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1-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is our news radio 9:30 WBZ am. And gentlemen the governor of New York State. -- The disturbed governor of New York State and I do -- creator. Four news health. Test. I'm concerned about the -- because. He's got some kind of some kind of a complex. Com. Evidence -- it was. Abundant during the campaign. Lot of dirty tricks played during the campaign by the way against Carl -- way back -- -- of time to get into that now need to get into it now. But I have to -- What this man has done to our constitution. Not only the United States constitution but also New York State civil rights law with respect and -- say. Is in itself an abortion. We are merging you know we are folks in a period a transformative. Change for the -- in America. And. You don't. Interest. The people I know and I hope that people you know who escaped Communist. Where not to use. Or any kind of totalitarianism. The people I know who've been there who've seen how it operates. You know every single one of them says. I've seen this movie before. I challenge anybody who is from another country who is thinking that. To call me to back me up pundits. I have friends who grew up in the old Soviet Union. You know they tell -- top. This is why I left Russia. I a lot of freedom and I've seen this happen again. I am blessed to know a lot of people from Hungary. Same for -- the problem this is what they used did. The America about which you learned in civics class way back when is -- In its dying because you're occupying your time and look we all need entertainment okay you do not have to be. Saint Gregory. And spent every day in study. And in contemplation. About the spiritual vs the temper the a serial vs regrettable. Palpable that are afterward. No. In every life we need -- -- You need the relaxation of used -- just one brain debt for a few hours and enjoy a movie. Nobody saying you can't go to a hockey game and follow the sports scores nobody saying you've got to be a model maniac. But for goodness -- people wake up. Would you please wake up and smell the freak in the coffee. This country is going the way of totalitarianism. We have a president who wishes there wasn't a congress. He's fat that. Apple that's out of my -- Sat. We have a president. And frankly the president before president coach. Who used and uses executive. Orders to bypass. The tripartite. -- -- radiator that was back in the history. The the branches of government which were supposed to be a co equal. Folks the founding fathers of our country. Where the smartest group collectively of human beings ever to inhabit the same room at the same time. Since I've made the -- John F. Kennedy once said dead to a bunch of Nobel laureate through something never have so many big -- been here since Thomas Jefferson dined alone -- -- on that line. Anyway folks there is they creeping totalitarianism. In the land. And all I can tell you it is. If you don't think I'm right. If you think I'm a lunatic. Seems to be growing consensus. If you think -- a lunatic. Which by the way is a very disparaging term for mentally ill try not to use. I've always been a supporter of families and people going through mental illness which tends to be a long term thing that affects families. I'll try not to use the word I can't guarantee it. But. You would have to be a moron. Not to understand. The similarities between a president. Who believes that he ought to be dictator. Barack Hussein Obama. Who now wines that his popularity might be going downhill because he's black. That is the lowest excuse in the world. You know what could be like that'd be like me saying I didn't get the job because I'm 58. That is the lowest of the low when you've got to start region excuses like that. You are in reality deficit disorder. President Obama. Your job numbers your popularity ratings are going down for a simple reason you shocked. The results -- Obamacare. Socks. Yellow and that people that's why your numbers are going down. What kind of narcissistic. Reality denying fool. Beliefs. That you can tell the American people -- -- actors -- out there to Alter your. Favorite about her. Court -- -- voting on it. Well. We have to -- that we got the -- to know what. Folks. There's a word for that. There's a word for that kind of government. And it's called the leadership. That's what it's called. President Obama deep in his heart and his soul and by his very own words. Has shown that he would love nothing more than dictatorial powers he's the first. But Nixon couldn't use the I'm black card. -- of Richard Nixon did in a black man. Well up and others speak burgers and Dana. They're just a bird or I think that by popularity don't develop. An all electric paddles. If Nixon had been a black man he probably would have served his term. Which one -- -- -- chance of a career imitating Gerald Ford but that's another story altogether. Now in Albany closer to home we have a wanna be you don't -- And I'm sorry to have to invoke images of Benito Mussolini. Who at one time was Hitler's. Hero and then became -- zero once -- realized that Mussolini was a fraud and a coward. Were at a time folks. -- you're gonna start hearing the phrase post constitutional. Republic more and more. Let me give -- translation. Dictatorship. When they say post constitutional. Republic. They mean dictatorship. Our founding