier. Is the fact that they're not Superman. -- men and women just like you. Just like me just like your daughter like your son. But they accept risks and responsibilities. From which most people would run. Despite. The human. Fight or flight response and the adrenaline which -- kicks in and results and either fear were courage. That's why I respect our soldiers and by the way that's also why I respect people like Dr. Martin Luther King. I have really come to appreciate. It believe me in recent days the poise. And class. And dignity. And goodness. For which he stood but Tom he hung out with Communists. Yes he did. At one time in his life. You remember where I said that -- he'd never claimed to be perfect. And he wasn't a saint. Exactly. Here's a great American. Many great Americans have set the path for many of us. From which to draw inspiration. It's not a somebody handles the game. Or the good times. That can be instructive. The most instructive. Lessons. For all of us. Come from the ways in which people handle. Adversity. Persecution and prosecution. Destitution. And malignant comments. And Dr. Martin Luther King. -- shining example of that. And what are the things it bothers me to this day and as a little boy when Vietnam was going on in full tilt. When I hear stories about our veterans coming home. And being spat upon and called baby killers. And murderers. By people who had no clue what they had just been through. And the dignity they showed. When these. People. Would hurl insults at them. Is also. A shining example. Of handling oneself under fire not from the BC. But from fellow Americans who refuse to acknowledge what you did. And who refuse. To pay the proper respect. To your service. And if you are Vietnam veteran and you went through that. I was just a little boy at the time. But I like to say this every now and again. I apologize. For part of my generation the baby boomers as a late may be warmer. Who did that was inexcusable. Ladies and gentlemen we've certainly played this a lot today again but Governor Cuomo is absolutely. Despicable and extra -- hate speech against conservatives. I believe that he needs to resign. I think he's proven himself unfit to be the governor of all the people of New York State. This this would -- like saying. If you are Irish I don't want to in the state if you are Italian and I don't want to in the state. He specifically enumerate three groups of conservatives. Anti gay which by the way I've never held that to be conservative value to -- conservative his freedom. Entire Second Amendment. Proms are pro Second Amendment employ analysts say. And I am pro life. You know what if defending the rights of the unborn baby. To be born makes me an extremist. Count me as an extremist. And I've changed my view over the over the years as I've explained yesterday in the previous programs. And then Governor Cuomo went on to list. Other extremist -- just Kasay missed anybody with the three specifically he -- Folks have told Davis I saw this a long time ago. He is in fact a vindictive. Little man. Let's go to GM in Westfield on WB -- my heart is filled with love and not a shred of bitterness hello you're on WB answer. Thank you. And also thank you or you're thanking me for being a Vietnam veteran I was one of those. Who came to San Francisco with size being discharged. I was called a baby killer murderer. And a lot of other things -- most at a party. And well you know I got through it so. That what is politics said that time and I don't know not. I I I really don't worry about that anymore. It took me a long time to get over. Being spat -- I can certainly. You know what I can understand that and in the very small way I can kinda -- Anyway -- the purpose of my all one of those that. I have started off with a lawyer in. Louisiana. I apology I'm sorry about that serves the -- like Vietnam vet nice bit asylum laws a lawyer. He should have been -- great honor awarded gigolo. Good part is that he's a lawyer in Louisiana. Where Bobby Jindal -- Governor but he has an avowed liberal. And he unloaded on me a little bit about all -- Robertson deal. When your son or your your son in law is the about liberal Bobby Jindal is the very real tailored conservative. Yes the man needs to get -- -- the -- -- I would like to introduce Bobby Jindal to Tony and awfully ups are good at. I've sort whether Bobby Jindal is still Taylor or not. It's still a Republican. I am not a Republican by the way I am. I am not affiliated with any party. I tend to be more libertarian than anything else. Where is the exception. My libertarian -- might do believe in a strong national. But anyway. As -- -- and see that's why -- can't totally be a libertarian because. I have seen enough of this world and help other countries have operated to know. Gotta have a strong intelligence apparatus. It just got to make sure the apparatus is directed to protect freedom. And not to interfere with it. Absolutely. And and would bet you and I are completely -- But anyway my mind. I Fred I wanna give it. I wanna give you more time I have interrupted you with inane comments that had nothing to do with anything amid -- shuttle hold -- going to be my first call after 530 and and I won't interrupt okay. And I got the -- -- 526 news radio 930 WB yen it has hourly. On a -- as of Tuesday Wednesday are right it is to -- That's germ it means that week where Wednesday. You learn something new today on the -- ratio. Today's program brought to you by the letter T -- It thank you -- Iraq seventeen. Of the -- if this phone call for. Equities -- its -- -- It is he Wimbledon pain of charity and good way to separate the week during the value to our -- but he gets its. This keeper at. A loss to. And I wore us down upon the he would rate. India but hold to attempt to that -- has broad. The law. And -- up. But -- happened to it. Gary -- To strong silent. Was an American. We like to call it artists and talk radio -- Tom hourly weekdays three till 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM. WDE. This is my third time everybody about thirty WB. If you