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1-22 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well this doesn't happen very often where you see exactly what you've been talking about for two hours. I witnessed just about thirty seconds ago. Addiction and it's obvious. Tony Caligiuri did not know I was watching him. He turned his back to me and suddenly because I could see a reflection in one piece of the -- last year. He has an addiction to Pringles. He has a can of Pringles and that he did not share it with the other broadcasters Chris was not -- Pringles I wasn't is a closet Rangel leader. And I'm just surprised and you're gonna drive home like -- when you get done here. You're going to have a little time what the Pringles Wear off while will give it a little time where often that that matches. -- -- -- Pizza flavored pizza flavored Pringles well you know it it's it's getting -- the atom and LaMont and so we know the state police have Pringle checkpoints that. Where they'll ask. Do you have any Pringles in the car I've seen that on cops. And and then you'll have built a government they'll take them from you implode mama hood that's when they always have to put all the evidence on the hood. To make sure and then they'll test it. Now usually when they're testing -- form a meth and stuff like that. They shake it up and it turns blow -- this they actually have to eat them. To see if they are pizza flavored Pringles look at it resulted listening NEC up Rangel. Actually let me -- so I can avoid I think you should get into a program. You know one step one step to the closet grab -- Pringles when he couldn't get. A hello Pringles other pizza flavored candies -- pizza flavored thank you for not sharing them thank you very much and Chris and I Chris has been here since you know 5 AM Christmas I think Chris could just -- -- good. -- is askew. It's up to you to say Chris would you like Rangel. Because nobody asks. It's it's something that's -- success -- that you share with your fellow broadcasters -- -- Well. You are bad person. Let's go off. Let's do who's been holding I think line -- has been rolling on this this is Abraham on a cell phone Abraham here on WB and thanks for holding. It's going to be who of this -- thank you very much I in marijuana. Is much worse and now all of in my case. I haven't had any marijuana in any way since the mid to late chicks each. But in those -- and you put -- here is some good bet to say Panama red or something. Forty. I've I've actually killed people. And then and so we used the army for well. I wouldn't hold my crawled out McGwire was a cave art and then top trophy. And I didn't believe that the next morning but lo and behold I had -- -- And like I say that's it you say. I'm happy the way. My reason for user it was fear. And I think that's a bigger incentive -- many cases. -- well thank you for your experience there was don't do a Diana buffalo Diana on WB yen. And I have lived in the public in many years and now living in the city and what I -- -- -- if you wanna get me out on you have to rub noses with the criminal. You've got to go to drug houses to that in no other drug dealers. You know and I'm -- I'm -- have gotten it could get my duke and sometimes yeah so you know it's not a safe. You know as people think it and you don't even know what they're giving you know if you know what is -- that mail flat out. You know that you aren't a good point some people are so careful what they eat what they drink and they look at -- caloric contents and the nutritional values. But yet you go to with strangers a Tony and now. They'll probably give you anything in January via. And it doesn't seem -- people up. You know young women you know get together and in the evening and supports what they've reopened in the field and look -- -- -- -- from the hip. We've got to have would be a conflict with your kids. What you know about mental attitude and you know in the hope they would look at ballot and then -- didn't. There's a lot of luck a lot of different content. Now in the suburbs they tend to hide it you don't know what they're doing now you think that there are just doing in the privacy of their own home. And I couldn't do and that's the problem here as they go out of their lack of neglect and so they don't hide anything they don't openly on the corners. Now and out. And I think they're equally as bad -- he could get muttered trying to. You know -- kind of I you know watt club that it goes I think that connected. That's a good point -- your robbed -- beat up or who knows what an excellent point on a budget brought them thank you very much. I was watching cops about two days ago and they got these four kids from the suburbs. Who whether they as luck would have it they were setting up this thing when you're. And and they -- them going purchase. And they got one kid bottom the other kids the other three kids where they -- aware of them. So they bust the kid -- a -- the -- what they bust the kids have made the purchase and they take these big huge. Cellophane bags. Out of his clothing much same as -- -- if you went to the storm bottom pre made salad you know how big those ballot bags. And they said that what you are doing and you're you're selling now he's not selling but he likes to buy three months ahead. He said this is three months from. And so this is this the go shop or. What have the make that trip you know. Far too often it was just easier buy in bulk like that it is bonus card. That these huge and where. Where was it was in his parents. I mean I. Smokes up the stuffing your parents and it was just like a guy remember our fuel well weeks ago I saw that he added it is but. I mean he says. He -- but I've got some cool stuff -- my butt all