fathers folks. The smartest men that supported by strong women many of them I might. Assembled to come up with a great corporate plan. Or a governmental plan for the country ought to be -- They knew. What. Dictatorship. Looked like. They knew what the absolute best rule. Of a monarch could do. They know. How people basic civil rights could be violated by an over reaching a government. You others expression -- use the other day. To very very famous. Treason -- never prosper. For if it prosper. None dare call -- What that means is simply let's. When treason wins the day. The whole war on to those who call it what it is it's. For you shall be prosecuted. As an enemy of the state. It happened over and over and over and over again in history and if you don't believe that I suggest your crack open a book in -- cracking open a beer tonight. It start to educate yourself what -- they didn't teach in school. You really think the Germans knew what they are getting into with Hitler at first. Now. But little by little he showed his colors. You really think that any dictator comes along and says yeah. I've got a sweatshirt it is -- For me wanna control every aspect -- now these people come along and little by little by little. By their duties. They shall be exposed. By -- hurts. Curtains around them Shelby unveiled and lifted. And governor under formal. When he signed New York State against that of the civil rights law of New York State not to mention. The constitution of the United States showed his colors. And his most recent remarks. Absolute. Hate speech. And its. Auction -- against groups. By a conservative. Republican governor probably have a southwestern state. Who again which speak with the accident that everybody who's ever coached or managed and professional football team. If that person. At fed remarks while there let's let's let's listen Andrew Cuomo. The governor of New York State and gentlemen this is hate speech. Debt issues. I think it's -- -- Andrew Cuomo needs to resign immediately. Because -- proven himself to be an absolutely. Hate filled man. Who does not embrace tolerance. He does not support diversity. He does not believe in co existing. He believes. That everybody in New York State -- that think as he does or get the hell out of now. This is the boards. Of York governor. Andrew Cuomo. Appearing on the capitol press room hosted by Susan are better. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. Up Perot assault weapon. In tight GA he is -- who they are because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. So he and he specifically enumerate three groups Eddie goes out to include all. Extreme conservatives happy and as people who have no place in New York's. Rush Limbaugh left the works great. Several years ago and will report Sean Hannity that Joseph did he say he was moving to Florida or Texas or -- thinking of moving to lower taxes. Yeah he is he's not just thinking about it but he is still -- He is going to do he's not just thinking about it is gonna do he's thinking about -- well in fairness to my audience I have to tell you that. My game plan and I've -- -- brief conversations with my employers about this is to move from Western New York for reasons of taxes. And for reasons that I can no longer support with my tax dollars. And believe me I put a significant amount of money into the New York State Exchequer every year with my paycheck and what they take from it. I can no longer support New York's I can't do. You know what. Let the conservatives move out of New York State. And let's watch. How fast New York State has to appeal to the federal government to support its continuing underclass. Of slaves otherwise known as -- citizens. Mostly up vast New York last without our money. Money talks. And a whole bunch of us are gonna -- just so you know. I'm not saying that I don't know when it's gonna happen. And it does not mean I'm leaving WB -- ever -- quite the contrary. I'd be perfectly effort is not a lifetime Contra -- that are -- That's not to question the question is from weird -- like do the show. Weird to establish taxable residency. So like an escape New York State and it's -- laws. Where can I escape New York State so -- can escape emperor Andrew Cuomo. And where I feel like a free citizen again. Candidate going to be in New York State the rest of the reasons have taxation so those of you listening in Florida. Texas or wherever it is you were already smarter that I got the hell out of this state. Where would you recommend. As I'm leaning toward Texas. Because honestly I've been to Texas and Texas has a disproportionate number. Are really really really hot women my age. So there's at. Also I'm also thinking about floor of the prop for. -- there before. And maybe it's because I didn't have the money that we have been decent places. The problem before it is it just always seemed like a whole budget. Michael what -- strip mall strip joints and pawn shops. Except a cholera which is you know worst country in. I don't think there's a big. I don't think there's one night there but anyway. Not that -- in the nightlife and actually having fun once in awhile and let mired down but again as quickly over Jamaica. 