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Analyzing Sochi Terror Threats

Jan 21, 2014|

Steve MacMartin; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest in studio this morning for the next half hour so is Steve McMartin he's director of the -- Homeland Security program former customs official and Homeland Security agent. -- nice to be here. Or thinking for them. You know less than three weeks before the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics and then some real security threats emerging what do you make. Initially of reports of the so called black widow may be plotting to carry out a terror strike at the winter games. Well I think -- reports are credible. If if the Russian news eight season and him and made news available -- officials that they're concerned. And I think -- earlier problem for. Not terrorists have already struck in. Vulgar -- in Russia in December the 34 people died there I mean not a terrorist is another strike doesn't necessarily have to happen. Right at the games and so -- to give up the most impact or could have been somewhere else and in Russia. Well I think to give -- the most impact the and you wanna attack the games as spectators the athletes you know is near the village as possible. To have any impact and in being newsworthy could happen anymore. Peter -- in in this day and age we can any city hosting an Olympic. An -- a winner summer games guarantee safety and security. Well. You know it yes kind of a two part question. And and part of your question hinges on the -- guarantee I don't think anybody can guarantee anyone's safety January any -- If we're talking about a terrorist. Attack at an event like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. I think there are some places -- could certainly be more secure. Than others. I think in retrospect. You know. So she might not have been the best choice. You know. An environment pulled an Olympic Games. When there is the threat. Steve how -- intelligence work to pinpoint. Where is really coming from our efforts to prevent important -- done more behind the scenes them directly out in front. Via. It is the overall picture of security in the overall picture security Intel is usually the first step. And it would be intelligence that would wouldn't maybe tell you if there was a threat it would try to define threat. The -- to pinpoint where you throw it was coming from. But the problem is -- -- so far. Will. I mean Russia's known for not sharing information right. So this is what they're telling us think they know a lot more that they're not telling us. I think certainly that they have information that they're not telling us. The problem is or or in my mind the problem is the information is probably not good. Well the US has its own intelligence network so does Britain and so does France. So does Russia. Well I mean are we to question who was is better I mean wouldn't or the US intelligence. Really. Have somewhat of a handle on what Russian intelligence might be investigated we should know those things shouldn't went. Well again it's kind of hard question answered and doing those things -- should Reno's century yeah probably we should ignore them. You know. Be in in the sense that. It would be to our benefit -- them. Should we Nolan because we had the capabilities. And and can glean that information I don't know why -- I don't think that. We can see you know weren't that good we've been nations. You know nations states. At polling that intelligence from each other I think in this case the Russians. Would have better Intel because it's there there're areas it's their country it's -- and under their control. The other did not have an inkling of this explosion in this building in Volgograd that took 34 lives. Well. You know neither did we have an inkling that there was going to be two bombs -- boss --