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Analyzing Sochi Terror Threats

Jan 21, 2014|

Steve MacMartin; Pt III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- in the studio guests as we. The search for answers to this terrorist threat that the Scioscia went -- Olympic Games in Russia lost in two weeks. Our guests -- Steve McMartin Stephens director of Homeland Security program -- but I college Steve let me -- division we've heard that if terrorists have. Disrupted your life by simply making a threat they've already won. And they've already accomplished. Part of their overall threat. We're talking about this bombing unknowable underground in December and this is created a lot of fear. In Russia now of the terrorist threat. Has already disrupted. The economics. Of the Olympic Games. Tickets. To all these games but you can't sell them. Trips to Russia we hear are being -- so in part these guys have already won. Well if you you have to acknowledge that it's a victory for them one and anything. What your point -- economic you know follow from the attacks and and I agree in that. Case that's a victory for you know so she was chosen to be the host city in 2007. Now and 2007 whatever terror threats in this world what what do you think there are thinking when they picked that city do you wonder. Well it I have always wondered what -- when he shall Sochi. They knew there were problems -- when that when the venue was chosen I think it was discussed back then when they were when they were you know. Having the competition for sites. You know -- that's an -- political arena but I'm sure it was. Backroom deals and you know everything that goes along with politics. I I think I'll I'll stay with my. Earlier statement they could've picked a better venues and so she -- Olympics event like you're. Your take on this to the black widows of the women who are not so objectionable widespread search. Around Russia now that could be a distraction to attract attention away from a real threat to goodness. It could be. It's a good vodka and you know put these people in. Who were clearly. On the radar. So that something is it is can be passed under the reader and so it's possible it's also possible that they could be direct threats. And now that the US has warships that their positioning in the Black Sea not far from -- the Olympic venue. But this is to evacuate and athletes in any event that's needed. Do think though that the athletes may be the safest ones there. Well it -- think if you understand security for apparently this is stunning in kind of a concentric circles and in perimeters fuel. I think as you say the ethics of the safest people that are there there's the easiest to work. To circle laughter the easiest court and often and guard the problem is is the promoters glow in all. The venue -- event is being held in in the building the venues and at the set of buildings and on the campus. And then the neighborhood in the areas which is is is that -- to wider. It -- geometrically harder to provide security. So that. You know now if you got. Athletes staying in buildings and travelling now for recreation they're probably not his seat. As they were when they were whenever. Are competing. And this then applies to spectators and visitors. Who have to travel into the protected venues and then -- through the differing perimeters the lessening perimeters of security. And and they become less safe sol. Just to back your -- efforts are probably -- -- people there how safe is airline security. In other countries in Eastern Europe. The comparative holiday is now in the united states postal airline security and Eastern Europe is not a safe as airline security in in the United States and now. Airline I believe full -- is the largest kind of beer. You know. Term lower transfer point over there and I know -- security concerns about the traffic in powerful program. Steve good to talk with -- we've learned a lot from you this morning thank you so much for joining us and coming in the hours from the deal spectrum statement Martins director of Homeland Security program -- Madonna college.