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1-22 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello is managing governing and I'm sandy beach and blog I feel like an idiot last night I'll tell you that. -- you know how my brain works when I'm on the air my brain is in their goal position OK I think very quick way. I am -- speaks essentially and it's ready now. When I'm not on the air since sleep mode and that's when I -- and I'll hope. Would give -- Well of and are very fortunate that I have an idea I stereo or brain and a model mouth occasionally. On the -- it's not a problem at all but what I'm on the air. I got -- going to sleep mode much like your computer does so last night I had to go to the airport and and and pick up arriving passenger. And I did that. And then I decided hey why don't we stop and eat. At this Greek restaurant you've seen it it's -- right down the year right on the road from the airport I've never been there looks good stop there okay. So look at the manual and I see something like. So here's how I ordered it OK I don't know making this out that. It. Says the waitress. I would like the three cheese cheese burger which he's please and she says I'm meant to say with Fries. She says. A huge army wanted three cheese cheese burger with -- And I realized I am -- job globe -- -- try to make a lame joke out of it ever do that ever brain just throws a word in there or you're not paying attention. You say when a -- they are in that sleep mode. Still works but it is not as immediate you don't have time to mull over used word this read does that. But when you're on the -- and has to be ready ago. -- our rights -- if I'd I suggested by the way the three -- cheeseburger. -- is is excellent I think the next time I go in there -- -- three cheese cheese burger hold the cheese you can. Now I hear. If you get the three cheese cheese burger and on the hole which is if that's the same as the a regular hamburger. I don't know I'm gonna find out next time I'm gonna do that next -- -- really well. Now today as the big day for me because I'm going to Roswell. For my annual dorm -- up. So vigilant -- once a year I go to Roswell and they check my entire. Body. Four row of the skin cancer and I've had this several nasal cells at a -- mr. -- all removed they do great work. But if my body is -- large they're using the drone on I was hoping that -- on man and man. I and the -- kind of circles over the top and gets pictures and send them back to the technician. And India they go from there I see something and sector sex. I'm. OK well let's keep on. -- you know it's amazing it's amazing the new drone techniques they're using for everything they discovered a a mystery rocked it just appeared. Yeah I. -- -- -- It's it's non invasive vineyard and it's very helpful but the thing I haze that down. That goofy column that was designed by some say is that they've never updated it. You know it doesn't fit it around me I know about it as a veteran everybody. And it ties in the back and not used that time in the back which I in the front with time in the back they do this. We if we're lucky tie in the back we seldom in the back you know on -- about. And you got to reach back there and I and then from modesty they give -- -- sheet. It. This is they come and take -- sort of resentment and it's cold out so -- so you don't see yourself and reflected in the -- I mean that would be enough to scare me -- -- terror I just -- so -- that I kind of you know on an amendment par and. -- -- on Israel look at in the. -- my idea Richard Sherman imitation -- -- don't make them and velcro wouldn't it be much easier to -- and velvet. You know growing belt but thousands -- racing -- -- whoever they haven't -- it but as constable. And it's not that. It's natural -- you spend your whole life hoping that someday you get lucky enough to get to that position and in this case where you go once a year you don't wanna go now and I don't really want but that's that's that -- well good -- thank you argue that report tomorrow. Meanwhile Alitalia and gave me resident -- this guy. Is too dumb to drive. This is out of the and paper from Niagara Falls and the does that does that okay. City -- tunnel on the police arrested a man after he called 9/11 to report he was driving drunk he called the police to report he was driving drunk. And had a flat tire on the Twin Cities highway. -- -- Of of the falls was charged with -- W -- multiple offenses at 3:13 AM. He admitted to the dispatcher that he was drunk. And his car had blown it's higher. Leaving him stranded when the police got there they found -- he would actually run over a several street signs including a cautions that there. Well at the lighter caution signs there to warn you there are bigger signs. No warning of a curve ahead a turn he failed to negotiate it's a pretty fundamental -- If you run over the warning sign venue you're gonna have to suffer what the warning -- told you not though not the run into and that would be a curve ahead. One of the vehicle's tires have been pulled off during the crash. Is blood though level content point 17. Need I say that point 08 is our limit here so that's more than double more than double limit but. That sets a drunk driver. And speaking of of of blows now let's go to drugs. Justin Bieber they decided the cops decided that you know he was involved they think he was involved