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1-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It happened -- Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. News radio 930 WBE address. Great land should be everything you did this to meet a land where a minister paid a week she can live on a land where we -- every time. A land where is seventeen miles is not walking distance on the Lam -- meals I'm not purchased from a truck and then eaten in a different track. All right all right major borrowing is getting a literal sense if. Myself I wouldn't give us they can help me get. Each person was saying its lunch. Listening to meet -- no you know hope radio studio -- locals. I'm game Tom -- and I think he made his shoes for fun and everybody -- the news radio 930000. Dollar everyone understands the WB EN. Only know a few grand room. -- -- Okay. It is that Thursday and it is not only a few hundred radio in my thirty WB. And great -- here. And we had -- favor that after control. John Sherman is our call screener. Under is ready at 930 WB eons ago we. Do. It. Today and as some of them honor on the rather serious Schneider. And I'll put on my might follow shattering his voice. Maybe its second images realized that African obnoxious it is and maybe Lieberman have some fun later on. And that remember when I say fun. Usually what I mean it is me give you a happy ending. So always yeah always stand by that and I'll give you two were like mr. sometime anyway. A lot of things happening of course and they started -- on Friday with respect to our intrepid governor. The vindictive. That's the wanna be Mussolini. Who believes that. Who believes in diversity. And believes in inclusion. And he believes of course an equal treatment and will rights for all under the law except. Conservatives. And people on the right all I'm sorry extreme. Conservatives. State ladies and gentlemen. When are you finally gonna get through your head it's. Bet if you are at all conservative. The left will call you an extreme -- or an extreme conservative. When will you get it through your heads you cannot be friends with these people. I'm not saying you have to hate. In fact quite the contrary. I have actually yeah started to do something and I started to do this maybe couple weeks ago. I've actually started to. Say prayers to the creator. For the benefit of my enemies. And what I've started to do and again and I feel like I say this every -- but I just think it's important to let you know from plants like that again. I think it is important and well plants I come. Sir I have a Latin scholar who listens and she corrects me every time. Whence it should be it's never from whence that almost like -- same thing over there -- and anyway if first they started doing it it's a joke and then it got to be serious -- that it got embedded in my obviously mr. Brent so anyway. Facility that limit and officially things into which we're gonna dive parent. -- John just kind of threw -- -- with something deployment job I left off with a thought and he got to help fill in the blank applaud. Cuomo. Mussolini wannabe yes thank you I'm. And I just like to do things like that just to keep people yes and thanks for play analog or appreciate. So anyway I haven't for a long time. That Andrew Cuomo. Is a vindictive. Man. He is also and I I I talked to the creator. About Andrew Cuomo and people like him. I'm Andrew Cuomo by the way who issued that famous speech that we've played once or twice on this program. And I'm sure that Joseph has access to it because we'll get into some more words of hate from Andrew -- little bit later on this hour but Andrew Cuomo. Who speaks as a man utterly -- And I respect that I I he has my sympathy and he has my my prayers are positive energy and good vibrations. Out when defending -- -- Had these words to say. No one -- -- an assault rifle. No. -- -- His ball club. See everything is context to he says that in Albany to roaring crowd and he's a governor. If he used the same -- a boy baseball I don't know in a hospital he'd be considered. Well probably not fit for release just say so in general Cuomo is back at it again. And I told you guys this this should not even be. 88 something that is debatable or in doubt. Andrew Cuomo is vindictive he hates people were on the right. I don't care if you consider yourself a conservative area if you hold any right wing views Andrew Cuomo despises you. Because Andrew Cuomo is a dyed in the wool leftist. Andrew Cuomo is a guy who supports should. Because. It's. Folks -- say the basics of it were drafted well before -- by the guy programmers make no mistake. He was waiting for new -- And was happy to wade through the blood of murdered children. To ram it down the throats of New Yorkers allow what he's certain regime did back in the 1930s in Europe collectively known. As the -- dog fighter decree. And his true colors are showing. Everything I have said about him being petty vindictive. Is proving true every single day and what he had to say late last week. About conservatives. Needing to get out a New York State where you know what. I hope that every conservative. Does