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1-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our let's open up the telephone lines as you know your governor the phony Interpol ball. It's just call please don't think that -- just pick and Andrew Cuomo this comes across the -- for the left in America Kerry. You say anything about Barack Hussein Obama and the -- To what was going to be that way. Election. I told you that case against this guy is the minute to say anything against them. You're racist and President Obama. Reaching the bottom of the barrel in terms of dignity and in terms of class and in terms of presidential stature starts to blame his. He is plunging popularity numbers on the fact that he's a black man. Are you -- in -- me. You know I can't wait till the next time I get pulled over by the -- relates very you know why reporter over ominously yet of them black. Other by the use that line for a long time they used yet but I'm sure have the opportunity to you soon enough. 8030930. In the apartment -- -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN. So I just what President Obama thinks about that -- Carson's rising popularity numbers now this. This -- kind of interesting in such a -- that racist country. That President Obama blames his plunging popularity numbers on the fact that he is a sorry. -- That most people desperately for black president even though we heard you know that was Bill Clinton. I'm. Yet we have doctor Ben Carson who is a black man last I checked. That I daresay that in terms of blackness if you wanna go vice tone it wouldn't surprise me that in terms of genuine ancestry. That doctor Carson probably has more genuine black African blood in his body and does Barack Hussein Obama. I'm not an expert on such things but I you know -- I realize that even within the black community. People will say you know he's lights yeah he's dark ski it well doctor Ben Carson it is very dark and yet his popularity. Is on the rights. I'm sorry I forgot liberal logic he's not really black doctor -- because he's a conservative who made it himself. -- how silly of me to get away from a liberal America. -- doctor Ben Carson is everything the everything in the left rates. Now not because he's black. But because not only is he black but he made it himself because he is extraordinarily. Brilliant all the -- -- that he's conservative. So he must be a mental be effective. It 03 element thirty Oberstar and thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen. And folks I don't encourage anybody to flip these people law. I don't encourage anybody to do anything stupid. But whatever NCAA. -- The bumper sticker. I see white guilt on four wheels that's what I see you know -- On what stories do expects. I think people who believe that -- tolerant. Of every. -- Christians. Hard work -- People who believe that life begins at the moment of conception and people who still believe -- all the constitution of the United States except. They don't believe in co existing with those people because after all go to understand were in a post constitutional republic. That's the new phrase you'll be hearing a lot more post constitutional. Republic. Take it to the bank. All right in all three of -- thirty. Start at thirty. 10616. WB and -- and it will they'll -- you what the governor had to say because I can go on and on and on and on and frequently do. Has the women updated but anyway here is -- Got a break in the new call screener John Sherman he's got to get used to my rambunctious sense of humor and my rivalry. Let's listen to what Governor Cuomo said on Friday. And by the way if you've been sick to your stomach fight off the flu you might wanna turn on the radio for twenty seconds because this past that'll make you wanna puke. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- -- assault weapon. -- tight GA he is out who they are because that's who they are and if they are -- bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Well. There is the vindictive. Little man named Andrew Cuomo. Vindictive. Little man Andrew Cuomo governor of New York State. I want -- hear the tolerance. I want you to understand. The accepting diversity. Of Andrew Cuomo. I watch and understand. How much he loves all New Yorkers. And how -- represents all the people of the State of New York. Let's just listen to the love coming forward from governor Andrew Cuomo. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- Perot assault weapon. In tight GA he is that who they are. Because that's who they are and if they got beat extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. And if they are the extreme conservatives. So he lists three specifics. Which exclude you from him wanting you to be in New York State. And he goes on to say extreme conservatives in other words just in case I missed any ideological people. In my first three exclusionary measures of people like don't -- in New York State. By the way a lot of people don't know this -- Melanie burns. Talk show host in Albany. I don't know if you noticed she was forced from her job. She says because of her opposition to NY state and her calling out governor and mobile you can look it up online melody is the first name like melodies