with -- is -- of his neighbor's house. The neighbor says gonna cost -- lot of money to fix his house like 29 I don't know. What kind of exit through with that seems ideologue you with a noticeable pressure washer would do it but maybe not. So they got they got a warrant and they went to his house. Because they were hoping that this house they would find video. Element in this -- such an idiot that he probably took you all right so they go and and they -- five video about what they found or drugs all over the place. But they can't charge him because that is not what they went and they don't look floor that's the way the law reads. They said they found was that according to RT MZ dot com to large cookie jars filled with marijuana. For a five and the code being bottles. Among the stash but they couldn't seize them. Because it was not on the Warren. They also found foam cups. That reportedly were used the holes in Europe. S I ZZURP. A mixture of prescription cough medicine and soda that it seems to be -- a choice. According to -- -- -- that he is a serious problem with drugs. A rep for Bieber did not return his any comments was to be an idiot we -- just chalking it up to youthful exuberance. Too much money too early in life from not having the brain ago limits but apparently it's the Gomorrah have proven that and that's -- that's one of the things about day via a warrant it's got to be specific. You can't go I love this term on a fishing next. What's allowed that yeah that's. A cute the dragnet the guy you always hear that -- defense attorneys though it was mentioned that Ron Meyer. Where are not here for a fishing expedition I mean they do. When they are there for fishing expedition you know people have the waiters all those well let's hope the judge as waiters that he would tackle -- -- -- we're -- -- way -- Orange boys think -- please -- guess like. Three days cheeseburger witches. Thank you very much -- that break we'll be back with more -- -- -- and company I am -- all excited while -- -- at halftime. Be still my beating card can somebody tell me who brutal -- -- I -- really really a -- of the icons they've had. During halftime. And its it's it's just read it you mean he does -- rank up there with The Rolling Stones I don't think so today. -- one of the best acts there I was in a fan of vote when I saw him do it. It was fabulous was prints yeah yeah prince was in Minnesota obviously. But prince was. Eight he's a tremendous performer I saw him. And the purple rain tour internationally he opened. And this was at the audit and he remembered coming out and apologized the same time under the weather and then goes just just how unbelievable show. Well it's -- -- halftime shows of the Super Bowl -- not easy to do because they don't have a lot of time. And they've gotta convert the field into a stage and they all want out -- each other -- Michael Jackson. Always surrounding the stage which was very appropriate. Oh no lights and the smoke or whatever and then the second half starts and they can see the ball because especially in New Orleans when they always reenact a battle nor want to have cannons and stuff like that. And who watched. That may or may I don't watch it either because it's it's almost always prerecorded because it's too if treated to lie if you imagine a bad microphone live at at halftime -- I hope that the power goes Ali that last year. In -- gets the gets the starring role remember that it at at at -- are they -- did a great -- dead he really -- these -- guys. So you are so that's a that's in Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers right Renee Fleming. It is -- -- gonna sing the National Anthem. I don't know you know I think she -- she's fabulous. She yeah I read her book. She's a great opera singer and she's from Rochester is as as was pointed out earlier in the year. In the broadcast this year is she's among made you the absolute top Echelon. Of law of opera singers and she's got a voice yeah she looks like -- She looks like Janet Snyder went to I told tennis -- years ago that she looks like Renee Fleming and she really does. But rather I don't think Janet and sing like that. But Renee is that -- worth watching -- value. Because usually. Com out of the national while I'm recording star and the words right after recording star you never hurt you never heard of these people. Except. You'll you'll over -- now. We've said that when television goes to 500 channels and they are Mormon now how they put them here's another example of -- totally run out of material. They had Lockwood -- dynasty right I've never seen it but that's the premise of that I tried watching and it lasted forty cents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the Beverly Hillbillies they got a hillbilly family and that's how they described it's not my description problem there rural. And and the -- early February as they got the hot young daughter. They got the -- son. They got mama looks like a Richard Simmons is gonna -- with a fork -- and any time. And and data is dumb as a stump okay. And here's here's the promo their running. Momma I was trying to buy a car and they'd they'd go at these abilities are going into I think LA. -- trying to buy a car and a promo is. And you leave -- a dollar. And it's not a guy you. -- and now they're driving on their way to California. And dad says. Some problems we can Lehman's big -- That's