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1-22 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- So. You think -- twenty Iraq seventeen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If he were in pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak -- to -- value -- but he used and it's brought us -- And their anger but lost to. Bend the -- the hope that he would rate. That. Hold to attempt to end just broke any. -- The law. And upload. But it happened to. Recoup. The strong silent. That was a maverick who's sitting here. News radio 930 WBE and there. Due to understand that every country in the world is in danger how is -- my responsibility to do something. Because my cannot. Beat them on the power to -- Time now and hey that's quite a voice you've got there you ever think about doing radio serving up food for the mind what's on your mind today and give us a hot spoonful of your opinion these lines they it's all about ratings -- we do all the needs local. I recognize that voice anywhere. And Tom -- link does one impressive -- and some -- -- like good news radio 930 as we say in the radio business if you put that on the radio people listen -- the. I had a dream last night. It was a beautiful -- Graham. Which are awaken that. Read -- -- -- refreshed recharge rejuvenated. And re energized which like you're my dream last night. Dream last night it all you did that conservatives. In New York State. Those of you believe. It is a day and genocide. What we have done to unborn children in this country since Roe vs. Wade. What we are doing to the Second Amendment. And the police tactics to deprive people of their lawful fire arms. I had a dream last night. That people who may be a little bit uncomfortable. With the concept of gay marriage I am -- By the way but we're never going to agree on every. But I had a dream. That those of us who believe mostly in conservative. Or conservative area and values -- I do. I had a dream that we at a march. And a convergence of Albany. As we did last 28 February 2013. I had a dream. From western new York. And the southern tier. And -- And the north country. From the Lake Ontario shoreline to the Finger Lakes. Even to Manhattan. And Nassau County. The north wait almost two who stick falls. And Vermont. And had a dream. At the abouts. Who are sick. And tired. Of being marginalized. Demonized. And slander. By governor Andrew Cuomo. Showed Governor Cuomo. The kind of people he wants out. -- New York State. I want to remind you we are not going to agree on every. I am very very much in favor of freedom. And I want it and all and -- this is where were where most of view are probably gonna disagree if you're listening to the show. I believe it's somebody's sexuality and sex life is all personal business. And I also believe in equal rights for people when they are consenting adults. Because you know what. You might be some big macho dude. Who can't stand those separate little bags. But I got news for. Some of those separate little bags over the years have given their blood and their lives so you can enjoy freedom. And I don't -- separate little bags it's something I would say that is a stereotype. That is wrong. So don't misquote me don't taken out of context don't use it as hate speech. Because. Quite frankly -- thirty plus year track record. Supporting. Equal rights for homosexual men and women. And I've got enough gay men and and lesbians who listen to this show who have my back if anybody wants to make a deal out of what I just sent. Took those of you who are uncomfortable. With -- There's nothing I can do. To change your mind and there's nothing I should do it change your mind you know why because governor small ball I believe you are entitled to your opinion. If you don't believe in the homosexual marriage you don't believe and I don't believe that make -- hateful person. In fact a lot of people call my show what would disagree with him that they will say Tom. I'm with you I'm not being a gay basher idol gash I don't I hope bash gay people. But I also don't think they ought to be able to be mayor. Are so let's agree we just agree that nobody should be -- Based on their sexual preference. Based on whether there transgender. Or whether -- bisexual. Heterosexual. Or homosexual. Can we at least by the middle ground there. Can't wait are we able do that. Because if you can believe. In your heart of hearts and in your soul of souls. That we all every one of its users only tiny -- that we all every one occurs. Are endowed by our creator whether you were defined creator as god it. Of the old testament. God of the -- Ron god of -- apology. God of nature and science and random chance of the universe. Can we all agree. That we are all entitled to respect. That we are all entitled to equal treatment for each other irrespective. Of whatever lifestyle we happened to choose and we agree on. You might not be able to go with me on gay marriage. Respect. OK I