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1-22 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good Beijing governing us Andy -- series or doing the show is the president has gotten involved and he says alcohol is worst than pot. And he did an interview. A print interview in which he said. As has been well documented I smoke pot as a kid and I view it as a bad habit and a -- but very different from the cigarettes that I smoked. In -- and I don't think it's any more dangerous than alcohol. Obama made his remarks in The New Yorker. -- marijuana remains illegal to possess or sell under federal law and although Colorado Washington state laws make it legal to possess and use and small amounts several states have authorized pot for medical use. So what I thought I'd do is ask you a question and I know -- concept is extremely. Complex. -- -- -- But some people are having problems grabbing vote Brooke -- complex. Question that I ask. If your kid was abusing pot or your kid was abusing booze which would be a better deal which would you be happier. See this is a total reversal of the way this question would normally be asked but once you get past that it's pretty easy question. And which is less harmful is what I'm saying. So by guys think it's pot -- along -- that. As opposed to loads of -- Because I've got all kinds of stories here on drunk drivers you very seldom hear somebody. Killing people -- their cars while while after having smoked a joint herself. And so I'm going -- bat basically this is undermine normal universe normal little. A little un informed about some of the stuff. But I'm thinking what I don't like is I hate -- With a passion. Nobody is cooler when they're -- Nobody is smarter when they're drunk they're idiots okay and once you see him drunk it's hard to look at on the same way again. That's the reason I don't go to parties. Because I don't wanna see somebody that I might have to be working with. Acting like an idiot because it's hard to race that in your mind. Because you find out people that were often very quiet and prim and proper -- up on the table in -- You don't have to about. My -- -- you know I mean. I should go to those parties are those parties always has I think I'm summer is up so. There. It's not fun to watch somebody that. You may be like maybe you have admiration for so it's growing up and waste basket it's my idea of a good time. So I've I've I'm sure I've been around people or hi I'm not been that aware of it. My in my high antenna is not as not been out but what I'm saying as I I don't like drunks. More than I don't like people high basically that's and you guys go on. -- -- got guys that are especially guys. The drink a lot of suddenly gonna wanna take on the World League big will be your muscles there while their belligerent I mean who needs that. Outside of Toronto because. -- I mean outside of wells that let's go to. Let's go to bill in north Collins -- -- on WB yen. -- thank -- sandy. I spent 25 years and a prison system as VW alike counselor. And I followed marijuana to be much worse than alcohol. We did okay Telus won't tell us -- give measure your thoughts on this. Because I've found that the people with alcohol for Somalia to break the addiction if you can. But at least if people are -- at. I can go probably go into this Buffalo's school systems -- pick on all the really. They're lazy you know what it's silly it -- of people that are you say it -- you out. But it's taking a thirteen to twelve year old -- was all -- -- -- that it is their parents. They don't want to do. You know you wanna get recovery. And I read President Obama saying end and I hope that children don't get it about you know one. But it direction is the problem. You know you know what the buffalo school system had some real big problem I'd like to dominate those kids are smoking marijuana. Let me ask you this bill in in near her opinion as a your counselor. Was it helpful or hurtful or didn't really matter that the president came out and said alcohol is worst than pot. I mean back in the years. I you don't expect the president to be picking one -- over and on the well you know. They're out and and you know I had I children. Viva. You know we never know it's going to do but I would go out I. Coming up. -- -- personally during I don't vote is now Bob ask the industry. I don't do it anymore. Well I'm glad I'm glad Joba managed to get that have -- about -- saying the addiction part of that is really what makes it dangerous. Well because if you. If if you have a propensity to. Two. What are your. Your -- in a quote your daddy's job. Yeah I think that there. Would. Be. That's right guy I get pulled over on the young man for having too many cookies that. -- Who's your -- and baby are okay thank you thank you -- you're. Inside view of that thank you bill we appreciate it. No it's it's. To me what's more obvious at least is the alcohol part now. Which -- We're talking about abuse. Because obviously if you like to come home and have a beer after work that's -- come home and have wine with an ambulance fine. But when it's when it you're you're drunk and you're coming home from the bar driving that's not fine that's the kind of thing we're talking about here. And I would assume it was the same thing with who with -- If you have a joint through once every you know X amount of days. That's one thing if you have it every day three times today Portland today that's a different thing solemn but in order for to make the question work you have to assume. There whatever -- the pot or the booze is too much for you -- you're relying on too much I'll tell you one thing I've said this before. It's a good thing I've never tried drugs because I would if I have a personality that can be. Obsessive and there's no question in my mind. And plus the only the only brush I have with anything like that is at the dentist's. When you have nitrous oxide which ties them. I don't like Clinton and that's why and where they're doing work on my teeth and I get nitrous -- -- -- line as you know given their ego. Hi are drivable and no problem down there. Get a crane with a tour right out and his wife -- about it I don't care if it it's the kind of is the kind of attitude where. You just don't care it's relaxing it's whatever. But that's debt so it's I would not be a good candidate to be taking drugs because I'd end up you know I'd end up on the wrong side of the wrong side. So I don't I've never had any. Never had a drink never had a cigarette and Tony is the is the worst influence in my entire life so that's pretty dramatic. Tony I mean that's the community. 