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Weighing Threat Level For Sochi

Jan 21, 2014|

CBS Correspondent Larry Miller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lives to the United Kingdom standing by the WB in live line of CBS correspondent Larry Miller in London England. We're going to talk about the winter games of the terrorist threat moves wrote in Russia Larry good morning and thank you for joining us. Good morning to you are in a city that certainly had its share of terror threats and terror attacks. And with that said how does the city a nation. Prepare for a threat like the warm and Russia in advance of the Winter Olympic Games. Well let's go back a year into the yes Summer Olympics in London. Surrounded and on top of apartment buildings and -- surrounding the Olympics. Village. The British military had surface to air missiles. In the River Thames they had warships they had helicopters ready to fly at a moment's notice. In Russia and Sochi. Between 40000. And a 100000 depending on reports police and security personnel army. Are there and play. Creating what the Russians call a ring -- -- However you're also getting from the other side you're getting. Statements from. Islamic militants you wanna call them -- to say that they will they are planning to attack. Big games and not just to kill Russians the tourists and those attending as well and I feel those seats that you would you would expect this are down. Yeah we we're hearing that two what our London officials saying -- all about these games that are coming up. And security in and whether I mean is is Russia cooperative when it comes to sharing intelligence. No Russia's not cooperative. Hasn't been in the past about sharing intelligence and Russia. Takes the view that it's their games they don't have. Control the game they know how to. Keep them safe so they're not really at least not on the surface are they sharing information we don't know what's going on you know beneath the surface. -- what the British government -- pretty much. What the state department of the US is doing their warning people planning to attend the games to be vigilant about the security because of potential terrorist threat but as you know the Pentagon but one big step further it says. US is preparing plans have two warships on standby in the black's -- in the game sent. There -- also tools to evacuate Americans if necessary if there's a terrorist attack and it's also a lot of Pentagon's also. A plan -- helicopters and other transport aircraft ready in Germany. About two hours away just in case. You know Israel also likely possible bad. A terrorist threat of it is carried out might be carried out like somewhere else in Russia not necessarily right in associate at the games I mean just the threat. Of an attack has to make an athlete. I think I mean it could even affect an athlete's performance goodness but some of the mind. Athlete's performance it could affect. As as we've heard already that. They've got 30% of the seats 30400000. Seats still unsold and mrs. less than a month away. It could affect the performance but. The -- talk about the soft targets soft targets mean you've got to -- up to a 100000 may be even more military and police in Sochi. What about the rest of the country weeks we saw in December 2 attacks on the video Volgograd 34 people killed many many more injured. Two. Suicide bombers there and when the Olympic Torch. Yesterday. Arrived in vocal grad the streets were empty or you had was the runners and tight security. -- attempts or what. -- was a contingent of going from the United Kingdom to associate you know. We've had no statement from the UK government. Or military. Similar to what the Pentagon is saying. To be honest but Britain doesn't have an aircraft carrier so be hard to send big ships into the area. Larry good to talk to you this morning thank you. Thank you that's CBS news correspondent Larry Miller joining us live from London in the UK.