exactly that. I have plans for the future which I will tell you about right now. I will tell you they involve not being liable for New York State income taxes whatsoever because I have decided that I can no longer in good conscience send money to Albany. -- which is the state capital of New York City. The rest of us we have another State Capitol I don't know quite where it is but -- be critical -- without the prison. Not that prisoners are worthy of human compassion. And human treatment humane treatment however evil they may have -- I'm not I'm not saying I understand it. To me when I go to -- The around the village that you know wouldn't call it when I'm there. I feel a sense of freedom. I feel a sense of Americanism. That I don't fine. The closer you get to the core of the metro. I find people who were self sufficient. I find people who were proud gun owners I find people who are conservative. Yet practical and yet very heart. Fell in their appreciation of other human beings on this planet. When I hear somebody like Andrew Cuomo and others on the west. Telling conservatives to get the hell out of New York State. It reminds me of something -- told a long time ago not about Andrew Cuomo because again. His true colors are revealing themselves. Can you imagine a Republican governor for a moment. Just imagine a Republican governor in Oklahoma. A Republican governor and now one of those -- with a whole budget illiterate VCU. Are buried there for cousins that there's anything wrong with it but. Imagine a Republican governor with a southern accent. Saying that he thinks at all liberals. All extreme liberals. Ought to get the hell out of his state. The media would have -- feeding frenzy nationally. The media would be all over his ass like there was no tomorrow. Out of the national media. What has been said about Andrew Cuomo and his hate speech against conservatives. We have the sound of crickets I believe we do. Because that's what you've heard from the national media. The hypocrisy of the left. When it comes to the concepts of -- -- and a tolerance. Go right out the window when it comes to those of you identify yourself as being on the right wing. Those who identify yourself as being pro life and pro got. When someone comes after you know. And uses some of the most venomous hate speech. I have ever heard from a politician in this country in this era what do we get from the national media except perhaps from box deviant Glenn Beck. Yeah. It's. Yeah. That is the sound of crickets. Now the hypocrisy of the left ladies and gentlemen goes far beyond Andrew Cuomo. Michelle Malkin. Quite some time ago and -- of pop up wasted posted at re posted this a number times and my -- were made maybe by and it dig it out again and whip it out again. Now I'm sorry that I just used the expression arcade -- Excuse me while I whip it -- If you go back -- by FaceBook page you'll see what Michelle Malkin put together a list of liberal left wing hate speech directed against George Bush and Condoleezza Rice during their time in the White House now we have a president of the United States who's blaming his lack of support on his race. This man is the world's biggest crybaby. Barack Hussein Obama. This man. Doesn't have a single testicle. This man is using the race card excuse me will -- the race card in 20 wait what was the race card in 2012. What I suppose that there suddenly the same people who gave him landslide victories in both races. They've all turned into a -- AC racists. He's using other people's attitudes. To explain his plunging popularity. Because Barack Hussein Obama is a man who's never at a real job he's never had to deal with critics he's never had to deal with people. Who. Who gave him any thing but accolades and prairies. He has been coddled. He has been on the -- Of people who've been supporting and backing him every step of the way in his career and now when the heat's not. Barack Obama isn't Gary Cooper. Barack Obama as one of those guys I'd expect this again Sally Jessy Raphael. -- Tony Soprano crying and talking in depth about his feelings being hurt. And the ultimate act of on the friendliness. Blaming other people's racism. Where his own race for his declining popularity numbers the same people who put him into office. Think Gary Cooper folks that's Woody Allen. And -- I mean Woody Allen as a metaphor not as a real person. It is a 22 minutes after three. At news ready in my thirty WB and elegant yet another example here -- left wing hypocrisy. And I I mentioned the list from Michelle Malkin about all of hate speech directed toward Condoleezza Rice. All and -- judge. There's a black judge on the Supreme Court but I know he's not really black because I know he's -- house end. -- at least that's what goes all inclusive loving tolerant liberals have Tuesday about Clarence Thomas if he's black but he's not really black. Go figure that -- which reminds me of my gay friends my homosexual France. And I don't care if this angers my conservative audience or not. Well. The way -- view the world is. People are people. Some people are born to be homosexual some people are born to be heterosexual. Some