the prowl. That's that's what -- wanna hook you all went oh my god that we as a nation on rained. Yeah I'm in true only it's just it's that's the best way to describe it. And now they have -- On the original intents. Of via a cable channels are gone. There is a cable channel call biography. Guess what they do on biography. They do biographies but not -- oh they used to do biographies on biography now. They're doing a cooking trio. Now tell our cooking should ends up and this is a history of the onion and I mean rarely get that. And that you're seeing some of those. Some of those shows that some on the Military Channel that have nothing to do with the military. -- military channels in the in the Bible stuff their content to meet Sheikh Egypt it's crazy it's crazy you don't know where to find anything Chris you have any of favorites of those channels that have kind of gone astray and I used to really like the weather channel. Yeah I would sit and watch it it's on by used to watch in the morning before I came to work out and then it got to a point where one I would get up -- -- in the morning. They would have -- around at the remorse I couldn't get it there are some channels are on some. -- carriers. When they go through local on the -- you don't get local. For instance low on the -- I think is on Time Warner. But logo on the aids is not on the dish -- -- the dish I've Time Warner my desk. And I have the dish at home it doesn't show up on the dish -- on the local leaders show -- different parts of the country. And you're supposed to grab your part of the country as it shows up on the map. And think about weather forecasts. When they show you a full map and half of its pink. And half of its low. All right -- area sort minded. Of inches of snow and this is the area. And they don't point out which -- it is is that the blue area that's going -- -- Areas. It's it's so confusing it's it's rarely -- and music and you know why you like the weather channel anymore. Because NBC -- -- when they are independent. They did very well and they had their own people made and that they had aside Ellen all those guys and they still have a lot of the same people but once NBC that their claws on it and suddenly after that. She it's of the various NBC sitcom started showing up on sat. And then they tried to they tried to put Stephanie Abrams. And mr. -- beat hands together not not exactly charisma if you're if you know I'm talking about. Roker and Stephanie Abrams shouldn't be in the same zip code. Little on the same shot on the television show. We'll be back would bar. Revision company fund news radio and I've started I think it's almost time for a those I'm looking at because this Clark says it is our clocks have we are in this. All right well it's given a shot here at George Noory overnight -- until fives news radio 9:30 AM WD EA had. Live backward vision governor -- it's not disturbing headlines. Is that though the Russians are battle if they're -- battle with terrorists that are only a few miles from the show hosts at the Olympics that's a good thing. Earlier in the week I think we ran yeah WB and -- poll. Asking if you would go to who see the Olympics not as a competitor but as a spectator. Well first of all if I had an interest in the Olympics. I'd probably go I don't think I would not go because of fear of terrorism. You guys on anything now we'll go now you think is a danger there I think -- they're very well could be danger. And W and -- very safe anyway. And then you add the Olympics to -- -- -- don't regard this kind of thing where potent is kind of putting is on credibility on the line. Because I think -- takes a lot of things personally. And that they want to prove a point that he's in charge there and they're gonna run -- iron Fresno -- you like them or not. -- I think I don't know what city. But if they're fighting back most of the venue right now is nervous you what you see -- runners and you know actually running away and off the course you'll know that there's trouble here. Why of course we remember Munich certainly Soviets and it's in our minds. And Atlanta 20 whether I was falsely accused of planting a bomb. And things like that so it's and it's not a joke it's serious bug them -- what happens but I just saw that. Let's say what's what is going on here so you -- zone would be cautious about it probably because because I've been a fan of the Olympics -- and usually. And is to a three sports in the summer to a three sports in the winter I watch. But a lot of that is extra stuff. Who cares you know I'm sorry Hugh Johnson and swimming because they used dubious. Means shambles. -- and threw it in San Diego. I had to put the clothes phenomenal jam -- and have to do that any carriers of the actually we remember him. And I haven't stopped him he became a car wash. It if I. Can buffalo -- If it might want exactly. And an eyebrow at their to -- them. Put it in a stationary positions against a -- And a generous pay crazy crazy generous exact opposite. It caused by -- -- is homeless guy. Is a mob is a lobbyist looking guy in the world. And and you think why would they used him as a symbol. And he's speaking in foreign languages. If you if you really wanted to promote multi multi culture -- What you have a better person to do it than that -- guy who looks wages climb out of dumpsters. And then they show him knocking a wall down. Because the walls. No