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1-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now I'm in my own little way just try to resurrect. They spirit of manliness. In the public life. I have long been. Very very filled with tanks it's about people in the public eye who -- And crumble and -- there. Under these slings. And arrows of outrageous slander and fortune. And cry here. Over -- wounded pride. And then retire to oblivion. Because they can't take it. I'm still here. -- -- one -- It is. Ten minutes after four or thereabouts and news radio 930 WB yet are we caught up with is this article. Throw out the time is working are at the match. Or Tom -- is now working on getting our clock situation in Europe week that there were affectionately. And also because he tells us some pretty funny stories about the south Korean army. And it's exploits in the off duty hours in the hills surrounding Seoul. And all I can say is. The fate of the south Korean army as you might think of Provincetown in the summertime. I don't think I even have to go further with that not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway it is hourly wage is the guy about the article in the filming and it immoral boot campers and they aren't. Here's I woke up this morning wondering if you approve. -- play I've mentioned it yesterday about their restaurants -- out of that got up his FaceBook page but that. Process is very stern looking picture himself released at this FaceBook page. And it's as I am who I am your approval is not necessary. And you know what in a very simple way that explains the kind of man he is and the kind of man. -- -- I wish we had more. Now if you are regular listeners to the show once again -- Try to say this every day there is no possible way I could think each of you individually. Nor is there any possible way I could ever express my appreciation. For your decades of support of what I do. And your enjoyment bureau. I can't. It would be impossible to express my gratitude. For what you've done over the years. Other than to say thank you for being here it means so much to me more than I can ever possibly. Speak. To those of you -- new listeners. It's I guess I'm. I guess of stories about -- went viral or something. I don't know anyway. If you're new listener -- deterred in and you expected one thing and suddenly to that is that. He's all right thank you. If your male listener Ed thank. You -- Give me thirty years and I will change your mind all want. Sean Hannity always is give the show three months I always say give the show thirty years and you shall understand. -- -- Now. My question. A couple of questions your for each afternoon on WB yen. In the first one you know what I forgot to run up by my boss because I forgot. About my injury. I set you know I noticed sometimes have a injury and you put it out of your conscious mind. And suddenly. Something triggers the dream you'd have the night before. In my dream last night. Was to turn the tables. On governor Andrew Cuomo. Who may very well be. One of the most petty. Vindictive and evil men ever to hold public office in America. In many respects I think he's worse than Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon. At least when he started out. I think he was well intentions. But I'm afraid power -- his soul. Eventually edit forgot for whom he really works. He did some good things for America unfortunately. He also did some very very very bad thing. It's not cool to break into somebody's place and go through their files. For political purposes or anything else. Richard Nixon was forced to resign. Not because of the burglary. Or actually be -- But. Because of the cover. And the series of why it's. -- what -- deadly web we weave when first we practice. To DC. How many view that -- Sometimes in divorce court a lot of fun. Now. My dream involves. A lot of people. Gathering in Albany. I'm not talking about just white people. Not that there's anything wrong with white people. Please really. All of office. In New York State. Who are true Americans. Have an interest in making sure. -- our government and people in positions of great power and authority. Do not get away with hate speech. Do not get away with Kelly at least a third of New York State they are no longer welcome. If they are conservatives. Now they can try to tap danced anyway they want to. There were gonna replay. It's about 22 bit of audio. I happen to think this is some of the most motorists. Respectable. -- -- audio. Ever. Obtained from a politician's voice. And it comes from -- press room which was the show and a ms. arbiter of the host. There. If you listen carefully folks and I don't know how many people pointed this out. Because they try not to listen a lot of other talk show hosts too much. Because I like to do my own thing and I don't want to be influenced by as much as I love Sean and rush and and land and everybody who is. Conservative the various degrees. -- I mean I have look. Like obviously it's like you guys say to me well I don't agree with you want everything but I really like -- -- -- they