don't think that makes -- -- hateful person. Very very few people who call my show over the years and there have been some. Have told me you know what Tom I just can't stand them effects. I wish they'd all just go to Provincetown and it would just drop off into the ocean and drown all of them homosexuals out of my -- boats. Very few people have said. Or words to that effect. Are basically the people who are what might be considered anti gay. What they say is just don't jam it down my throat. Just don't -- it in my face your sexuality. And I got no problem. I've never had now I say never. Maybe one or two calls over the users people who believe that. Homosexuals ought to be locked up and thrown away and there's some kind of disease. Venomous creatures. Well I'm sorry I've never believed that a -- start believing that now. But I had a dream last night. That all of us. Who would be considered extreme conservatives. By Governor Cuomo. Had a march. And a rally in Albany. That would put the ten to 151000. The people we assembled on -- or 282013. Where up by the way when Andrew Cuomo. Coward he is -- battle how to count he was not going to be in Albany that day because he didn't wanna see the voices. He didn't wanna hear the voices he didn't wanna see the faces of the people who even back then saw him. As the vindictive tyrant he wishes could be. And now he wants our vote again. Folks. I had a dream. And I don't mean to plagiarize the great doctor Martin Luther -- Who is an American hero perfect man absolutely. Not. None of -- -- Martin Luther King got more tail and run here. That may be overstating it but not by much. He had a weakness for women. Can -- -- relate -- it doesn't make him a bad guy. Maybe to mrs. -- -- but that's not my business that's between those two. And mrs. king by the way Martin Luther King's widow sent me a very very nice letter many years ago when a teenager. Which is one of my prized possessions to this day all I'm sorry I know I'm supposed to be a racist. That's part of the narrative about conservatives or conserve terrorists. Not only do we hate gays in which it -- I have dates painfully slow. Not only. Do we hate homosexuals. But we also hate black people. Don't you get -- that's what being a conservative is all about eight. Were supposed to be hers. Ladies and gentlemen. I've learned something over the course of the past couple of weeks. That conservatives and conservative Terry and to -- my show. Whether you're listening in Tennessee Florida Texas or New York State. You are some of the smartest. Kindest most. Understanding. People in the universe. And frankly. The liberals the left the progressive the Communists. -- have shown their true colors. I have seen. -- -- -- -- -- Happen as I -- I want you to know something very loudly and very clearly. And I have demonstrated this. Day in and day out. Most people would have crumbled cracked cried and -- and died. Under the kind of venomous attacks which have been directed against me. I don't stand down I don't surrender. I -- a coward I step up I've been at this microphones since Friday. When I returned to work after dealing with the exhaustion this year. I didn't cower. I didn't go away. If for those of you -- new listeners don't want -- to know something. If this is important to point out I I wanna bring this up again. But it's important to point something out. My employers ever come. Have been. The most stand up. Honorable. Decent people for whom I have ever worked. In this business. Day and I said that's what I came back after certain things were written. They offered me as much time as I want. We have full pay and full benefits. To just go somewhere and chill out. Not worry about doing a show. Not worry about anything but getting sleep and rest and relaxation. And I look at our management team locally. Who I loved by the way and specifically Greg Reid and Tim Moyer. Who have proven themselves to be men among men. In an industry that usually produces pygmies as managers. And I'm not talking physical stature I'm talking. I'm talking about. I'm talking about their sense of honor. I told Gregory and Jim -- gentlemen Howard's run. I'm not a coward. I will be behind the microphone on Friday. I will be behind the microphone Monday. I will be behind the microphone every day unless I come down with a cold or some other illnesses they did last week. These are the people for whom I work. At -- They offered me. Anything I wanted. In return. I offered them courage. I offered them the opportunity. To demonstrate. What a great company Entercom has been and continues debate. And I also wanted to have a platform. To teach Americans. How to handle adversity. And attacks that would have crumbled and crushed most people. I wanna tell you something. I want to place -- Everything that's taken place. In my life. Over the past however many days it's been. I have thank the creator every single night. That I was a person to whom it happens. You know