546 I've got a break folks your calls coming up I'm sorry I'm talking so much. But if I don't tell you these things about governments and tyranny and that's sports who. Because most of the media. Idiots so our Italian. Most of the writers. Have zero clue about history. If you say Sinclair Lewis it can't happen here to them they look at you and say -- you talk about shrugged it they're gonna say when. It 03 element thirtieth WB -- I'm on fire with a reborn passion to freedom. In fighting. For you because -- like for you I fight for me and I fight for all of us in -- at all somebody's gotta remember the men and the women who have died. For freedom in this country and put a stop. To wanna be Mussolini's like Andrew Cuomo and yes President Obama at least we know he's gonna be out of office a couple of years. Or will. 530 -- -- -- -- -- WB and its hourly -- or calls as usual. But. It's. It is -- Is appreciate my male audience. It's kind of sausage fest today. And ladies com. You have the opportunity. You. Were so. To speak we have. One -- York's most eligible an. Injured while they're missing the opportunity. 8030930. Start at 310616. WB yet all the way now. What. Makes Andrew Cuomo. -- I'm sorry but such a man in need of treatment. On the one hand it. He runs ads in states try to get businesses. It comes to new York and bring their people. Bet. Welcome to the new New York State where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our. And we reduce taxes and lower costs to -- businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs. -- middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixteen years and I. And we're creating tax free zones. The New York is working. Creating tens of thousands of new business. And we're just getting started. As a pro start your business visited -- when Y dot com. And welcome to the New York State what's new in the new Newark new property -- and the lowest middle class income tax rate was sixty years billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives for new opportunities for this. -- over 250000. New private sector jobs were created over the last two years or seventeen straight months of job. With the most private sector jobs over. Lower taxes you incentives for new jobs then that's news to -- -- start your business in the new York and visit the UNY dot com. Single boost waffle and Albany are on notice. Guy who's trying to appeal to these businesses in the south to bring their businesses to New York. They -- On the capitol press room on Friday in Albany and basically tells conservatives. -- -- Are not welcome in the New York State. This is classic. Narcissus him I gear safe folks. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right -- -- -- Up royal assault weapon. Anti gay -- is that who they are because that's who they are and if they are -- bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Thank you Governor Cuomo because that's what. Has encouraged me to begin conversations with better com about relocating the -- program not for better I'm not from W the yen but. From another location. Where I can not have to worry about paying a damned dime to governor Cuomo's state. And the lifelong generational intergenerational. Dependence. On my money. Simply by moving folks I would put enough money in my pocket. It would be a very wise financial. Real I mean it would be if it -- it's obvious that your. Now. I'm Friday. When these comments were first made I made the remark well Governor Cuomo in my case she'll probably get your wish. Now Sean Hannity is also raising eyebrows. Listen to what she had this. -- -- -- -- -- Country in. The -- Or -- The water. -- On the beach like a look at it from this with me I'd like underneath some of -- that the line. On the -- period. Since I'm your eyes one have you ever got a ten. Year pilot and it's a problem can. I have a similar Sean Hannity and you'll hear -- show tonight starting at seven at the news radio 930 WB Ian about where are going to have to worry about ten lines. Anyway we got a problem that doomed anyway -- its hourly let's get back to the calls on WBE and this is Dan. On the west side -- let go ahead please. Okay. You know I got. We that we we will aren't buying -- well what you few birdies here and feel or. -- -- in the background. -- He was calling them watched. And or last year we. We have -- -- Surely you. Are. They're hole. You mean Chuck Schumer Chuck Schumer another user of hate speech toward women when he was not a play in the coming to New York State the flight attendant said sir you need to turn off your cell phone. And he called her a big -- head he'd been a reply. -- -- caught. The ball. And it equipment or there. But if you are lucky because they have a lot of finding their own army. We -- stripping out because we don't really I'm so we have a war Atlanta. Or anti gay or anti immigration you know the because we -- programs. End up. Analysts that it -- looked like I mean this is what we got sick or ill or manipulative language because. These guys and I pulled it -- because they're there and a friendly you know they've got the home field advantage in the media and to -- Real anyway are you tell me that the media try to make conservatives and people who go against the establishment of the liberal. Of the liberal elite mean. They don't like people like you and me very much and I'm shocked shocked that it. -- -- -- -- And I've got to incorporate that it's more than we differently than usual. I mean nothing to. I thought it slows and it may occur at night I got you know I got -- look like an open it and -- topic. Outside a lot. We have the charm we create or