'cause it's two sandwiches that lunch is the one deck with special that's patent I think it does. But yeah that's it so I had no interest in it because you know just something nobody ever discusses. It's true when you abuse I think it's true when you will be used -- and you abused. Drugs of any kind even pot. What is it you're trying to do. You're trying to get out of the real universe in which you live. Whether it's too many problems somebody's nagging you who you wait too much you know what Gooden of your car is falling apart. What ever the reason you're trying to leave the reality of your life. To go somewhere where you don't give a damn. And that's where it's -- -- that's why people do it. Because it makes them feel good and they don't have to. Deal with the everyday problems that we all have everybody has them bill I'm sure Bill Gates has everyday problems. And so. So that what they do they they tried pot and mellow on the don't have to think about on the car payments going to be like this month. They they have too much bones may not think about there there wife of flirting with a neighbor in -- talk about a so these kinds of things. Are designed to take you somewhere where you're not. That's pretty sad I think that's a pretty sad commentary because of how many things are designed to do that some harmful some not. Why don't we go to the movies same race takes us out of everything we got we got lost than them only as great. Why don't we run a lot of people run because when you're running you're thinking of other things you're not you know the everyday things -- -- I mean there's no the reason we do a lot of things is that. Change our reality. Momentarily. So what does that say. I'm know I'm no counselor I'm no psychiatrist but what does that causes you not happy with your life the way it is and you need something to improvement. And your way of thinking of improving it is taking and and smoking a joint. Or -- or drinking alcohol in order to get away from -- pretty sad. Pretty says and I I think that most people have to understand that we all have things we have to do it -- you don't have to get away from it sometimes it's easier to just face it. Directly. Will be back -- more -- beach company. 930 listening to -- it's time has come for someone to put his foot. TTE. The president says alcohol is worst than plot a he said it in a print interview. Says it's well documented I smoked pot as a kid. I view it as a bad haven't. And -- -- not very. Not very different from the cigarettes that I smoke. I don't think it is more dangerous than alcohol. -- -- but if you think about it though alcohol and pot. As something in common. I mean think about who lost -- lost productivity time. How many times did you not come into work as you're either high as a kite or drunk. And how many times did you lose a job because -- times you get in a fight over. I mean there's a lot of negative side effects to overuse of any thing. And when I'm talking about having a glass of wine at dinner. Or smoking or join to every you know week or so are things like that we're talking about overuse of anything. So which do you think if your kids had to be doing one of them which would you prefer they do. You don't want him to do with the one I understand that but if you had to pick which -- Japan and so far most people have picked pot. Instead of -- And I'll tell you one thing -- I dislike intensely drunks. Was a passion. Let's go to. -- longest I would guess this line one and that would be Tony in Niagara county Tony -- on WB yen. And lea you hit the nail right on the head when you're -- you get Heidi I'm out. And drunk on booze in there -- and that terminology is is it is. -- has been put in place for a reason you get FBI and pot and it and and you get drunk and -- you get depressed. So there's different effects. By -- And you know in Europe they don't have real alcohol probably go to Italy for instance you don't have a major drinking and driving problem because it's integrated within there is in their culture from when they're young. Here we seem to demonize. Drinking and it's. Become a -- an event. To. Look at how destructive it is too -- with the DWIs on the highway and and domestic abuse and you don't hear about that I mean maybe it occurs when you don't hear about it as nearly as much when somebody's using pot. Right and secondly. Say you don't get a DW I driving to the bar for the nightclub ordered gin gin mill or there or the pop the DW I occurs when you're driving home. And and you know if you legalize marijuana in India started these social clubs whatever it. You'd get you'd you would increase the lead vehicle and traffic offenses. With the marijuana want to legalize because now it's easily available by going out socializing. In many. A higher degree of a social event. Once you legalize the substance -- I think now all of most people use drug or use marijuana more discreetly because it is illegal. I personally don't care what you do in the privacy your own home