and the last name burns like. Mike Burns like. Every time I hear Andrew Cuomo it gives me the same feeling as when I came back from Thailand. And I had burns. In the men's room. It is 460 and it -- -- Little humor there have never been to Thailand that was simply joke. 803 on I thirty start at 3180616. WBE. And and I'll get back to the calls let's go to Florida right now and let's go to Fred it on WB and Fred how do. Ain't that good this year. -- PG. Out of New York we just moved down here in September. And the being all those neat thing to accept the anti gay won it that one IE mystery out. -- -- You know what I'm not anti gay I'm not homosexual. But I hold nothing at. And that hello by the judge. Somebody at what they do in their bedroom and why would I possibly say that people like homosexuals who have died for this country who some of whom are my friends who were big advocates of the Second Amendment. Do you think permitted ominously they don't belong they don't deserve equal treatment under the law. Would you under present. Just wanted to that when they passed and good old New York State law for a content type in a refugee. That was the turning point. Sure. Yeah. I was sitting here by the pool with the malt beverage. As we need when tiger talking about keeping your stated that need yet I am actually like myself. We moved down here in September. And it took me reach my gun permit. Bruce's blood and over a year out there in the buffalo area. And we're just loving it and -- -- some might -- considering is that I am. Are you guys in case people missed that I am. Seriously considering -- in this is not a shock the management. Making myself a legal resident of the state without income taxes. And doing my show from there enough days of the years that I would not have to -- New York State tax money if they don't want me as a citizen why should they have my money. -- exactly. Are feeling in the taxes down years unit will present at almost equal on that -- -- Orchard Park. And they about -- -- the that there. -- in and of course. You say Tennessee Tennessee gets income tax does -- not. I think that your kid does I can't allow our friends in the military. And many of them weren't who have been not serving in that area really like it -- so we didn't look at it. -- beautiful state I've been there once actually kind of a funny story. They kind of a funny story when I was on the flight from. Charlotte to Montego Bay I was sitting next to this lady who's telling me about. Tennessee and she said have you ever been to Tennessee and I said you know what I have been an all over Revver is that traffic around pigeon forge Tennessee. Her mouth went wide open she said. We're from pigeon -- in -- their son is like a self made his millionaire he -- a ton of theaters around pigeon forge and Dolly Parton who is the basically here she's the queen of pigeon for. -- -- basically created an empire year. Oh yeah and -- can -- you had looked blah and police used mostly -- why aren't. And is he out early near Charlotte. So what he's starting to get one now they're very nice well. Well every have been bought all the winners -- 74 years all of those great out as -- -- -- not your shorts. Will be out every night and and it's about seventy degrees analyst into the ball all -- gas well you know I don't listen. Well I would miss the people of buffalo but I would only live in the other state long enough to establish legal residency for the purposes of not paying New York's David got a damned -- Thanks very much for the call. Eric Idle Tennessee does evident I don't there's no income tax in Tennessee are duplicates no income tax in Tennessee but. They do have a tax on interest and dividend income over. 1250. Dollars per person it's called the hall tax. There is a high sales -- in Tennessee 7% a general merchandise and five and a half on food. Just a little FYI and other counties within Tennessee will Levy their own taxes so. That you're you're gonna pay some taxes no matter where you live it is inevitable as death. Taxes somebody once said. That bald headed fellow on the 100 dollar bill. Who by by the way in today's parlance would have been called. Let's just say this much if he'd been alive today I would read in the Ben Franklin and -- our folks our governor Andrew Cuomo. Once conservatives I'm -- extreme conservatives. Now he. The depth of the list of specific conservatives he wants -- a New York's very specifically. He wants anti abortion anti safe act. And anti. Gay people out of New York State. And he went on to say extreme. Conservatives. Which isn't all encompassing term so he wants is not a New York State. Governor thanks for the idea I'm looking into. Here is due back in west Seneca on WB -- hijacked. I am on -- sure and that's a -- were not there you go ahead. And you're you're. Don't want to -- Fortunately though it in the situation. This year so Earl Carter better -- -- It and your. -- Now than I said it was the wrong accident -- that are. Tried to say the second costly but go ahead. She'll come to an eagle the problem. The -- -- -- that it regrets. Yeah. It ornate art it is Pakistan. A weapon in my shoulder and -- -- -- It is because -- -- -- be careful because C efforts to have having the police