out. I think we're hoping the our terms of job first but let's open at. He rarely do you have any kind of sends a common sense here. So they've been busted the kid not for selling -- they they interrogated the other three kids Everly. And they all said. As he smokes a little bit and time and that he does he buys three months in advance so that was that that was last night because that's how I learn about these things. Those in my street cred so I watched cops. Did they have short -- no -- That pressure on. You police work as hard it is and just look at -- people don't Wear shirts. And if they do Wear shirts or muscle shirts or is a regular sure it come time. Something that you can actually walk into a store movie theater where there all are sure it was all of them. And all the women are worse than the guys. That'd been our shirtless and your very happy about that if you see some of these women. This is not a day at the beach I can tell you this this is not the sag awards actually it probably is the sag awards so in it it it. And they're always screaming at each other -- is that true. At that marijuana source the mellow you out. The women are always hysterical the guys are hiding under a plant somewhere. And and the ones that -- have -- shirt on have their hat on backwards they have via the hat on backwards. Which shows me you know there's nothing -- -- at all and they don't Wear 100 pounds soaking wet snow they don't and they have a flat but hit it if they really do. And he cheesy must yes -- she -- mustache they can't is there's something about they can't grow hair. It's like they got they ascribe this little mustache. Off. But. Is no shirt on and their hat on backwards while that's attractive. Anyway so that's why don't do drugs and and -- -- -- but. Alone Pringles pizza flavored drove will take a record like them video like him it's -- a year off from willingly. It's not like I had hope you on the air and number issue I always offer a articulate and our only hope that all of a head back -- more would be two company hang in there or asking. If your kid was on either pot or booze. And he had to be on one problem. Which would you prefer because the president says alcohol is worst than pot and that's that and he also says prosecution of of of these crimes. Is disproportionate in the minority. Our community he says they can't afford Googlers -- -- employees. Will be back half of this the president in an interview and -- print interview said that alcohol is worst than pot. He says as has been well documented I smoked pot as a kid. And I know it's a very bad habit -- vice. Not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked he said in the interview I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol. He gave his remarks in The New Yorker. Which public's a story about his thoughts on this marijuana remains illegal to possess or sell under federal law although Colorado in the Washington. As state laws making it illegal to possess and use in small amounts several states have authorized pot for medical use. Obama said he was also troubled by OK here it is -- you know just the regular part of his speeches now. The disproportionate arrests and imprisonment of minorities. On marijuana charges remember you hear this all the time disproportionate on the death penalty disproportionate on arrests this proportion and on this this and that. Middle class kids don't get locked up for smoking pot and poor kids through. An African American kids the Latino kids are more likely to report one of their -- alchemy where they get the money. For a logical question if they airport where they get the money for drugs and alcohol OK and if they don't earn it wherever they get it. Mr. President instead of always say they're coming back to the same one note samba. OK so he says a man African American and Latino kids are more likely to report less likely to have three sources. To support. -- and avoid unduly. Harsh penalties so they got enough money to buy drugs. Is some way they've earned it only -- yet. But it's it's unfair just unfair well one of the differences may be is that as some people smoking indoors and some don't. If you're out in the street using -- -- more -- caught by assuming your house. It'll trailed Montreal 1806 point 69236. 930. Go to the wrong way this is Dan Daniel on WB. That. And like any real important because it would want our beat up right. Just didn't look good that it that it you'll -- it like. It but. Is that. Beat Google's street so you did you picked alcohol. Yeah. -- and -- -- a point and -- -- back. Is. What to do the privacy Euro. That's stupid you because I want to speak. A virtual all that would make -- legal. People went to were there all your. -- I think people and they re women prisoners -- For years that the ball. I don't I don't by the here. Out -- you bring into the house you may have a family may have kids may have a wife. So that adds another element to it as opposed to doing it at the local bar or an Alley or whatever. Everything is that -- so we got hurt and I think that it's very relevant. I wonder do they get hot as it were -- -- the great thing. But cigarettes are higher are sort who thought that I'd be would you spend it or not immediately is that what cancer causing. I did that that's what -- they are. I don't question I'd I'd I'd like. Yeah I like to see that answer because I've never seen -- addressed either. I didn't know that's an interesting question if you're smoking -- if you smoke marijuana whether that has harmful side effects as we know cigarettes that. -- good points good points thank thank you Dan. The next time we talked to anybody from Roswell or whatever we'll have to ask Obama that. Did is there via. A danger beyond than what