you know what it affects my life and I where it's a different story. Yeah -- if I if I see -- -- come over and in my -- about the hit me head on it really won't matter whether it was drugs or booze that matters that they're not in control. Right right so I think watch star legalizing that the marijuana out once you start emboldening people that it's OK to use. And it becomes more -- -- Social. -- Usage like we do -- alcohol. Then you're gonna start either I think the vehicle and traffic. I agree dissidents. -- increase or like like. BW or however. I think we have. You know or a big problem worse problem with a lot of these prescription medications there's so many people using these -- -- It in all and -- drinking while under the influence of these opiate drugs they're. So. A true I'm only available now that there's where the real problem is he's almighty debt. -- obituary dike suddenly -- and -- unexpectedly. And it so you'd you'd invent this done and what caused. Well said well said Tony thank you very much appreciated. Yeah and and it I think it was Tom brought up. Less than a year ago something I never even thought of when the they have opened houses. You know the realtors selling your house having an open house okay there's usually. All real through there to kind of guide people through answer questions to sign the book. But if you got a ten people. Walking through your house a realtor can only be one place -- And Tom was mentioning that though. Oftentimes people have after the open house was over found that prescription drugs that were in their medicine cabinet were missing. Because people would go upstairs or to the other part of the house and well look this is the -- or Miami would open marriage. The medicine cabinet there's some prescription drugs and they take him out and steal them. Every -- that for some reason. I had the first thing I would think of would be guns of course the lock them up -- -- but money in your wallet -- whatever but I never even thought. About the aspect of somebody's stealing prescription drugs. You know it's I've had several operations. Some -- some fairly serious. And they've given me pain relievers. I don't think I've ever gotten a half ago the most it ever does is eliminate the pain or cut cut down on the -- Never made me feel euphoric ever. So and then I I've been on some of those things after an operation that you hear about all the time. And and people pay all kinds of money for them and they steal them whatever. They don't work away from day at least not so far let's hope I don't get any more operations of fugitives through to check them out but of people use drugs. For one reason. 'cause it makes them feel good people drink for another reason. Prior perhaps it makes them feel about it makes him forget. And so these are combinations that are hard to fight. If you got a life you're not happy whereas if you got to realize that you are comfortable where did you get a life would you not embracing. You're trying to get away from that life and you do it these are two examples of how you do. They get different results but they're designed to do the same thing. Because you're not happy with the life you're leading ever admits that but that's what it's all about 'cause if you are you'll need it. Zone and 030930106. On 692 through six darn I'm thirty. I don't do drugs but I'll tell you one thing -- review those little Debbie zebra cakes. And I am here to tell you. I'm sure we'll be back after this. You are hearing them. Voice of buffalo. WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free -- -- 930 -- toll -- line is 1806169236. The President Obama in an interview said that alcohol is worst than plot so -- chimed in combat and of course. Looking for every opportunity to throw this and he said he was troubled by the disproportionate. Arrests. And imprisonment of minorities. On marijuana charges he said quote. Middle class kids don't get locked up for smoking pot -- kids do. An African American kids -- Latino kids are likely to report less likely to have the resources and the support to avoid unduly harsh penalties. So what he's saying is. That there is -- now here he's not saying. He's not saying they don't have enough money to buy iPod and -- -- -- don't have enough money to get a good lawyer. -- -- Everything has that in there it's it's the at all to any kind of book. Statement he can possibly work into it disproportionate impact on minorities so maybe you know maybe they can afford the better blows. Or the better lawyer I mean that's just that's what I get out of every one of these statements. The bottom line is people use drugs people use them in this case Obama pot alcohol because they don't they're not happy with -- their own life for the moment they think they're gonna feel better. They're going to we will sing dance who knows what. Just relax not worry about the phone bill. All kinds of things but they're taking themselves out of their real world them putting themselves in another world by doing so it's as an -- Basically you know many really happy people normally. That. That overly you lose alcohol or drugs probably nominee as my -- All right Chris let's say we haven't used any FaceBook yet -- on -- a couple. This one comes from Cathy she says I grew up with -- alcoholism in my family so I would -- -- never heard of murder rape or physical abuse from pot smoker but it happens with -- all the time what she's right about that the only thing I would worry about with a pot smoker is if they drive. I and I'm not -- I've never seen any statistics or anything on this and because I'm ignorant about the pot smoking. I wonder how much lower their reflexes are. If you're mellowed out one would think that if you're driving say on the threw away and there's cars coming in on on the highway and off violent