people are born to have. Massive pillars of -- Others are born to be part of Asia. We are all however human beings I have a lot of friends who are homosexual some that are -- Most of my friends are straight by the but. A lot of homosexual parents. My homosexual friends tend to be very right wing. And I've talked about this before and it uses as an example. Of the hypocrisy. The hypocrisy. Of the -- nozzles who drive around with the ocean -- our. Colleague and here are off. And you don't my homosexual friends tell me. They laughed about being gay. -- a -- you don't get it it's like Clarence Thomas being black he's not really. I said what do you think knowing exactly what the answer. Basic com you don't understand. I'm a man. I'm homosexual. I hot I own guns I can't I served in our military. I'm almost sexual but I'm not welcome in the quote unquote gay community because I'm a right wing a homosexual. Tolerance of tolerance. College. Anytime as it coexist bumper sticker on somebody's car I know I'll look at that I'll look at somebody who. -- right intolerant. I am a conservative area. As we talked about before basic example on conservative from the waist. And I apologize at all where I live my life. Now -- takes a Republican governor. Who said to liberals in his state it will make it like southwestern Tuesday where people talk like every coach's coach in the NFL. Oh up -- -- every one of them every one of them -- Maggie. Left wing and he -- days. In all the people that don't believe in guns ought to get their quit -- out of state. Imagine. If a Republican governor said something like that. I realized that -- -- won't exactly use those words but I assure you. The national it would be over that person like -- rights. And I assure you that before long because they're Republican is a Republican is a Republican. That individual would -- -- If you prefer Clint Eastwood may be a modern day adaptation of Gary Cooper but that governor would eventually go for the. -- And it. There are. Well I'm really sorry. But don't -- sensitivity training. But in the meantime. The -- -- -- governorship. Race. Well. That's what most of them were gonna do. It's some balls. If that happens I expressed my views and you know what. That's how I feel sorry. And if you wanna vote me out you can vote me out. If you want -- to resign get a good reason to resign. And report -- to resign. Maybe a fictitious southern -- southwestern governor ought to resign to I don't know. But what I do know this is this Andrew Cuomo is it gonna resign over the you know why because the media has is back. The media hasn't covered like they've got Obama cover like they've got Hillary covered. They have built a cocoon -- and it is a borderline racism now after cool. They have built a cocoon around these people. To protect them from the slings and arrows of outrageous slander lies and malicious statements made about them. Which just happen to be true in some cases the media as their backs. The Republicans on the other hand. For -- testicle list as they are. They had the -- advantage. Of almost every media outlet automatically pouncing upon them and slinging arrows deep into. Their hearts and causing them to breakdown. And cried. And not -- Gonna pick up on this and the other side. Anders read united thirty WB and your new listener to the show and use them well -- don't expect something else this guy's got to make -- about -- -- This guy this -- been on this for a long time and he really makes a lot of sense welcome to the show and if -- into listener who thinks I'm a couple. Thirty years it'll change your mind. It is at 327 and is ready about thirty WB and it is hourly. And I am a pillar. Eight pillar. That I -- pillar yeah. I'm up pillar. Of how. To handle. Adverse. But it happened to that Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. -- It's called being a man folks. It is at 330 effects -- do is ready at 930 WBE NN it is -- hourly. A man who is also not looking forward to the cold temperatures and we have come again for us social audit. Study by the way. This is important because. Sean Hannity he makes a great deal of money. He earns a great deal of money every penny of which he deserves. He does. Sean Hannity contributes I daresay. A lot of money through New York State's treasury. I daresay the treasury of New York the Exchequer authorities to call -- old -- and the Exchequer of New York State the treasury benefits greatly. By having Sean Hannity. And his peeps be residents and tax paying residents of New York State liable to New York State income taxes. Sean Hannity is now basically saying you know what I'm done I'm not going to support this state. Governor Cuomo. This this story came up Friday wouldn't talk until later on in the show. But Governor Cuomo -- governor because I didn't vote form. And I can't wait until the day he either resigns or is voted out of office. I'm looking forward to that day with a great deal of -- leak and then the overturn of NY safe and then some semblance of sanity in Albany. The third might be just a little bit too much for which hole but he said that. Check this out. If you are pro life. If