the apparent danger is of using it again drugs but is there a danger with the the smoking marijuana. That separates. From a danger of smoking any kind of other tobacco or things like that. Being uninteresting question. Let us go to moves next. Would be in line to -- and alma Eric you're on W -- I Eric. -- OK well let's go to -- give viewers shots and I'm glad you change your name is Tom because you're on the line with us right now what do we got -- -- out there -- okay. It was the wrong button. None. But the how -- -- anyway. The president that that I am not surprised as anybody I was born 57. In the what I've known people I've known anybody that was born late sixties. -- early in the sixties. They think they have holes on the popping -- I don't think the government maybe think they've edited it is there would -- kind of the end. To the commitment generational. I would take alcohol and you'll use anything in it yet everyday I use do. Like the one -- that you've got to go out it's made here. For legalizing we that would take away at risk. Yeah rarely. You don't drive I mean think about Robert -- got busted on marijuana charge and that was in the forties I think like 1947. And musicians have used marijuana for years and years and years -- pretty well documented yeah. Parody actually that would the president that years before that out of probably let former alcohol but -- hit the generational thing in rapid older people -- you would of course. But that one certain generation that we're now we're of course -- -- whatever you calm as it is there's a drop of. Well Timothy -- you know in those days -- Tuesday Harvard professors -- -- it was a big proponent of it and it -- it became popular. And cool and hip but it certainly didn't start with them it was a -- was there. -- -- -- -- -- Good I say thank you -- -- As a generational thing. But is -- drink has been around long time. And as I said I have no problem would just normal drinking it's normal and you don't go overboard you don't drive while you're drunk. I mean you can certainly have -- with the really gonna have a beer at the game and go all that stuff in moderation but it's when you go overboard that. Of the real the real problems start as an effective can be quite if you're a wine aficionado. You don't think of them as being any kind of danger to society. Because they you know they investigate the line. Kinda like a wine snobs is that the term. And they swivel around in there and nobody does that with marijuana illegals. Here try this it's wonderful talent really -- Thrown on the -- what is this guy you bring me -- better and nobody does that. But she's going to drink wine it's a whole production. Not enough to park plus a one and drank it you have to do the whole thing and some guy -- that. A copper on his neck on the chain. Will -- summoned there and I don't think if -- only -- suspect in the cup I do that we're mad dog 22 -- idea a -- Europe -- -- yet again -- all and and those does those things you're just dating men and pizza flavored sprinkles and -- all. Now that's -- party. -- -- -- -- -- You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Now we're back where the major -- -- sandy beach the president said in an interview room. Alcohol as were some pot and -- we've given you some of the quotes of from that interview. In The New Yorker. And we like your opinion if your child had to be on one of them which would you prefer that beyond plot or alcohol. And I know you're thinking well ideally neither but for the sake of today's discussion if you have to pick one -- most able to -- pot. But some people are a couple epic alcohol but most have picked. -- well those code to. The dome this would be this is Erica and Oman I think I'm prescribed by this time merit what's on -- mind. Out and the good -- they I would have to say that it's it's -- two -- it definitely is from my experience. Marijuana has definitely. Less harmful than alcohol actually -- as a young adult. I seem to get myself into some trouble when I'm using alcohol that that's all the trouble comes then but when I'm sitting home responsibly enjoy myself for the marijuana. I don't should be given -- trouble ultralight into what molecular -- Are you tomorrow. You more aggressive when you have alcohol than the than upon. Extreme. Oh I'm. Sorry I. -- -- -- memory court. All about memory corporate tours of duty. I've been sincere he yet. Marijuana it does help we hope that that -- actually all sleep furiously. Helps -- deal where maybe a little bit by this can do it. If more people enjoy wine can enjoy it one way -- bubbles strayed. -- -- laws it's actually very. Cool well there. Ask your question went when you left the marine corps of which is so highly thought of and regimented or whatever how big help. When you got into civilian life which is totally on the regular whoever. How difficult was it to make that transition. Huge problem. A little bit or oh yeah well -- regulation. Different slowed. It occurred Exchequer will serve as people. -- art and they are -- they drink pretty apple when they go out and they have a good time. So coming back polite and not it's not acceptable mortal lock out Friday night -- -- too many Beers with bodies and at the time. It's in the world. Circled back in the civil and you know civil civil about it. It certainly was epic translation and seven years now -- more important. I'm on your calls Obama promoted -- BA right now. The kind of help -- need some of those issues about it. The belly ache about why it should. Marijuana is definitely -- you know has a reputation a lot of it stems from nineteen there will be no re REI habit a couple of comments. I mean you my parents are so called upon at the I would go out experience -- part. There's