whatever. I would doubt if your reflexes would be a sharp as it would be if you are not imply so. I guess you'd get into an accident either way but you don't see -- Like this OK in that two consecutive days. A person with seven DWIs. Rested Alexander Snowe senator street -- by police driving a sport utility vehicle at a high speed. But mobile home this would be the eighth VW -- convicted of that. And then two days later and -- man jailed after his fifth the rest of deal I would it within a year so you're talking about people on the highway. Drunk as a -- killing people are causing property damage whatever and she is right in the last posting. You don't hear that much about people smoking pot maybe they're just happy to do it at home and relax and go go somewhere else in their mind another -- impress this one comes. Marriages as I pick alcohol I don't want my child I am -- waste him like my basement playing video games there are a lot more functioning alcoholics and functioning -- that's a good point. About not wanting to kids stay home. Well don't make -- too comfortable for one thing. But the bottom line is. Which is less dangerous I guess is the is the question. I would think that if pot stays that pot. Then I think you'll probably less dangerous I don't know if that leads to other drugs it's not in in -- And knowledge. Because I really don't melt today where drawer not -- I think once you get to a certain level and you start off on -- earlier. -- drinking parties in high school and stuff like that and of course the parent who says you know lots. I know the job he's going to drank and so what I always Johnny to have as friends over and drink in front of me because therefore I know that I'm driving home. However they say the same thing when Johnny starts engaging in sex. -- is gonna have sex so I just demand that he ignored here on the coffee today below what are safe you know don't worry about the police showing up and arresting him -- we -- post bail. It is the dumbest argument I have ever heard really is and people get picked on that all the time. -- -- they supplied the -- wannabe cool wannabe you know -- they wanna be the parent that every kid wants thing around. So I don't know. One mark -- before we go to our goals this one comes from Dallas she says pot my son as a DD and it seems like you would be able to count them down at the use pot for medicinal purposes -- -- it has more million -- But I don't understand about them medical marijuana. Is this. We judge -- regularly approved. Various things that are used to help you with the ailments. Whether it's a post operative pain though whether it's something that. Adjusts where your blood pressure or who knows what. I don't understand the difference between the ingredients and those medications in the ingredients of Merrill. So if all if only marijuana -- marijuana has something and does something. That other drugs can't replicate. Why isn't a -- and gone through the testing in the and the application process and just be out there regular regular drug like anything else. I don't understand am not a doctor. But recreational drugs have different thing I think but the medical part of that makes sense that. If it went through the same protocol as as any other kind of medication. That'd be something worth. Looking out we'll take a break will be back -- Were asking you pot or -- now we're talking about obviously abusive abusing either of these amounts argument last Salina to -- -- -- at the bills game. We're talking about lots of abuse. And the and the pot which one if your kid had to do one would you prefer. And almost everybody has said pots will be back after owning his own that was read intimate. During the break about somebody buffalo cops picked up. I'm here it ended up the guy had. At some drugs in in in the -- they stopped embodies the last name was Frankenstein. Can you imagine if you -- Koppel with a good sense of humor pulling over a guy hands over his license -- neighbors Frankenstein. And you could do jokes. -- like I kind of thought so -- that Bolten your neck you know or say. Yeah. Now you say that's -- -- dean and I can imagine. If you -- -- Frankenstein. All many times people have brought that up to you in your life. I mean it would be I'd I'd have to change. I have to change it to something they'll adjust frank you know I guess I'm known on a Frankenstein or frank that's it. Because it's too easy just to. -- Montreal 18066. Through -- -- are 930 stand in Rochester stander on WB yen. And at the dark you again if your kid. Had to be on a lot of them would you rather have mom pot or -- -- But -- just think. And grant agree it would have okayed the Watergate when he drops. And then if he's definitely good you're gonna graduate into the action it's -- -- Know it starts out drinking -- can expect at night you know and start -- smoking four packs of cigarettes so it's a progressive graduation. Actually at -- grandpa can -- Which would associate you say that none of the above would be your choice. There's -- -- pensioner to hook you. Edited and to constantly shipped to Beckel. And then they kill you. -- awkward because you can't blow he should definitely shoot yourself to -- -- How many times have we heard about young kids who haven't had much experience -- -- going off to college and doing binge drinking. Where they do try purposely. The drink as much as they can in -- and it's a kind of it's like go rite of passage it's dumb and stupid some people die from it but. You don't hear much like that on drugs you usually hear about blows. That's when you graduate actually in my very real quick. Well you know I was unloaded outpatient okay we and I practical I would not negotiate in good humor. And I -- depression -- I think the directory it would giggling everything around only from