would rush to me and shall enemy. And Glenn -- I don't agree with everything but we're on the same basic page and you don't you don't cannibalize your own peeps. You don't do that. Nor by the way should you attack with them. And bitterness. And slander those -- go against. That's not honorable. Called me an idealist. But I don't believe that car. But if you listen to what Governor Cuomo sent. He specifically identifies three. Ideological points. Which if you hold them make you persona non Grata. That means an unwelcome person. In New York State. If you oppose. And why say. And by the way the governor wouldn't know an assault weapon if one was in his tasks. Are right. Because I think he's got a don't because he's a Democrat. So he would know what assault weapon if it was in his don't. He talks about people who are. Anti gay. You know what I can't remember. Well. I don't want Gordon Brown of covered the first hour. And he also talks about people who support for the human. Right to be born. Those are specific. Targets of -- well. Who are no longer welcome in New York State but it goes further than that. And this is what needs to be emphasized. Anyone think he deems to be extreme. Conservatives. -- scoping out those three part particular. Ideological debates he specifically singled out. Are not welcome in New York State anymore. Ladies and gentlemen this kind of rhetoric is not what you you expecting here in the United States. At least. If you did. You would expect the person who uttered the words. To be forced from office. And folks I challenge you to tell me. That if any Republicans. Conservative. Governor. Of a southern or southwestern state. Named three groups. Of liberal ideologues he wants out of his state and that went on to basically categorize all liberals. As being. A persona non -- Open said that correctly in Latin my girls are little. The media each firestorm. Would be raging -- and burning like a wild bunker. It would not cease until that Republican was forced to step before a microphone as there always do. And crumble. Like a leaf in November in the home of Europe. And will play that through audio. From Governor Cuomo just ahead now before we go any further. In case you missed it. And these are the words from a man who's alternately. Power folks. Comes from a weed the people. We have the power. Okay we have the power. General -- ball. And any other governor or politician. Are only granted power. By we the people. Not dictators. Don't get the call the shots unilaterally. Governor Cuomo is an executive he's the chief executive. He's ahead of the executive branch of government. That's. And the only reason he is is because we the people not -- but you. You and trusted him with that power for a finite period of time. The power belongs to the people but Andrew Cuomo. Yet this is what this meg -- maniacal. Individual had to say about those who disagree. With him and listen carefully to the three specific groups and then to the overall people he wishes would get out. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- Perot assault weapon. If tight GA he is that who they are because that's who they are and if they -- a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. So he specifically enumerate three groups. And then he goes on to say and if they are extreme conservatives. Which means. I guess those people he did not specifically enumerate. Who were also on his hit list politically -- 8030930. Is the -- number. Let me ask you something. If we were able to get ten or 151000 people Albany on one issue. And -- say. And by the way Andrew Cuomo power as he is. Decided to be in New York City that. He's all talk no balls. If he. Saw. The diversity. Of those of us who -- conservative and conservative area and I think that he would soiled himself. Do you think. We could pull this off. I can't do it alone. I'm one man. And I'm not ashamed to tell you that right now my time. Is basically taken up every minute of every day. With certain things that eventually you'll lol. Right now my time is my most precious commodity. But -- an idea guy. I believe very strong. That those of us who believe. That eight governor. Has no right. To tell a third of his state that they are no longer welcome. Needs to be removed from office. And needs to be shown. By a physical assemblage of people. How we absolutely. Read -- That kind of hate speech. Which had it been directed at any other group would have been publicly excoriated. I must have missed the editorial in the local newspaper. Oh wasn't there one. It is up hourly and WB yet. What do you think of the idea you download that we're giving it sucks and honest on the big board I can handle. And those of you were listening in Florida or Texas or have family that is already said. Bite me New York I'm done. How are they doing elsewhere and are they happy they made the move. And keep in -- folks I'm not officially syndicated. Yet but we have listeners. All over the world and certainly all over the United States. Every state in this union. We get here it's listening live on the -- -- But I still don't have my picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone. That kind of sucks. 