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Analyzing Sochi Terror Threats

Jan 21, 2014|

Steve MacMartin; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest in studio this morning talking about this terror threat with the Olympics is Steve McMartin director of the -- Homeland Security program. Steve if you have an opportunity to go to Sochi. Would you go. Well you know I need qualified. The short answer that is no I don't think I would go. If I had a son or daughter competing. We're -- -- Probably. You know there's going to be other world -- There have been and will be Winter Olympics that do not have. The percentage of the chancellor of the terrorist attack that this one does. Come. Two two. Say that well you know. At at and have a proponent of the Dolan terrorists change your life in or the terrorists have won but it's a little cavalier. With the threat. As is indicated as it is in this case. Well a lot of a couple of approach you Stephen said hey you know my kid is going to be at the Olympic Games or. You know my true because of tickets to watch all the events of the games. Should I let him girl. What would you tell them. Well. I think the first singer realizes the state department's. Not warning but advisement about traveling. Is to just be -- forget the exact wording but it's it's to be vigilant of your personal safety yours or something like that are. Vigil of your surroundings which is is good advice all the time. The problem and terrorist attack it is not so much whether you were vigilant or you were prepared for the attack. If you're writing to train cars back from bombing you have no control in -- involved in the in the terrorist attack. It again out -- go back to what I said earlier there's a heightened alert program heightened percentage. But the chance who's going to be an attack and that's what would worry me. In considering traveling to the year.