a lot of new studies out there that show that they're a lot less harmful than cigarettes. And yet cigarettes is the real game. Yeah I you know I was I was are questioning whether Russia with cigarettes and his question or not but it because we're sticking with the president's view on alcohol and and a marijuana. That's why we left it like that but we wish you the best of luck and thanks for wearing the uniform Eric we appreciate it. One more thing that's eligible but that is all that I ever agree that this administration. Thank you Eric regular months ago. Of -- imagining a Marine Corps actually enter any of the services but. And you have a regimented life it's a discipline on life bloom mobile mobile and then you come to civilian life which is like mad Max beyond thunder dome. Hi I mean I don't know how you make that transition easily I assume a lot of people don't make it easily and that's why you have. Problems assimilating back into. This kind of life which you gotta wonder about what's going on here. You try to see that maybe when C leaders would come to a port. Or something they might spend a dollar or 20 I'm a little light the shock I mean I think I ever heard bad that -- now -- people in the navy probably would deny that I'm sure they went to the library. Or you know all of a Christian science reading room and cultural -- cultural and had a couple of today. Aware of their pinky out and may be a corporate when he -- -- don't donate 093018061692. Through six -- I'm thirty pot or booze. A which one if your kid was on one of them which would you want because the president says that alcohol is worst than plot. This is a a blog by you is not a blog it's an article by -- Jacobs solemn. From Forbes magazine. On the face of it. He will be taking a bigger risk by endorsing the theory of evolution and other words he thinks he's playing it -- by saying that. Yet news outlets around the world or trading Obama's comment as a big deal because the contradicts official US policy Obama. Also seemed to contradict his owner of loud opposition to decriminalizing. Marijuana. Portraying legalization and Colorado Washington as a solution to the racially disproportionate impact of pot prohibition. So now Obama is like there all the time says one thing. And then does another -- so what's what's the shocker there aren't that's a shocker. At all OK let's and we have I'm looking because we have three Clarksville in only one works okay it's this one I do have time for. Let's go to work David and not a Wanda David -- on WB yen. I'm a retired. Narcotics officer. Are quicker than he would. It's is being. -- look bad -- alcohol bulk because you people drink. You can drink socially when you smoke pot smoker ticket. You don't smoke it did. To be friendly to pot you -- -- -- -- intoxicated. I agree entering that country because intoxicated. More like all -- I a epic epic. What people were beaten their wife got what I -- -- but you're the future. -- you it was alcohol you got an alcoholic if you look you you are what is this. The pot today up forty times as strong as it was and that thirty's or that the 67. It's tremendously wrong yeah what you inhaler. And you can't hold him anymore albeit permit for the -- and cigarettes or -- mind. -- -- -- -- -- You know an electrical. You drink. So if we illegal I bet it -- -- I'm -- no major about a problem in the world you can pull out. We've been there in the park BP to do and try to it will -- how -- And music right away. Little edit and Iraq are -- but I'd lautner on -- -- -- pretty -- typical -- Yeah I you don't I watch all episodes of cops and on almost all of those traffic -- and -- -- some kind of drug hidden away some guys are high whatever so I see the difficulty of what you're talking about hey thanks Syrians and look at that we appreciate it thank you very much while so we've had drug counselors we have cops we've had Marines. All commenting on witches though less moved the basic questions which is less harmful but I wanted to pose the question of if your kid had to be on one which would you rather have -- on. So we've got both sides of the issue here or return -- talked to more view on his radio I'm thirty RWB -- The president and in a your friend and abuse said alcohol -- -- than pot. In this disproportionately. -- addictive not addictive disproportionately. In force. With a minority community it has thrown -- and that's part of it that's boilerplate -- -- -- with -- -- and especially. Economy tries to make an argument that. Middle class care businesses -- Don't get locked up for smoking upon import kids do we said an African American kids -- Latino kids are more likely to be -- Now at that point. Somebody should have asked them if they're likely are more likely to be -- how are they getting the drugs and the alcohol. If they don't have the money how are they getting it. And if they don't have the money. And get the money -- to be decent questions on to thank. But no know realized that would just keep on weeping you know disproportionate to the death penalty disproportionate to what kind of cocaine you're using disproportionate -- as blah blah blah blah blah is essentially doing his. This group against that group cars and I think again -- eight other other kids in the suburbs they can afford better representation. And so that's why they're not prosecuted as much that he's actually saying here they can afford better lawyers. Web but he doesn't he doesn't address the issue of buying at the first place Thursday. And he doesn't address the issue of dealing. It doesn't address a lot of issues which are -- in convenience. -- the sooner we we have an election the sooner we have a new president the better for them concern. You may have guessed that