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Cuomo Cuffs Conservatives

Jan 22, 2014|

Jimmy Vielkind

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- feel kind is on the WB in -- reporter for capital New York. And let me start Jimmie and I am just bringing our listeners up to speed here are some comments that the governor made five days ago. About conservatives. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- Perot assault weapon. Anti gay he is that who they are because -- actually they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Point five days later Jimmy. That comment is still getting ripples across the state. Well that that's very soon and then you know the governor has -- -- administration have -- I'm pretty bad coming your problems. Specifically. Saying that it is showing its true color it's not it's not being truthful with it. It's and stretching the truth but the reporter on this. The government -- those remarks in the context of a political question for. -- -- -- where it would normally -- him as a warning to conservative Torre met -- conservatives believe the state. And so Republicans and conservative. Yeah in political office of certain she'd gotten that including last at a fundraiser in Albany what sister turning their -- mr. Leno. Who is considered the likely gubernatorial candidate with the GOP. If you looked out of the -- Republican leaders inserted joked that universities in the corner gathering of extreme. -- you mentioned that the governor was responding to -- political question when he made those remarks. You remember how that question was -- how was asked. -- -- and believe that the governor was asked about Republicans who have been supporting him. Both the political fundraisers and elsewhere in the -- said that the response he's gotten from Republicans is that the result of risks. Inside the Republican Party. And particularly describing. What you heard. What he considers to be extreme conservatives. Aren't supposed to which he says are moderate Republicans. Who are in elected positions in the street legislature. Do you think -- to come is gonna come back to bite him in some way. Well I think that it was probably something you wish we could. He could perhaps refrain there's been no apology or no. No real clarification or sort of war arc from the administration. Or from the governor themselves. From what I could do what you heard. People on the right and who Cuomo was sort of -- it truly is he has little re election year. And hopes to win by a fairly big merger -- -- a ski areas. I think that these kind of words. Can be divisive and it -- they beat -- fuel to Republicans. We're trying to show that it's almost true colors. But are not necessarily agree conciliator not -- serious and use -- -- world tour and war. He doesn't strike most people's -- ago that would come back and say sorry -- He's -- to apologize what do you think. Well then you know typically done that he's typically. You -- he's corrected course over the course of his administration conflict of changing the entry into the the gun control law of the streets -- He he is not really come unfortunately don't you hope that is not just also. I think that would. He's. It's significant if there was a direct. -- direct statement made here. You know and yet days after he senate. New Siena poll numbers came out showing that he has a salad lock on -- -- right now right. Well that's right but the mind that -- deterred early and we don't yet have been declared Republican opponent for Governor Cuomo. And we know that he has amassed quite credentials that took over. Who is likely used in the that was likely opponent what returns to the level mystery you know. And of course the other like the approach of a possible opponent. Donald Trump -- the children community and in the but it's so they spend. There's a hundred million dollars that the economic and political challenge equipment many people. OK we'll -- you won't see your attitude about. About the mr. -- course. -- -- for you to put Donald -- second in line after rob mastery and it was a likely candidate. That sounds like you to have second thoughts about a possible trump candidacy. Well you know a century ago was it's an Albany's. A great day meeting with Republican Party officials the commitment Donald Trump the skipped. -- -- this mr. trump was in New Hampshire talking about a possible with the virtual world. I I think that there are certain things that we would see -- and there were not so it is that's that he says he's considering -- road. This is being serious. Certainly it will be out right now our beat them that rapist and he has marching -- loan. In a way that you could that go trump does not necessarily. He -- -- to join us thank you. -- to pressure that's Jimmy feel kind reporter for capital New York.