are now listening to they show on a daily basis. So I just wanna warn you. Bet anything you say. Could be -- as evidence against you in a court of law as possibly being a threatening statement. Under the auspices of NY -- be very careful. Understood. Understand is you know. That my eyes out of the market and treat each other right. Forget that I forget they don't have freedom of speech you they say you do -- don't. And you know it's it's it's that the industry war now well -- order. That the military better than it it really -- sure -- people interpret that I honestly do. Belichick can't help but -- there. You know at that that -- it a -- -- because they're out there well it's. Not been an independent country. What will my liver team -- segregate me from the rest of Texas was the fact that not only do I believe in freedom with respect to the government -- personal freedom with perspective sexuality is that going to be an issue -- in Texas. I don't there are so many. You know I certainly. It's actually the core group. Well I'm not yeah I mean not that there's anything wrong with that. Well I. Can't you know it well you know we eat we know and you know what don't -- don't now. But he could tell. You know -- -- -- -- stolen and again you know the law. I am but yet it's that detective and you know it or step that they battery life. You know the right there and you actually care that -- bit discredit. Yeah I believe in freedom and by the way that even means freedom for homosexuals and god forbid black people. Even gave people. Our brother were on the same page and it's an honor sir to speak with a person who not only served his country but he still upholds the constitution. To which he swore an oath. Which is more than I can say for a lot of people. Think that it old story went on and done over Iraq. Pulling it out. He basically. Mockery of the election over -- in volusia by my my my earlier in ought to ultimately Alter it. That it did and it got. Not -- you know. While -- on the that I don't wanna keep on you know what does have a thank you for the hawks are a lot of people get into my take on on us being overseas let the people of Iraq and Afghanistan figure out how they want to live if they wanna destroy us that we preemptively strike and otherwise bring our boys home. Yeah. Our brother thank you. Thank you very much in the separate buy and I honor you for your servicer and I always have and have always try to look out for our veterans. Thank you and hopes that the veterans have my back as well it is for 27 news radio 930 WB -- and older so many things but to break now for commercial will have more on the hate speech -- governor Andrew Cuomo toward conservatives coming up on news radio 930 WB -- Andrew Cuomo needs to resign immediately. They have no idea how much it's on it's always meant to me and how much it means right now. It is about hourly and is ready at 930 WV and it is 434. And at least think about the concert for 9/11. Whenever your bits and it is has. Is the meaning forming your deeper right now than you can possibly it. It is 434. And it is -- what you are delighted to work with Joseph beaver after -- stroll -- our call screener on Sherman. Notably about job Newsweek could carpool but we choose. Anyway. European. But it yeah which you -- -- -- -- which would the other elbow gays all the checks in the market -- that -- Anyway that's -- they're gonna take -- my son I. Or equipment and at a -- Never. All right now we're talking about the malignant. Hate filled governor of the Tuesday. All yell. That at the holiday week. Governor Cuomo is a vindictive. Little man. I don't news is that the some serious issues. I suspect that since -- infamous. I can't do my voice is gonna go to sort of at the on call from last week. But let let's hear him say it has it's just so much more charming to hear him. No one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- Gave my all time. But with this guy like I've told you people all ready -- time. -- data about just the Second Amendment with this guy. It's about freedom. It's about the net. He doesn't want people who usually listen to the show who agree with maybe 80% what I say to be apart. -- Regime. Much more. Watches out of town. This like bill Paul -- You know like the bills. Erica. It's it's that was kind of presumptuous but that was -- Now. Let's listen to the I don't think it's important folks. To listen to what tolerance from the left sounds like. I think it is vital. That you understand. How these people feel. It's not up out. -- It's not about embracing. All of humanity as I do. By the way. I don't judge people. By. Their sexual predilections as long as we're talking consenting adults I don't judge people. Who wanna smoke weed -- -- line and their own hole but then not get behind the wheel I don't judge people for that those are medical issues are not legal issues to be. And you wanna -- that your body back yourself out. I embraced everybody I give everybody. An open year. In my prime. My personal life but at times it is coming up on just don't have the powers. But I about the governor of New -- they ignored our claim to represent all the people. You know what I like to be voice for my peeps. And the people who don't like what I say hello to the Buffalo News. And their increasingly shrinking readership. Now. In subscriber base. And advertising dollars. But it. I feel bad for -- like you -- I'd I'd. But I just want to hear how the left embraces diversity. Here is mr. tolerance. Andrew Cuomo. Telling you basically. Get the hell out of dodge if you don't like the way he's ruling. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right -- -- -- -- assault weapon. -- tight GA he is -- who they are because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Our governor thanks for the heads up and -- cities already announced that he's moving out of New York's greater considering what is it athlete of the along with -- -- Down either Florida or Texas probably for Erica he likes the water and he likes to fish. Somebody -- tells -- that Corpus Christi is they. It is a golf city. Sorry John I love you man but Texas is not exactly landlocked. -- in any event. I want to thank him for the idea of a Rush Limbaugh already moved to -- many years ago. And I always told you guys I would be honest with you I've honored my pledge to you and it's part of a special bond that we had. And I will tell you that I've already begun. Inquiring with management. As to the possibility of -- establishing legal residence in Texas or Florida. Doing the show from there as many days as it takes for me to earn a paycheck in those rates. So I do not have to pay New York State taxes anymore. I am considering. Leaving the state but staying at WB Ian and certainly staying within better come because I have the tea I love this company. You know I've joked about -- is always joke about a quarter. This company is stand -- company. And I don't see -- Don't want. Don't want to. I'm African honored to work. I'm honored to be among men. And women. Who give it. Let's just your Governor Cuomo one more time because I feel my. -- -- my temperature going out might -- some heat for this Joseph let's left once again hear the sounds of love from the left. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right to Hawaii. Are you assault weapon. In tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. All right governor thank you you have no idea how many extra dollars will be in my pocket once I established legal residents elsewhere you think -- drive a nice car now. Anyway let's say get back to the calls on WB and here is whose next show on bunker on WB and -- welcome to -- buy hourly show. -- -- about it today my friend I'm on fire and filled with the spirit of freedom. So I -- I would leave Wilmington with that. Arm. Although it -- the Governor Cuomo. My family is here in New York today before the revolutionary war yeah. -- We're quite there. Truly civil war. So you feel artistry you know -- -- recent war. There were an immigrant ground -- -- many of them yes absolutely. A turtle and my family who bought and and the civil war. Does Larry so I I think I have more right to be in New York State then -- well. Well of their I have to argue with. -- my view is he has a right to be in New York State and you have a right to New York State because that is true inclusive as. That is true embracing diversity you're truly embracing diversity that is truly co exist. Why is it that it takes a conservative area and to actually practiced with the left preaches. I don't just preach a practice. Trigger shall lie and I mean when you leave and they probably don't hurt which is so reverse. I mean. All in Ottawa looked. -- both sides. I don't Puerto Rican neighbors. You know some of them have all the band in America only a couple of years can barely speak English properly written in English help. -- problem they're teaching me how to make some really good group in particular English. Well that's you know what I think it's great and one of the -- people I met in the -- republic AK eight Dominican Republic. Is a Puerto Ricans. Whom wrote to a pretty high ranked in the army put in his years in many retired. Equally fluent not only in English but in Spanish but also in sarcasm. And seriously you know when you meet somebody who speaks Spanish learn the language from that you teach them English Spanish is -- pick up language at -- -- believing which ought to be the national language do not get me wrong but I think it's a blessing to be personally by Riley. I think Illinois more intelligent people involved. Kirk and I expect the he's conflict for -- -- management from then on a visit to America in the eighties from Poland. Well again. -- languages are. Fascinating and the common -- languages -- when you get into those in Western European romance languages you learn won the rest fall into place. -- All right I mean I could not all I can now call governor -- well. All kinds of names synonymous with female body parts in at least eighteen different languages. Thank -- all of them would be accurate descriptions thank you very much I'm glad you called month -- all reports on fire. It set up for 43 WB Ian let's go back to the calls here is. That's the arts in lake view -- fellow. Oh. Talked to -- regard. OK our time earlier today earlier in your program you're talking about your belief that. The Puerto conception is 11 a childish. Start to be born. I know what I said