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Cuomo Comments

Jan 22, 2014|

Erie County Conservative Chair Ralph Lorigo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ralph -- goes on the ability BM live -- another talk with the Susan -- me -- who's chairman of the Erie county conservative part of the reason we're talking to Ralph. Because of governor -- almost comments over the weekend about extreme conservatives the governors said they have no place on the State of New York. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right -- -- -- -- Perot assault weapon. -- tight GA he is that who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Loss of bush not called on the governor apologized he hasn't done so as yet and probably doesn't intend to sell Ralph. Thank you for joining us this morning. Good morning good morning. Ralph you are the boss of the party are there conservatives who -- too extreme more. Is a conservative a conservative. There are people who are at the continuum. You know certainly further to the right and others. But in terms of the very party Conservative Party and what we believe and we certainly are pro life. Second Amendment and pro traditional values. And what the governor did it simply demonize. Most of Western New York in his statement. Rough I wanted to ask for your reaction when you heard this from Cuomo and and it's still getting just tons of reaction five days later. It's very telling of who the governor really -- and what also -- only years. He has just people coming out trying to bear -- on what was said but you just played what he exactly. That. He considers people who are pro life to be extreme. People who are pro Second Amendment to beat extreme. People who don't agree with him. Are extremists and he told them to leave New York. And that amazing. Ralph was the governor's comment do you think maybe a shot across the bow of Karl Paladin those. Political ownership you know Paladino favors more conservatism and state government. Well all you have to do is look at the number of votes in western new York at -- had in 2010. To show where we stand. As a region in New York State. We are conservative region whether or not you have an CNI. Or deep in front of your name. People in Western New York for the most part belief in conservative values. And -- -- -- gap in terms of the votes on the lot in his ability to articulate those values too many in Western New York. The governor just hurting so badly in Western New York. Where you think the conservative party's going to be. In just a few years here in New York State. I think will be strong. I think people are looking for our local place to go to articulate what they want to see in their government. And it it's old talent. If you look at the -- foundation report which -- -- a nationwide report that looks at every single state we are -- yet again. In their report in terms of business climate. All you have to do is -- New York verses and the other states in terms of taxes business a sales tax property tax. And you find out where we stay here. And people western new -- hard working ethnic people there for the most part want certain go to work earn a living. And you don't want their lives they believe in individual responsibility. And we're not looking for the government to be involved in every aspect of our alliance. Rove -- talker for a second about a candidate for governor that the Conservative Party can live with a rob -- Renault and Donald Trump right now are we only two options. Would you like about it. Well I don't know are the only two options. But I think -- answer Reno certainly has conservative values trump certainly has conservative values and Carl certainly -- conservative values. But unfortunately in terms of being able to win an election special election against. A person Governor Cuomo who has 33 million dollars in his war chest and invest substantial more money. You need to look not only had somebody who has these good strong conservative values that all three gentlemen -- But whoever name recognition and the ability to articulate those values across New York State and -- money. Is Cuomo beatable. I think almost beatable. I think he just tripped himself again in terms of this statement I don't think this statement gonna go away. Aren't -- what you should have -- it it was a mistake. He sure had gotten out there quickly and apologized and cleared it up himself instead of sending its surrogate. The kind of got -- kind of say oh no he was only talking about politicians. Or all know he was talking about this should act is worse. His words are an -- And -- you know he's told us what you really believe. But the Carl Paladino has a laid out several conditions under which he would be a candidate for governor. If the stars and planets don't lineup what would it take for -- to be a candidate. -- Well look John you know that I'm post. Found a way to show their anger in all of us. To motivate us. Now whether Carl becomes a candidate or Donald Trump or or. Extreme. We need a candidate if you were going to take -- Cuomo we need a candidate who won Paris conservative values and can articulate and -- has name recognition to be able to get across this state in now what is a very short period of time. And three as the financial resources -- great post financial resources. To articulate -- across this message stay. Ralph good to talk with -- new this morning were other times thank you for joining us. You're here right -- -- is chairman of the Erie county Conservative Party.

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