you. Are not down with homosexual marriage. And if you support the Second Amendment which by the way -- say it is in direct conflict with a right. You ought to get the hell out of New York State. Sean Hannity is already said he's going to either Texas or Florida. I'm still in the exploratory stages this folks and maybe even should go here right now but you'd be a fool to think that I'm not think in the same way. No I will. You have to understand something folks I loved working for -- to come. I am a proud -- employee. There's no reason I can't do my show from anywhere in the world. Now I tried convincing management that it would be a wise decision to allow me to do it from poolside at hedonism of Jamaica. -- didn't think that would be quite a good idea so it looks like probably a Florida or Texas. Maybe if I go that route. But I am determined that since governor Andrew Cuomo does not desire. Meet or you in New York State that I cannot support. The very things the very people the very ideology. Which I find abhorrent. First -- all. You may argue with my views on sexuality I'm a sexual liberty and I don't care what you do in your bedroom. I've been very honest about that that's not some great you know when it that's not some great new startling revelation -- bit of news which by the way. Is why have always been real honest about the -- -- chosen that my life -- ain't nobody gonna hang -- over my head development anything. We've got pictures really they go to an area that's that's where I am I knew we wanted to -- But I'll be damned I -- never gonna believe for one minute. Bet a human life does not begin at the moment of conception I changed my views on that since I was in my twenties I was a stupid -- talk show host in my twenties. And our -- using the words. A fetus is nothing but a blob of proto plaza. I said that and I'm accountable for them. A fetus is nothing more than a blob of proto -- my words about 1985. I still remember those words you know I remember them. Because they were stupid. And because they were on informed. That's why an -- like saying things that are stupid. Unless I mean to typical athletic. But I don't like being uninformed misinformed. And ladies and gentlemen. I think you realized. Over the past several years. Bet. And I leave religion out of place. And I leave religion out of -- because I believe your relationship. With your god. Is between you and your god okay your relationship with the creator that your business in a mine. And what are the things I'm never gonna try to do is to force my spirituality. Down your throat. And I respectfully request the same consideration. For my spirituality. Not being. Your trying to the gym or down my throat. That's a matter between you and god Hewitt the creator and likewise with me. Anybody who says they know why we're here anybody says they absolutely are 100% certain. Okay well more power to you but I can't go there -- right I need for. Just like by the way a fellow in the new testament to his name was did -- a name which eventually changed and -- size -- Thomas. Which I do find and delight in some irony considering. Now. There is no leaving religion out of it. Because for -- The left wants to pay anybody who believes in equal rights under the law for fetuses as human beings the left wants to paint anybody. Who believes. Against abortion on -- as an extremist. I happen to believe and I believe for quite some time since I grew up. That human life begins at the moment of conception because there is no other logical timeframe within my mind. Where you could say human life begins. It's either alive at the moment of conception and those of you who have seen early start programs you might wish to. Confirm that statement I know I've seen mine well not of me but my children. There's not a doubt in my mind. And I don't think it's even scientifically this probable. That human life begins at the moment of conception. Now we can play games we can talk about fetuses we can talk about the early stages of the naval process or the the the gestation process we have split hairs over that. But it human life as a human life is human life done. So I guess that makes me an extremist. Because I don't believe in abortion on demand. What I banned all abortion no I would not. But I sure as hell wouldn't have it as abortion on demand and anybody who disagrees with that is some Kevin extremist. That's our governor believes. As far as guns. Folks what do you think you have to understand about the Second Amendment and all of the commitments of our constitution. And everything written in our constitution these were not suggestions. These were hints. They work and there's kind of a free form idea how to run a country. These the use propagated by brilliant minds such as James Madison Thomas Jefferson George Washington. And a slew of others who although equally talented cognitively. And analytically. Made out of in the name of those men. They recognized. And I know rush talked about this today as he frequently does they recognized. That those of arts. Who make it tuber. We are in doubt. By our creator even if you think it's nature without a supernatural