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Another Sabre Effort Falls Short

Jan 22, 2014|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sabres analyst Mike broke a tie is in studio with us this one -- two body antes fancy New York artisan cheese. Good morning Mike howry. Oh underworld Harrison Barnes and warm out there nice nice cold enough for -- sort of sitting here of a blanket over. Of the sabres head to early leads last night against the Panthers -- wound up losing four to three how this game get away from them. While the -- against team Florida that hadn't played a beautiful road game were very very consistent. I thought certainly he has the the game went on Florida seem to take control of the game and just through consistency more name -- -- There pleaded astronaut hockey club but why shouldn't -- will be desperate and so that comes back down to. You know hard are you going to work against the other team and that's one of the few times in the past while. Running -- he has got to work so alone -- spectrum pretty -- -- sabres have lost four straight games. By an identical score for the 31 sustained keep coming up short. Well I think. If you're looking at this tiger club all over 45 or maybe even dozen games this one thing you see this time. And every now on them but let's have a pretty well all season. Where they've lost -- -- consistently lost games by a goal or maybe two. So that tells me is just purely just lack of talent at this point McCabe and and -- capable of finishing. Tight hockey games and -- get there but the US can't kind of get over that about the -- second breath through really for any -- properly so. In time of course the idea is to you know improve that talent level. Especially players that have a lot more finish to their game. And then those game certainly this sort of lose them by one at least we'll be tied to your pick up a point. The sabres have scored twelve goals now in the last four games but they've given up fourteen at the team's recent defensive struggles a result of opening up the opposite between march. Well what -- -- -- the cattle looks like that it's funny how that works out it the the you don't take care bureau men. Nothing good happens and we all tend to thank the of the offense but. Everything's predicated around good goaltending -- sound defense and because that is where it's starts. You have to be good -- -- and I mean that's real lose game certainly women the other end but you have to be exceptional in your own zone great hockey clubs and consistent Nike clubs have pushed for championships and the get -- answering every now and then -- spectacular when it comes to defense supply. And along with Google and. Sabres take on hurricanes tomorrow. If you a couple of breaks they 43 curse. Well worth the that's that's interesting other come up a lot of different names for that. Is too hard to say I it just. You know I look at Carolina like a Florida is to go to the same teams and I think as with their running in -- about the same. Ability level. And most of these games when -- tightly that will come down to just compete now hard you're. How diligent you are as far as going in -- spots on a given game. In doing that you have to do and if you wanna do it and if your mindset right so is there for a -- every game is there for him. But. What is your will on how far do you goal to win a hockey game how much are you ready to give up to a Nike and. You'll find out hey Mike good to see it's always good talk and I you'll do it again next week sounds good at sabres analyst for NSG micro that I.