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Help For West Seneca Flood Victims

Jan 22, 2014|

Sheila Meegan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good meeting in -- -- -- -- last night about flooding a week and a half ago in the neighborhood in the mineral spring as the Harlem road area on the WB and lifeline as west Seneca township a browser Sheila Megan Sheila good morning thank you for joining us. More accurate for your welcome governor Cuomo's -- a mobile command of senator from the state so department of financial services. Two west -- to help. People with their insurance claims will that be a good deal for folks there who have suffered. The flood damage we've heard so much about and have you asked the government governor for other assistance. Have asked the -- -- -- what -- can't avoid. Normally an extremely helpful. Them although our task and that will be out there today will. It's beneficial to all those who are struggling with their insurance carriers who have either. Limited the insurance offering city's residents organize them. So they're going to have that opportunity to get help and assistance -- have a greater conversation with little -- scared provide him with the coverage that they kept banking for. Sheila did most of the residents have flood insurance. And it was it's something that that they had initially handed may be canceled or it just it never occurred to them that they should have it. What I -- cases that were pretty -- as some of the homeowners. Mortgages were paid. There are no longer obligated carry the -- insurance. So they opted out of that. Sheila town where the meeting last night in town engineers were heard. Almost pleading with homeowners to understand that what happened. Was sort of a freak of nature that was nearly impossible to predict but folks weren't buying that after what they've been through like Israel to understand that. Absolutely. I. The reason for that meeting -- I was earning more collectively. To have that conversation. And the understanding what happened though is it was devastating. To average one there and we are trying to provide them with every representative has -- Hopefully bring them some answer. As far as the -- goes back operative word he would have to have a commission by congressman heading off as to study the creek. To increase the site -- the -- and that's what -- corps of engineers are recommendation as. So are items that are outside. Our my ability to handle as far as I haven't seen the vermin the creature away it it is handled and that. Area and we we have no control or edit this county that's why we're making it reached congressman about the and they -- an area and they -- they hurt our concern. Now if folks didn't have flood insurance to they have to file claims with their homeowners. An is that all is up and the only recourse they have here there'll be no state assistance. Yes and that's turning that's correct there will. Yeah it was say. Surge of violence sewer backup and simultaneously. Without so deep water coming through. Landmark cultural database and felt it was occurring at the exact same time so most of these homeowners. Have a backup of the word well they're hoping for the carrier to provide them with these monetary reimbursement for eight property can. Do you have any idea collectively how much damage was done. Great at this moment -- -- -- certainly have helped and so many other municipalities. I'm at their first infection it's over 700000 dollars in mechanical and won't what I would sort of mechanical it's their furnaces hot water tank washer dryer. Whose mobile shutter though the governor's son and there was some negative and where will be located at. Located right within that -- at. I'm Winchester community church where we called the meeting last evening. -- Agassi our -- 11 AM until 7 PM. Rationally and I thank you thank you for joining us this morning. And I think you for having us. Have a great day. YouTube west Seneca tell super browser Sheila Megan.