why. A lesser person would have crumbled. A lesser man would have been reduced to tears. A lesser man would not have stood or sat behind a microphone. I am trying to show you my listeners. And the people of this country. With my five foot eight stature. What it means. To be a man. You don't run from -- Nor do you become bitter over -- You handle it with dignity. You handled with class. You take the high road. You live by your code of honor. You don't. Change your code of honor for temporary expediency even if it could help you. Those -- on my private FaceBook page understand my code of honor. And I take that very seriously. There are things I know. That I will never say. Even though it would make. Certain people look bad. You know while -- won't say it. You know why won't go there. Because I resolve a few years ago to be a better person. Are resolved a few years ago not to swim in that pool I'd like to say the other word but I can't. And I'll tell you -- Because in this era of spin. In this era of everybody trying to one down and shipped everybody else. I'm not play in that game. I am living my life the way I choose. To live my life. Without apology. Without a winding explanation. Searching retroactively. For. Explanations that make no sense. I have chosen to confront. Some of the most vicious. Things I can were called being written or said about anybody. Why. I want young people listening. Who are gonna hear this may be some -- in the future in school. I want public relations professionals. To hear that I live what I say. That people. Want the truth and are suckers for the truth. And that you don't break your code of honor. Even if it would make you look good it. I am not going to go places I could ago. To destroy other people. Because that does not fit into my code of honor. You don't change your values you don't change your report. For -- temporary relief. Because if you do that you know values. And -- certainly ain't got no backbone. Now I wanna use that. As the background. For what I wanna get into today. Because I have nothing to prove to anybody. About my manliness. About my courage. About the way I handled myself under some of the most intense fire. Any local talk show host has ever faced. And I can't say specifics. Right now. All I'm going to say. I don't care if you hate. I don't care you don't agree with a damn thing I say politically. I can look you in the eye and say I handled myself -- dignity. Honor with courage and with Claris. Kind of unusual for conservative visit. If you think it is you don't know conservatives. And you don't know conservative Terry Adams. And you have been so brainwashed. By so called men. Who break down and cry and offer apologies. As if an apology makes everything better. When they've gotten nothing for which to apologize they just think it's good PR. Battle -- That's not part of my code of -- You know folks. I know on late for the first break what else is know what else is new -- You know folks. Result probably two or three years ago Joseph actually Joseph as part of this and O'Connor it was -- Chris Johnson and a Joe's at the tail end. Wanna -- a story about. How you continue to learn in life and if you don't you might as well be brained. In my career. I've been a real a hole to a lot of people. And I know. And there's a lot of people to whom I would like to apologize. That over the years I have not treated with the respect I should've treated them. I have tried to make amends as best I can't. And one of the most important conversations of my life and I've told you about this previously this is not some. Oh he's just saying is -- to make himself look good. I talked about this is billion times on the year. Chris Johnson. And -- wolf we used to workers -- sat me down. And what they said essentially wise Tom. We love we like you. But we don't think you're aware of how harsh you can be sometimes off the year when you ask us to do certain things. Remember that we have feelings too. And that we deserve respect to. And there are times you don't treat us with respect. And that makes us angry. And do you know that that was one of the landmark moments of my life and I've talked about this previously. That was one of those moments. I will never forget. Chris Johnson and -- -- Change. The way I deal with people. There's such a degree. -- to be almost. Beyond my ability to think. And since then. The people with whom I have worked closest. Were the most closely if you prefer. I don't think I'm overstating it to say. They love. And I'm not overstating it to say they take a bullet for me why. Because of my code of honor which -- willfully and Chris Johnson helped to Alter that's why. This isn't about knee. This is about conservatives. And conserve it to carry guns. And those of us who choose to live our lives by a code of honor. And what we are going to do. To show governor Andrew Cuomo. What class and dignity. Are all about. Ladies and gentlemen if we could put. As