creator were in -- by nature. Or god. The creator with certain rights. Not suggestions. Not privileges but rights. The constitution. Did not give you rights. The constitution in particular the bill of rights. Simply codified. Or put into words and law. Those rights which already existed. According to. The creator. According to nature nature's god would ever higher power you choose to attribute our existence to on this planet. They're not hits they're not suggestions their rights their rock solid. And -- say beat trays. One of those rights. It is so blatantly unconstitutional. As are all -- gun laws blatantly unconstitutional. As to merit our complete and total. Disrespect. For those laws. Course I would never endorsed anybody breaking the law. But -- -- also remind you that the fundamental foundational law of this country is our constitution. And as long as I'm alive and as long as I have a voice if you think for one minute. I'm gonna be silent about our rights. Our rights for which millions of Americans over the years have volunteered have been drafted who have given their blood their -- their tears or sweat and their lives. If you for 12. That I have not gonna defend those rights. You don't know. And you have no clue. As to the passion I carry with -- And the fire that burns brightly within me. To ensure that those rights are passed on not just to our children but their children and their posterity. Because Dan at all they mean something. Your great great grandfather didn't die in 1863. At Gettysburg. To have little pee ons like Andrew Cuomo. Usurped. Rights. You're great great great great grandfather. Did not die in the revolution or freezes ass off -- valley forage. So little spoiled brats like Andrew Cuomo can come along and say. This isn't right it's his suggestion. Nor did anybody who lost loved ones in World War II World War I Vietnam. Korea. Grenada Iraq Afghanistan. Fill in country here. They did not serve they did not die they did not leave. So the politician of the day. Can strip the American people of foundational. Rights we enjoy in this country. You think I'm gonna shut up about that you don't know me. Because my passion. My fighter. Mike indignation. And yes my fury. Will be directed at those who try. To screw you. Out of those rights which are your birth right as an American. And for people like Cuomo. To tell people who believe that life begins at conception. That there is no set that. They believe the Second Amendment is sacrosanct just as sacrosanct is the first at any other constitutional provisions. Those people. Who want us to move out of state. We're all we're gonna get there in a minute I'm I'm late because I get very passionate talking about your rights. And I'm also reminded of what George Carlin said about rights which maybe would get it to. Later today when I'm finished LT 8030 my thirtieth WB and it is hourly. And it's a great newspaper editor who happen to be a great abolitionist against the evil of slavery once that. I will be heard. Our governor who is supposed to be the governor of. All of people. I thought this was -- folks to realize what an idiot. And what -- Meg -- Michael vindictive man Andrew Cuomo is. Do you real lives. How this looks. Of somebody living in one of those states. Where Andrew Cuomo just spent how many millions of our money. Telling people it's a whole New York's. New York State we mean is this. Well. The -- and he would. Shoot it but those people you're trying to wall from southern states. It probably. Not going to be in a big hurry to put up for sale sign up in Houston. To move their business and their employees to New York State. Knowing that use her marginalized in fact you basically. Our GM and crawling. People. Who don't agree with is with -- liberal agenda straight out of New York State. You know. My parents told me. Along time ago but driving to Portsmouth Arkansas when I was serving in the army. Eventually to be sent to Korea. It was a shock for being northerners their entire lives to drive it to the deep -- to see colored only. No negro news we do not serve Edwards. It was a show. This is the United States. Wait let me just get this straight. We're sending black man off along with a white man counterparts materials were setting black -- off the fight in Korea. And yet they're not even welcome to see it in some restaurants in the country they are dependent. Some wanna tell me what the hell kind of sense that makes. Obviously zero it doesn't. Your governor of New York State right now is essentially. Doing that same thing in in speech. And hate speech. That the racist of the south did. In the 1950s. With anti black legislation. Governor Cuomo has essentially put a sign of the tiger saying. No conservatives want to. Does anybody in the media does anybody else have a damned well. About this country's history do I have to be the only one to educate people. About what this country was and how it is repeating itself but this -- Telecom minister in power. He's not a Communist. Well. We'll debate that some other date are -- -- New York 8030530. Start time 3180616. WB --

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