was I believe that the moment of conception is the beginning of human life. Oh that's right okay well. Of course I feel the same way and for fifteen years I was a custodians and the epic schools and in the suburbs. And I retired ticker in my life. And the day after the Newtown massacred. I came back to school because forward. Or about four hours every day. I met buses and and parents institute were coming in what was working there. And I thought that may be an adult male standing outside of the school. Might discourage somebody Greg bishop undermined. Or might make them believe your counterpart. -- did it in what are the other did you have a white windowless van. And it's always like to know. -- it but. The other day. And I've been doing that like at -- ever since the -- -- and it massacre. And yesterday a little girl got out of the bus and ran up to me. And she placed a picture of me. And I couldn't make up part of what it was was pretty blurry. And I support this is funny and she said. It's my mother and my baby. And I realized then that it was a sound accurate picture of the -- and whom. And to me that was -- beautiful. That the mother was making which child apart in the hole. You know pregnancy and -- precious. So it was a sonogram. Of the brother or sister her mother is now carrying in the rule. It is impossible to see one of those pictures and not believe that life begins at the moment of conception sorry lives it's the way it is. Via western and she was shall thrilled. And she wanted to run right into the school to show a picture up there -- -- -- -- -- to look at it. I only hope that the fetus did not in anyway shape or form resemble a gun because then she would have been suspended. Her boyfriend -- got -- All right thank you France and a have a good one. -- folks that's one area and I don't Donald Trump has changed his views on abortion as well. And I live what I say because I got -- several years ago by the way I'm such a wimp. That within what what was it 202 or three hours two or three hours after my vasectomy I was here the company Christmas party haven't a ball that is. Never mind. Anyway at its hourly with you where I got to weather alert for Erie county this literally just came and of course the second -- -- in the damn whether. I'm sure that I say damn I meant darn. Depleted unit commitment and Jerry Yang and just getting this severe weather warnings and watches. Windchill warning in effect. Windchill warning in effect. Windchill advisory for Warsaw Genesee -- and they were polian and wells bill. And Tom Parker will have everything else you need to know are coming up we've got the wind -- -- -- president windchill advisory in effect for. The immediate metro wind chill advisory. All right well that was a whole bunch enough characters are an epic guise -- I was gonna be new information or why did they give us through this is interest what do they give us the experts first. They should give us the main body of work population was first then go to the expert and -- no disrespect to those who live in the outskirts but you know the population density should count for something. And we have a very dense population in New York State because our governor is Andrew Cuomo can do should nozzle. Let's go through. Support calls here this is Gary in Williams -- on the WB and I Gary hello. They're great job I'd like to have a shout out to kind of a forgotten group out there that. I feel they're probably in shock right now I presume they forgot. About it yes yes I'll. The conservative. Life. Second Amendment. Democrat. I realize that in all year to you that this guy. And I hate to say this you can't -- -- back. Couldn't. Coming up for election and what you don't remember that. You now and extremists. Conservative. You are 100%. Say they act. Like Democrat and you're not welcome here. User are 100%. Perceptive and correct. Because you know what for -- first of all I think this whole idea of Republican vs Democrat I think it is a false dichotomy. Okay I don't think there's a dime's worth the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans except the Democrat organization has testicles the Republican organization are a bunch of mealy mouth was he faced men. They look like cats. Nicely -- it. They like cats they're not meant they apologize they break down the compromise to them. I ideals are simply temporary expediency is the wind vote not captains -- If you may call me if you'd like to that was rather brilliant. That was it -- you know he's come up for reelection so just remember. You conservative. A lot of second and a Democrat. You know welcome to New York State. It can we throw in my gay male friends through who are pro life. Pro Second Amendment and they happen to just love other man can we just point that out through. We can throw an independent. We can throw then the Communist Party in New York State we can. Well let's not go too far I mean the Communist Party exactly freedom loving people. You've got to go -- sorry. Dude dude Joseph Joseph beamer has indicated that he will turn me into cape pond unless and his call now they're gonna get the news. If you don't go to cape pond is you'll laugh when you look at.

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