let's go to long line line and Joseph and Orchard Park -- Iran WB yen. An aggressive my can -- do pot order. Drinking at the -- it. That it's so much like less addictive than alcohol and I think that jokingly because. And I know. That it. In recent years used to. Into the pot or shall -- -- -- think they like their life and -- it's. They -- in the election. Ron Paul running. I had friends. Who we're gonna vote for Ron Pollack are really so a year ago and get rid of -- so -- forward there. Hurricane or whatever the people you don't know rescued by the threat. If he would museums. And you and -- also for reducing. Make more strict rules for all vying for welfare state and what you for that yeah yeah. And you know it. Cutting unemployment and in. That they know which illegal drug development vote. He oh yeah -- -- -- -- -- really trying to -- job and I think Billy. Johnson interest that I like a lot of his policy of -- report policy or electric there's different politics and Kurt Warner all out war. What I have to do more research and I don't know I -- it -- -- electrical the people. They would vote for a pack and I'm like really the metropolitan or read a labor -- everything. I saw -- basically. Dead -- the voters is guided by their drug policy -- so you think there are a lot of there's two disassociated with the real world. You look across public. In. They like the the occupy. You know ground up. Ordered an entry and it legal for -- medical that the current -- -- -- that it that it special and and if it's -- Marijuana for it. Future problems and actually won. It but you know she's well. He presented himself the other -- -- -- remembered reproductive. Organization commented. Or doctors. And ultimately all. Anyone who research. A -- problem at all. 100%. Each. Is it truly are -- you know addiction. So you know patient and kind of drug. I hear you loud and clear -- Are you a good talk show host a contact Jim -- and every once in awhile you know somebody calls and stick in my day you might be the next I thank you very much. Why is it. -- what is Gaza and he said it was dynamic and I like that. A good grip and Chris have a couple more FaceBook please you know this is from time -- that would choose pot I think most of the people would say alcohol only say that because now I was more socially acceptable. Yeah it -- you're really is you can go and buy yet in the store you don't have to. They're going to into a dangerous situation to purchase that. And like an earlier -- said that's one thing that hasn't brought into the equation is that. It's not -- readily available on the shelf. -- that -- that be a good answer okay another -- this is from Peter he says part of my choice because of the violence aspect here but any -- -- all the time. I don't think I've ever met an angry or violence don't person that's a good point I mean I ate ice I've been around stone people without knowing -- but -- when I'm around drunk people. I don't wanna be there a rather be anywhere else picture all the bills he would rather go to -- very hot hot. Oral stalled its weeknight at the ball at the ballpark would that that'd be an uninteresting movie. That's a good concept you get some like Jonah Hill -- somebody in a movie like that where they secretly through some surreptitious way. I managed to get 80000 people stoned watching game. Yeah instead of drunk on the concession stands would do very well yeah I'm just thinking you know a lot of a lot of stuff to eat whatever but I'm just thinking of how different the feel of the game would be. Without the crowds here you know involvement like he usually is. -- at the top of their lungs. And who carry that the in the -- You know how those morons always carry one person carries a but he might get a mixed up an offense that. You know environment might be but it might be nice field goal and -- handsomely throwing off line you're a master guide addresses like Elvis. Week. All right if somebody does test that program. The guys at via. Other Bruce Smith helmet on all the time yes he had the heart had our Bruce Smith right there and you can nuns beard the kinds of -- it's -- like that so there's a good name for a rock group nuns -- beards. You know what you're right if it we'll get John beard and a and they -- -- I'm policy. All through so. Let's go to a bill in north no on the bill you're on WBM. Lorie maybe a little elbow in Qaeda. -- That's good well I think they're or who certainly keep it real brief. And you said the number retired engineer. -- -- -- Top of my life I've grown. The -- due respect you. That there are people who broke here of this. And if you have the Soviet drinking wine and they informed you weren't you do get political for a lot of and it is for the case here there there there are different one of marijuana different. Different different streams of marijuana. Which. Natalie. You know affect but I -- department of the repositories -- As for the officer claiming the and the other thing. Huddle with the the Aryan Nation and they enjoy your life lull recently that. Way. All right so I still don't conflict I thought you guys are supposedly -- oh you're you're calling on our next job no it. We're all right you very much so well above data and calling out the next -- about -- I thought who's supposed to be at peace loving and though I and other stuff he had -- that you like with that they've had to say. So I mean I guess. From what we've Lauren. That does some people think -- some people think those and there are different. Different the opinions on that thank you very much. Stay warm we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on -- -- and I birdied the Libya. We never dreamed could be used --

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