no credence creepy Mary or broken peninsula a sprint. Yeah enough damage broken thank you like the movie earthquake guess what the dam broke. You know I think I mean they're they're often. You know I'm working they're complacent political party on the -- of blog you know we're close and civil and -- We've written and look I mean you know and since Henry Wallace -- -- you're gonna let. Well there's also an article it is because of the sponsorship. Take -- -- -- money -- about the election -- it was that some people overlook that it progresses the big market. Progressive is just another name for Communist. With a better club. Actually that progress and development and it is supper and I think -- Aggressive look sir you are a very perceptive man. And I hope that you are also part of my FaceBook page. So you can and you know deal with patrols for me because it's -- the -- regularly deal with trolls are you a member of my page. I don't use social media are. Well that you gave -- you're entitled to about look I'm good I'm glad you're all I know you're perceptive I'm glad you call thank you so much. On my FaceBook page you will find interviews Mike Wallace of all people did back with I ran and Aldridge talks it wasn't just George well. Who thought what's happening comic people like Sinclair Lewis did as well. It's interesting how so many. And I'm not counting. -- in this lecture about -- politics in general but it's amazing. How. Visionary. People were. In the 1930s. Forties and fifties and how stupid. Our generation. Became. Bread and circuses the Romans -- said. And as my urologist once said it'll cost you bred for your circumcision. Anyway hi -- atmosphere. Good to be with you. We have a check yet know is -- chick -- -- merit. Sausage this city I must be doing. Oh particulars. I call myself -- -- level has been listeners I'm just wondering just who thought I don't got some. I don't get a lot actually. Ladies thank you remember my program and my life. Let's get back to call on WB Ian here is that yes unconventional man here's Kurt in -- or on WB and. Look you're due out on -- -- and her in did you like my rolling our. That would agree to partner. Costs -- Well I am not a sexy lady but I don't know at this point I'll try and anything with that. Have to. John Everett firearms owner which are responsible short. And I disagree with everything you know that almost come out where it's obviously. But I'm also a teacher. And they didn't. There'll be careful. I I hope you're not a public school because you may be found unfit to teach children now. Oh my gut and tolerate. Well. Looked like -- Cuomo and is dummy crap. Well this is -- -- Or if he called he basically called governor a woman for those who do that's -- Illini I prefer for a line and I'd say another word and German but -- get in trouble. And he comes up where it the statement that he is starting to look at. Asking you want to get rid of that younger grade I just think that deplorable. I'm getting rid of standardized testing for younger great and you know slippery slope with. We've done a firearm and then your current school then and the not a cure your thoughts on. My thoughts on education are real simple. The United States should be learning a lesson from how they do in Germany and other countries. Quit trying to pretend that everybody is equally talented and equally intelligent and equally skilled at everything they're not. In Germany they separate children according to their abilities at younger ages there are people who work great with computers are people who worked great with languages there people who work great with physical fitness and they focus on the strengths instead try to get everybody up the same poll. Absolutely that's a fantastic platform. I mean look -- for OK and let me just give you a perfect example are -- some people actually think I'm intelligent. Now here's the dirty little secret I am. In some things appeared I understand Shakespeare. I could teach Shakespeare to college level apparently wanted to do. I am very Smart at many many many many many many things but you know what it might want more broke down tomorrow. I would look at it ticket in the just go buy a new one. We all have different talents and abilities in -- at all there is a place on earth for everybody on. This planet where they can find their niche and do something constructive for all of us. In a problem with humor and problem with the American educational system it's. It pretends that everybody is equally gifted at the same stuff and guess what we're not I would have failed in the auto shop class I've ever taken -- thought it was stupid just like some kid is good with cars -- to take calculus falls on his face and think she's too. We need to take a lesson from the Europeans. Absolutely. Oh end. It wanna say that the plate -- been in that country Writely an actual the most -- not the best women. But Montana. However I do find bighorn sheep some interactive. I'm glad -- -- thank you very much. What what is it something wrong with. The other not consenting. Hardly catch 556 at WB EN folks if you're new listener please understand. I have a twelve year old sense of humor -- Out of the ballpark IQ twelve girls at the humor and I'm like FaceBook page ladies you'll see. And the best looking man in Western New York media all right Bob McCarthy we shoes he looked like me.

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