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Bitter Bone-Rattling Cold

Jan 22, 2014|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to the National Weather Service buffalo airport weather station and meteorologist Dave Thomas -- -- -- -- it looks like go westerly -- resiliency will be put to the test again today. Yes we're having another Arctic blast of cold air coming across the region. You know narrow -- per when -- and -- twenty below in temperatures in the single digits today. How low do you think. The thermometer will go this morning. I was burning -- -- here at the airport were bound to. Around pretty trees areas and when I look at temperatures well below zero. Usually there are some sponsor no the sticks in Western New York there are a lot colder than this. Yemeni unofficial readings coming up from across New York State this morning good. We don't have any -- fisheries coming in quite yet. We are looking at Hampshire's temples like deep below and and below -- across parts of -- I could stand -- Allegheny county's. That's got to be the coldest air so far in the season. I have -- 100. How much wind is associated with this today. The wind right now especially about the -- side which is up in the when shall not be as brutal but they could be. And -- winds pretty much between five and ten miles per hour today. And the snow was not a significant. But so that people -- significant and I actually will be drink -- -- spot the morning. Got some -- megapixel coming in off of Lake Ontario. Take us through the next couple days is this the -- or not. That the BO won the coldest days. But the birds hamsters actually -- what it is today or will be fully moderating up through the weekend and for temperatures to climb back up into the twenties. Would be a typical -- on dying light snowfall amounts from buffalo. There's lake area fairly close to freezing completely over yet been. It is there's quite a bit of life and the buffalo harbor. And is is that he's small open areas out -- the central part of Lake Erie. Yeah big change from the past couple of years -- thank you again for your help this morning Iraq. That's meteorologist Dave Thomas of the buffalo airport national weather service station.