the command with the change are. Now what happened in relation. Picturing containment station in the current. And he came in -- can you know a couple of this year to watch. Actually early July and I -- tactics his caddie you know Asian military let me talk to them to unit tests are right. He -- you know. Pieces and we want final outlined puts out there who won the week because I understand one thing we got to hook yourself it's mind over matter. When you put different -- on the floor in -- morning you can actually. Have a good days and it. Was. If you see Allen have a good game and it greatly event punting kick and scratch to make it a good day. Morning I put my -- course for an of or actually I'm going to make a good day. The power positive thing. -- -- they've they've programming -- -- written on that power of positive thinking and sometimes sometimes it can be very effective I think the mind is the strongest thing we have. As human beings. I think just seek her up because if you if you don't help yourself when you're depressed you're the and you may go down to. When you double how well that represented stricken -- Greg. -- -- where I mean you could be you could be depression could be exhausted. Who knows what I mean as a lot of reasons. Why yeah you might have a loss in the family. You baby you know -- going repossess your house. Group could be a lot of different reasons why you do different things and and everybody has different way of dealing. We have adversity in their life but I think the one commonality between too much plot and too much opposed. Is that you like being there are rather than being here. OK here is the reality this is your real world. There is OK I don't care about. Doesn't matter my payments late. As a matter of my wife just divorce me and she's gonna get that he might favor car -- a that would really depressed -- act and idea but so you'll take yourself to another place and you use this this is your mode of transportation. Either boost or pot they may have different reactions and the reason I'm even picking on is because I dislike the other ones so much and that is drunks. I have no use for drunks. I've never seen anybody that that I thought more of well I saw them drunk that I did when that was over not one single. Time and and they always say things. Now. That's had voted early ugly and I don't like your dog. I know -- I'd imagine it well what they mean is they didn't have the balls the sale when they weren't drunk. That's what that's all about that never apologizes for saying something the U. When they were drunk it's something that are allowed them to say it to you because that they weren't drunk when this that and and that is a universal truth. First of all if you have to apologize for something he says that's tell me you've got an alcohol problem though I would think so. You know to get to that point you know you -- understand -- you know when I was in college you know we did all that everybody do it and I don't know if you are not that. That's totally different then when you're an adult and you've grown out on a regular -- maybe after your softball game boy are you get in so hammered. That you don't remember what you said are you see things there's a lot of character you've got a problem. And people take on a different for some and I yeah I guess you don't know until you've done that some people are are happy some people are. A violent some people are miserable. And I I guess you gotta go through it to see what how you're gonna end up I have no idea what you think I would be if I would. Probably happy and phony event so yeah I don't think he would be the angry type. Because -- -- -- you have that in your personality now why it's it is comes out every once in awhile something you know calls for but -- up. I'm good thank you very much I mean my guess is that -- -- that the alcohol brings that out of the person. So if you have that deep down inside you probably you know if you're an angry person deep down you're -- -- we'll bring it -- yeah I I think -- you -- right with that because it gives -- the courage to gulf the next step which you wouldn't have -- -- willow were not -- As I said none of this says is doing moderation. You can certainly have a glass of wine. You can would would your meals you can certainly have a B or two while watching sports it's like if you think about it. A lot of things. Written revolve around the ability to drink. Have you been to a party where -- where alcohol was served. And you bend all bills game. Have you a big sporting event it seems like a lot of people viewed sporting events as the only legitimate reason why you should get hammered I mean. I've seen I've seen people buying booze on the morning of a football game when you just finish your bagel and an orange juice. Look at the reaction to people when they get an invite to a wedding in a sense not alcohol. You know we'll get offended -- -- -- -- that guy it's like a -- as a part of that true but that's a marched up the ballpark. But it seems like you need any you don't need a reason but it's nice if there is a reason. That you can get hammered and it's not pleasant how many weddings. We've heard of where some people don't even disc jockey weddings because they know that a lot of people get hammered it weddings Mallory apartment. Remember that big brawl that was up on the restaurant from the river -- to families and actual families. These were obviously not the families of roaming on Julie have a record of them because they hated each other. And a big huge brawl broke up at the wedding reception. I told them not them what's the cake and her FaceBook gonna go real classy I said tan. Okay what we're back what our board major dominate a couple. And -- Arabia and I'm thirty.

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