8030 my thirtieth WB. Okay. Palin he. Yeah. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right -- IE. -- Perot assault weapon. -- tight GA he is -- who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. First of all governor -- ball. Even my listeners who are not in favor. Equal marriage rights for homosexuals as I -- They don't. Hate -- They're not anti days. You're talking about a very small percentage. Of people. Who would say ID eight homosexuals. Very small. Just as you'd -- a very small percentage of people saying I hates Italian Americans. Or I hate. Short men. There's always people who -- You know what. You're never gonna accurate that. All you can try to do -- educate. You think my audience Governor Cuomo. Do you think conservatives and conservative areas -- gay people. I hate to break the news to -- have a lot of homosexual fans and a lot of lesbian experience. Who up by the way. Are also anti abortion on demand. Oh and you'll also very pro Second Amendment. An anti NYC. You're out of touch Governor Cuomo. Your hate filled man. And quite frankly serve. My mission in 24 team. Will be -- exposure. Through your own words. So the people of this state understand. The emperor. Has no outs. That's get this and calls folks forgive me for being so long -- did. Takes me awhile to reach a conclusion. One of the reasons and so sought after women let's go through. Got to make -- for the -- somehow Joan. Let's go -- you know what let's go to Todd in East Aurora Todd as the guy to whom I was only able to get about thirty seconds yesterday because he was the last caller to the show -- -- a man of my word. My code of honor I wave my one call per person per week rule for you at my discretion. And my equipment and my caprice which undermines. It's good to talk as though this. You know -- years. Your -- you're on the right track with this that -- then what happens with -- The pity them they need everybody to believe and it -- the same thing. We sure many things. 88 and -- popular police in comments. And something we don't of course so we can have a discourse. Because we're going down well logic. Medical reason men of honor that this is perfect and I -- mode -- conservatives. Catholic. The years there's things that I think are acceptable and unacceptable. I Brittany and extent that we that it. Don't wanna get into -- is being the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. But I hate I wrote extensively into -- the entire northeast United States. On the issue of abortion and the bottom line is reason. Is on the side that you and -- -- not our opener formal side but. Ever date date date need to they need to do that they need to tune in that they need to act. I'm reason it on the site freedom. -- re on the side. We're. A law abiding sense that our. You know eight purse at a dangerous person or do you 88 he might be children. Well look firearms in her house they want them -- and they know that they are city. -- I thought that responsible gun owners were supposed to support analyze -- because. There's a piece in the Buffalo News today written by three guys it's that. Well -- these people are clearly. Not thinking -- this correctly I mean it that the problem we news. At issue is criminals as. To any any any people that. -- -- it's going to be criminals. Bad people -- -- are bad people with guns that have begun or not they're bad. The bad that pollutants it. -- honorable people will always -- desirable thing. And you're more likely to be killed in the car -- on your -- killed by the flu -- and you're more likely to be killed. I are pretty -- And by the way I really need to mention this and this is a point of not major that I was going to make -- point if you're fetus. You're in much graver danger from governor Andrew Cuomo then you would be from an eight. Absolutely and what's what's interesting when. I used to -- I I no longer be Boulware and I used to teach about the abortion issue. One of the final act that we invest in that one. 100%. All of them and that -- men and women that were killed in action in the war in US history. Roughly equate to one ear. But abortion in the United States that are -- and here I mean obviously it's a trip reports that that depending. Let me give you another startling statistic. And if you are. Black or African American. I don't want you to be offended by this because it is not my intention to in any way shape or form. Demean the struggles of your ancestors. More. Black people have been killed by abortion than were killed in the slave trade. That's absolutely actually cracked what to carry interest in. Who African Americans make up for twelve to 13%. The American population. And African American women having portions. Make up for over 40%. Now dangerously close to -- Because what what split. How familiar are you with the history of Planned Parenthood and people who. Cost is usually the eugenics movement. Here there's another fellow by the way I was big on eugenics is there was a model something or others from Austria -- out on even. It was a market they're estimating they. We. War is invited to speak Martin the founder of the Planned Parenthood -- it would invite -- to -- American TKK. American Nazi movement they -- Because. He won't and low scoring race. If you. That -- published. Let me if I remember and the episcopal completely. Your. Well then don't do it don't you know what -- -- a -- and let me just say why because somewhere out there there's a Communist progressive blogger. Who will point. To you and what you say and will call you an idiot not because of the strength of your logic but because you misquoted somebody to make your points and onto. You're you're you're right that the -- -- that was. She wanted to make sure. That. Particularly. She didn't ever really won -- black. Issue it. Black -- that Jews. -- You know. She called meet people in the schools get it with people world in the. I mean if you if you read her work. She angry angry orbit and it -- its. Because so many people look at her and all. She hit all the liberation. Of all the liberation he. Slavery. Law where she is well horrible things people and it's it's just it's so we're glad that the -- is that given that way. Because the way you do we need three people. There were three people to teach and that they not and doctrine. It amen yeah. -- I am out of time I have giving you fair shrift today would you agree. Norton -- I am I would the whoever is doing whatever they're doing EU and its future business. They -- wrong you're good -- you're our herbal bit and we support you. And you know what and I feel the love and I have to tell you that today your trust in me is not misplaced and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world in the most blessed man in the World Bank program. At an idea I reciprocated thank you very much. You know three on 930 at new CCO filled with hate conservatives are -- hate filled we are all horrible thing. Conservatives. Are more conservative Terry and but I embraced my conservative brethren. I embraced by conservatives sisters. I just happen to be conservative from the waist up. I'm sexually at liberty. That's the honest truth. And that's who I am and I know that might offend some people but at some consider why in my mobile phone. Think I've proven that over the years. Hourly news radio 930 WB yen in Buffalo, New York WB and dot com. Feel like the shows and the listen quietly to your friends around the world with the show last week close encounters with famous because Michael -- I mean a guy who hangs out. Which Donald Trump like I hang out with Joseph beaver. In August spent time with Neil Young who use. One of the great influences in American popular music which is -- hate to say my time to get some more calls and guys aren't. Back to the calls we go is it time for a march on Albany this time not just about guns and against analyze it. But against hate speech. You don't tell a third of the state. It is no long welcome and yours. To get the hell out. Not in this country I'm so you don't. Let's get back to the calls to gain and here is dipped in Belfast Dick. Talk to me good idea bad idea. How we use. Spot behind 101000 people that I think it. If it could manage to get 101000 people together they should be stay right about -- shall support for Donald Trump. Because Western New York as the idea. He owes us. To show that he is and here. About what he thought they they think they -- he has been taught anything we owe him. To show up that were sincere voters about getting rid of Andrew Cuomo and I think he is our only hope of getting rid of -- Andrew Cuomo. And another thing they think about it is it's just stepping stone all the way to look at it if he does that stepping stone where justice stepping stone. -- -- talk about how about you know what your your your pro -- meet the debt you're using heat too many times you please just use names because all of -- I used to -- this woman who was just like pro or the queen of pronoun I never knew two of whom she was speaking. Well anyway. If we are stepping stone where we were with him that would be a pretty small price to pay to get rid of Andrew Cuomo. If were stepping stone for trump. Okay. That the -- and our people are worried about it -- a stepping stone for round of Donald Trump as. Like I say I think could be a pretty small price to pay to get rid of that group called wolf we were is separate -- Now my friend what must be careful of one's verbiage in 24 team and I think it's important and imperative in good for your legal help that when you say get rid of you're speaking about within the framework of the law and the electoral process. I believe I've properly and adequately describe you -- -- tension there. Okay thank you I just want to make sure because. I. I happen to know that. There are people listening. And there and just -- Decide. Why it is that time we to a break in news radio 930 WB -- many more calls coming up we have a governor who spews hate speech. Like the rest of us go to the bathroom. Except -- jerks who never ago. On WBE.

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