don't understand the Second Amendment don't even bother calling my show and you're an actor and on the year of loosening up on your. Second Amendment. Is pretty loud and First Amendment is pretty loud and the fourth the men is pretty loud and and I have no old tolerance. For those who would attempt to applause and this my Brothers. Samuel Jackson does -- much better than I. Unfortunately he is a political bush waffle. But he's a much better actor than ever. All right 536 news radio 930 WB -- governor -- all ball. -- world how tolerant. And open mind. Liberals lower. I don't even consider him -- ball liberal as much as I consider him a neo Communist. For our governor. Of a state. Like New York. -- a third of the population voting by the way for Carl Paladino is -- That they're no longer welcome they are persona non profit. In the empire state. Is. That poor. It's on American. It's X global. I love that word it's kind of like excrement without saying who. 803 ought -- authority is opponent restart I'm thirty on the cell phone. Not just call -- they can hang up bottoms that the guy who's gonna try to lecture me in the Second Amendment. Yet on the get bent don't call my show don't listen -- get lost public calling the home. Are at 537 at WB yeah. Anyway I'm a proud life member of scope. Shooters committee on political education John. Call screener a lesson don't get distracted by these people just hang up on them and tell on the call management let management deal with a parent there's no right to get them my show it's a privilege. -- -- I'm not a public officials I'm not a governor on a talk show host I can run it my way. I can tell people to leave my show if they want to. Like him. Don't. Even try. To teach me about this. -- the first human. Because here's all you need to know folks about the bill of rights. And it seems like to have educate people about this every day because the public schools blow. Let me just say this very delicate. Without dropping and which is difficult for treatment. The evil white men. Who wrote the constitution. By the way it would have been better and more balanced with some brilliant black man in the room but they didn't think that way back then. I know that. But the evil white man who wrote the constitution of the United States represented. The epitome. Of brilliance. And one of the greatest. Assemblies. Of high IQ. In collect. And humanity. Ever gathered in one place at one time. Any one of the people involved in the deliberations. Of the constitution of the United States. Would make any current politician. Or talk show host including myself look like a mental midget. Sorry. These were brilliant men. The bill of rights. The first ten amendments to the constitution. You need to understand. These. Were not. Writes that the government said let's give the people obvious right. It's our power we're going to write down this power and we're going to give it to the people. That -- the way it wants. The bill of rights. The first ten amendments to the constitution. This was the results of brilliant men. Saying it. All human beings. Are born. With certain rights. Were going to codify. And we're going to put into the English language. Exactly what those rights are these are very. The relationship between the state. Meaning government. And the individual. No other country prior to that has ever even contemplated such that. You must understand the time for. In which these men lived and what was recent history to them. And I don't have time to get into it right now. It is you just hit the gym and in Westfield again. He he was the guys that your acting without interrupting OK let me just that word Joseph your job is to remind me of fox book of marketers. Or write it down during -- after a member that there was a hockey statistic you remember fox book of martyrs. I -- try to insult Joseph somehow it makes me feel like more -- him. Are right now while they expected Jim and Westfield whose side of law. Is a liberal lawyer in Louisiana which is very deliberative. But apparently not. Really to Jim's liking -- does at least make your daughter happy. Well -- need to parallels others going. OK so aside from. The differences in our philosophy. He kind of unloaded me and he went and bill Robertson of -- dynasty. Came out where it is personal opinion. In written article. To GQ I believe was about. Gay marriage. And then afterward. Or at the end of the article I'm not sure exactly which. He qualified it by saying that he didn't mean to. There there was -- home. He didn't mean to offend anyone that was his personal opinion. And he would mean you. -- is weighs on any one know. And here. Our. Great governor formal. Who. Oh by the way by liberal lawyer. Law qualified. What. Robert since that bill Robertson says it's eight. And then. -- -- that's the end of excuse me I have to interrupt that's one of the catch phrases liberals use when it's can. And the other catch -- the other catch phrases bullying. Because. To the liberals at a -- a conservative stands up for his or her beliefs it's bully. It's Asia. However now here -- our great governor normal. Coming out and saying that there's no room for conservatives who believe in -- The Second Amendment right to life and were opposed to game marriage. And down so I can't wait to adult you don't want to hate speech person governor formal. And you know what he's going to say it right. All yeah I do then oh well that chip away at. I'm I'm sorry had to admit that. Well I'm just I'm just laughing because you're right. The the hypocrisy. The left sees it knows no bounds. And I'm sure your. Wise enough and Smart enough especially as the Vietnam veteran who was spat upon at San Francisco's. Airport upon your return from. Distrust of doing your tour -- in Nam. Did you say 67. Now it would seventy what I came suddenly I was the church. Our doctor. You have to understand that. The media. Will never attack. A liberal. Like Andrew Cuomo. Or Barack Obama. Were Hillary Clinton. Who set of four dead Americans. What difference does -- They won't go after the because they're in -- And