we did. 101000 people. Maybe more. In Albany on the twentieth of February 2013. Over one issue. May I ask how many we could put in Albany over a multiplicity of issues. Don't go anywhere. Because somebody has to speak up and I'm gonna do it. My clocks are working Tom pocket I'm sorry I know it's 331. I've got three different times here none of them are correct. So we're gonna get a Newser -- that -- with mr. pocket. -- It is our lenders ready at 930 WBBM nobody ever is master control man. And John Sherman is our call screener. And either of those gentlemen. I'll give you -- dollar if you call the engineers and give me 1 o'clock 1 o'clock that works just one. I want one thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. If you're just joining us. I had a three. And I am not trying to plagiarize. One of the greatest Americans who is ever live. Dr. Martin Luther King. And I am not pandering to black people I don't hander to anybody. A lot of people couldn't understand. When it came on the radio maybe six months ago -- I said I don't like black people. To -- Now. Liking people just because they're black to me. -- is this Davis hitting people just because they're black. I like people. I don't care what color they are or are in my case on translucent. But the more somebody tells me especially a white liberal. Tell me how much they love black people. I just wanna say do you realize what a stupid stereotype. Your your painting. You love people based simply on the back of there -- origin of ancestors. But I often don't feel like giving -- to political debates off the year. Some is gonna say this real clearly. Just so. I'm not misquoted. I like. People. There are people I like who are black. There are people I can't stand who are black. There are people I love were homosexual or lesbian there are people. I hate. And can't stand. Because. Not because -- lesbian. Or homosexual I'd just don't like that. Are you kind of following along with this now. Any time a liberal tells you how much they lose. Illegal immigrants for example. Be very careful about that person. Because they're falling in to white guilt. Now I haven't had a chance to talk with my black friends about this but I can only imagine. -- They also know people in their circle of friends. Who in order to demonstrate how -- how -- were their hearts are will say. I love white people. Somebody says that be careful because they haven't thought through. Because to say that you love an entire group of people. Based on. Exterior. Superfluous. Issues. Is timidity. As ill advised and as ignorant not stupid but as ignorant as saying you hate somebody because of the way they look. You follow my logic here you follow the way -- speak and are. And I have to tell you something bad. Something that has been a source of some pride. And and frankly honor to me. And I talked about this previously. And the reason I'm doing such a long X-Files at -- statement about the program today. Is because I'm trying to dispel. They hate speech and the myths promulgate it by people like governor Andrew Cuomo and his ilk. About conservatives. And -- terrorists. And I want to play that one of my proudest. Accomplishments. As a professional. In the media. Is being a white guy well you know I I don't need to get into my full ancestry but an elegant little minority -- -- the -- -- black. What are my proudest accomplishment as a human be. And is a talk show host. Has been to make genuine human connections. With people. With whom I have very little in common. In terms of upbringing. Or circumstances. And. There are people. Available story. I'll steal a line from president like let's -- a little story. -- I told you about myself. And I hope you apply that lesson to yourself does this show isn't about me. I'm trying to give some tangible examples. Of how I believe a conservative Syrian. Or a conservative. Lives or should live. And received an email. And a market in the in the -- But he was a long term. Listener of my show somebody who would send me email periodically. Just telling me dude love what you do keep it up and he's a black man. In the -- he's a very hard working black man with a family. At a job. I know that might shock some liberals because you people seem to think that every black person -- the government. Which I think captors to be racist but that's another point. Anyway. This individual I don't quite remember what it was about. It might have been factor in the tray of on -- thing I just don't remember. But he sent me a private message on FaceBook. And I'll play -- what he sent. And keep in mind the kind of person I consider the source when I get hate mail. Some people don't whatever you do don't like me you know like meet the big deal I don't like people myself that it's okay. But this guy had credibility with me. And he said you know something Tom. I think you're -- I used to tell my son. But I would be honored to have you mr. buy hourly. At my home for beer. You