it's an area offices -- walls and he's smashing mile hammers does have some insure them. And and now he's got these old women's world among whatever road he's walking who say crazy crazy generous. -- it's a Verizon's now Verizon though is that them. It's to tell ovals but it's the I hated so much -- I've erased that from my mind -- can't honestly think I wouldn't use that company no matter what because of the commercials they're awful. They are awful. Now they they probably did some. The focus groups and it'll testing and found out that way -- the concepts OK but at a time it is it a little bit looks like he'd get -- for quarter. I'm now they bomb. They've got him a little bit better outfit but certainly nothing. You know really that good but better than it was. And they expect us to buy phones from right. Don't you think that maybe it's time progresses says bye bye to flow. Oh yeah now I am so sick of our flow should be brought you should be brought to be retirement home with commercials yet it should be -- -- we wish her well -- -- let's flow was great while she was and who. And shiny and and different but now they are stretching for so much did that flowed through well he's overdo it. You'll notice that the cave men -- -- -- Hulk like ghost you know yeah yeah and they've overdone what that with a gaggle of sick of that which goes overdone so. They always take and always progressive. So yeah and they always take it and it's good and they figure if it's good let's run it into the ground do we hate it. And that's what they -- that's what they do I like the Farmers Insurance from -- -- a pretty good out there because they're clever -- -- different yeah Al it's not the same old same all like those in the Allstate ones with mayhem like as well well yeah that guy is quite yet as -- is cool I like him I'd I'd like him because he causes -- me he hit at -- and I'm in favor of that. Our right of President Obama gave an interview. And not that inning nobody in this interview room he said alcohol is worst than pot and that's the that's the gist of it. Now I would talk about this today and our little disclosure here I'm totally out of my element on just tell you that right now okay. I don't drink I don't do -- any drugs. And I don't I don't I don't hang around with that women -- -- out of trees. I know actually I I have no experience witness at all but I know what I see and I know what I don't like OK I hate drunks. Hate because is nothing more obnoxious -- being around somebody who is absolutely drunk now I may have in my life been around a lot of people who are high. But I simply don't even know who recognized that especially if they're -- got all the time if it's not a really unusual behavior patterns are probably wouldn't even spot. I know that there are people I suspect are high because of all the dumb things they say and -- but that's good that's a not necessarily an indictment is just my impression of of their ability to job. But that's another story but now he's saying alcohol is -- than pot. End note now get some decisions to make this is a USA today a story President Obama says marijuana. Is no more dangerous than alcohol although he regards it as a bad habit he hopes his children will avoid quote. As has been well documented I smoked pot as a kid. And I view it as a bad habit and vice not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked he said in -- magazine interview I don't think that it's more dangerous than alcohol. Obama made his remarks in interviews with The New Yorker. Marijuana remains illegal to possess or sell under federal law although Colorado and Washington have state laws making it legal to possess and use it in small amounts. Several states have authorized pot for medical use. Obama said he was troubled by the -- here we don't know OK and first of all you -- know that no matter why. It is it doesn't matter there's no -- spots. And attack from PR is. It affects the minority community disproportionately. That's just the way it is every thing on earth. According to President Obama affects the minority. Community disproportionately. And that's the next part of this story. Obama said he was troubled by the disproportionate. Arrests and imprisonment of minorities. On marijuana charges. Middle class kids don't get locked up for smoking pot poor kids do he said. And African American kids and Latino kids are more likely to be core and less likely to have the resources. And the support to avoid unduly harsh penalties so what he's saying as. That. The minorities can afford -- Maybe we should have a federal program. In on talking about but I wanna keep it focused on on alcohol and pot. So the question I'm gonna ask him -- make it easy for them and make it tough all right. I'm gonna ask you if your kid had to be on one of them. You find out your kid was drink drink or you found out your kid was on pot. Which one would you chose for your kid to be gone so it's the reverse of the normal question which one is worse right. I as they set I don't know all I know is what I see and I don't like drunks and I see drunks cause a lot of problems on the highway. Lot of DW I wouldn't give you a couple of examples here. A lot of vote a lot of a lot more negative publicity. About people who over use alcohol than there is about people who -- pot. But as I said. I have no idea if that's legitimate it's -- if it's really only a snapshot