that's why they despise. Is finished this thought men. We'll let you. Finish Richard Harris. That's why they despise. Talk radio. I can't tell you the number of times. The local newspaper. Has described talk radio news heat now. I can't tell you remember times. The local newspaper. Has attempted to call talk show hosts on this radio station. Not just myself. But basically mentally. Intellectually. Inferior. Or -- voters. And I don't mean to drive to brag I'd be more than happy to do an IQ test against anyone over there who thinks they're smarter than nine. Because I will bury them. Sorry I will. I'm. Mean I am. I have nothing to apologize for in terms of my intellect or my ability to make certain connections. My -- -- I you know why -- Our neck out I will agree with you my IQ 434. I'm not a genius or anything. -- you're it would be. Considered bright gifted. Right well I don't even consider myself get it I just consider myself. To have the ability to look at any. Any article or ready thing and and evaluated for its merits. I don't consider myself that usual I mean to me that we're. Everything to me that's how I get through life -- -- -- -- Regarding. If we go. Down. -- Vietnam War became very unpopular after Walter Cronkite we can't win this war. And before that they want. We actually want war we kick the crap take. And the defense. The national media. We can't do it it's unwinnable. And if you look at all. Memoirs. -- ready to -- And well until I'm bill Walter Cronkite. We cannot win this war. Well I mean we could talk about the Tet offensive. We can talk about ways. We we can talk about the red in the NBA and who. And you know what the status partisan you probably know this better than I've. After world war two and after the French and actually simultaneous with the French I said that for Canadian listeners and that. -- -- -- -- -- We actually could have ho chi -- and a silver platter on our side. You know that. And we didn't. And ultimately. As a conservative area and my viewpoint on other people's civil wars. Is exactly the viewpoint the British head towards hours let them fight it out themselves and see who wins. And I don't mean to disrespect your servicer I honor his service. -- understand that would that was the whole political thing. I I understand all of the politics it took me awhile to get -- is that set before. But I understand the politics of the time. And that is pretty much my view of today not a fight it out for themselves. And then. We will beside. What we want to do. On September 3 1963. In an interview with -- Walter Cronkite then president John F. Kennedy said. Ultimately it's been at war they're the ones who have to win it lose. And I believe that's true with any civil war. Stay out of civil wars let the let the parties involved fight it -- themselves. I gotta -- sir I think you for your service in a -- ever seen you out. Remember I'll be the one being at the moon. But if I ever see you well would you do me the favor introducing yourself and please make sure that I give you a manly hug. I'll manly about you know ultimately -- gonna talk about grabbing your junk a manly hug. All right thank you -- -- appreciate that our brother that you. It out for him a fair bit of you media for Joseph -- is still listen this crap every day. Shell like. Now all the break -- just to make your life miserable lap traffic coming up and about a minute and WB yen. And if you see any traffic issues that we need to know about right now you call 8030321. -- -- traffic command. Now here's my question. We. Those of us who opposed analyze it. And still do. We made Governor Cuomo. Skip battle out of Albany and seek refuge in New York City wind ten to 151000. Probably about 121000 people. Gathered in Albany last February. 20. On what issue the Second Amendment. And -- -- it. Do you tell me that come warmer weather. We couldn't bring 50000. Conservatives. Freedom lovers. To Albany. To show Governor Cuomo. What what. IA would do it now bit. Now I must tell you. I'm an idea guy. Right now I am up to -- arts in personal stuff. Bad personal stuff personal stuff. But it's rather time consume. This is my idea. I would need people to get behind it and do the work. So that I can claim the credit for your work. I -- in the media -- that we threw. But anyway. I'm sure that -- other other people listening were saying that's a good night. Pilots I get back the calls on WB and who would be next oh you're gonna remind me of something GO. Fox's book of martyrs. And the founding fathers. And how Smart they were. And the times in the context in which they wrote. And what are the things. The founding fathers were acutely aware of what the bloody history of England. The country with which most of them have -- at the with connections. And folks if you don't know I'll I'll make this really really quick. That was largely Roman Catholic country. Along comes king Henry the eight. And after bearing his brother author's widow Catherine a paragon. And she fails to produce a male player. Henry the eighth that lascivious liberty and ends up Boykin and bullet. All right so against what the church why did he dumps -- American. And takes up with and -- Now to do that he had the break -- ties with the Roman Catholic Church that was the beginning. Up Protestant ism. In the world. Mean it was kind of simultaneous with that Martin Luther. Who by the way didn't really have a lot of good things to say about recreate but. Walked the short of it is what you had was a Protestant England. And then. The daughter of Henry the eighth and Catherine took over her name was Mary bloody Mary. A Roman Catholic. She decided it was great fun to burn Protestants at the state. So she -- her sister takes over Elizabeth the first. She's a Protestant she was the daughter gamble and and she decides it's great fun to board Catholics at this thing. So folks they were aware. Of tyranny. And how rights could be deprived. By government over the most intimate relationships people could have. Especially the relationship with god.

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