have made me look like a fool. In the eyes of my son by what you said regarding the -- Yvonne Martin's case. I used to think that you're really were a good guy. And then you met which is set. And I now believe you're phoney. I read that. My first reaction was a little pissed off. Then. Because I'm trying to be a better person and this has been an ongoing process process for those are -- north of the border. -- -- -- -- And I said you know what there's two ways I can hand service. I can tell got to get bent. Which is what I huge used to do a lot of or I can find out from where he's come. So. I asked -- for some more details about why he believed I was a phony because that's important to. And he offered them to. Respectfully I am -- that. I consider what he set. And I said. I understand this man. I sent him back and I'm not naming names here. He knows who he is his family knows who he is I know where he works. Yes she's a working black man who does not need the government to support him liberals sorry to let you down. And here's what I told them I'll paraphrase. I've considered what you told me. And I wanna thank you. For bringing it to my attention. Sometimes. Maybe I'm not as sensitive with my words as I ought to be. Because I don't share certain experiences. With everybody. I can never fully share for example childbirth because I would do. I apologized. To him. I didn't have to nobody said hey what did you apologize I did not apologize to him. I'm sure I I did apologize to him because I felt that was the thing to do. And I went one step further. Because I felt it was the code of honor thing to do. I said to him. I'm going to give you my private cell phone number. If I. Ever come close. To -- something youth thing is racist. That you'd think is just plain evil. I want you to text me immediately. Because you don't have some racial axe to grind. You're not a poverty pimp. Your hard working man who is a black man. And if I offend you how many other people in my spending with what I've sent. So to this day he and he has my private cell phone number. And he notes. That if I ever come close. -- -- currently saying something that comes out the wrong way. That his job is to call me and say Tom. Please. Restate that a little more clearly he hasn't done that yet. But. I'm trying to illustrate folks. The difference between how the media portrays those of us who believe certain things. And the way we really are and ought to be. Now. What would you -- About. Getting people together. To show all but. That there are hundreds of thousands of odds of all colors. Of all heights and shapes and sizes. That objected being marginalized. By a man whose only power comes from we. The people. And there's another place I wanna go today along with that because that was my dream last. If you have people in your family or circle of friends who have already moved out. To states. Like the Carolinas. Like Florida like Texas. Do you believe and do they think that they made the right decision you -- it. If you buy into the narrative that conservatives are narrow minded hate filled with millions of Hitler. You don't understand conservatives. Conservatives believe in freedom. In equal opportunity. For every one. We want as level playing field as possible. While also understanding that some people are born with some skills and others are not based on race. I'm a man on a mission right now. Not a man with an. On a couple of parts. I want everybody. To understand at least the way I view being conservative. And in my case I'm more conservative area. Okay. I want people to know that we. Are not the people who work field with eight. And then. We don't have to put. Bumper stickers on our -- lose. Because that's the way we live our lives. We don't have to put tolerance. Bumper stickers on our PW bugs. Because that's the way we live our lives. We mustn't let. The liberal media. Define. Who we far. And the venom. Of the left. Work progresses. And Communists. Has been absolutely. Out of control. I can speak from some personal experience about. Water off the ducks back. As I've said ladies and gentlemen I'm a stronger. And I thank the creator. That. It happened to me. In not some weakling. And just so you know. And this goes hand in hand with handling adversity. As Doctor King did it. I've handled things with class. And dignity. And a code of honor. And I have also asked the creator. To guard my heart from bitterness. And to protect those who attacked me. Because that's my code of -- And if you're conservative as I am arms or you're conservative or conservative area and as I am. What do you think of going to Albany. To show the governor. How many people and the kind of people he'd like to chase out of empire the empire state that his state folks Thursday. He has no power but the power he derives from we the people. 803 on my thirtieth news radio 930 WB yen. Governor almost hate speech. --

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