of what's happening in America. Tony your face as apparently tough decision. Is come down your kid must use one degrees on pot or blows. Are it's tough to answer because it depends on how. I -- how while the kid is using it is the kid shrinking every single day -- so that's a serious problem that's alcoholism. And if that with a case I would probably have to stick with pot. I know let's let's be if for the sake of argument let's say. They had their abusing because to say if they're doing -- moderation well he has a glass of wine after an. I'd say so you would say you want on ponds that about us less harm to the body and maybe less danger to himself let's outward sign of damage to society now Kress if you had to make that decision. Oh what do you think -- -- I wouldn't give -- a second thought I would say part OK see you boasts a book and I'll defer to you know you're probably right. It seems like there's more. Information that we get on an everyday basis this as the people who abuse alcohol -- kill other people. All the time. You don't hear many times about a guy shooting another guy. One their high. I mean it may happen I'm sure does. But as you get into arguments when your drunk what happens people go back to a bar -- economy should people whatever. So although I'm not in the loop on this one I'd probably agree with you too. And say that the pot would be the the choice 8030930106. -- 69 to visit since -- 930. If you had if your kid had to be on one of -- Which would you rather have your kid on pot or -- because the president says alcohol is worse than pot because -- smoke pot when he was acute. The effects and have him up -- will be back after a we're asking a question President Obama says. That of pot is though is better than no bimbos and alcohol is. Is no worse than -- says President Obama and that's the name of that -- and were asking you. If your kid was on one album which one would you hope they beyond I know this is kind of a reverse question. But I think there's a lot less -- May have a lot less heartache and stuff associated with the -- we have -- them with alcohol. Now there's a couple of questions I don't answer to about people often say well -- party might go to something else I don't know if the gateway drawer okay. I'm no expert in the field but all I know is if you read the headlines and and watched and -- and listen to our newscast you know of that. A drunks cause a lot of problems I have two articles and and the two different consent until consecutive days of level on those. One guy facing seven DWIs. Is is involved with a hit and run for the eighth time. OK so that's one and I I was going to do that as an individual show. And then. Two days later -- man jailed after a fifth arrest related to deal lineup sometimes is called VW -- sometimes the you -- I have no idea why these two different terminology. Driving under the influence driving while intoxicated. But the bottom line is these headlines -- up all the time. A people who were drunk and they drive home and kill people you don't hear very often of somebody who's smoking pot -- -- killing people because of the effects of the pot. So if I had to do if I had to choose I would go with the other two guys here and say. I would hope that being neither but if there -- one. That part would probably be the choice and so we'd like your opinion in 03093018061692. Through six -- 930. Go to Franken tell -- frank you're on WB yen. Good it's not your frank. Are. Difficult tomorrow well thank you thank you. -- post the pictures on WBN dot com will be. -- Why do you you know I might respect its -- when I was younger -- lot younger you -- now in -- I I think there. Smoking. Or wire now and I'm not talking about the other hard rock right up like get but I think smoking marijuana. -- my experience. I think you're just makes you Malo and being. So electric -- PetSmart for Specter. So mellow and -- thing you know you're not check our a challenging people you don't you don't develop your muscles and. That's right you don't get their courage and it mean spiritedness that I mean around enough. -- and indeed and somewhere and I mean where. They can't alcohol and every day it didn't mean spirited to -- -- it's been. If you don't need to be your era -- -- the year round from the agent Dick. Mean I'm a court for -- -- it really quick for Mike and nicest guys supporting. One cheek -- curriculum I'm not talking beer -- are talking alcohol you know what you guys are rich and and not 18. Being industry called -- because. Q didn't you guys and meet me at the -- -- could be -- He can be read or couldn't talk for future you want to start for everybody aren't. Stop like it in accordance with its collection at my experience. We're being around these guys -- is the technology it. It's a pretty technical beer muscles and indeed -- challenged every fight -- in eight and it's it's pretty. -- -- -- -- -- But my respect that my experience being around some other people that. Smoke marijuana to get Maloney get to stick it. You know little. Old. You know it is to rule out. Not a real power now kind of relax take it easy -- that was dynamite program director John. Grabbed I don't know I think this is a good subject today and then I check ruler general manager change. And probably encouraged quarterback Lamar on the -- and I'm thirty we are WB yes.

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